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What Is A Power Tower Workout? – Your Ultimate Guide

If you’re looking to get yourself in shape for the summer, now is the time to start working out.

A summer body is built in the winter, so stop using the fact that you’re “bulking” as an excuse to stuff your face, and start working out.

When it comes to training, there’s plenty of options to consider.

Some people are cardio-orientated and enjoy doing cardio, whereas others are much happier pumping iron and lifting weights.

Whatever your goals and preferences may be, every now and then, it pays to try something different.

That’s why today, we’re looking at a power tower workout.

Ever walk into a gym and find a series of machines in there that, honestly, you have no idea how to use?

If so, rest assured that you’re certainly not alone.

Gym and exercise equipment is becoming more and more sophisticated and with LED lights, smart technology, and countless other snazzy-looking functions, you can see why some people struggle to use them without detailed instruction.

Sometimes, it pays to keep things simple and to adopt a meat and potatoes approach to training.

This is where a power tower comes in so handy.

Despite being incredibly effective, a power tower is a relatively simple piece of equipment.

Here’s a detailed look at power tower machines.

What Is A Power Tower?

What Is A Power Tower Workout

Up first, we’re going to talk to you about what a power tower is.

A power tower is basically a specially constructed piece of fitness equipment that is designed to help people build muscle, burn fat, improve their grip, get fit, get flexible, and much more besides.

A power tower is basically a piece of equipment that would perhaps look more at home at a Jungle Gym or in a playground.

It looks like a small climbing frame that resembles a vertical hanging leg raise machine and dipping station all rolled into one.

Basically it is a solid metal frame that combines a series of different bars all set at different heights and positioned at different angles in order to give the user a calisthenics workout experience like never before.

These machines are not designed to be used with free weights.

Instead, you simply perform a series of bodyweight exercises on them, using nothing but your own bodyweight for resistance.

A power tower is a solid, sturdy, durable, and versatile piece of equipment that you’ll find in most good commercial gyms, and rightly so.

What Are The Benefits Of Power Towers?

So, you know what a power tower is, but now it’s time to learn what the benefits of power towers actually are.

You see, even though the beauty of calisthenics is the fact that you don’t technically need any equipment, that doesn’t mean that you can’t improve your training with the use of specialist equipment such as a power tower.

Here’s a look at the key benefits of a power tower station:

Easy To Use

One of the biggest benefits of a power tower is the fact that it is so easy and simple to use.

Some machines, especially the more complex ones, have heaps of lights, buttons, sliders, switches, knobs, and gadgets that make using them an extremely difficult ordeal.

On the flip side, power tower stations, are very simple.

There’s nothing overly complex about them, you simply climb on and do your workout of choice.

Whether it be a pull-up, hanging leg raise, or anything else.

The simplicity is one of the main reasons why this piece of kit is so popular.


Another hugely important benefit of a power tower is the fact that it is so incredibly sturdy and durable.

These machines are constructed from heavy-duty metal to the very highest of specs.

There is, therefore, no risk of them buckling under your weight, or rocking and toppling over.

When you use this piece of kit, you need to be safe in the knowledge that you’re in safe hands.

The last thing you want is to find it rocking, creaking, and buckling as you’re in the middle of a set of chin-ups.

This will be off-putting, and more importantly, it would mean that your life would be at risk.

With a power tower, you needn’t worry.

Because of the materials used, and their construction, you can go about your workout as normal.


When it comes to training, you need to make sure that you’re able to switch things up and try new things if you wish to reap the benefits.

Doing the same one or two exercises week in and week out would quickly become boring, and your body would quickly adapt.

Besides this, you wouldn’t be able to hit all major muscle groups.

With a power tower station, though, you can try plenty.

Because of the way they’re designed, these stations are extremely versatile so you can perform a variety of different exercises, without risk of getting bored.

You can perform chin-ups, hanging leg raises, triceps dips, wide grip pull-ups, push-ups, knee raises, inverted rows, single-leg squats, stomach crunches, and a whole lot more besides.

For one piece of equipment, that’s not too bad at all.

Burn Fat

When you use a power tower, you’ll quickly realize just how difficult bodyweight training can be.

People assume that bodyweight exercises are simple and are only really useful for warming up before training, but that’s not the case at all.

When you perform bodyweight exercises, you’ll find out just how difficult they are.

Because these exercises are so hard, you’ll burn off a lot of calories, and the more calories you burn off, the more weight you will lose.

