Paloma Health Thyroid Test Kit Review

Paloma Health was established specifically for the testing and treatment of hypothyroidism. The company offers comprehensive at-home testing as well as telemedicine with its team of specialized thyroid doctors and nutritionists.

Hypothyroidism affects at least 1 in 5 people living in the United States and while the majority of cases are due to autoimmune disorders, it can also be caused by other diseases that affect the pituitary gland or hypothalamus.

If you’ve ever wondered whether or not you have hypothyroidism or have any family members that are affected by the condition, you should make sure to get tested ASAP in order to prevent potential long-term health consequences!

Thankfully, testing for hypothyroidism has never been easier as you can now complete blood tests without having to go to the doctor by ordering an at-home thyroid test kit from Paloma Health!

In this article, we’ll review Paloma Health along with the products and services it has to offer for the testing and treatment of hypothyroidism.

We’ll even provide the inside scoop on exactly how to take the test and what numbers to look for in your test results.

Paloma Health

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Prevalence of Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism is a condition where an individual’s thyroid gland underproduces thyroid hormones that are required for a wide realm of bodily functions including metabolism, heart health, bone health, and more.

Current data shows that 1 in 5 Americans who are 12 years of age and older are affected by this thyroid disorder, however, the actual number of individuals affected by hypothyroidism is most likely much higher as many people with this condition are asymptomatic or have not been clinically diagnosed.

The majority of hypothyroidism cases are caused by Hashimoto’s, however, at least 1% of cases are attributed to secondary, or central, hypothyroidism which is driven by disorders that affect the pituitary gland or hypothalamus.

Women have higher rates of hypothyroidism compared to men and the rate is even higher in women who are above the age of 60 or recently gave birth.

Differential Diagnosis for Hypothyroidism

One of the trickiest components to having hypothyroidism is that most of its associated symptoms are not disease-specific, which oftentimes leads to most people not realizing they have the disorder until much later in life.

While symptoms including fatigue, brain fog, moodiness, or weakness are incredibly common among individuals with hypothyroidism, they can also be associated with other disorders, such as anemia or rheumatological diseases.

Thus, hypothyroidism can not be accurately diagnosed based on symptoms alone and proper blood testing is required for a differential diagnosis.

Complete Thyroid Panel

A complete thyroid panel should be done in order to more accurately determine whether or not someone has hypothyroidism.

Unfortunately, many doctors only test for TSH and free T4 which do not provide the best overall picture of thyroid function.

Additionally, most diagnoses are based on the use of normal reference ranges and not optimal ranges which means that many people with borderline results are at risk of not receiving proper treatment.

If possible, you should include the following biomarkers when conducting a thyroid blood test as they provide a full outlook on thyroid function including the thyroid’s negative feedback loop and the potential presence of autoimmune conditions leading to thyroid disorder:

  • TSH: The hormone that’s responsible for controlling thyroid hormone production. This is considered to be the most sensitive marker for screening for thyroid disorders.
  • Free T4: The predominant hormone produced by the thyroid gland that leads to the creation of T3 which dictates metabolism and major bodily functions.
  • Free T3: Another biologically active hormone produced by the thyroid gland that promotes oxygen delivery, energy production, and influences a wide realm of organ systems.
  • Reverse T3: A metabolite of T4 that provides greater insight into thyroid metabolic activity.
  • Total T3: The measurement of both free T3 and bound T3.
  • Thyroglobulin & Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies: Antibodies that are able to bind to thyroid enzymes and suppress thyroid function. Elevated concentrations are most often associated with Hashimoto’s disease.

The following values for the above biomarkers represent normal ranges vs. optimal ranges and were provided by Dr. Westin Childs who is a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, D.O. and currently specializes in thyroid health:

Paloma Health Thyroid Test Kit Review

What Happens if Hypothyroidism is Left Untreated?

It’s estimated that over 60% of people with a thyroid disorder are unaware that they are affected by the condition!

While many people can go for years before noticing worsening symptoms, some individuals may be at risk of come or heart failure if their hypothyroidism goes untreated as the disorder affects multiple organ systems.

Hypothyroidism may also lead to infertility, miscarriage or preterm delivery, major cognitive decline, high cholesterol, and osteoporosis.

Thyroid Hormone Replacement

Most people who are diagnosed with hypothyroidism will be prescribed levothyroxine, which is a form of synthetic T4.

