Best Cutting Supplements

With hundreds of fat loss supplements online, it might be hard to find the best cutting supplements. Let's see what works, and what doesn't.

Summer is here, baby, and you’re looking to have a hot boy summer, or girl, or they, or them, or whatever you identify as – you want a hot ass summer!

Granted you have your training and diet in order, the next logical step is to delve into the world of Cutting Supplements and Fat Burners.

In the olden days these were simply comprised of caffeine and Green Tea Extract – but with the massive supplement industry we have today, are there others available?

Key Takeaways

  • Certain fat burners can help, but there are few that do
  • Fat burning is mostly going to be determined by diet and training
  • The best overall fat burning supplement is L-Carnitine due to its ability to increase lipid metabolism
  • There are various others on this list that could improve your overall results

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What are the Best Cutting Supplements?

With over 9000 weight loss supplements on the market today, how do we even begin to identify the ones that do work, and those that won’t?

Well, simply put, we have to look at studies on these dietary supplements to see if they work or not. We can, of course, also look at people who have used them and thus rely on anecdotal evidence – but I’m not the biggest fan of the latter.

Before we even get into the list of best fat burning supplements, remember that you need to be training and dieting for these supplements to even be remotely effective.

Nothing will work unless you do…

L-Carnitine by Amino Asylum

Best Legal Fat Burner

L-Carnitine by Amino Asylum

L-Carnitine is an Amino Acid found naturally in the body that is essential for the Citric Cycle. Its purpose is to transport Free Fatty Acids into the Mitochondria where the fat can then be used as energy.

Thus, supplementing with a decent amount of L-Carnitine can help you burn some stubborn fat. This is one of the best fat burners because it has very few side effects besides just being painful to inject.

Dosed at increments of 200mg/ml by Amino Asylum, you can choose the best option for you. It might not do anything for lean muscle mass, but will be an effective fat burner.

Best Cutting Supplements
  • Helps with fat mobalisation
  • Could increase endurance slightly
  • Great for male fertility
  • Abusing the compound could lead to damaging your thyroid hormones
Best Fat Loss Pill with Caffeine

Fat Burner by Transparent Labs

A regular fat burner is nothing new, but this one is a pretty decent one. As you might expect, dosed with a bunch of Caffeine to help you with energy when in this calorie deficit. Furthermore, it has a bunch of other goodies.

5-HTP is known for reducing your appetite, which will make the whole process a lot easier. Green tea extract (catechin) can help you break down the fat to allow it to be used – fat metabolism essentially.

Forslean or Forskolin will increase the amount of Lipase in the body which will help you cleave fat from stubborn belly fat and other stubborn fat areas.

Best Cutting Supplements
  • Good dose of Ceffeine for energy
  • Various compounds to increase energy and fat loss
  • Not for those who are sensitive to stimulants
Best Pre Workout Fat Burner

Yohimbe HCL by Pure Rawz

Yohimbe is an evergreen tree native to central and western Africa and has various uses besides being a weight loss supplement. It has been shown to also help with breathing and even libido.

As a fat loss aid, it can block the alpha-2 adrenergic receptors located in fat cells which could lead to better weight loss. The body needs to utilize Beta Receptors in order to lose weight, and the Alpha receptors could worsen the rate of fat loss if they are very active.

Thus, by blocking them you could see increased fat burning effects. That said, you still need to diet and train. It has also been shown to help with appetite suppression.

Best Cutting Supplements
  • Massively powerful for weight loss
  • Can increase libido
  • Can decrease appetite
  • Can worsen pre-existing anxiety
Best Stim Free Fat Burner

Stim Free Fat Burner by Transparent Labs

Some of us are very sensitive to stimulants and might want something milder that won’t give us the jitters. This nifty little product has some interesting ingredients that could help you in your endeavor of losing weight.

First off, a decent dose of L-Carnitine. Following that is Forskolin which will increase the amount of Lipase in the body and will help you cleave fat from stubborn belly fat and other stubborn fat areas.

Fucoxanthin is also included which is a new supplement for fat loss, and could potentially increase the amount of weight loss that occurs when following a healthy diet that is also a calorie deficit.

