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Understanding Training Cycles for Maximum Strength and Size Gains


Most people who go to gyms get into a routine, turn up on the same day at the same time, and often perform the exact same workout. This is not a bad thing! If you are training three to four days per week, every week, for decades you will be living a healthy… Read more

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Bulldozer Bodybuilding Bulking System

Much is said about the subject of bodybuilding bulking. Two primary bulking camps exist: clean and dirty. Clean bodybuilding bulkers believe that you should eat an excess amount of calories, but they should come from healthy sources. Dirty… Read more

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Bulldozer Weight Training System Basics, by Muscle and Brawn

Origins. The Bulldozer Training system is a mix of Doggcrapp training, Max-Stim training, and Mike Mentzer’s Heavy Duty training. On the surface, Bulldozer Training doesn’t necessarily look like any of these systems. Here… Read more

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