Best Nitric Oxide Supplements for Muscle Pump

Looking to get a real pump from each workout session? Nitric Oxide Supplements is what you need.

Nitric oxide is involved in enhancing blood circulation through vasodilation of blood vessels and improving the supply of oxygen and other nutrients to the muscles. If you intend to get a good pump from each workout session, then you should take pre-workout supplements with a good amount of NO3.

The major component of Nitric Oxide supplements is amino acid arginine and Citrulline.

Nitric oxides are naturally produced in the body as it plays a key role in the body’s system activities. Including blood circulation and regulation of the activities of important organs in the body.

Like other important nutrients, having a deficiency of nitric oxide is a bad idea. The best nitric oxide supplements help replenish and regulate the amount of nitric oxides present in the body.

The major ingredients of No2 supplements are amino acid arginine and Citrulline.

Various studies have shown that the use of nitric oxide booster as a part of pre-workout supplements can greatly improve blood flow, thus enhancing muscle pump, endurance, and overall workout experience.

Below we review the top 4 options, if you want to learn more about NO2 supplements scroll down past the reviews.

Comparison of the 4 Best Nitric Oxide Supplements

Best for Bulk Purchases on Amazon
Bulk Supplements
Editor’s Choice 2
Best NAC Supplements

Best for Bulk Purchases on Amazon

Bulk Supplements

  • Best Nitric Oxide Supplements for Muscle Pump
  • Best Nitric Oxide Supplements for Muscle Pump
    1 tsp 1-3X Daily
  • Best Nitric Oxide Supplements for Muscle Pump
    No Other Ingredients
  • Best Nitric Oxide Supplements for Muscle Pump
    Pure AAKG
  • Best Nitric Oxide Supplements for Muscle Pump
Best Overall
Editor’s Choice 2
Best NAC Supplements

Best Overall


  • Best Nitric Oxide Supplements for Muscle Pump
  • Best Nitric Oxide Supplements for Muscle Pump
    2-4 Capsules Daily
  • Best Nitric Oxide Supplements for Muscle Pump
    Vegetarian Capsule
  • Best Nitric Oxide Supplements for Muscle Pump
    3 Nitric Oxide Blends
  • Best Nitric Oxide Supplements for Muscle Pump
20% OFF
20% OFF

20% OFF

Best for Athletes
Performance Lab
Editor’s Choice 2
Best NAC Supplements

Best for Athletes

Performance Lab

  • Best Nitric Oxide Supplements for Muscle Pump
  • Best Nitric Oxide Supplements for Muscle Pump
    6 Capsules Daily
  • Best Nitric Oxide Supplements for Muscle Pump
    Vegan Friendly
  • Best Nitric Oxide Supplements for Muscle Pump
    Supplements + Nutrients
  • Best Nitric Oxide Supplements for Muscle Pump
Best Flavored (Powder)
Editor’s Choice 2
Best NAC Supplements

Best Flavored (Powder)


  • Best Nitric Oxide Supplements for Muscle Pump
  • Best Nitric Oxide Supplements for Muscle Pump
    One Scoop 1-2X Daily
  • Best Nitric Oxide Supplements for Muscle Pump
    Keto & Paleo Friendly
  • Best Nitric Oxide Supplements for Muscle Pump
    Supplements + Superfoods
  • Best Nitric Oxide Supplements for Muscle Pump

Best on Amazon: AAKG by Bulk Supplements

Best Nitric Oxide Supplements for Muscle Pump

AAKG is a salt of the amino acid L-Arginine and alpha-ketoglutarate acid. It’s used primarily by bodybuilders and athletes for increasing muscle, enhancing athletic performance, and boosting energy through its role in increasing nitric oxide levels.

This product is available in powder form and is sold in quantities ranging from 100 grams up to 25 kilograms. AAKG should be taken in 2500 mg (~1 tsp) servings anywhere from 1-3 times daily.

