15 Ankle Weights Benefits That Will Improve Your Body

For many people, when it comes to boosting fitness levels and getting the most from their training, regular workouts just aren’t enough.

We understand all too well, how difficult working out can be, but the more you do of something, the easier it becomes.

When you feel that your workouts have become a little too easy, it could be time to invest in some fitness accessories such as ankle weights.

Ankle weights are ideal for people looking to get fit and get in shape, which is why we’re looking at the many ankle weights benefits in today’s article.

If you’ve been thinking about investing in some but aren’t sure whether they’re right for you, after reading about the many benefits they provide, you’ll almost certainly change your mind.

What Are Ankle Weights?

Ankle weights are weights that you wear around your ankles.

There, that was easy, right?

What, you want more than that?

Okay, well, ankle weights are basically specially designed pieces of weighted clothing which you can strap to your legs just above your ankles.

In appearance, they resemble armbands that you can wear whilst swim, yet ironically, they have the opposite effect.

Ankle weights add extra weight to the lower body, and as a result, they make your lower body muscles work harder, helping you to get more from your training.

Here Are the 15 benefits of doing Ankle Weights.

What Are The Ankle Weights Benefits?

Now we’re going to take a look at what the many benefits happen to be.

Ankle Weights Benefits

If you’re not sure whether they’d make great additions to your workouts, just check out the following, and all will soon become clear.

1. Lose Weight

One great reason to strap ankle weights to your legs before you begin working out is due to the fact that doing so will enable you to lose weight.

Yes, we know that exercise, in general, will help you to lose weight, but the thing to remember here is that ankle weights will help you to lose more weight.

This is because ankle weights add extra resistance to your workouts so that your body is working harder and burning more calories.

This extra exertion means that you need more energy, and so the more energy you require, the more calories your metabolism will burn off for you.

If your weight loss has stalled over the last week or so, ankle weights are ideal.

2. Very Affordable

Most pieces of fitness equipment are fairly expensive, at least, good quality equipment is.

If you’re on a budget, this can be a real problem.

Thankfully, ankle weights are the exception.

Ankle weights are great for people looking to save money because they’re so affordable.

Despite being very effective, ankle weights can be purchased for a very affordable price, so they’re inclusive for everybody.

3. Very Versatile

When speaking of the many benefits that users can enjoy, we can’t overlook the fact that they’re so versatile.

Ankle weights are amongst the most versatile pieces of fitness equipment in existence, which is yet another reason why so many people are buying them.

Ankle weights allow you to perform a variety of different exercises.

You can strap them to your legs and go cycling, you can wear them whilst jogging, you can do leg training exercises, plyometrics, calisthenics, and much more besides.

In fact, there are very few forms of exercise that would not benefit from you wearing ankle weights, so it’s certainly something to consider.

4. Portable

Another reason why so many people find the benefits so impressive is due to the fact that ankle weights are portable.

Not all of us are blessed with the gift of time, or with the convenience of a gym in close proximity to us at all times.

Thankfully, if you’re unable to get to a gym to train, or if you just want to exercise on the go, ankle weights are portable and so can travel with you virtually anywhere.

If you’re out of town on a business trip, you could strap them to your legs and go through a bodyweight training circuit in your hotel room, or maybe a brisk walk/jog around the block.

Yes, ankle weights are quite heavy, but they’re small and are still very easy to carry and transport, so you can take them with you virtually anywhere and everywhere that you go.

5. Increase Your Speed

If you’re looking to be able to run and walk faster, ankle weights are perfect.

If you strap a set of ankle weights to your ankles and train as normal for days/weeks at a time, your body will begin to adapt to the extra weight, and it will help you to become quicker on your feet.

Imagine trying to run fast with heavy weights strapped to your ankles for several weeks at a time, and then suddenly having the weights removed.

The end result would almost certainly be you being able to run exponentially faster than you could before.

This is why many sprinters and endurance athletes tend to train with these devices.

6. Build Muscle In The Legs

If you want to increase muscle mass in your legs, it turns out that you don’t just need to do your squats, lunges, hamstring curls, elliptical machine, and leg presses.

It is, in fact, possible to increase your lower body muscle mass by simply strapping a set of ankle weights to your ankles and working out.

You can wear them when doing certain bodyweight leg exercises such as walking lunges and bodyweight squats, or you can simply wear them when walking or running.

The added resistance will help to break down the muscle fibers in your legs, work the leg muscles harder, and enable your body to produce more muscle mass in its place.

When it comes to the benefits, the fact that they’re so great for increasing muscle mass in your legs, cannot be overlooked.

