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Yeah, Right: I am The Greatest Natural Bodybuilder of All Time!

It never fails. As soon as the topic of natural bodybuilding potential pops up on a forum discussion, it isn’t long before someone claims they have surpassed the greatest bodybuilders of all time. De facto, they are exclaiming to the … Read more

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4 Secrets To Natural Bodybuilding

Want to know the secrets to natural bodybuilding? Well, they aren’t exactly secrets – more like nuggets of common sense. But with that said, by the time most natural bodybuilders learn them, they’ve already spent years… Read more

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Is It Best to Use Arnold’s Routine?

Is it best to use Arnold’s (Jay Cutler’s, Dorian Yates’) routine?

Generally, no. Using the workout routine of a lifter that uses steroids isn’t always the wisest decision. Steroids users can train longer, and with… Read more

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