Best DHEA Supplements

Dehydroepiandrosterone or DHEA is growing in popularity, however, it is still shrouded in misinformation and false claims, still, DHEA supplements do have benefits.

DHEA or dehydroepiandrosterone (Jesus, what a name), is a natural hormone produced in the body of both males and females.

The human body, however, is not perfect. We see that DHEA levels decline with age, and since DHEA plays a massive role in sexual and overall health, we need to fix that.

Well, how do we do that? Is DHEA supplementation the best way to go, or can we increase DHEA levels naturally?

Let’s look at the best DHEA supplement, the doses, side effects, and how this little compound could change your life…

Key Takeaways

  • DHEA is a supplement that replicates the natural DHEA in the body
  • DHEA is imporant for natural hormone levels and other vital functions
  • Low DHEA can lead to cardiovascular disease, erectile dysfunction, etc
  • The best DHEa supplement on the market is the DHEA from Double Wood Supplements

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What Is The Best DHEA Supplement?

After digging around the net and looking at which DHEA supp would be the best bang for your buck, I came across the DHEA from Double Wood Supplements (Double Wood DHEA).

This is priced at a remarkably good point, and you get more at this great price compared to some of the other options available.

Double Wood itself is not a sketchy company and has held high standards of quality for a long, long time. This, combined with massive savings in the form of coupon codes, etc, leads me to the conclusion that this is your best DHEA supplement.

180 x 100 mg capsules for $22.95 (again, lots of discounts here) is remarkable. Most people would get by with 100mg per day, but larger individuals might need a little more to reach peak DHEA levels.

It is worth noting that a prescription is only needed outside of the USA.

Best Value for Money

DHEA from Double Wood Supplements

Double Wood is a company that is tried and tested and known for creating quality supplements. They are not about to sell something that is half-dosed or tainted.

DHEA supplements have been linked to healthy aging, better muscle mass, improved sexual function, and even increased bone density [1].

The DHEA supp from Double Wood has a bunch of positive reviews, and I have hardly ever seen anyone having issues with the company overall.

Best DHEA Supplements
  • Exceptional price
  • Dosed really high
  • Hard to dose lower than 100mg due to pill size
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DHEA Tablets from Pure Rawz

Let’s head over to Pure Rawz for some pure DHEA! This is a company that has various products for sale, and is keen on letting you know that every product undergoes rigorous testing to establish quality.

They offer different tablet doses, something that does give it a edge (in one way) over the Double Wood DHEA. Starting at 25mg and going up to 100mg, this is something beginners would benefit from greatly.

It is a wee bit more expensive than Double Wood, and while all the reviews are 5-star, I find that slightly hard to believe. Regardless, a great company that produces a really high quality DHEA supplement.

Best DHEA Supplements
  • Comes in different doses
  • Third party tested
  • More expensive
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Newest DHEA

7-Keto DHEA from Amino Asylum

Amino Asylum is another brand that is well known in the industry, and produces way more than just your regular DHEA supplements range.

Their version is called 7-Keto DHEA, and to explain the difference I will quote a study “Although 7-keto DHEA was more potent than DHEA, and the effects were not identical, there is the possibility that the metabolism of DHEA to 7-keto DHEA may contribute to the effects of DHEA on ethanol-maintained responding.

7-keto DHEA would also have a distinct advantage over DHEA as a treatment for alcohol abuse and dependence in that it does not act as a precursor for the sex hormones.

Best DHEA Supplements
  • Could be better than regular DHEA
  • More tests are needed
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Strongest DHEA

4-Andro Liquid from Behemoth Labz

This is another version that differes from regular DHEA. Theoretically, it could result in higher levels of DHEA than regular DHEA supplements.

While Behemoth Labz is well known for quality supplements, their DHEA could use a few more reviews in my opinion.

There are also not a lot of reviews on other sites, but their 4 Andro can go as high as 67mg/ml! That is a lot of DHEA.

Unfortunately, in order to be the best DHEA supp, I need more reviews of people having good results.

Best DHEA Supplements
  • Stronger than regular DHEA
  • Expensive
  • More tests are needed
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What is DHEA?

DHEA or dehydroepiandrosterone is actually a hormone that is naturally produced in the human body. It helps with balanced hormone levels, specifically, testosterone and estrogen levels.

Best DHEA Supplements
Figure 1: DHEA plays a crucial role in the hormonal health of both males and females

So, if we produce it naturally, why even use a DHEA supplement? Well, as we age, we see a great reduction in DHEA levels. This is quite alarming seeing as low DHEA levels have been linked to cardiovascular disease, weakened immune system, sexual dysfunction, and low testosterone levels [2, 3].