Best Cutting Supplements
  • Has some Carnitine in it
  • Doesn’t have any stimulants
  • Won’t be great for increasing energy levels
Best Fat Burner that might Build Muscle

Turkesterone by Double Wood Supplements

Didn’t expect this one, did you? We know that muscle mass has a direct link to the basal metabolic rate you have. Thus, something like Turkesterone could help you lose weight by making you gain muscle mass!

Another mechanism that is pretty important is that it could help you lose weight by lowering your stress levels. Users of Turkesterone claim they feel calmer and “feel” like they have lower levels of cortisol. Lower cortisol directly leads to better fat loss.

It is not the best fat burner on this list, but something a lot of men could benefit from indeed.

Best Cutting Supplements
  • Can build muscle
  • Good for aging men
  • Can lower cortisol
  • More research is needed

What is Fat Loss?

Fat loss can otherwise be described as Beta Oxidation seeing as the energy from fat is going to be used via the Beta Receptors. This is going to sound extremely technical but stay with me…

Step 1: Your calorie intake lowers or your metabolism is increased, meaning your body will need to “find” energy elsewhere

Step 2: Your body secretes an enzyme called Lipase which then proceeds to the fat cells (Adipocytes)

Step 3: Lipase will cleave the fat from fat cells and release it into the blood as Free Fatty Acids (FFA)

Step 4: Granted you are in a calorie deficit, the body will then move those FFA to the places that require energy (cells that have Mitochondria) and the FFA will then be transported into the cells

Step 5: Through the Citric Acid Cycle you will then turn those FFA into ATP and boom, you have energy from fat

This is a really simplified version of how fat loss works, and it is way more complicated than this. I mean, just look at the Citric Acid Cycle…

Best Cutting Supplements
Figure 1: Don’t even try to understand this, even doctors struggle

A number of other things such as your body temperature, insulin levels, etc, can influence this process. It’s not as simple as “the body burns calories” – it’s massively complicated. Point is, excess fat is bad, and we can lower that – but would supplements even enhance fat metabolism?

How Do Fat Burning Supplements Work?

With so many on the market, it’s impossible to look at all of them, but they can work in two main ways. They either target Sympathetic Beta Oxidation or Parasympathetic Beta Oxidation.

Sympathetic Beta Oxidation

This is a fancy term for the aroused state or the state where you are exercising really hard to try and lose weight. Imagine doing heavy weight training or intense cardio. Your heart rate is elevated, and this will definitely lead to you burning fat as well.

In this state, the body prefers using carbohydrates as energy but if you follow a low-carb diet, you could actually end up using fats here as well.

Certain supplements such as caffeine could help you have more energy. Thermogenic fat burner could increase your metabolism overall which would mean you burn fat at a greater rate.

Lastly, some supplements, like Turkesterone, could lower your stress hormones after training and help the body to relax again. Not a typical weight loss supplement but still effective.

Parasympathetic Beta Oxidation

This is the exact opposite of the one above. You’re relaxed, below 120 beats per minute, and the body runs on fats mostly – or more easily at least. If you’re stressed, you’re out. If you breathe too much because you’re unfit, you’re out.

This where most of your weight loss journey will be spent, simply living. Certain supplements could increase the number of fat burning hormones you have or simply act as a fat burner.

Something like Carnitine will allow fats to “move” into mitochondria more easily. Increasing Growth Hormone could also help with this kind of fat loss.

Utilizing all the fat burning properties you have at your disposal is the key to having sustained fat loss.

Appetite Suppression

Certain weight loss supplements are not very fancy. They simply lower your appetite and nothing else. This could, of course, help you lower your body weight and potentially build a better relationship with food.

Benefits of Fat Loss Supplements

Again, there are hundreds of different fat burning supplements on the market, and just losing weight itself has various benefits such as better life quality [1], decreased risk of cardiovascular disease [2], and better blood markers [3]. That said, here are some of the benefits of fat burning supplements:

  • (Logically) they can help decrease body fat which is good for health
  • They can help you preserve lean muscle mass
  • Certain weight cutting supplements can help with breathing
  • Weight loss pills can sometimes help with blood pressure

There are, of course, various sides to these fat burners as well. This is why you need to take great care about which ones you use. For instance, thermogenic fat burners can increase your heart rate, which can worsen anxiety for some individuals.