The use of levothyroxine, usually sold under the name Synthroid, has been the main form of treatment for hypothyroidism since the 1970s, however, some people may be treated with synthetic T3, liothyronine, (Cytomel) or may be provided with combination therapy that contains a mixture of levothyroxine and liothyronine, depending on their tolerance and results.

A review published in 2018 found that levothyroxine ranked as the second most prescribed medication in the US, thus showing how prevalent hypothyroidism is among Americans.

It should be mentioned that the use of these medications does not cure hypothyroidism, rather it helps patients control their disorder as endogenous production of thyroid hormone is completely shut off and individuals become reliant on exogenous thyroid hormone for normal thyroid function instead.

Paloma Health

Paloma Health Thyroid Test Kit Review

Perhaps the biggest struggle for people who suffer from hypothyroidism or suspect they may have the condition is finding the right provider for care and receiving proper treatment, even if their lab results are borderline normal range.

Thankfully, Paloma Health was established in 2019 specifically for the testing and treatment of hypothyroidism.

The company offers comprehensive at-home testing as well as telemedicine with its team of specialized thyroid doctors and nutritionists.

It even offers a Thyroid Care supplement for those who prefer natural treatment towards optimizing their thyroid function, regardless if they were diagnoses with a thyroid disorder.

Paloma Health Thyroid Test Kit Review

Paloma stands out among standard clinics for testing and treatment as it brings testing and treatment directly to your home through the use of its at-home thyroid test kit and video consultations.

The company’s mission is to provide exceptional care for hypothyroid patients and to relieve the burdens associated with managing and living with the condition.

One of its standout features is that its medical team does not rely on lab results alone for diagnosis and believes that each customer’s feelings and unique experiences are just as crucial towards determining the best form of treatment and symptom management.

Who Should Use Paloma Health?

Paloma Health is intended for individuals who have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism or believe that they may suffer from the condition.

Even if a customer ultimately does not have the disorder, they may still order the at-home blood test kit to get an official diagnosis or to monitor their thyroid hormones levels.

Customers who are officially diagnosed with hypothyroidism will have access to physicians and nutritionists who specialize in this field and will be able to refill or adjust prescriptions when needed.

Paloma Thyroid Test

Paloma Health Thyroid Test Kit Review

Paloma offers an at-home thyroid test kit for patients who are curious to find out whether or not they’re affected by hypothyroidism.

The at-home test kit is a finger-prick test that includes the following biomarkers that provide greater insight into overall thyroid function: TSH, free T4, free T4, TPO.

Customers may also purchase add-on options which include vitamin D and reverse T3.

Studies have shown that individuals who have thyroid disorders generally have low blood concentrations of vitamin D and levels of reverse T3 that are above the normal range provide a stronger indication that hypothyroidism is present.

In order to take the blood test, customers must be at least 18 years old and they must also reside in the United States.

However, the test is unavailable for residents of the following states: New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island.

Thyroid Test Cost

Customers who are not currently members of Paloma Health will have to pay $99 per at-home thyroid test kit order.

Vitamin D and reverse T3 must be purchased separately as add-ons for $53 and $64 respectively.

Customers who ultimately become members of Paloma Health will receive a discounted price of $75 per test kit and also have the following perks:


Paloma Health Thyroid Test Kit Review

Additional Services by Paloma Health

Patients who completed the thyroid test kit may choose to meet with a thyroid doctor online for a 15-30 minute consultation regarding their test results and future treatment for $110.

Individuals who have already been diagnosed with hypothyroidism in the past are able to request quick refills for their thyroid medication as long as it’s a brand name prescription or generic Levothyroxine.

Additionally, customers of Paloma Health are also able to meet with a thyroid nutritionist online for 30 minutes for $75.

Members of Paloma are able to set up online doctor consultations for a discounted price of $42 per visit.

Does Paloma Health Accept Insurance?

Paloma Health Thyroid Test Kit Review

Paloma Health does accept some forms of insurance towards payment, but not all.

Additionally, not all services provided by Paloma are covered by insurance.

Most health insurance companies do not cover the cost of the at-home thyroid test, however, HSA/FSA is applicable in most cases towards covering the final cost.

Thankfully, in most cases insurance plans will cover the full cost of doctor consultations and you will only have to pay your copay when picking up your prescription.

How Does The Paloma Thyroid Test Work?

The entire process for ordering, taking, and returning the thyroid test kit is incredibly simple!

