15 Benefits Of Boxing Training That You Should Keep In Mind

In today’s article, we’re going to be looking at the sport of boxing.

To be more precise we’re going to be listing several awesome benefits of boxing.

Despite its slightly barbaric nature, boxing is actually a very noble sport and is renowned for its popularity and rich and storied history.

Boxing is enjoyed all over the globe and is one of the most-watched sports in existence.

When you consider some of the all-time great boxers that have laced up their gloves, it’s easy to see why that is.

Of course, you’ve got boxers such as Ali, Frazier, Foreman, Tyson, Lewis, Floyd Mayweather, Bruno, Liston, etc, but boxing nowadays is arguably at its peak with fighters such as Tyson Fury, Deontay Wilder, Anthony Joshua, GGG, and many more, all proving to be massive stars with heaps of drawing power.

Today, though, we aren’t talking about boxing in terms of popularity, we’re instead looking at the boxing benefits.

What Are The Main Benefits Of Boxing?

Benefits Of Boxing

Boxing like Kickboxing! is a physical activity that provides many health and wellness benefits for all who take it up.

1. It’s Fun

One of the main benefits is the fact that it is so much fun.

To enjoy boxing, you don’t need to get into a ring and go 12 rounds with a sparring partner.

To enjoy boxing, all you need is a heavy bag or a partner with pads.

One of the keys to turning any exercise regime into a success is finding ways of making it fresh and exciting.

Boxing will certainly help you to do precisely that.

If you want a fun way of exercising and getting in shape, boxing is ideal as it is fun, it’s something new, and it will certainly test you beyond your normal capabilities.

2. It’s Something New

Even if you don’t find boxing fun, another awesome benefit of taking up this activity is the fact that it is something new.

In life, trying new things is hugely beneficial for many reasons.

To begin with, it forces you outside of your comfort zone and encourages you to broaden your horizons and expand your mind.

Trying something new opens up a whole new world of possibilities for you, and if you’re stuck in a rut with your training and want to find a way of making it new and exciting, boxing could be the solution.

3. Burns Fat

If you want to strip away body fat and get leaner and more shredded than ever before, boxing is absolutely ideal.

Boxing is one of the best forms of cardio in existence and is fantastic for fat loss.

Boxing is very physically demanding and will burn off countless calories in a relatively short period of time.

One boxing session could potentially enable you to burn off as many as 1000 calories if you train intensely enough, which is an incredibly high amount of calories to burn.

Even if you take it easy, you can easily burn off a few hundred calories in as short a period of time as 30 minutes.

People that are looking to get lean and shredded often take up boxing, and there’s a reason why personal trainers often have their clients doing boxing drills in order for them to get leaner and to burn fat.

In terms of the benefits of doing boxing, fat loss is certainly up there with the best.

4. Look Better

Another reason to take up boxing is because of the fact that it will help you to look better.

Boxing will help you to burn fat and to tone your muscles, which in turn will enable you to look better.

You’ll lose excess body fat and your muscles will look leaner and more defined.

By most people’s standards, the ideal physique doesn’t get much better than that.

5. Improved Mental Health

When people talk about the boxing benefits and the benefits of exercise in general, they often only focus on the physical benefits.

This is all well and good, but what about the psychological benefits?

Boxing is ideal for people looking to improve their mental health for many reasons.

For starters, boxing will help you to look better, and if you look better your self-confidence increases and you feel better.

Not only that, but boxing is also great for beating stress, anxiety, and depression too.

Boxing promotes the production and secretion of endorphins which are known as happy chemicals.

This is because they lift your spirits and put you in a better mood.

Boxing is therefore great for anybody looking to improve their mental health.

6. Great For The Heart

One of the main reasons to take up boxing is because of its significant cardiovascular health benefits.

The heart is one of the most important organs in the body.

Heart disease also happens to be one of the biggest killers in the world.

In fact, it is the disease with the highest mortality rate.

Looking after our hearts is, therefore, more important than ever.

Thankfully, there are things we can do.

One thing we can do is take up boxing.

Boxing strengthens the heart, it improves circulation, it helps to reduce your risk of stroke, heart disease, and heart attack, and it enables the heart to function as it should.

From a health perspective, you can’t really get much better than that.

7. Learn Something New

Another of the fantastic benefits that we’re looking at today, is the fact that it enables you to learn something new.

When you take up boxing, you have a whole new skill to master.

