The 5 Best Creatine Supplements

Best Creatine Supplements

Updated May 25, 2020

Best 3 Creatine Supplements By Features and Price

Premium Choice
GNC Performance Monihydrate
GNC Pro Performance Monohydrate, Unflavored, 100 Servings
  • Gluten-free
  • Boost in energy
Best Overall
Creatine Monohydrate Pills
Crazy Muscle Creatine Monohydrate Pills
  • With different creatines
  • More creatine per serving
Best Value
Optimum Nutrition Micronized
Optimum Nutrition Micronized Creatine Monohydrate Powder
  • Boasts several benefits
  • Highly suggested
The 5 Best Creatine Supplements

The 5 Best Creatine Supplements

Crazy Muscle Creatine Monohydrate Pills

Creatine Monohydrate PillsThe Creatine Monohydrate Pills by Crazy Muscle have been popular for quite a long time, with this being driven by a few prominent reasons. They’re made using a blend of the three more common creatines – Creatine Monohydrate, Creatine Pyruvate, and Creatine Alpha-ketoglutarate.

This is much more than you might see elsewhere, as the majority of alternatives typically contain only one type. The formula should mean that you’ll experience a faster recovery time, which should mean that you’ll be able to exercise more. This is enhanced through the serving size, with the pills containing more creatine per dose than some others.

The fact that they’re pills instead of powder should also mean that they’re much more convenient to use. However, these could be slightly difficult to swallow because of the serving size. There could also be a few side effects associated with them, including light-headedness.

For a powder form scroll down.

  • Contains a blend of different creatines

  • More creatine per serving compare to others

  • Difficult to swallow

  • Could cause light-headedness and nausea

GNC Pro Performance Monohydrate, Unflavored, 100 Servings

GNC Performance MonihydrateGNC’s Pro Performance Monohydrate has received a significant amount of praise over the past few years, with much of this being focused on the recovery time that it offers. Alongside this, it’s been shown to have a noticeable impact on strength quite quickly while also giving you significant boosts in energy.

GNC pro is also gluten-free, which means that it could be recommended for people with specific illnesses, such as celiacs, among others. Despite this, there may be several drawbacks to the choice. The first of these is that the container lid is quite small, so you may struggle to get a scooper in to get the powder.

It could also be difficult to dissolve, which may be a problem for some buyers. Much of this could depend on whether or not you get a flavored option, however.

  • Significant amount of creatine monohydrate 

  • Gluten free, appropriate for people with certain diseases

  • Difficult to dissolve

  • Difficult to get a scooper into

Optimum Nutrition Micronized Creatine Monohydrate Powder

Optimum Nutrition MicronizedThe Optimum Nutrition Micronized Creatine Monohydrate Powder boasts several benefits, with the product offer quite a large boost in energy. This should mean that it’s well suited to helping you to get through high-intensity workouts.

A lot of this is driven by how absorbent it is, with this outperforming many of its competitors. As such, it should get into your system much faster than many alternatives, which could mean that you’ll start feeling its benefits quite quickly. 

You should also be able to mix it into most beverages.

While the powder is supposed to be unflavored, it’s possible that there might be a slight chalky taste from the powder, which may be offputting. Alongside this, some buyers might find that it could make them nauseous, which will be a noticeable issue.

  • Can be mixed into most beverages

  • More absorbent than some alternatives

  • Have a bad taste

  • Could cause nausea for some users

BulkSupplements Creatine Monohydrate Powder

Monohydrate Micronized BulkSupplementsThe Creatine Monohydrate Powder by BulkSupplements has been a somewhat popular option for many fitness enthusiasts for quite some time. There have been a couple of reasons for this. Notable among these is that it’s vegan-friendly, as it doesn’t have any dairy, gluten, sugar, yeast, or soy.

While there are a few vegan-friendly creatine supplements on the market, few are as high-quality as this. Another notable benefit that should be seen here is that it dissolves much faster than some alternatives. This should mean that you’ll be able to consume it faster than others.

However, this could have a bad taste, especially when it’s been mixed with water. Some buyers may also find that it can cause headaches, although this doesn’t seem to affect the majority of users.

  • “Pros”
  • Have a bad taste when mixed with water

  • May cause headaches for some buyers

Cellucor Corperfromance Creatine

Cellucor corperformance creatineThe Cellucor Corperromance Creatine has several features and benefits that you might want to take advantage of. One of the more obvious of these is that it could be one of the more cost-effective choices on the market, as there are more servings available than you might see elsewhere.

The powder also dissolves quite quickly, which should be an added benefit. 

You’ll also be able to choose from a variety of flavors. If you go for the unflavored option, however, there may be somewhat of a bad taste when it’s mixed with water. While not a prominent issue, it’s still slightly negative.

Lastly is that it could cause nausea among some users, which might also be a prominent issue. While this seems only to affect a small number of people, it’s something that you still might want to be on the lookout for.

  • Dissolves better than many alternatives

  • More servings than some of its competitors

  • Could cause nausea for some users

  • Have a bad taste when added to water

How Does Creatine Work

Creatine supplements work in a few ways once it’s been taken, such as:

  • Improved cell signalling, which should help to reduce recovery time;
  • Increased cell hydration, which can have a role in muscle growth, and;
  • Reduced protein breakdown, which could promote muscle growth.

This could lead to many fitness enthusiasts looking to try creatine supplements. With the sheer number of products that are on the market, this may be difficult for many people who are new to the area. However, there are a few of them that stand out from the rest.

Best Time To Take Creatine

If you’ve decided to take creatine supplements, then you’ll want to make sure that you’re taking it at the right time. While much of this could depend on the product itself, there are a few tips and tricks that you should know when taking it.

Typically, it’s recommended that you take it either just before or just after your workout. Many fitness enthusiasts tend to take it before their workout, as this will help them feel the benefits of creatine supplements during their workout. This is especially true for the boost in energy that normally comes with it.

Taking it afterward could also have a few benefits, with a lot of this focusing on your recovery time after using it. However, there’s no clear-cut timeframe of when you should take creatine supplements.

The main reason for this is that there’s been a lack of studies on the niche. The studies that have been conducted, however, have highlighted that the most advantages will be seen if you take it as close to your workout as possible.

Best Way To Take Creatine

Quite a large number of people who are not with creatine may wonder what the best way to take it is. While there’s a variety of different opinions on this, there are a few recommendations that are more common than others. The most notable of these is to have a creatine loading phase.

This means that you should load up on creatine for a certain period before a workout and then reducing your intake. Many enthusiasts have suggested taking 20 grams of creatine every day for between five and seven days. This will be the loading phase of your intake.

Following this, it’s suggested that you reduce your intake to between two and ten grams per day. This will be done to maintain your overall creatine levels long-term, which should help you feel its benefits for longer.

When deciding how much creatine to take, however, it’s recommended that you check the manufacturer’s instructions. These can differ quite significantly depending on the product, as well as your overall goals. This should mean that you’ll need to spend some time deciding how much is right for you.


When you’re taking any kind of supplements, you should make sure that you’re informed about any potential side effects. Though all of the above creatine supplements have various benefits, they also have a few notable drawbacks. This might mean that you’ll have to spend time weighing the pros and cons of each.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should only try one of the above. Instead, if one doesn’t work out for you, then you could try using one of the others. This could help make sure that you find the best creatine supplement for your needs.   

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