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9 Surprising Benefits of Ashwagandha For Men

Updated October 19, 2020
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Ashwagandha is one of the most popular and powerful Ayurvedic herbs. It’s been around for thousands of years and has been used as a medical herb since ancient times. Ashwagandha is known with different names around the world, some of which include Withania sominifera, poison gooseberry, Indian ginseng, or winter cherry. Ashwagandha isn’t related to ginseng botanically, but it’s still called Indian ginseng because of its rejuvenating properties.
Previously, this herb was largely common in dry regions such as northern Africa, the Middle East and India, however, with the discovery of the immense number of benefits obtained, it’s now manually grown in mild climates too.
The benefits of ashwagandha are numerous. It is beneficial to men and women of all ages. From maintaining hormonal balance to fighting age-related illness, ashwagandha has earned its reputation as a healing herb. Researchers have now been able to categorize the different health benefits it has for men and women.
Here, we have listed out of some of the benefits of this amazing herb for men.

Stress Management

Among the myriad of healing properties which it possesses, it’s also prescribed by Ayurvedic doctors for stress management. Men who have used this herb have reported it to be surprisingly effective. Cortisol is the main stress hormone in human body that is responsible for all kinds of stress. Research showed that ashwagandha lowered cortisol by as much as 27.9 percent.

Reduce Anxiety

Most men confuse stress and anxiety to be the same thing, but they’re not. Anxiety is more of a nervousness that stops you from being at your full potential. Even if you take ashwagandha every day just for the purpose of reducing anxiety, you’ll certainly be a happier man. Just think about it, not being unsure of yourself while talking to women, giving a presentation and just no nervousness in your day-to-day life.

Boost Immune System

This herb works wonders on your immune system. Regular intake of ashwagandha is sure to keep you healthier by helping you fight off commonly caught illnesses because of the anti-malarial properties and other anti-inflammatory benefits.

Increase Strength and Stamina

Ashwagandha has been known to boost muscle strength and increase stamina, which thus helps you increase your muscle size. Strength and stamina doesn’t always go hand in hand, but with regular intake of this herb, you should feel top-notch both in terms of strength and stamina. You’ll be able to work out for longer periods in the gym and it also aids in recovery time after your workout.

Improve Cognition and Memory

Along with reducing anxiety and stress levels, cognitive function of your brain is also aided by ashwagandha. With healthier brain function, you’ll be able to tackle problems at a much faster pace, concentrate for longer hours, and it also increases attention span. Another benefit of this herb is that it has been known for its effect on memory. You won’t suddenly develop some kind of super eidetic memory, but still, your memory will drastically improve if you’ve been having problems with it.

Increase Testosterone Level

One of the reasons ashwagandha is becoming popular is because of its effect in the production of healthy testosterone. While there are other supplements that help increase testosterone levels, most of them come with some sort of side effects, so ashwagandha is the safest alternative in that manner. This particular benefit thus leads to a number of other benefits such as reduction of anxiety, increase in sexual potency, improvement of sexual performance, increase in immune system, strength and so on.

Increase Sexual Performance

This is probably one of the most notable benefits for men. Ashwagandha has plenty of benefits, and one of them is the boost in sexual performance. It will increase your arousal, stamina, libido, as well as increase your sexual performance. Ashwagandha maintains your hormonal balance, thus allowing you to have a higher sperm count, sperm mobility and even larger volume of semen. Increase in testosterone is one of the major reasons for this benefit. Other factors that with your sexual libido include decrease in cortisol (stress hormone), reduction of anxiety and so on.

Promotes Restful Sleep

Sleep deprivation is not an uncommon thing among men of all ages. While the reasons may vary, quite a few men claim to experience sleep deprivation at some point. One doesn’t necessarily have to be suffering from insomnia to lack sleep, other factors like hormonal imbalance and stress also causes sleep deprivation. Take ashwagandha at night after a tiring day and you will feel nourished and mildly sedated enough to sleep.

For the Aging Body

With age, most men feel their muscles to be stiff and it can even be painful. Ayurvedic doctors also prescribe ashwagandha supplements to aging men. This herb helps the muscles to relax and also assists in toning and strengthening muscle tissue. Another important benefit is that it reduces inflammation.


The benefits of this amazing herb seem to be endless. From brain to muscles, and sexual potency, ashwagandha has benefits for every part of the body. While Ayurvedic doctors prescribe this herbal supplement for problems in the patient, you can take a regular dose of this Ayurvedic herb for a healthier body and life style.
Ashwagandha also has plenty of benefits for women that range from helping to maintain body weight to promoting confidence and increase in sexual performance.
The benefits are endless in the case of both men and women, as long as it’s taken wisely. Remember that taking this herb too often, and in higher doses, could have some unwanted side effects.

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