This is often called adrenal insufficiency.

The sex hormones (testosterone and estrogen) play massive roles in our daily life, from bone density to mental health. Failing to keep these levels stable will certainly lead to awful overall health.

How Do DHEA Supplements Work?

Similar to TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) or HRT (hormonal replacement therapy) you are simply replacing your missing DHEA with pure DHEA supplements.

It is thus really important to find high quality supplements on the market that will help promote hormonal balance.

Overall, DHEA supplements are simply giving you something that your adrenal glands no longer can, and how much DHEA is needed depends on person to person.

Unlike anabolic steroids, it is a lot harder to take too much, but it certainly is still positive – we’ll get into side effects later.

Benefits of DHEA

With the DHEA supplements having such a wide impact on overall hormone levels, it is hard to list all the benefits [4]:

  • Better female sex hormones in both males and females
  • Better testosterone levels in both males and females
  • Weight loss in the form of fat
  • Increased lean muscle mass
  • Better energy levels
  • Improved bone density
  • Overall better athletic performance

Who Should Use DHEA?

Ideally, everyone past the age of 35. See, we naturally lose DHEA as we age, and DHEA supplements could help combat this!

Best DHEA Supplements
Figure 2: DHEA levels will naturally drop with age

As long as you have a healthy metabolism you should be good. That said, someone suffering from any pre-existing cardiovascular diseases should ideally make sure they are approved for DHEA consumption by their doctor.

A lot of the DHEA supplements on the market are “Extra strength natural DHEA” and using too much (in conjunction with certain illnesses) can be bad.

There are some athletes who also use DHEA to help with weight loss and to increase muscle mass.

Is DHEA Legal?

According to USADA, “In the U.S., DHEA is exempt from the Controlled Substances Act, which means it is treated differently from other steroids. DHEA is also allowed in dietary supplements by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)”.

What are the side effects of taking DHEA?

To avoid side effects, try to make sure you use the highest quality supplements and do not use too much. Also, taking DHEA supplements while suffering from cardiovascular diseases is also not smart. Here are some of the side effects:

  • Worsened cholesterol
  • Worsened blood lipid levels
  • Could worsen mental health in those who already suffer from mental disorders
  • Oily skin

Can DHEA cause weight gain?

In the form of muscle mass, yes. The only way to gain weight is to either provide you with an abundance of calories or to decrease your metabolism.

DHEA supplements cannot as does not do either. It can increase your ability to increase bone density and increase muscle mass, both of which could “show” themselves as more weight on a scale.

What does DHEA do for females?

Firstly, it depends on the person who takes the DHEA supplements. It will differ from person to person, even if they are all taking the best DHEA supplements.

That said, reports indicate women reported better mental health, healthy aging, less fatigue, boosting libido, and overall a better “mood”.

Who should not take DHEA?

Those suffering from cardiovascular diseases, like high cholesterol or blood pressure. It is always wise to check with your GP before taking any DHEA supplements.

Conclusion: DHEA – Worth it?

Absolutely! Not only can it boost Testosterone levels, but it can enhance energy levels, improve mood, and help with muscle, and fat loss. And, it’s legal!

The sides are actually quite mild, and DHEA levels do drop naturally. As long as you stay within the bounds of what is a normal dose, your hormone levels should be bang on.

The health benefits are tremendous, and it seems like a no-brainer. The amount of mg of DHEA per dollar is a lot, and the positive effects on hormone levels it has makes it 100% worth it in my mind.

What happens if a woman has low DHEA?

She would be suffering from low hormone levels, such as low Estrogen levels. She could have poor cognitive function and even poor sexual function as well. A natural supplement could help fix this.

What happens if DHEA is high in females?

Excess body hair and facial hair growth.

DHEA and Fertility

There is actually a bit of evidence that it could help promote balanced hormone levels, and even fertility as well [5]! “Current best available evidence suggests that DHEA improves ovarian function, increases pregnancy chances and, by reducing aneuploidy, lowers miscarriage rates. DHEA over time also appears to objectively improve ovarian reserve. Recent animal data support androgens in promoting preantral follicle growth and reduction in follicle atresia.”

How to increase DHEA Naturally?

Apart from living a healthy life, apparently, a calorie restriction would help. You wouldn’t want to push this too far however, seeing as low calories could lead to low testosterone levels.

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