AAKG is best suited for athletes, specifically bodybuilders, who want to increase muscle mass, achieve a better pump, or who are looking for a single-ingredient nitric oxide supplement.


  • 2500 mg of AAKG per serving
  • No other ingredients
  • Free of added sugar, soy, dairy, yeast, gluten, additives
  • Competing products contain additional supplements to aid muscle growth and recovery
  • Some customers may prefer capsules over powder
  • Some customers may not like the taste or texture

Best Overall: SNAP Nitric Oxide

Best Nitric Oxide Supplements for Muscle Pump

Nitric Oxide Booster is designed to promote stamina as well as improve lung function and respiratory health through the use of Vitamin B3 and a potent nitric oxide complex.

This product’s nitric oxide complex contains 3 separate blends that are geared towards boosting nitric oxide levels naturally, enhancing recovery through the use of amino acids, and increasing stamina through the use of traditional herbs.

It is recommended for adults to take 2 capsules per serving once or twice daily, preferably 30 minutes before training. Most consumers notice significant increases in energy and stamina after using consistently for 6-10 weeks.

  • 3 nitric oxide blends
  • Vegetarian capsule
  • Contains a mix of potent herbs and amino acids
  • Doesn’t list specific dosages of each ingredient
  • Some people may not need additional ingredients included
  • Some people may require 4 or more capsules daily

Best Pre-Workout for Pump: Pre by Performance Lab

Best Nitric Oxide Supplements for Muscle Pump

SPORT Pre is a stimulant-free, pre-workout supplement that contains optimal sports nutrition for high-intensity training. This product is used by athletes to enhance strength, promote endurance, as well as boost and sustain blood flow to the muscles.

SPORT Pre contains a potent ingredient combination of performance-enhancing supplements, such as creatine and beta-alanine, along with Setria® Performance Blend and key nutrients for athletes. These ingredients work hand-in-hand to create the ultimate nitric oxide supplement for athletes by:

  • Raising nitric oxide (NO) to support muscle blood flow and oxygenation
  • Sustaining nitric oxide (NO) activity to extend muscle benefits for strength and recovery
  • Enhancing anaerobic and aerobic exercise by sparking muscle-charging ATP energy
  • Improving endurance by buffering and hydrating hard-working muscles

Adults should take 6 capsules 30 minutes prior to training or competition on an empty stomach with 16 oz. (480 ml.) of water. This product can be used by any type of athlete but is ideal for those who perform high-intensity, short-duration exercise.

  • Stimulant-free
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Contains 6 potent ingredients
  • 6 capsules per serving
  • Some customers may be sensitive to iron
  • Some customers may be sensitive to sodium

Best Recovery Supplement: Total Nitric Oxide by Onnit

Best Nitric Oxide Supplements for Muscle Pump
Total Nitric Oxide helps support the body’s natural nitric oxide production in order to promote performance, recovery, and growth. This product contains performance-enhancing supplements, such as arginine and citrulline, along with a superfood blend and mango fruit powder.

Total Nitric Oxide’s potent formulation serves as an incredible nitric oxide supplement for performance and recovery by:

  • Promoting better circulation
  • Enhancing the delivery of oxygen and nutrients
  • Promoting cellular integrity

Adults should take one scoop mixed with eight ounces of water one to two times daily. This product is best suited for athletes who are in need of a nitric oxide supplement that boosts performance as well as enhances overall recovery and is ideal for endurance-based athletes.

  • Contains superfoods, supplements, and key nutrients
  • Naturally sweetened with organic stevia
  • Enhances recovery
  • Not suitable for those with a mango allergy
  • Superfood proprietary blend doesn’t label specific ingredient amounts
  • Some people may be sensitive to sodium

Benefits Of Nitric Oxide Supplements

Best Nitric Oxide Supplements for Muscle PumpThe benefits of nitric oxide supplementation go beyond the individual benefits of the two main ingredients. It has been proven to be quite useful in more challenging situations.