Here, we’ll take you through the entire process from creating your Paloma Health account all the way to receiving treatment.

Create Your Paloma Health Account

Paloma Health Thyroid Test Kit Review

Prior to ordering the thyroid test kit, all customers are required to create an account with Paloma Health.

This process takes no more than 5 minutes tops and requires individuals to answer questions such as the following:

  • Have you been diagnosed with hypothyroidism?
  • Who currently helps you manage your thyroid health?
  • When was the last time you had your thyroid tested?
  • What medication do you take for your thyroid?
  • What symptom is your number one priority to improve?


After you have completed all of the required questions you will be taken to your personal dashboard where you can order your test kit, set up a consultation, and more!

Paloma Health Thyroid Test Kit Review

Ordering the Paloma Thyroid Test Kit

On the main page of your dashboard, you’ll be able to buy a test kit in as simple as a few clicks.

Just scroll down right below the section “Book a Consultation with a Thyroid Doctor” and you’ll see another section labeled “Check Your Thyroid Function”.

Paloma Health Thyroid Test Kit Review

Here, you will click the button that says “Buy a Kit” and you will then be prompted to provide information for billing and insurance.

Receiving Your Thyroid Test Kit

After you’ve placed your order, you should receive your test kit within 3-5 business days.

Once you’ve received it, make sure to register it online via your dashboard prior to taking the test!

Paloma Health Thyroid Test Kit Review

Taking the Paloma Thyroid Thyroid Test

Taking the at-home thyroid test is extremely easy, painless, and quick!

Check out the following video for a visual guide on how to take the test or read our overview of the instructions below:



  1. Clean the rounded portion of the finger you’ll obtain blood from with the provided alcohol pad. It is recommended to use either your ring or middle finger.
  2. Pierce the rounded portion of your finger with one of the provided lancets.
  3. Wipe away the first drop of blood with the provided gauze.
  4. Angle your hand downwards and massage the surrounding area to produce new droplets of blood.
  5. Provide enough blood droplets to fill in all 5 test circles.
  6. Let the card dry for around 30 minutes.

Returning Your Thyroid Test Kit

Once your test card has dried you will need to place it into the provided biohazard bag and carefully seal it off.

Prior to doing this, make sure to provide the following details on your sample: name, collection date, collection time.

You will then place the biohazard bag into the original test kit box and enclose it in the plastic return mailer.

After doing this, you will need to return your test kit to a local USPS drop-box or you can send it back via your personal mailbox.

The lab should receive your test kit within 3 business days.

Receiving Your Paloma Thyroid Test Results

In most cases, customers should receive their test results within 5 business days.

Paloma will send an email indicating that your test results are available and you can access your results online through your personal dashboard.

Your results will include your biomarker levels along with a comparison to the normal range.

Paloma also includes a detailed explanation under each parameter as to why results may be low or high.

You can also download your full results in PDF form.

Here’s an example of what your results may look like:

Overall Results for Biomarkers

Paloma Health Thyroid Test Kit Review

Individual Results for Biomarker

Paloma Health Thyroid Test Kit Review

Paloma Health Thyroid Treatment

After receiving your thyroid test results you may choose to set up a consultation with a thyroid doctor and/or nutritionist for further support and treatment.

All you have to do is go to your dashboard and select one or both of the following options depending on your preferred method of care:

Thyroid Doctor Consultation:

Paloma Health Thyroid Test Kit Review

Nutritionist Consultation:

Paloma Health Thyroid Test Kit Review


Paloma Health Daily Thyroid Care Supplement

Paloma offers its own supplement line if you decided to pursue a natural form of management or optimization for thyroid function!

Daily Thyroid Care contains 10 essential nutrients for thyroid gland function and includes 8 vitamins and minerals, ashwagandha, and l-tyrosine.

Paloma Health Thyroid Test Kit Review


Daily Thyroid Care has an overall rating of 4.7/5.0 stars from among 43 customer reviews.

Here’s what two happy customers had to say:

“Such a great product 😍. As a hashimoto’s patient, I was looking for the perfect multivitamin for hypothyroidism and I think I found it. So hard to find a multivitamin for the thyroid that is iodine free and gluten free.”

~Kelly L.

“The capsules contain all the vitamins I would normally take so the fact that I don’t have to purchase multiple vitamins has been really nice! Overall great experience with this company!”

~Olivia V.

Paloma Health Membership

Paloma Health Thyroid Test Kit Review

Paloma Health offers membership for $20 per month that includes discounted prices off of consultations and testing.

