5 Best Coq10 Ubiquinol Supplements

Best CoQ10 Supplements

5 Best Coq10 Ubiquinol Supplements

The levels of CoQ10 in the heart and body get smaller when you are above 40 years of age. Statins drugs used in treating high cholesterol usually come with prominent side effects that may additionally deplete the levels of CoQ10 levels.

Age factor, reduced assimilation and statin drugs are three factors that cause CoQ10 deficiency. CoQ10 is a coenzyme that provide energy to the cells and an antioxidant that assist to protect cells.

These properties of CoQ10’s boost vigor across a number of body systems. It enhances brain health and the body’s immune system. It as well improves your skin health, your exercise capacity the health of your gum. The most significant benefit of CoQ10 is to support the health of the heart.

It may as well provide antioxidant support to the heart and the whole cardiovascular system.

Benefits of CoQ10

The following are the major health benefits that are associated with taking CoQ10:

  • Improves cardiovascular health
  • Lowers high cholesterol
  • Increases natural levels of CoQ10
  • Helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels
  • Boosts cellular energy
  • Enhances cognitive function
  • Reduces joint pain and inflammation
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What is the Difference Between Ubiquinol and Ubiquinone?

There are two forms of Coenzyme Q10: ubiquinol and ubiquinone. Both are true forms of CoQ10, however, they are not the same in nature. [1]

Ubiquinone is not very absorbable on its own, due to it being fat-soluble, and is generally combined with emulsifiers in most ubiquinone-based CoQ10 supplements. In contrast, ubiquinol is water-soluble and is up to eight times more absorbable than ubiquinone. [2]

What is the Best Form of Coenzyme Q10?

Due to its superior absorption and high quality, ubiquinol is considered to be the best form of Coenzyme Q10. However, supplements that contain ubiquinol tend to be more expensive and more difficult to find when compared to those that contain ubiquinone.

Thus, ubiquinol is the best overall form of CoQ10 but those who are looking for a cheaper option that’s more widely available may want to choose a ubiquinone-based CoQ10 supplement instead.

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Ubiquinol with Shilajit

Although ubiquinol is highly potent on its own, it’s even more effective and has far greater health benefits when combined with shilajit.

Shilajit is a biomass that contains key nutrients that help increase energy and boost CoQ10 efficiency. [3] Shilajit is combined with CoQ10 in ubiquinol-based CoQ10 supplements in order to enhance overall mitochondrial health, which leads to better aging and reduction of disease. [4]

Best CoQ10 Supplement for Fertility

CoQ10 is used by women to improve fertility, especially those who are older or who have experienced complications with fertility in the past. As women age, their CoQ10 levels decrease and CoQ10 is absolutely essential for egg maturation and overall egg quality. [5]

Thus, in order to increase their chances of conceiving and having a healthy pregnancy, women who have struggled with fertility should supplement with CoQ10 in order to have the best egg quality possible.

Due to the enhanced absorbability and effectiveness of ubiquinol compared to ubiquinone, it is recommended for women to use ubiquinol for increasing their fertility over ubiquinone, if possible.

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Comparison of the 4 Best CoQ10 Supplements

Best CoQ10 Supplement in 2020
CoQ10 Complex +
Best CoQ10 Supplement in 2020
CoQ10 Complex +

Nuzena only uses ingredients that are verified by scientific research conducted by health professionals and its products are highly recommended by major health institutions.

Supports Heart Health
Reduces Migraines
200 mg Ubiquinone
100% Natural
GMP Certified
Best for Energy
Best for Energy

Energy is composed of MicroActive® Q10, BioPerine®, BioPQQ® and Bio-Enhanced® nutrition technology which work together to provide you with the ultimate non-stimulant boost.

Stimulant-Free Energy
No Additives
100% Plant-Based
Prebiotic Nutricaps
Best for Purity
Coenzyme Q10
Best for Purity
Coenzyme Q10

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) comes in pure powder form and in softgels. The pure powder form is sold in quantities ranging from 10 grams to 25 kilograms whereas the softgels are sold in counts of 100 or 300. Adults should take 50 mg to 200 mg or 1 softgel daily.

Pure Form
Powder or Softgel
Great Value
No Additives
Best Personalized Vitamin Pack with CoQ10
Best Personalized Vitamin Pack with CoQ10

Care/of offers a personalized solution to health through its monthly subscription vitamin packs. It offers CoQ10 in potent ubiquinol form that's sourced from Japan.

Personal Assessment
Premium Ingredients
Backed by Professionals
Individual Vitamins Available
2-14 Ingredients

50% off and free shipping with code NCHIP


50% off and free shipping with code NCHIP


CoQ10 Complex + by Nuzena

Best CoQ10 Supplements

CoQ10 Complex + by Nuzena was specifically designed by health professionals to support cardiovascular health, better regulate blood pressure, reduce oxidative damage, and prevent migraines. 

Nuzena only uses ingredients that are verified by scientific research conducted by health professionals and its products are highly recommended by major health institutions, such as Mayo Clinic, Harvard Medical School, and NDNR. 

Each serving of CoQ10 Complex + contains 200mg of Ubiquinone and adults should take one capsule per day, preferably within 30 minutes prior to eating or as directed by a healthcare professional.

