Cheapest Online TRT Clinics

Testosterone Replacement Therapy is not exactly the cheapest thing to get your hands on. Finding quality TRT that is affordable is even harder, so, ;et's look at the best and cheapest TRT clinics.

TRT treatment or Testosterone Replacement Therapy is something most men will need at some point. Unfortunately, it isn’t always going to be accessible to most men due to price.

TRT is known to be on the expensive side, however, with Online TRT Clinics, this might be something of the past. See, by doing everything online there are far fewer “other” costs.

These clinics could reduce the price substantially with no reduction in quality!

But can you trust doctors online for TRT Therapy? And if so, which are the Cheapest Online TRT Clinics?

Key Takeaways

  • TRT is a legal and safe practice of Testosterone Replacement
  • The cheapest online TRT clinic is Peter Uncaged MD
  • Their services include TRT, HRT, and Hair Health
  • Other TRT clinics that have comprehensive care at a good price are Marek Health, Hone, and Evolve HRT

What Is The Cheapest Online TRT Clinic?

We have spent a bunch of time working with online TRT providers and (oh so many) blood tests in pursuit of finding the best TRT clinic that is also affordable.

In our endeavor we came across Peter Uncaged MD, a company based in Florida that is surprisingly affordable for how high the quality is!

Coming in hot for as little as $99 per month, they wipe the floor with other companies like Hone Health. The price can even come down further if you opt for a 12-month treatment plan.

They are also big fans of Enclomiphene, which, unlike its Clomiphene cousin, does not cause Clomid-Crazies (google it).

Peter Uncaged is also a reliable source to help you manage Testosterone levels and take you back to where you need to be – based on blood work of course. Overall health is also incredibly important to them, and when you work with them you do get the overwhelming sensation of “men’s health matters”.

Affordable TRT

Peter MD

As mentioned, Peter MD can charge less than $99 per month for effective Testosterone Replacement Therapy. They have an affinity for Enclomiphene, which is still a effective method to boost male hormone levels.

Not only do they have various TRT treatments, but also treatment plans for hair loss, erectile dysfunction, and various others.

This means your personalized treatment plan will be created for your symptoms, and the medication used will be the correct one. Working with an online primary care physician is a lot easier, cheaper, and time savvy compared to in-person.

  • Cheapest Online TRT Clinic
  • Various treatment plans available (hair loss, ED, etc)
  • Does accept certain insurance
  • You are limited to info until you get to the initial consultation
Affordable HRT Clinic

Evolve HRT Telemed

Evolve HRT is a giant in the Telemed world, with various reviews and testimonies stating how the amazing service was worth the price. Pricing is a bit more than Peter, and the onboarding costs can run between $250 – $279.

$500 for a Physician Consultation with a Basic (male/female) Hormone Panel Test. TRT, however, will run you $50 – $100 per month depending on how much medication you may need.

Their services are not limited to TRT, however. They also stock Peptides, Hair Loss help, and various other hormonal treatments. Proper health care is around the corner.

  • Some of the best reviews online
  • A wide variety of treatments are available
Most Popular TRT Clinic

Marek Health

Marek Health (Sup Derek) is another giant in the TRT world, perhaps even the biggest. Compared to a traditional doctor’s office, you can expect to find Testosterone boosting tips, the best meals, and so much more here.

They do have a focus on optimizing hormone levels, and fixing hair loss, ED, and other hormonal imbalances (such as a Growth Hormone deficiency). Growth Hormone replacement therapy is growing in popularity since the blood tests from hundreds of people have been showing a deficiency.

Despite not accepting Insurance, Marek Health is one of the leaders in the medical science of the telehealth scene. Great TRT providers, costing around $500-1000 for a typical treatment cycle of 6-12 months (onboarding costs not included).

  • Popular TRT clinic with great reviews
  • Various other treatments as well
  • Not an affordable price
  • Some reviews claim long waiting times for medication
Affordable Testosterone

Hone Health

Like other modern health companies, Hone Health supplies a range of treatments including Online TRT. Unlike some other TRT providers, they do accept insurance!

Other treatments include diabetic/insulin management (Metformin), estrogen management, and some other Testosterone supplements.

Testosterone deficiency affects millions of men, and the TRT can run you anything between $28 – $60 per month, depending on the method you use (there are various forms of Testosterone replacement therapy).

One thing to mention is that their blood work is way cheaper compared to the competition, coming in well below $100.

Hone Health Review
  • Affordable medications
  • Very hands-on approach with clients using online TRT therapy
  • Pricing depends on how much you purchase
Newest TRT Clinic

Viking Alternative Medication

Viking is another HRT clinic on the list, but unlike Evolve, they are quite new on the scene. Their site also has a more homey feel compared to some of the others and makes it feel “safer” as a medical provider.

Various treatments are available, for both males and females. These include the management of sexual hormones (TRT treatment) as well as managing a Growth Hormone or IGF-1 deficiency, something you’ll rarely find with traditional in-person clinics.


Cheapest Online TRT Clinics
  • Somewhat affordable pricing
  • Various treatments available
  • Very new to the scene
  • Could do with more reviews

What is an Online TRT Clinic?

Let’s face it, as men age we see a reduction in hormone levels and there is very little you or I can do about that – on our own [1].

As we age, we start experiencing low Testosterone, which has various health effects such as a reduction in muscle mass, fat mass gain, ED, mood disorders, etc [2].