If you’re looking to burn fat and get leaner, a power tower will help you out dramatically.

Thought that treadmills were the only machines needed when it came to losing weight?

Think again!

Build Muscle

Another very useful benefit of using a power tower is the fact that it will allow you to build muscle.

You don’t need to rely on free weights and complex weight machines to build muscle.

Any form of resistance training is going to stimulate your muscle fibers, break them down, and promote muscle hypertrophy, and power towers are ideal for exactly that.

That’s because of the fact that you’re doing bodyweight exercises and are getting resistance in the form of your own body weight.

Many bodybuilders, for example, consider pull-ups to be one of the best compound exercises in existence and will rely on it for adding mass and definition to the back.

You can hit every major muscle group via a power tower, as we’ll be looking at a little later on, making it one of the best pieces of kit in existence.

Better Grip

Having a strong grip is important for so many reasons, yet people often overlook the importance of grip strength.

Grip strength will help you perform everyday tasks like carrying heavy items in the garden, and it will also improve your training in the gym and will help you perform exercises such as deadlifts.

When you use a power tower, your grip strength will improve drastically because so many exercises require you to grip the handles/bars, hang in mid-air, hold your own weight, and perform whichever exercises you happen to be doing.

If you perform chin-ups, for example, you’re hanging in mid-air quite high from the ground.

The only thing stopping you from falling is your hands gripping the bars.

If it is grip strength you’re looking for, you can’t go wrong with a power tower.

Ergonomic Construction

Another very useful benefit of power towers, which people often fail to realize, is the fact that they’re designed ergonomically.

The bars and handles are positioned with real people in mind.

They’re designed to allow the users to position themselves naturally, so as to perform the exercise as naturally and as safely as possible.

This is useful for avoiding pain and injury as you can perform the exercises properly, without having your body or hands in unnatural positions which could compromise the exercise, and more importantly, your safety.

Compact Design

When it comes to power tower stations, another vastly under-appreciated benefit is the fact that they’re compact in size and design.

That means that gyms that are lacking space can still benefit hugely from them.

Because they’re so compact, they take up very little space so if there’s a free corner or a part of the gym free from equipment, a power tower station will fit perfectly in there.

Because of their compact design, they’re also fantastic for home gyms as they offer so many different workout options, without actually taking up very much space at all.


Finally, the last benefit of power towers that we’re going to look at today, is the fact that they’re so affordable.

There is no heavyweight stack here, and no sophisticated computer, complete with LCD display with smart capabilities.

It is basically a solid and sturdy metal frame that works wonders when it comes to exercising.

If you’re looking to build a home gym but are light on funds, a power tower would make a very affordable and welcome addition.

What Is The Power Tower Workout?

Now that you know how awesome power towers are, we’re going to finish up by looking at a power tower for you to perform.

This workout is a full-body routine that will work all major muscles in your body.

All you need to do it is a power tower.

Take a look and see what you think.

Wide Grip Pull-ups

The first exercise on our list is the wide grip pull up.

This is one of the best exercises for adding mass to the back, especially your middle and lower lats.

Wide grip pull-ups are also great for improving your grip strength.

Triceps Dips

Up next we have triceps dips. As the name implies, triceps dips work your triceps.

Power towers have a dipping station attached, so you can hop on and really obliterate your triceps.

For adding definition to the triceps, as well as size, dips are perfect.

Hanging Leg Raises

Core training is a fundamental part of fitness, which is why we’ve included this exercise as part of our power tower today.

Hanging leg raises are fantastic for working your core, meaning that they strengthen the core and will help you to develop your abdominal muscles in the process.

If you want that summer six-pack, now is the time to start doing more leg raises.

Inverted Rows

By attaching loop handles to the lower bars/handles, you can perform inverted rows.

Inverted rows are great for working your chest, as well as your back.

Just be aware that not all power tower stations come with the loop handles, so you may need to purchase a set if you wish to perform this exercise.

Don’t worry, though, they aren’t very expensive.

Single-Leg Squats

Leg training is just as important as working your upper body, and if you utilize the power tower to perform single-leg squats, you can develop your quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves, all from this one exercise.

The Verdict:

So, as you can see, despite the fact that power tower workout stations are quite basic in terms of design and features, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t incredibly useful.

These pieces of kit enable you to work your entire body using a variety of different exercises.

Couple this with the fact that they’re so simple to use, and it’s easy to see why they’re so popular.

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