  • Made with 100% natural ingredients

  • Contains 200mg of Ubiquinone

  • Clinically proved ingredients

  • Only contains 1 ingredient 

  • Some people may require a higher or lower dose

  • Capsule form prevents dose reduction

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Performance Lab® Energy

Energy by Performance Lab is designed to provide superior mitochondrial support for cell energy and vitality. Whether you’re looking to improve your overall energy or boost your athletic performance Performance Lab® Energy can help.

Performance Lab® Energy sets itself apart from other energy supplements through not relying on caffeine for creating an energy boost. Rather, Energy is composed of MicroActive® Q10, BioPerine®, BioPQQ® and Bio-Enhanced® nutrition technology which work together to provide you with the ultimate non-stimulant boost. 

Energy is prebiotic-infused and comes in 100% plant-based NutriCaps®. This supplement is vegan friendly and also free of additives and allergens. 

About Performance Lab 

Performance Lab offers a wide variety of training and nutritional supplements which aid human performance and promote all-around health.  Its supplements provide support for better sleep, vision, cognition, and energy as well as enhance muscle growth, strength, endurance, and training intensity.

Performance Lab uses premier nutrition technologies in order to revolutionize healthy performance nutrition as well as to provide the highest quality performance supplements available on the market. This company provides one of the world’s most sophisticated nutritional supplement systems for optimizing daily performance and long-range health.

Unique Features

No Caffeine 

Unlike most energy supplements, Performance Lab Energy uses nutrition technology over caffeine to provide a natural boost.

Bioavailability-Enhanced MicroActive® Q10

In most cases, CoQ10 is difficult for the body to absorb. In order to aid absorption, Performance Lab® Energy uses bioavailability-enhanced MicroActive® Q10 which absorbs faster and releases slowly to provide sustained cell energy support.

PPQ is More Powerful than Vitamin C

Performance Lab® Energy BioPQQ® works together with CoQ10 to promote immunity by aiding mitochondria all throughout the body within almost all cells. It’s also an antioxidant related to B-vitamins which possesses nearly 5,000 times the antioxidant power of Vitamin C.

ALCAR Provides Dual-Powered Support

Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALCAR) works as an athletic performance-enhancer by preserving energy in muscle while promoting the use fat for energy. This leads to optimal body composition overtime through losing body fat and gaining muscle.

BioPerine® is Highly Purified Black Pepper Extract

BioPerine® is standardized to supply 95% piperine which is much purer than competing piperine products.

  • Stimulant-free energy

  • No additives or allergens

  • 100% plant-based

  • Expensive- $49/box

  • Only 30 servings

  • Only available on the brand official website


Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) by BulkSupplements

Best CoQ10

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) by BulkSupplements provides an extensive amount of health benefits which include improvements in joint and muscular health, weight management, oral health, lung health, sexual health, skin health, cardiovascular health, and improved immune function. This product is free of sugar, soy, dairy, yeast, and gluten and contains CoQ10 in its purest form.

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) comes in pure powder form and in softgels. The pure powder form is sold in quantities ranging from 10 grams to 25 kilograms whereas the softgels are sold in counts of 100 or 300. Adults should take 50 mg to 200 mg or 1 softgel daily.

BulkSupplements offers over 500 supplements which fall under categories such as fitness and sports, heart health, brain and memory, weight management, and immune support. All of its products contain pure raw ingredients, are lab tested for purity, and are manufactured at a facility that is FDA inspected. BulkSupplements stands out among its competitors due to its product versatility and ability to serve customers who stem from diverse health backgrounds, lifestyle choices, and dietary preferences.

  • Free of additives

  • CoQ10 in pure form

  • Available in powder and softgel form

  • Only sold on direct website

  • Restricted in some countries

  • Hard to properly dose with softgels

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Care/Of Daily Vitamin Packs

best personalized vitamin packs

Care/of offers premium vitamin and supplement packs that are personalized for each of its customer’s needs. Care/of analyzes the lifestyle and health goals of its customers through a highly-detailed online survey that determines which products will best support the unique health needs of each individual.

Vitamins and supplements sold by Care/of come in the form of a monthly subscription pack which contains 2 – 14 different ingredients. These ingredients consist of key vitamins, minerals, herbs, probiotics, and specialty supplements that support all major areas of health.

Care/of offers CoQ10 in ubiquinol form that’s sourced from Japan and manufactured in the United States. This version of CoQ10 is more absorbable and is much more potent than ubiquinone. Additionally, this CoQ10 is sourced from 100% vegetarian ingredients.

Those who subscribe to Care/of will receive a box of monthly vitamins every 30 days as well as free shipping on orders over $20. Additionally, customers will be able to track their supplements, learn about how they work, and get new recommendations as their health changes through the Care/of app.

  • Based on an online assessment

  • Option to buy individual vitamins based on health needs
  • Supplements include vitamins, minerals, protein powder, and more!
  • Not based on blood or DNA test
  • Some packs contain excessive pills
  • Large price variance

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Take-Home Message

CoQ10 is very beneficial to your body and above all, it boosts your heart’s health. Purchasing the right one is very essential to get the health benefit you require.


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