It’s not just like jogging on a treadmill when you’ve one thing to focus on, there are instead several.

With boxing, you have multiple things to master.

With boxing, you have to master your technique, your footwork, your stance, combos, and conditioning.

There’s a lot to learn, but once you do start to pick things up it will begin to come naturally to you and you’ll feel extremely satisfied and accomplished.

Learning anything new is beneficial, and once you learn how to box, you can even pass on your newly acquired knowledge to other people and help them.

8. Learn To Defend Yourself

Okay, hopefully, you will never actually have to use your boxing skills to defend yourself, but it always pays to be prepared.

If you are ever placed into a situation where you need to fight and defend yourself, or somebody else, boxing is a sport that will come in very useful indeed.

You never know when you may need to use your boxing skills in the real world, and whereas we hope you never have to use it, it never hurts to be prepared.

9. Better Coordination

Boxing is a sport that will help to exponentially improve your coordination.

If you aren’t coordinated, then boxing is a sport that you should seriously consider taking up.

There’s a lot of coordination involved in boxing, and the more you do, the more your coordination will improve.

Your footwork will improve, as will your hand-eye coordination and you will gradually begin to notice more and more of an improvement with each passing week.

10. Meet New People

When you take up boxing, if you decide to join a boxing club, or even take a boxing class, another awesome benefit is the fact that you will make new friends and meet new people.

Boxing is great as you will get involved with others and will instantly have common ground as you all have the same interest and share something in common.

If you are looking to socialize more and meet new people, boxing is ideal.

Many friendships and relationships have been formed in boxing gyms up and down the country, and indeed the world, and it is, therefore, a great sport to take up if you are looking to meet new people.

Who knows you might even find your next best friend or romantic partner at the boxing gym?

11. Improved Fitness

Not only will boxing help you to burn fat, and strengthen your heart, it will also make you fit.

Like, super-fit.

Many conditioning coaches have their athletes and clients taking up boxing purely to help improve their fitness and their stamina.

In terms of conditioning, there really is nothing quite like boxing.

Boxing is a combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercise, which means that basically, it absolutely rules in terms of fitness and stamina.

Boxing helps to improve your stamina and endurance so you can exercise at a higher intensity for a longer duration of time before fatigue begins to set in.

Whether you’re training for a race or event, or just looking to increase the amount of time it takes for you to get tired when out walking, boxing is a sport that will allow you to do precisely that and much more besides.

12. Increased Strength

Another of the lesser-known benefits is the fact that it will actually help you to get stronger.

Boxing recruits multiple fast-twitch muscle fibers which are responsible for generating explosive speed and power.

When your box regularly, you’ll find that your legs become stronger as will your shoulders and triceps.

13. Tone Your Muscles

On the subject of your muscles, we can’t talk about the boxing benefits without talking about how it tones the muscles.

Because boxing is such a repetitive activity, and because of the muscles involved in the activity, you’ll find that your muscles are toned, as opposed to building up.

As well as that, because you are burning so many calories and losing body fat, your muscles will look even leaner and more defined than before.

14. Make Cardio Fun

Another reason why you should consider taking up boxing is because of the fact that it enables you to make cardio more enjoyable.

We know that cardio is essential for our health and wellbeing, and we know that it’s vital for fat loss.

The problem is that it’s so boring.

For most of us, cardio involves plodding along on a treadmill for an hour at a time, several times per week.

On a treadmill you’re stuck staring at the same view and constantly looking at the clock, waiting for the boring monotony to end.

With boxing, though, things are very different.

Boxing is a great way of making cardio a lot more enjoyable.

Because it’s so much fun, you won’t actually feel like you’re exercising at all.

15. Great Stress Relief

Stress is something that we all experience from time to time.

Stress is all around us and sometimes it cannot be avoided. Stress is also very dangerous, and if we can avoid it, we really should.

Stress can lead to mental health issues, hypertension, heart issues, and much more besides.

If you’re looking for an effective way of beating stress, boxing is perfect.

There’s no better way of beating stress than by punching an inanimate object and really releasing all of your pent up stress and aggression.

In terms of the benefits of boxing, you can’t overlook the fact that boxing is a wonderful form of stress relief.


And with that, it’s now time for us to draw proceedings to a close.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this look at the many different benefits.

If so, and if you’re looking for a different way of exercising, why not throw on a pair of boxing gloves and get stuck in?

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