The usual treatment for this is to go to a medical professional at their place of work and make use of one of the available Testosterone Replacement Therapies. Problem is, these are hard to get at your general GP and can run you quite a lot of money.


This is where online TRT therapy comes into play! These Online TRT Clinics aim to bring the treatment plan to you at a far more affordable price with bounds more convenience.

A legal practice and method to help you get your Testosterone replacement and get your life back to what it is supposed to be.

How Does Testosterone Replacement Therapy Work?

Unlike an in-person clinic, an online TRT clinic will work… online. This means you don’t ever have to leave the home (for most, some have you do blood work at pharmacies).

Once you have had an initial consultation you will speak with one of the medical officers (such as the Patient Care Coordinator) and they will organize you a blood work session. In this, all your hormones, mineral, and other health levels will be tested.

Once they get to the origin of all your symptoms, they can finally get to work prescribing you the appropriate medication.

Cheapest Online TRT Clinics
Figure 1: HCG can be used alongside normal Testosterone to keep fertility high

For instance, men with low Testosterone might benefit from Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, especially if they want to maintain fertility [3[.

As you use the medication, you will continue working with the clinic to help you through your TRT journey, making sure your levels fall within the normal Testosterone levels, erectile function is maintained, no blood clots form, etc.

One thing to note is that the best online TRT clinics will also have other treatment plans, such as Growth Hormone replacement therapy.

Low Testosterone Symptoms

There are many causes of Low Testosterone, such as age, drug use (Steroids), stress, trauma to the gonads (Shotgun to the balls), etc. Some of the symptoms of Low Testosterone are [4]:

  • Erectile Dysfunction and Low Libido
  • Weight Gain (fat gain, especially around the abdomen)
  • Poor Mood, Depression, and Anxiety
  • Drop in Muscle Mass and Strength
  • Hair Loss
  • A general feeling of poor Health

Benefits of Testosterone Therapy

When comparing TRT therapy received from an Online TRT clinic vs a local clinic, there are stark differences. The biggest benefit of Online Testosterone Replacement Therapy is that the medication is a lot more affordable and convenient. That said, both TRT services have benefits:

  • Improved overall health and a reduction in Cardiovascular disease risk
  • Improved Muscle Mass and Strength
  • Better Libido and Sex drive
  • Could alleviate mental problems
  • Men with enough Testosterone are known to be more successful
Cheapest Online TRT Clinics
Figure 2: Overall, men simply feel better, more healthy, and report better health markers on TRT

Low T Therapies are also known to just improve the overall life quality of men, and most men see massive improvements in their health. Testosterone levels play a big role in both men’s physical and mental health.

Is TRT Legal?

Yes. Unlike Steroids which are not prescribed or monitored by knowledgeable doctors, TRT is a perfectly legal and safe practice.

See, they are simply replacing something that is no longer there. Imagine a hair transplant (that you need to get once a week for some reason, but you get the idea).

A TRT provider will never give you access to drugs that would not be treating some deficiency, and you’ll most likely only get Testosterone Cypionate – which is a legal treatment plan for Low Testosterone (Hypogonadism). Specific and measured data will dictate if a change of treatment (dose or plan) is needed.

The best online TRT clinics will do tests year-long to ensure your levels remain in the green at all times.

Is TRT Safe?

Again, unlike Steroids, TRT is perfectly safe. You are simply replacing something that is missing, meaning you won’t have physiological levels of hormones.

These Testosterone supplements are all approved by the FDA and your TRT journey will be one that is safe, legal, and hopefully, affordable.

Conclusion: Cheap Online TRT Clinics

When it comes to perfecting your hormone levels and overall health, “cheap” should not be your priority, however, affordable Testosterone replacement therapy does exist as we have seen.

The best quality for the price would still be Peter Uncaged. Their products and services are all outstanding, and the personalized treatment they offer is good at that price.

There are other options available, and TRT online is only going to grow from here moving forward.

Online TRT therapy still has doctors consultations, however, they are cheaper, easier, and less invasive than going to your GP.

Wins all around!

How much does online TRT cost?

Because there are so many Testosterone replacement methods, it depends on which one you choose (Selective estrogen receptor modulator, pure Test, Aromatase inhibitors, etc). That said, it will usually run to $80 – $150 per month, depending on the supplier.

Can TRT be prescribed online?

Absolutely, a TRT provider would then call themselves an online TRT clinic, and you can even get your TRT services shipped to your door.

Can testosterone be prescribed by telemedicine?

Absolutely, a TRT provider would then call themselves an online TRT clinic, and you can even get your TRT services shipped to your door. Leading online providers include Peter Uncaged and Evolve HRT Telemed.

TRT Clinics that Accept Insurance

Evolve Telemed, Peter Uncaged, and Hone Health

Still Have Questions?

Drop us a comment down below and one of our expert coaches will respond to it.

1) Stanworth RD, Jones TH. Testosterone for the aging male; current evidence and recommended practice. Clin Interv Aging. 2008;3(1):25-44. doi: 10.2147/cia.s190. PMID: 18488876; PMCID: PMC2544367.

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3) Madhusoodanan V, Patel P, Lima TFN, Gondokusumo J, Lo E, Thirumavalavan N, Lipshultz LI, Ramasamy R. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin monotherapy for the treatment of hypogonadal symptoms in men with total testosterone > 300 ng/dL. Int Braz J Urol. 2019 Sep-Oct;45(5):1008-1012. doi: 10.1590/S1677-5538.IBJU.2019.0132. PMID: 31408289; PMCID: PMC6844348.

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