Best Insoluble Fiber Supplements

Best Insoluble Fiber Supplements

Best Insoluble Fiber Supplements

Fiber also known as roughage is the part of plant food that is undigested.

It gets stored in your gut and is eventually expelled out of the body through the stools.

Fiber and natural fiber supplements aid in the proper bowel movement and inhibit you from suffering from bowel problems like constipation.

5 Best Insoluble Fiber Supplements

Best Overall Fiber
Raw Organic Superfood

The powder is a certified organic product, a non GMO product, making it vegan friendly as it is made of organic product. Each scoop also contain other nutritional supplements such as carbohydrate, protein, omega-3-fatty acid as well as fat.

9 g Total Fiber
5 g Insoluble Fiber
Contains Probiotics
Certified Organic
Best Organic Fiber
All Natural Intestinal Cleanser

The supplement is a blend of various organic materials that re know to aid bowel movement and improve gastrointestinal health.

8 g Total Fiber
Organic Blend
Eases Bowel Movement
Improves Gastrointestinal Health
Best Probiotic Fiber
Super Seed

This product has a probiotic component that majorly function in detoxifying the gut, hence ensuring that you have a health digestive system all through.

6 g Total Fiber
Contains Probiotics
Protein and Omegas
Best Detox Fiber
Organic DetoxiFiber

Each scoop contains 4g of insoluble fiber, and 1g of soluble fiber. Aside the dietary fibers, other component includes; sodium, protein and negligible amount of fat. All of which are derived from flax seed, chia seed, alfalfa grass, etc.

Vegetable Fiber
Doesn't Thicken
5 g Total Fiber
4 g Insoluble Fiber
Best Fiber for Bloat
Unifiber Natural Fiber

This product helps with bowel movement and is highly recommended for bloating. One scoop contains 3g of insoluble fiber and 1g of carb.

All Natural
Absolute Insoluble Fiber
3 g Insoluble Fiber
Gluten Free

Garden of Life Raw Organic Superfood Fiber

best insoluble fiber supplementA scoop of the product is made up of 9g of dietary fiber, 5g of which is insoluble fiber. The powder is a certified organic product, a non GMO product, making it vegan friendly as it is made of organic product. Each scoop also contain other nutritional supplements such as carbohydrate, protein, omega-3-fatty acid as well as fat.

A unique component of the powder is Bacillus coagulans, which is a popular probiotics that is known to improve general bowel health. For the said price, you get

This product does not contain psyllium, which is found in several other fiber supplements. People with sensitive colon usually get reaction from the intake of psyllium. Making this product suitable for people in such category.

Although a good supplements that serve it’s purpose well, it tends to get really thick and the taste might take time getting used to if you’re new to taking raw fiber. Aside that; it’s the best recommendation as far as this list is concerned.

Dr. Natura Colonix All Natural Intestinal Cleanser

best insoluble fiber supplementThe percentage of insoluble fiber present in this product is not explicitly stated, although the total amount of dietary fiber is about 8g per serving. The supplement is a blend of various organic materials that re know to aid bowel movement and improve gastrointestinal health.

It might take a while before you begin the see the effect, most people tend to see it kick in in about three to four days after first use, but once it does; bowel movement becomes relatively easy. Other ingredient of note includes; sodium, psyllium husk, flax seed, papaya fruit, as well as alfalfa leaf.

The taste is also not as awful as you would expect of a dietary supplement fiber.

Garden of Life Super Seed -Fiber Supplement with Protein and Omega

best insoluble fiber supplementFibers are good for improving bowel movements, in some cases, toxins initially absorbed from the gut by the fibers usually get recycled when they dissolve again, and this is why most people would advise that you go for insoluble fiber. This product has probiotic component that majorly function in detoxifying the gut, hence ensuring that you have a health digestive system all through.

This product did not just stop at providing a good blend of insoluble and soluble fiber (although the percentage of insoluble fiber is higher), it also has a considerable amount of protein, iron and calcium.

It’s the perfect fiber supplement for gastrointestinal health. If you suffer from constipation or bloating, then this is the right fiber to get things in order.

It aids bowel movement while improving the overall GIT health. All the ingredients of the fiber powder are from organic source and it’s also gluten free; hence it’s a vegetarian friendly product.

To enjoy it fully, as far as the taste is concerned; most user tend to make a “recipe” in an attempt to enhance the taste, this is something you might try out as well, if you have difficulties taking it the way it is.

Garden of Life Detox Fiber Supplement – Organic DetoxiFiber

best insoluble fiber supplementsGarden of life has a wide range of product when it comes to fiber supplements. The good thing about this brand is how they focus on organic ingredients. In comparison to the Raw organic, this product isn’t raw and it doesn’t thicken like the raw.

