Weight Lifting Advice: E-Stat Guys And Gurus

This topic usually pisses a few people off. And I will say, if you’re one of the people being pissed off, I’m sorry I ruined your day. But this needs to be said. So I suggest you gird up your balls, look in the mirror, and own up if you are one of the offenders.

So enough with the formalities…onward…I want to talk today about Internet trainers, gurus and e-stats forum geniuses.

Who should you listen to online? Here are some tips.

No Video + No Picture = No Listen

I’ve have some battle scars from posting this online, and I am ready for more. If an online trainer, article writer or forum poster does not reveal his true identity – in the form of a picture or video – anywhere on the Internet, be careful about listening to his advice.

Now I’m not throwing out a blanket statement implying that all advice from these “mystery men” is bad. Far from it. But you better darn well be careful. Take the advice and bounce it off several guys that bench 400+ or squat 500+.

Who can you trust? Here are a few of my favorites:

  1. The Muscle and Brawn Forum. The forum on Muscle and Brawn has plenty of lifters with videos and photos. In fact, if you are giving serious advice on the forum, you are required to post pictures or videos. No ifs, ands or buts.
  2. Iron Addict. Iron Addict runs a no BS site, and uses the same guidelines with regards to advice. I trust him, and I trust those giving advice on his forum.
  3. Casey Butt. Casey Butt runs the Size and Strength forum. You are required to use your real name. The advice is rock solid – and is natural only.

My Way Or The Highway

My next piece of advice is this…if an online trainer tells you his way is the ONLY way to get strong, or the ONLY way to build muscle, run away and don’t come back. Sure, his methods probably will help you build muscle or strength, but anyone that’s ever been around heavy ass weight has friends just as strong as they are, but – they all climbed the muscle or strength mountain using different methods.

Many things work. Many things work well. Some things work but are not efficient. And some things work great for some people, but not all the time. If someone tells you there is but one glorious path, ala Mike Mentzer, pack up and leave camp. Fear the cult!

No Heavy Ass Weight?

Lastly, I want to talk about heavy ass weight. There are many intelligent posts made from guys who have read all the articles, and memorized all the theories. Yet these guys can barely lift more than my mom.

Look, I’m not hating on smart trainees who are works in progress. But here’s my point…book smart is different from bar smart. No kid who has been lifting for 12 month, even if he is training like a beast, can compare to the guy who has been under the bar for 20+ years.

Time is a great teacher. Time provides real world training lessons. Men with time under the bar have had to struggle for years with how to add muscle and strength when the well has run dry.

There are many fancy sounding training approaches in the industry. And there are many bright young lifters who study everything slick, mastering the terminology, and parroting sound advice they have read.

Again, I am not telling you to ignore this advice. But what I am telling you to do is see this advice for what it is. Bounce it off an experienced lifter or three, and see what they think. Experienced lifters will be able to put good pieces of advice into context, and make it usable.

Look at it this way…a Nascar mechanic might be able to tell you every last detail about an engine, but they have no clue how to drive the freaking car in a way that wins races.

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