clenbuterol benefits

How to Lose Weight Fast

Updated July 6, 2020
clenbuterol benefits

With obesity rates rocketing across the globe and diabetes/heart disease now affecting more people than ever, discovering how to lose weight can not only boost your self-esteem but also protect you from future illness.

Eat Healthy

Eating healthily is a great way to keep you full for longer, reducing the chance of high calorie snacking. Reducing hunger is an effective method when learning how to lose weight fast. Unhealthy foods make you feel hungry soon after, increasing the chance of binge eating and piling on the pounds.

Foods high in sugar and saturated fat should be avoided. Instead, unrefined carbohydrate sources and unsaturated fats are recommended for optimum health. Unrefined carbohydrates prevent insulin from rising. Insulin is a fat storing hormone. Sugar releases insulin immediately after consumption.

Healthy sources of unrefined carbohydrates

  • Wholemeal Bread (not white)
  • Brown rice (not white)
  • Potatoes
  • Oats

Healthy sources of fats

  • Olive oil
  • Peanut butter (low sugar)
  • Mayonnaise
  • Fish fats
  • Nuts

Unsaturated fats are healthy fats which administer the hormone – testosterone. Testosterone can help greatly in your weight loss attempts as its main attribute is to burn fat. Thus supplementing with a testosterone booster would be a shrewd method to melt further fat stores.

Important: Fats do not cause your body to store fat! Only excess calories do. In fact, due to it elevating testosterone levels, a high-fat diet can actually be optimal for weight loss.

Healthy sources of protein

  • Cottage cheese
  • Fish
  • Eggs
  • Whey protein powder
  • Casein Protein powder
  • Chicken

High Protein = Weight Loss

Protein is great when trying to hit lower calories, due to its satiety effect. This means that protein will leave you feeling full for hours, reducing the chances of cravings occurring or binge eating.

Whey protein is a great supplement for preventing potential cravings. It can be easily mixed with milk/water in a shaker when at work or out. Then in a matter of minutes you have a healthy snack that will leave you feeling full and takes virtually no preparation. So, which is the best protein powder to take?

whey protein

Optimum Nutrition is the leading brand of whey protein powder, winning the whey protein and supplement of the year award for the last 8 years running.

Reduce Stress

When you’re stressed, the body’s stress hormone cortisol is raised and the body then tries to hang on to all fat stores. This is one of the worst environments for losing weight. Sometimes even a lack of sleep is enough for sending cortisol levels rocketing.

cortisol blocker

Thus supplementing with a cortsol blocker is a unique and powerful strategy to reduce fat cells. Lean Xtreme is a cortisol-blocker that is getting some positive reviews online.

Forget the Scales

Discovering how to lose weight fast often depends on your state of mind. Those who lose motivation easily should refrain from weighing themselves too often. When someone weighs themselves all the time without seeing progress, this can affect a dieter’s confidence and result in stress. Instead, weigh yourself once a month or so. When you are trying to achieve something, it is important to detach from the outcome to a degree.

If you obsess about something happening, it is less likely to happen. Work hard towards losing weight but don’t obsess over the number on the scale. In fact, the mirror is the best way to track your weight loss by visual changes, so be sure to take photos every two weeks.

Stay Active

When a person partakes in intense exercise each day, they are more likely to lose weight fast. Exercise increases your metabolism, meaning your body will naturally burn more calories at rest as a result. The best fat burning exercises include sprinting and lifting weights. Both of these activities help increase powerful fat burning hormones, Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone.

Use a Fat Burner



One of the most powerful ways to elevate your metabolism and help your body burn more calories naturally in a day is using an effective fat burner. The best fat burners will contain yohimbe and caffeine which are of the most effective ingredients for boosting your metabolism.

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