A scoop of the powder is recommended per serving for adult. Each scoop contains 4g of insoluble fiber, and 1g of soluble fiber. Aside the dietary fibers, other component includes; sodium, protein and negligible amount of fat. All of which are derived from flax seed, chia seed, alfalfa grass, etc.

The higher percentage of insoluble fiber in the powder makes it resistant to intestinal solvent, thus aiding digestion and bowel movement as expected. So soluble fibers tends to undergo breakdown in the intestine, those the absorbed toxin usually get recirculated back into the body system; this type of supplement prevents that, as it is completely insoluble.

As expected, fiber does not have the greatest taste when it comes to supplements; but you can mix the powder in your regular smoothie and drink as appropriate. You don’t have to bother about taking before or after food, as it does not matter.

Insoluble Fiber for IBS

Dr. Natura Unifiber, Natural Fiber Supplement

best insoluble fiber supplementThis is the only product on the list with absolute insoluble fiber. It does not contain soluble fiber in any amount whatsoever. The ingredients consist of cellulose (plant based), xanthan gum as well as malodextrin with no synthetic sugar content.

This product helps with bowel movement. As compared to other products on the list, it’s the best recommendation for bloating. Many user suffering from slow transit have had success using this supplement.

Aside the function of the dietary fiber, the other ingredient; xanthan gum and malodextrin act as thickening agent for the fiber, making it the perfect fit to clear out the bowel and make your poop bulky.

A scoop of the powder contains 3g of insoluble fiber and 1g of carb.

What is Insoluble and Soluble Fiber?

Fibers are of two types; insoluble fiber and soluble fiber.

While the soluble fiber is commonly found in fiber supplements, it’s a bit difficult to find a supplement with just insoluble fiber content, as most of the popular ones are majorly composed of soluble fibers.

I have gone the extra mile in reviewing the best insoluble fiber supplement on amazon. Most of them contain a mix of soluble and insoluble fiber, but the percentage of insoluble fiber outweighs the soluble fibers in all of the recommended products.

For education purpose; the major difference between soluble and insoluble fiber is that; the former dissolves in water, thereby reducing the rate of digestion. Insoluble fiber on the other hand does not dissolve in water, they make stool bulky and aid movement through your digestive tract.

If you have constipation, or poor bowel movement, then consuming more of insoluble fiber would help greatly.

Be it irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), constipation, or you’re trying to beat hunger by loading up on fiber, these supplements would serve your fiber need adequately.

Soluble fiber easily dissolves in water. It soaks up water from your food retarding the rate of digestion. This in turn helps in the regulation of blood sugar.

Best Fiber Supplement for Weight Loss

It reduces LDL cholesterol. It forms gel in your tummy which gets bonded with the cholesterol preventing it from being absorbed into your body. Thus, fiber supplements that re made up soluble fibers are usually of it is fiber supplements for weight loss.

Soluble fiber can be obtained from oatmeal, flax seed, barley, dried peas, nuts and seeds, fruits and vegetables like oranges and carrots.

Foods that Are Rich in Fiber

Some foods are made up of high level of fiber. Examples of such meal are:

· Whole meal or whole-wheat bread, biscuits and flour.

· Fruit and vegetables: Try to eat five servings of a mixture of food and vegetable everyday to get enough fiber.

· Wholegrain breakfast cereals like All-Bran, Bran Flakes, Weetabix, Shredded Wheat, muesli, and so on.

· Brown rice, and whole meal spaghetti and other whole meal pasta.

Supplements made to mimic these high fibered foods are known as high fiber supplements.

While taking fiber rich food try to keep hydrated

For fiber in your diet to work effectively, it needs enough fluid. Try to drink not less than two liters of water every day to void blockage of gut.

Your fluid intake doesn’t necessarily have to be water. It could be any other healthy drink or squash without sugar or additives.

The significance of fiber in your diet

Having sufficient fiber (18 grams daily) in your diet makes your stool soft and easy to defecate.

· It also prevents and treats constipation

· It minimizes your likelihood of suffering from bowel issues like diverticular disease, haemorrhoids and anal fissure.

· It helps in weight loss. It creates a feeling of fullness but doesn’t add extra calorie to your diet or get digested.

· It minimizes your risk of suffering from bowel cancer.

· It helps in the reduction of cholesterol level and regulates the level of blood sugar.

· It may minimize your possibility of suffering from diabetes.

Types of fiber and fiber supplements

The fiber in the food you it is of two forms: soluble and insoluble fiber. They perform different function in your body.

You therefore need to incorporate the two forms of fiber in your everyday diet. The majority of fibrous foods have a mixture of both types in them.

