How to Buy Vitamins & Supplements with Bitcoin

Is Buying Vitamins & Supplements with Bitcoin Possible?

Yes, there are ways for people to use Bitcoins as a payment method for acquiring vitamins and supplements. The two most common means of acquiring vitamins and supplements with Bitcoin include sites with Bitcoin payment options, and Bitcoin to gift card conversion sites. 

Sites that accept Bitcoin as a valid form of payment during checkout is the most straightforward form of acquiring vitamins and supplements using Bitcoin. Gift card conversion sites can additionally link Bitcoin payments toward more mainstream retailers that carry popular products. 

While some niche online retailers accept Bitcoin as a direct form of payment, the niche nature of these companies may result in desired vitamins and supplements being unavailable via a narrow catalog. 

This article gathers a list of online resources people can utilize to purchase vitamins and supplements using Bitcoin. 

Common Vitamins & Supplements Available

Before we dive into some of the places you can visit online to buy vitamins and supplements with Bitcoin, let’s give a refresher on some of the more popular vitamins and supplements that people are purchasing nowadays: 

Your body needs the substances listed above to achieve overall wellbeing. Many people’s diets end up neglecting essential nutrients or substances. 

Vegetarians, for example, often eat specific plant-based foods such as spinach to get proper iron. If you’re missing out on specific essential vitamins or other substances, ordering some supplements online using Bitcoin can help you achieve better health. 


Often, it can be a struggle to find mainstream retailers that accept Bitcoin as a valid form of payment for products. Gyft knows this struggle and presents users with an easy opportunity to apply their earned cryptocurrency to popular retailers such as Walmart and Target.

The process of acquiring a gift card via Bitcoin payment is made to be as simple as possible. All users have to do is select the retailer they wish to purchase vitamins and supplements from, proceed to checkout, and select Bitcoin as their form of payment. 

After browsing available retailers on Gyft, the best retailer for vitamin and supplement supplies would be CVS. There are so many brands and price ranges of vitamins and supplements to choose from through CVS. 

Hop on CVS’s website to browse vitamin and supplement selections and locate potential products you wish to buy before purchasing a gift card through Gyft. 

While Whole Foods is known to sell vitamins and supplements in-store, their website doesn’t display supplement options, instead of listing them as available for in-store pickup. Gyft makes it easy for you to use your gift card via a smartphone for in-store supplement pickups. 


Spendabit is a platform that helps direct users to online sites where they can buy desired products such as supplements using Bitcoin. 

The layout of spendabit’s website is clean and easy to navigate. The main menu features just a search bar that connects users to over three million products they can buy using Bitcoin. 

Upon entering ‘vitamins’ in the spendabit search bar, over 1700 results are generated. For a more streamlined vitamin and supplement search experience, use spendabit filtering options that allow users to narrow price ranges and merchant names to fit their preferences.  

One cool thing about spendabit is their ability to filter search results with Bitcoin price tags. After searching for vitamins and supplements in their search bar, all listed prices are in Bitcoin. Users can even set their region between the United States, the European Union, or Australia for more accurate quotes. 

If you’re looking to educate yourself on some of the more recently popular supplement options, filter your search on spendabit to ‘relevant’ options and explore supplements such as: 

  • F ocus enhancers
  • Skincare
  • Animal supplements 
  • Immune support 

You can go ahead and search through Spendabit right here!


Vitamin B12, additionally known as cobalamin, is an essential vitamin that your body needs, but does not produce on its own. Benefits of regularly consuming vitamin B12 include: 

  • Red blood cell formation
  • Prevention of congenital disabilities
  • Better bone health
  • Elevated mood
  • Strengthens neurons
  • Energy boost 
  • Better heart health through decreasing homocysteine
  • Healthier skin

Luckily, there are sites such as vitaminB12direct that allow users to browse and pay for vitamin B12 using Bitcoin. 

Vegetarians and vegans should capitalize on resources such as vitaminB12direct to maintain proper B12 levels. Meat is the standard external source of B12 for non-vegetarians and non-vegans. 