It also covers full access to your appointed care manager that will streamline the process of obtaining records, adjusting treatment, and much more.

You can choose to sign up for a membership on a monthly basis or you may become an annual member instead.

Memberships can be cancelled at any time and will be officially terminated at the conclusion of the period in which you cancel.

This means that monthly memberships will end the same month you cancel whereas annual memberships will be terminated at the end of the year.

Paloma Health Memberships are available in all states except New York, New Jersey, and Rhode Island.

Cost of Paloma Health vs Going to Doctor

Believe it or not, Paloma Health offers thyroid testing and treatment much cheaper compared to most other places.

Typically, if you want to know whether or not you have a thyroid condition you’ll first need to consult with your primary care physician and then be referred out to an endocrinologist who specializes in thyroid health.

In contrast, Paloma Health is only run by thyroid health specialists which cuts down the cost of consultations in half, if not more!

Also, although many thyroid panels run by doctors are around the same price, they generally don’t include all of the biomarkers that are in Paloma’s test kit. Thus, Paloma Health is more cost-effective and actually provides a much more comprehensive approach to testing and treatment.

Paloma Health Reviews

Paloma Health Thyroid Test Kit Review

Here is what customers had to say about their experience using Paloma Health!

“As a Hashimoto’s patient, I have struggled to find knowledgeable health care providers who will treat according to an integrative approach. Paloma seems to have solved that problem. So far, an excellent Care Manager, excellent financial manager, and my Nutritionist was great! MD appointment to come and lab home kit(which are all the tests that best for determining a plan of care. All, so reasonably priced!”

~Sue Gatineau

“Best thyroid care I’ve ever received. They make everything so easy. no more running to a lab to get blood work. Do it at home then send it off that day. I have Hashimoto’s and hypothyroidism. Endocrinologists will not help if you have both. These doctors will!!! I couldn’t be happier that I found them after desperately searching online for a better way to care for my thyroid. My experience with Paloma has been a Godsend.”

~Laura Elizabeth

“The whole idea seemed too good to be true! I recently lost my health insurance and Paloma saved my life. The cost of the lab work and consultation is so affordable that my health never had to suffer as a result. My doctor spent as much time as I needed with her and my case manager checks in with me at least once a month between virtual visits with my doctor. I’m so glad I came across this service!”

~Melissa Brantley

“I did a blood test in August and set up an appt with Dr. Cunningham. Yes, my tests always come back ‘normal,’ but I want optimal. I am glad I chose Dr. Cunningham. Protocols have changed slightly since the 1970s (thankfully) and it seems that Dr. Cunningham is aware of the changes. I know what my optimal numbers are and together we came up with a good plan. And, we just tweaked it again this week. I finally have an actual partnership with an Endo and that is exciting. I am starting to recommend folks to this site for solid doctor care. Everything that we come up with automatically goes to my regular physician so I am not hiding anything. I look forward to better health in the next few months. Thank you, Paloma.”

~Holly Zimmerman

Living Well with Hypothyroidism

Paloma Health provides the best care around when it comes to diagnosing and treating hypothyroidism.

Its at-home thyroid test kit has enabled thousands of people throughout the United States to determine whether or not their thyroid is functioning properly and its team of doctors and nutritionists provide the ultimate individual care.

If you think you may suffer from a thyroid disorder you should sign-up for Paloma Health today to receive proper testing and figure out which form of treatment for hypothyroidism is best for you

Paloma Health Thyroid Testing and Treatment
  • Selection
  • Pricing
  • Reputation


Testing for hypothyroidism has never been easier as you can now complete blood tests without having to go to the doctor by ordering an at-home thyroid test kit from Paloma Health!

Paloma Health was established in 2019 specifically for the testing and treatment of hypothyroidism.

The company offers comprehensive at-home testing as well as telemedicine with its team of specialized thyroid doctors and nutritionists.

It even offers a Thyroid Care supplement for those who prefer natural treatment towards optimizing their thyroid function, regardless if they were diagnoses with a thyroid disorder.



  • At-home test kit includes biomarkers not always included in most clinical labs
  • Patients have the option to add on vitamin D and reverse T3 to their biomarkers
  • Both testing and consultation can be done at home


  • Treatment is only available for hypothyroidism
  • At-home thyroid test is not available in NY, NJ, or RI
  • Paloma Health doctors are only located in 10 states currently

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