Insoluble fiber and Insoluble fiber supplements

Insoluble fiber is the type of fiber that does not dissolve in water. It goes through your digestive tract and passes out through your stool unaltered. It makes the stool more bulky and makes it easy to pass through digestive system.

It neutralizes the pH condition of your intestines and inhibits colon cancer. It is mostly present in seeds, nuts, fruit skin, maize, dark green leafy veggies, wheat bran and whole grains. Fiber supplements for constipation are usually made with some of these ingredients.

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Boosting your fiber intake

Increase in the intake of fiber may result to a bloated stomach especially in people having bowel problem.

You might be able to reduce such effects by eating more of soluble fiber and also altering your fiber intake in these forms:

· Go for whole meal bread instead of white bread

· Instead of artificial cereals opt for whole grain types like

· Instead of white rice and pasta , go for brown colored rice and paste

· Incorporate additional vegetables to mince, casseroles, soups, stews or curries.

· Go for vegetable of fruit snacks.

· Go for high fiber foods and add seeds into your soup, salads or yoghurts

· Eat fruits and vegetable skins when feasible. You can as well look for dietary fiber supplements.

Recommendations on the use of fiber Supplements

When you are starting out to eat more fiber or use fiber supplement, do not overdo it but start gradually and up the amount you take bit by bit.

Excess intake of fiber can lead to discomforting side effects such as bloating, cramping, and gas. Also don’t forget to take enough water to create a suitable environment for fiber to work in your gut.

Consult your doctor to check if the fiber supplements may have probable interactions with any medication you may be taking.


Due to the fact that fiber retards the process of digestion, it may minimize the rate at which your body assimilates some medications.

A lot of research recommends that you should not use fiber supplement in combination with medications that treat the following health conditions: depression, diabetes, high cholesterol, thyroid disorders, seizures, and different forms of heart issues.

Regularly used medicines like aspirin, ibuprofen, and penicillin can be affected by an increased fiber intake. It is better to take your medications about two hours before taking your fiber supplement.

What is the best insoluble fiber supplement for constipation?

The daily recommended fiber intake for adults is 20-40 grams depending on age and gender. If your diet includes fresh fruits and vegetables, remember that these will also add your overall fiber count. 

E.g., if you have a habit of drinking vegetable or fruit smoothie every day, you need to keep that in mind when looking for a fiber supplement. 

Consuming too much fiber than you need can backfire and cause adverse effects such as diarrhea, bloating, and gas, especially in people with a sensitive stomach. 

Insoluble fiber can help relieve constipation symptoms by making your stools soft and comfortable to pass through [1]. We always recommend getting it from natural food sources such as nuts, potatoes, beans, and cauliflower. 

Insoluble fiber supplements are great to keep as a relief option on the days when you suffer from constipation. 

That said, you may benefit from any of the supplements discussed in this article, especially the Garden Of Life Raw Organic, because it contains the highest amount of insoluble fiber. 

Best Fiber Supplement for Weight Loss?

Some people are under the impression that you can lose weight via feces. You do not lose body fat via excretion. However, fiber supplements may help with weight loss in other ways, such as reducing your calorie intake. 

One study investigated the effect of fiber supplementation on weight loss in 118 overweight people. The participants were randomly divided into one of the three groups:

  • 5 grams of PGX soft gels per day
  • 5 grams of PGX granules per day
  • 5 grams of rice flour per day as a control

Results after 12 weeks showed that those in the PGX granule group had lost more body weight and other weight loss factors [2]. 

If you want to use fiber to lose weight, you might benefit more from fiber supplements rich in soluble fiber. One way it can do that is by reducing your appetite. Psyllium husk is a good source of soluble fiber that has been proven to help with weight digestive problems and weight loss. 

One study investigated the effect of psyllium husk supplement in 51 types 2 diabetic patients who also had chronic constipation. They received either 10 grams of supplement cookies two times daily or placebo cookies in the same manner for 12 weeks [3]. 

Their results showed that those in the psyllium husk group lost body weight, and had improved constipation symptoms. So a fiber supplement rich in soluble fiber such as psyllium husk might be a good choice if you want to use it for weight loss.

Side Effects Of Fiber Supplements

Excess fiber intake, especially in supplement form, may cause some adverse effects such as gas, bloating, and diarrhea in some people. One study investigated this in adults with fecal incontinence. 

Some of the participants experienced mild side effects, such as belching, bloating, and gas [4]. You’re more likely to experience side effects if you exceed the recommended dosage. 

Please consult your doctor if you’re on medications that could interfere with the fiber supplements. 


Those are the best insoluble fiber supplement on amazon, although some other fiber supplement contains a lesser or equal proportion of soluble and insoluble fiber, it should be noted that the product reviewed tend more towards the insoluble, and they’re considered more suitable for treating bowel movement, constipation and bloating.

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