Toning for Females

When it comes to “toning” it is essentially a combination of losing fat and building muscle. You have to go from skinny fat to lean. This is a tall order, at first, and you need to do a few things first:

  • Train with resistance
  • Follow a calorie intake that is lower than maintenance but still has plenty of protein
  • Certain fat burners and other supplements can help

Which supplements you may ask? The best supplements for toning as a female are:

  • Whey protein to help you hit your protein mark
  • L-Carnitine to help with lipid metabolization
  • Green tea extract to help burn stubborn fat

You could also look at other supplements, like appetite suppression, however, these are the basics.

Toning for Males

Toning for men is very similar to what is for women. You can take the best fat burning supplements and they still won’t do anything unless you follow the same routine:

  • Train with resistance
  • Follow a calorie intake that is lower than maintenance but still has plenty of protein
  • Certain fat burners and other supplements can help

The best supplements for toning as a male are:

  • Whey protein to help you hit your protein mark
  • L-Carnitine to help with lipid metabolization

Lastly, you could look at testing your Testosterone levels. Once past the age of 30, male Testosterone levels begin to lower and there are various TRT clinics and even HRT clinics that could help you with this.

Best Fat Burning Supplement without Caffeine?

Most fat burning supplements do contain a decent amount of caffeine – especially thermogenic fat burners. But some of us are sensitive to the stuff, and if you suffer from high blood pressure it can be even worse.

The best Stim Free supplement to burn stored fat is probably going to be L-Carnitine. L-Carnitine is essential for the transport of free fatty acids in the blood into the Mitochondria.

IJMS | Free Full-Text | The Role of l-Carnitine in Mitochondria, Prevention  of Metabolic Inflexibility and Disease Initiation | HTML

L-Carnitine is not known to cause any of the adverse effects associated with stimulant based fat burners. The only real drawback is that the injection is quite sore, and needs to be done ED or at least EOD.

This makes it one of the better weight loss supplements as there is a direct link between L-Carnitine and weight loss [4].

Easiest way to Lose Weight?

The big question, right? What is the easiest way to lose belly fat? How can I use fat burner pills to be shredded in a few weeks? Well, there isn’t really a shortcut. That said, we here at Muscle & Brawn offer personalized coaching to get you the best results possible – click here for a consultation call.

Should I take Creatine when cutting?

Creatine is often removed from a cutting stack, but we find Creatine in every healthy diet of every single athlete… The two don’t add up. Creatine is often demonized for causing water retention or stopping fat loss.

No, you shouldn’t stop taking Creatine when cutting. You should keep Creatine in as it can help you with strength and fullness! The only thing that will ever make you look soft is fat, hormones, or mismanagement of salt and water.

Conclusion: Do Fat Burning Pills work?

Some do, yes. There are hundreds of different fat burning supplements on the market, and some of them really do work. There are some nice ones on this list, my personal favorite being L-Carnitine. Even professional bodybuilders use Carnitine when preparing for a competition, it really is of the most brilliant natural fat burners.

Bonus: Weight Loss Clinics exist?!

This also surprised me! Online Weight Loss Clinics are a thing where you work with a medical professional to find the best fat burner pills and diet plans to suit your needs. They can be pricey sometimes, so approach them with caution.

What do Bodybuilders use to Cut?

Bodybuilders are literally the leanest humans on the planet, and use way more than just weight loss supplements. Bodybuilders are known for using Steroids, SARMs, and weight loss Peptides.

Can I get ripped without Steroids?

Of course. Steroids aren’t even particularly good at causing fat loss. They are great for muscle mass or muscle growth, but not specifically for weight loss.

Is L carnitine good for cutting?

Yes, it is one of the best cutting supplements there are. That said, the oral version is pretty shit because of its low biovalability. You’re gonna have to use an injectable version like the one made by Amino Asylum.

Which supplements do not cause Fat Loss?

Essential Amino Acids, Branched Chain Amino Acids, or anything listed as a “belly fat burner supplement” – you cannot spot reduce fat.

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