VitaminB12Direct has a great FAQ page that supplies information on: 

  • Quality and safety practices 
  • Injection supplies
  • Shipping and delivery 
  • Personal information & security 
  • Wholesale and affiliate info 

The injection supplies and info section of the FAQ page are essential since the vitamins advertised on VitaminB12Direct are used via the injection method. 

Paying for vitamin B12 on VitaminB12Direct using Bitcoin is simple. Users just need to add an item to their cart and select Bitcoin as their payment method in the bottom portion of the checkout form. 


While Overstock may appear at first glance as a site that wouldn’t feature vitamins and supplements, their website features a fitness and nutrition section that yields almost two thousand results—many of which are vitamins and supplements. 

Filtering options on the left side of the website screen allows users to narrow the ‘fitness and nutrition’ section down to just ‘vitamins and supplements.’ 

Additional filter options on Overstock for vitamins and supplements include: 

  • Clearance 
  • On sale 
  • Best selling
  • Top rated 
  • New products 

The customer rating portion of the filtering menus allows users to get definite insight from consumers as to which products are right for them to purchase. Those looking to save some Bitcoin while purchasing products should look at the clearance section as there are multiple options under 20 USD. 

Similar to other sites that accept Bitcoin as a form of payment, users of Overstock’s website need to click Bitcoin as the payment option via the checkout form to complete their purchase. 


While Newegg advertises and contains a large number of electronic items, vitamins and supplements are available on this site as well! Move your mouse over the ‘health & sports’ section, then click on the ‘vitamins, minerals, and supplements’ page. 

Newegg adds a unique touch to their website layout by allowing users to filter out which form of supplement they are looking to acquire. Separate filtering options include: 

  • Manufacturers 
  • Different sellers other than Newegg 
  • Price ranges 
  • Gender 
  • Supplement functions 
  • Age 

You’re bound to find your perfect supplement in no time with these detailed filtering options. Plenty of customer ratings are available to help verify the quality of top items. 

Select Bitcoin as your preferred payment method in the checkout form to complete your purchase. 


Similar to Gyft, eGifter connects people to over 250 retailers where users can use Bitcoin to purchase gift cards. 

After browsing retailers that could present users opportunities to purchase vitamins and supplements, CVS and Walmart look to be the best options for gift cards on eGifter. 

Prospective CVS gift card buyers on eGifter should keep in mind that CVS cards are only redeemable in person, while Walmart cards are redeemable both in-store and online. 

The eGifter ‘Buy with Bitcoin’ page lays out the process and benefits of using Bitcoin on the site. With no additional fees, the opportunity to earn bonus points, and fast transactions, eGifter is an excellent source that connects Bitcoin to popular retailers.


CBD has emerged in recent years as an alternative supplement form that contains many positive effects. Unlike traditional marijuana, CBD won’t get you high as it is non-psychoactive, meaning it doesn’t contain THC. 

The benefits of using CBD include: 

  • Natural pain relief
  • Anti-inflammatory qualities 
  • Eases drug withdrawals with substances such as nicotine
  • Anti-seizure properties with conditions such as epilepsy 
  • Calming 
  • Acne reduction 
  • Alzheimer prevention

CBD is now legal to be purchased and shipped in all 50 U.S. states. Sites such as BuyHempCBDOil allow users to easily use Bitcoin as a form of currency to purchase CBD products. After you’ve selected which product you’d like to buy, add the CBD to your cart and choose for the payment option. 

Be sure to have your Bitcoin wallet available for checkout as the process involves sending Bitcoin from your wallet to BuyHempCBDOil’s wallet. 

You will be directed to a payment portal on, where you will verify both shipping and purchase info. 

There are so many exciting varieties of CBD available on BuyHempCBDOil’s site to boost your wellbeing. The site allows users to shop either by brand or category.  


Alternative supplement methods such as CBD are making a noticeable impact on the market. With the recent growing popularity of CBD, sites such as BuyHempCBDOil allow users to pay for products using Bitcoin. 

Frequent Bitcoin users can be connected to more mainstream retailers for all the market’s standard supplements. Sites such as Gyft are great for bridging the gap between Bitcoin and powerhouse supplement retailers such as CVS.

Through browsing the article’s listed websites, users are sure to find vitamins and supplements that will have a positive effect on their overall wellbeing. 

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