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The Lee Thompson, NPC/IFBB Cover Up Continues: Sexual Harassment

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The IFBB and NPC’s attempt to squelch damaging information on the Internet continues. Anthony Roberts is reporting that Lee Thompson, the NPC chairperson in Texas who was federally indicted on steroid-related charges, may also be involved with sexually harassing female competitors.

Roberts reported that Amanda Savell, a runner up at the 2007 Arnold Classic, may have been blackballed from the 2008 competition because she refused the sexual advances of Lee Thompson.

Honestly, most people believe that the reason she wasn’t invited back is a combination of who she was f*cking, and who she wasn’t. It has been widely rumored on various bodybuilding websites (*GetBig.com, etc…) that Amanda refused Lee’s sexual advances, and that was the real reason she didn’t receive an invitation back to the Arnold Classic:

Originally Posted on GetBig.com: It isn’t so much because of her relationship with Dave J it’s more because of the fact that she wouldn’t give it up to IFBB Pro Judge the TEXASBUBBA, Lee Thompson.

Anthony Roberts also reported that this wouldn’t be the first time Lee Thompson came under fire for trying to dip his wick into the competitor oil pool:

Originally posted on RxMuscle.com: …I suggest you folks that think lee is a “good guy”, ask yourself what your basing your opinion on. I don’t believe sleeping with NPC competitors in the show you judge, is considered a good or fair situation….

Originally posted on RxMuscle.com:…all he does is use his position of power to persuade figure competitors to sleep with him, do favors for him, etc. In return they get a favorable placing and get all giddy about their win, or top three finish (in a local frickn show!), but thats about it….

Steroid Times reported that on June 8th, 2009, Carolyn Brant posed the following question on RXMuscle:

Would you sleep with a judge or IFBB/NPC official for a pro card? Rumor has it that certain officials are using their power of influence to reward girls who are willing to exchange sexual favors.

In an attempt to cover up the sexual harassment allegations, RXMuscle deleted the thread. Below you will find a screen shot of the post before it was deleted by the IFBB/NPC’s dancing monkeys at RXMuscle.


Steroid Times went on to say…

A spirited discussion followed, with numerous members alleging that this is commonplace in both the NPC (National Physique Committe) as well as the IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilders). Specific instances were cited, and examples were given by multiple members.

Unfortunately, that discussion was short lived, as the thread has since disappeared, in yet another incident of what is believed to be the NPC/IFBB attempting to cover up their tracks, and fight the spread of honest information and open dialogue.

Sources tell Muscle and Brawn that Lee Thompson had been posting “all sorts of nonsense” on Getbig.com under the name of Texasbubba. Lee was caught, and attempted to blame the posts on his brother-in-law.

Big Nation Radio carried the Amanda Savell story, reporting on Thompson’s advances and the resulting competition blackball. Getbig.com deleted threads relating to the story, and implemented a ban on any future coverage of the Savell/Thompson drama.

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