7. Stronger Legs

Not only will ankle weights help you to increase the muscle mass that you carry in your legs, but they will also help you to build stronger legs as well.

Having strength in your legs is beneficial for a whole variety of different reasons.

It will help you to jump higher, to run faster, to lift and carry more weight, to press more weight, to avoid injury, and plenty more on top of that.

Wearing ankle weights when training will enable you to increase your leg strength, which is yet another reason why you should seriously consider investing in them.

8. Injury Prevention

In terms of the many different benefits that we’re looking at today, we can’t overlook the fact that ankle weights are perfect for injury prevention.

Wearing ankle weights will help you to avoid injury in a variety of different ways.

The ankle weights loosen up stiff joints, they strengthen muscles and tendons in the legs, and they help to increase the elasticity of muscle fibers.

This means that muscle pulls, rips, and tears, will be less likely.

Take a torn Achilles tendon for example.

This is one of the most common sporting injuries in existence, yet wearing ankle weights when training could significantly reduce your risk of suffering from this injury.

Obviously we can’t guarantee that you won’t get injured, but an ankle weight strapped to your ankle on a regular basis will certainly reduce the risk.

9. Carries Over Into Other Sports

Not only do the benefits apply to people that are trying to get fit and get in shape, but it also turns out that they carry over into other sports too.

Many sports and physical activities require you to run and use your legs in various ways, I.E jumping.

Well, ankle weights will help you to run faster, to be lighter on your legs, and to jump higher.

Ankle weights help you to break down more fast-twitch muscle fibers when you train, which are responsible for explosive power and speed.

The more of these fibers that you can break down, the faster you’ll be able to run for short durations, and the higher you can jump.

This is due to the explosive speed and power that your legs generate.

Being able to generate more means that you’ll perform better at an athletic level.

10. Improve Stamina And Endurance

If you want yet more benefits, then don’t worry, because we aren’t done just yet.

Another great benefit of wearing ankle weights as you work out is the fact that they help to boost stamina and endurance.

Ankle weights are great because wearing them when training will increase your VO2 Max levels and allow you to burn off more calories and utilize more oxygen when training.

This is very important because the more oxygen your cells can utilize as you exercise means that the more energy they will be able to generate for you.

More energy means a greater athletic output, so you’ll be able to exercise harder, and for longer durations, before you begin to grow tired.

11. Very Easy To Use

If you want yet another reason to invest in ankle weights, let it be this one.

Ankle weights are very easy to use.

Like, seriously, using them couldn’t be easier.

Some machines and pieces of equipment in the gym can be very complex and difficult to figure out, ankle weights, though, are not.

You simply strap them to your ankles, secure them in place, and then you go about your workout as normal.

Whether you choose to go through bodyweight exercises, or just go for a gentle stroll around the block, ankle weights couldn’t be easier for you to use.

12. Tone Your Legs

Not only will wearing ankle weights help you to build muscle in your legs, but they will also help you to tone your legs.

You see, ankle weights are great for gently toning the leg muscles because they work them, without pushing them too hard.

You are constantly toning them and building up lean muscle tissue, without breaking it down entirely like you would with free weight leg exercises.

Not only that but as ankle weights also help you to burn calories and lose fat, the less fat you carry on your legs, the leaner and more defined they will look.

13. Strengthen Your Core

Believe it or not, but wearing weights way down on your ankles, could actually help you to strengthen your core stabilizer muscles, and here’s a look at why.

You see, even though you are wearing them on your feet, the extra weight you are carrying can help to tip you off balance and leave you unsteady.

To help steady you and keep you balanced, your core stabilizer muscles are constantly being engaged.

Your core is responsible for keeping your entire body stable, and so the more you exercise with ankle weights, the stronger your core becomes.

A strong core means a strong body in general, and who wouldn’t want that?

14. Helps Improve Balance And Mobility

If you happen to struggle with your balance and/or mobility, ankle weights are ideal.

Because wearing them causes you to become off-balance, eventually, your body adapts and acts accordingly.

We just mentioned how your core plays a key role in this process, but so too do other body parts and muscle groups too.

If you struggle with balance and/or mobility issues, ankle weights are fantastic fitness accessories.

15. Great For Water Workouts

Ankle weights are heavy.

If you wore them in water and didn’t attempt to stay afloat, they’d weigh you down and you’d sink.

If you want a great way to add extra resistance to your water workouts, I.E swimming, aqua aerobics, etc, then ankle weights are perfect.

Bottom Line

With that, we’ll wrap things up today.

We hope that you’ve found this look at the many ankle weights benefits informative, insightful, educational, and entertaining.

If so, be sure to pick a set of ankle weights up now and see exactly what they can do for your training and fitness levels.

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