Nitric oxide supplements help the body cells communicate with each other by transmitting signals throughout the entire body, playing a key role in controlling the circulation of blood and regulating activities of the brain, lungs, liver, kidneys, stomach and other organs and leading to the following benefits;


As a matter of fact, this might be the most common use of nitric supplements as it has proven itself to be very effective in athletism and bodybuilding. Facts from some of the best bodybuilding books support this claim.

Basically, this supplement does that by increasing the delivery of nutrient-rich blood into the body, which in turn enhances oxygen and nutrient delivery into the body, especially during training.

This results in longer endurance and better muscle growth, which are very key in athletism as users tend to work out harder and for longer hours.

It also affects the release of hormones and adrenaline in the body, which is also very important in this field.

Increased Recovery Rate

This is beneficial to both athletes and non-athletes, seeing as we all need our wounds to heal faster. If you’re putting extra efforts in the gym and it takes so much toll on you, you get to recover fully a few days later, nitric oxide supplement can help out.

Since the primary factor to ensure quick recovery is to ensure that plenty of nutrients get to the muscle tissue after a hard workout.

This supplement help supports the amount of blood flow to the tissue and therefore allowing more oxygen delivery to get to the working muscles.

Cardiovascular Health

Nitric oxide plays a role as a vasodilator on the cardiovascular system. The supplement acts to systemically relax the walls of blood vessels, thereby increasing blood flow and preventing the development of high blood pressure.

As a result, it also impedes the growth of cardiovascular diseases like stroke, heart failure or renal diseases.

Muscle Pump

Another benefit of using a nitric oxide supplement is a great muscle pump after a workout. Working out is not just about being stronger or have more tolerance, showing those abs and muscle pumps give much more pleasure.

The pump as a result of a workout or exercise will be more pronounced and will stick around slightly longer when using the best No2 supplements.

Blood flow to the tissues with nitric oxide makes muscle pump more revealing due to increased blood flow to the muscle tissues.

Minimized joint pain:

People who have osteoarthritis suffer major limitations in functioning and abilities. Nitric oxide supplements play a role in the perception of pain and can be used as a useful pain management tool while managing the symptoms of osteoarthritis.

Likely mechanisms of joint pain reduction by nitric oxide include increased blood flow, reduction of nerve irritation, and reduction of inflammation in the joint spaces.

Nitric oxide supplements are very useful for the protection of joints and reducing any further cartilage damage, or even worse, osteoarthritis. Some of the best joint supplement for knees have a trace of nitric oxide in their ingredient.

How To Take Nitric Oxide Supplements

As important as these benefits are, they only happen when nitric oxide supplements are taken in the right amounts and under the right body conditions.

In the use of any drug, the manufacturer’s prescription as well as your doctor’s, are the most important advice to follow. Also, before taking any form of supplements, you need to get confirmation from your doctor as well.

Supplements are drugs that are used to make up for deficient nutrients in the body. However, if your body doesn’t lack in that department, supplementation might be more dangerous than you can handle.

For this reason, you need to check your toxin and nutrient level and have a doctor prescribe the right amounts of supplements to be taken per time.

Apart from this healthy choice of living, research has shown that Nitric Oxide supplementation might be very harmful to anyone who has suffered a heart attack or any other form of cardiovascular diseases

Nitric oxide should be avoided by anyone who has ever suffered a heart attack or other form of cardiovascular disease because of it aids vasodilation which normally is good, but would have different effects under these circumstances.

The best advice still is to consult your doctor or physician if you have any medical condition before using nitric oxide supplements.

How Does Nitric Oxide Supplements (Boosters) Work?

The science behind nitric oxide is such that, it opens up the blood vessels; a process referred to as vasodilation. When the blood vessels open up, they carry more oxygen and other nutrients present in the blood to your muscles.

This means an increased supply of nutrients to your muscle, giving it room for expansion and subsequent growth. From this basic explanation, it’s also easy to deduce that nitric oxide is highly beneficial when it comes to muscle recovery after an intense workout.

This video gives a detailed explanation of the scientific process involved.

