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Ah, yes. Your eyes are not deceiving you. I am interviewing myself. Strange but true. While I am compiling interviews for this newly launched site, I wanted to share a little bit of information about myself.

So here goes nothing…

When did I catch the lifting bug?

I caught the bug in college. I attended New Mexico Tech, which is a small school to say the least. There weren’t more than about 100 women in the entire student body, which meant that I had plenty of free time. I started lifting, and ran into a professor who was an experienced lifter. I believe his name was Michael Gilbertson.

I remember my first workout…I had 95 pounds on the nech press, and couldn’t get it off my chest after a few reps. I almost gave up completely. Then, six months later, people were commenting on my physique. Professor Gilbertson even asked if I was on the juice. My ego inflated, and so did my love for the iron.

What’s my favorite bodypart to train?

Well, I was a quad-a-holic. I love to squat. But last year I was befriended by a powerlifter at work and began to deadlift for the first time in my life. Now, I would have to say, I love the deadlift more. But…my favorite bodypart to train is my chest. I love having a big bench. So, my favorites exercises are deadlift and squats, and my favorite bodypart is my chest.

Have I trained non-stop since college?

No. I stopped training in 1992 when I enlisted in the US Army. I started training again around 1996-98, then stopped again around 1999 when my first daughter was born. I worked in health care after the birth of my daughter and didn’t train. The hours were killing me, and I worked up to 18 hours a day. I started training again last year, and have made huge improvements.

So, what do I love more…powerlifting or bodybuilding?

I haven’t figured that out yet. I train on the fence, with a routine that helps me develop for both sports. I think if I didn’t love to cook so much, bodybuilding would have the nod. At 41, powerlifting can be too taxing at times. But I still love it. I love the challenge.

Which of my bodyparts grow like weeds?

Triceps, calves and quads. In fact, my quads were so big after college that one of my sisters thought I was gross. I rarely train calves…which makes me lucky that they are naturally big. I find training calves to be dull. And my triceps…they tend to grow fast from chest and shoulder work alone. I do only about 3 sets of triceps a week, and they continue to remain big.

Which bodyparts do I struggle with?

Abs and chest. The front of my torso is my “fat storage area.” I’ve never been ripped enough to know if I have good pecs. Maybe one day…

Why start a lifting website?

Well, it combines my two loves…the Internet and lifting. I spend a fair amount of time on lifting boards, and there are so many lifting newbies that love the iron game, but are swarmed and drowning in info. One of my goals with Muscle and Brawn is to help beginning and intermediate lifters to weed through this sea.

Who’s my favorite bodybuilder?

Tom Platz! Tom Platz! Tom Platz! Quadzilla, baby! I also have great respect for current pro Mark Dugdale. I’m also a big fan of powerlifter Brad Gillingham.

What about my partnership with I’ll Pump You Up?

I love that site! I am a semi-frequent poster on the forums, and have great respect for their supplement store. The prices are good, and the service is outstanding. I partnered with them to open some doors for me, and to serve anyone who stumbles upon Muscle and Brawn.

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