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Your Maximum Muscular Bodyweight and Measurements

natural muscle potential

When it comes to your maximum muscular bodyweight and measurements many bodybuilders will have you believing that the sky’s the limit. Sadly, this isn’t the case. We all have an upper limit of what we can achieve without using … Read more

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How to Boost Testosterone

high testosterone male

Almost every man on the planet wants more testosterone. Whether it’s to be more confident, to get stronger, have more muscle or to become more fertile.

T holds the key to most things males covet, as it increases masculinity and often makes… Read more

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Why Am I Not Seeing Results With My Weight Lifting Program?

Why isn’t your weight training routine producing results? Is it…

  • That you’re a hardgainer, and destined to have poor results as long as you train?
  • That you don’t have the right supplements?
  • That you simply haven’t
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Top 10 Weight Training, Strength Training, and Bodybuilding Blogs

Looking for some great weight training and bodybuilding blogs? You can’t go wrong with these 10. Here they are, in no particular order…

Second Focus Blog

Secondfocus Blog features the photography and notes of Ian L. Sitren. Images come… Read more

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Bodybuilding Series, Part 1

NOTE: The following article is the first in a series on bodybuilding basics for beginners and intermediate lifters. Please stay tuned for more to come…



The word invokes images of oiled man (or women) with… Read more

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Weight Training For Beginners

Before I begin, let me define the following:

Beginner: a lifter who has experienced little in strength and/or muscle mass gains, or a lifter who has been out of the iron game for an extended period of time.

Intermediate: a lifter who has packed… Read more

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Understanding Training

Most lifters have a decent grasp of training theory. Lift heavy and hard, rest and eat. But do they?

The lifting heavy and hard part is easy. Go into the gym, bust your butt, leave. “Nuff said. And the eating part…ahhhh, the eating part. Who here… Read more

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