GABA has numerous benefits that help with sleep, anxiety, and promoting a calm state.

Top 3 GABA Benefits for Anxiety, Sleep, and Calm

Updated October 19, 2020
GABA has numerous benefits that help with sleep, anxiety, and promoting a calm state.

GABA is short for gamma-aminobutyric acid. This compound is naturally present in our brains and is vital in the regulation of different brain activities. Apart from functioning as a neurotransmitter, it’s also essential in other parts of human body for different purposes, such as regulating muscle tone.
A unique trait of this neurotransmitter is that it slows down the over-firing of neurons. Other neurotransmitters such as adrenaline, dopamine, serotonin, noradrenaline, and glutamate are opposite in this manner as they tend to stimulate neuron firing. Thus, it is crucial to understand what kind of supplement you want, as different individuals have achieved satisfactory results with GABA and dopamine boost for common problems such as anxiety.
Most GABA is secreted inside the body from glutamate, and we only receive small amounts of this amino acid from food. GABA has a wide number of benefits; some of the top benefits include treating anxiety, calmness and promoting healthy sleep.

GABA Benefit for Anxiety

Many different medications and remedies on the market today advertised as remedies for anxiety affect GABA levels in our brain. These substances also affect how GABA works in order to help us fight anxiety. Medications such as Xanax and Valium are prime examples of drugs that interact with GABA receptors to reduce anxiety levels.

Not just prescribed anxiety medications like benzodiazepines, more common substances used to reduce anxiety, such as cannabis, tranquilizers, and alcohol also get their effect by boosting GABA levels in our brain. Many people consider GABA supplement to be highly effective in treating anxiety, however, like most nootropic substances, it might not work for everyone.

Since an increase in anxiety is associated with lower levels of GABA, the popular belief is that taking GABA supplements boosting the GABA level helps to reduce anxiety. In theory, GABA supplements shouldn’t be able to produce any sort of effect in boosting GABA; however, more practical users of GABA supplements claim the supplements to be effective. Also, pairing GABA supplements with L-theanine have been found to be particularly effective, since L-theanine can easily cross the blood-brain barrier, which is why it’s included in supplements like CogniShield. In simple terms, L-theanine opens up the path for GABA supplements to boost GABA levels in our brain.
Experts recommend starting from a lower dose and working up to a higher dose with the maximum dose recommended being 750mg per day.

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GABA Benefit for Sleep

GABA is also a popular supplement among those who are having trouble getting a good night’s sleep. Reports from users suggest that GABA does indeed possess capabilities to help a person get better sleep; however, how this occurs is still yet to be properly understood. Sleep deprivation and insomnia are not as uncommon as one might think. And, most aren’t able to get as much sleep as they need and want because of their hectic schedules. If you’re a victim of sleep deprivation, your best bet is to find a supplement which can help you sleep.
GABA works in the brain as the primary inhibitory neurotransmitters and is responsible for slowing down over-firing of the neurons. Excitements of neurons can cause feelings of anxiety, depression, irritability, agitation, or insomnia. So, when the GABA level is down in our brain, our brain tends to switch to a state of over-excitement. This makes sleep hard to come by.

In theory, GABA supplements shouldn’t be able to make it to the brain because it can’t cross the blood-brain barrier. Thus, the supplements aren’t able to boost the GABA level in our brain, which renders GABA supplements useless, at least in theory. However, there are many reports from users of GABA supplements claiming that the supplements have in fact helped them relax and regain their normal sleep schedule.

The effect of GABA in promoting healthy sleep is controversial because of the contradiction between users and researchers. Researchers are now suspecting different kinds of effects due to GABA supplementation.

Although GABA doses aren’t made public by the FDA, according to user reviews, 500-1000mg before bedtime should help you sleep throughout the night without disruption.

GABA Benefit for Calm

Calmness is a state of mind sought after by almost everyone. Even the slightest turbulence of chemicals in our brains is enough to overexcite us. Severity of these conditions is categorized as cognitive impairments, with some of the most common problems being anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive and panic disorders. These conditions seize our calmness and can make our daily lives incredibly harder.

One of the surefire ways of staying calm is to take medications. There are lots of different medications on the market, and if you visit a doctor you’re sure to be prescribed a handful of them. If you’ve done your research before stumbling upon this article, there are lots of different options on the market. GABA is considered to be one of the most effective supplements to bring about a calm state of mind.

This naturally occurring amino acid is a neurotransmitter that is responsible for slowing down over-firing of neurons. The supplements are taken to boost the levels of GABA in our brains. Even though supplements aren’t able to penetrate the blood-brain barrier, users claim the supplements to be effective in making them calm and relax. The exact explanation for how this feat occurs has yet to be found.

Experts suggest taking a low dose of GABA and only moving up if the lower dosage doesn’t work. However, keep in mind that since GABA is also responsible for sleep benefits, a higher dosage could put you to sleep instead of just making you calm.

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