Additional Information On Buying Nitric Oxide Supplements

When looking to buy nitric oxide supplements, make sure that the product you intend to buy can stimulate nitric oxide production via a number of different ingredients and pathways within the body.

Citrulline and Arginine are two very common ingredients found in nitric oxide supplements that are well known for their benefits as analyzed earlier. These two ingredients are more effective in stimulating nitric oxide production than supplementation of actual exogenous nitric oxide itself.

Other factors to consider include:

Users’ experiences and reviews: These give you an idea of how it works and various real-time experiences people have had with the supplement.

Manufacturer credibility and reputation: Credibility on the internet is mostly built by a positive outcome after use. You can always count on the top brands to produce the best nitric oxide supplements.

Quantity and quality of ingredients contained in the product: This has a lot to do with the ingredients used, and more importantly, the ratio in which they are used. The efficiency of the drug depends on it.

Ease of usage: The ease of use of a drug can be diversified into the forms, and the dosage to be used. Put this into consideration to avoid repulsion or getting tired of its use because of its low bioavailability.

Price: Good nitric oxide supplements combine all of the above-named features in the finest blend, and is made available at an affordable price. This defines cost-effectiveness.

How to Boost Nitric Oxide

Increase Your Vitamin C Levels

Numerous studies have found that vitamin C has been proven to boost Nitric Oxide levels, and not only that, it also helps to protect and enhance these molecules in the process.

For optimal results, experts recommend using garlic to help boost vitamin C levels as it is rich in this vitamin, plus nitrates as well.

What’s more, it’s a great source of quercetin, a natural compound that has also been proven to boost nitric oxide levels.

Increase the Amount of Exercise you Perform

The idea behind trying to naturally boost nitric oxide levels in the first place is to help you exercise more efficiently, but the good news is that exercising more has also been proven to boost NO levels.

As your muscles begin to become larger and stronger, your natural nitric oxide levels will increase pretty dramatically because your body, being the fantastically attentive organism that it is, will realize your muscles are bigger and stronger, and will recognize the fact that they require more nitric oxide, as well as more blood, oxygen, and nutrients in the process.

This in turn allows it to increase your baseline NO synthase, which means that basically your standard NO levels will also increase.

Nitric Oxide Supplements

There are currently more sports and health supplements on the market than ever before, so finding the right product for you, based upon your goals and requirements has never been easier.

For people looking to naturally increase their nitric oxide levels, NO supplements are ideal. Many pre-workout supplements, for example, are packed full of Nitric Oxide, as well as caffeine, vitamins, amino acids, and much more besides.

These supps are great because not only do they help boost NO levels, they also increase energy levels so we can train for longer and more efficiently before we become tired and worn out anyways.

Get More Natural Sunlight To Boost Nitric Oxide

This isn’t an excuse to go out in the hot sunshine and get sunburn because we all know how dangerous too much sun can be.

For people who are looking to boost nitric oxide levels internally, however, natural sunlight is ideal.

The reason for this is that it has been proven to help trigger the natural synthesis of NO by the skin, instantly releasing Nitric Oxide into the bloodstream as soon as the sunlight touches the skin itself.

Nitric Oxide Foods

Over the last couple of years, athletes and exercise lovers have been consuming a great deal of beets, or beetroot as it is sometimes referred to as. The reason for beetroot becoming so popular is because it is a great source of nitrate.

When we consume nitrate, it is naturally converted to nitrites. Once nitrites come into contact with bacteria within our guts, it is then converted into nitric oxide, so obviously, this boosts your natural nitric oxide levels internally.

Other great examples of healthy foods you can eat include cabbage, spinach, parsley, carrots, and radishes.

Finally, eating spicy foods also increases nitric oxide. Capsaicin increases thermogenesis, thus boosting the metabolism, and on top of that, it also naturally boosts nitric oxide levels within our bodies.

It’s also been proven to naturally increase testosterone levels, which can provide numerous exercise-related benefits in the process.

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