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Supplement Review: AAEFX – K-Otic

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I was excited to keep a log of AAEFX – K-OTIC.?  I first saw it being used by Rich Knapp aka “Freak on Wheels” in his log.  I follow his training log on Muscle and Brawn’s forum and he was mentioning great things about K-OTIC.  I’ve used many pre-workout supps, yes, you can call me a stimulant addict.  I read about K-OTIC, and I liked the small dosage and the fact that it would last me 32 workouts.

The product also mentioned that there will be no crash.  I’ve experienced crashes before from pre-workout supps, and never want to feel like that again despite the fact I killed it in the gym.  When there was an opportunity to be chosed to keep a log for AAEFX on Muscle and Brawn’s forum, I jumped at the chance.  I applied for the log and was then very excited when chosen.

I received my K-OTIC towards the end of November.  I was getting ready to head out for the gym when the box came.  Talk about perfect timing.  I took the one scoop and mixed it with water.  My first impression of it was, “Pepto Bismol”.  That’s all I could think about when I saw it.  The taste was much better than it looked but it was still Pepto Bismol in my mind. I chugged it down and headed out to my first workout.

Within minutes, even before I stepped into the gym, I started to feel the boost of energy.  I thought to myself maybe it was just from the excitement of trying something new.  I had a great break day, added reps to my lifts and even increased weights. I still wasn’t sold on that it was because of the K-OTIC.  Maybe just a little.

Workout after workout with K-OTIC I experienced the same feeling.  Energy levels were high, stamina lasted the whole workout, and there was no crash.  I got used to the “Pepto” look and began to really like the taste.  Before a workout, one day, I was mixing my K-OTIC in the locker room and two guys who I see all the time in the gym asked if I was actually drinking pepto bismol.  I told them I wasn’t the continued on telling them about K-OTIC.

I mentioned how it was working great for me, and I guess it was good timing because the two were looking for a different pre-workout supp to try.  Long story short, they went out and got some K-OTIC and have been telling me great things about it.  I’m glad because that was my name on the line if the product wasn’t up to their expectation.

Overall, I would/did recommend this product to others.  AAEFX really made a good quality product here.  One thing I would ask them to change is the pepto color.  I may have gotten used to the whole thing but everytime I thought it, and I’m sure when other people saw me drinking it thought the same.  Who knows maybe they’ll go out and actually drink pepto bismol. That would actually be funny.  But, great job AAEFX can’t wait to give K-OTIC another go.

Daniel Aipa

Daniel Aipa CSCS, lives for Iron. He is a former assistant strength and conditioning coach, and is currently personal training in New York. He believes the gym is more than strength, power, muscles, etc, but that it's a facilitator of character.The Supplement MonsterThe Aipa Project

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  • Thomas Morgan Feb 26,2012 at 4:03 pm

    Who Cares what it tastes like, the stuff is awesome!

    If you routinely push yourself to the limits, then you should try K-Otic,

    1 small scoop and your instantly doing more reps with heavier weights.

    You can feel the muscles pump up better and blast through to the next level.

    I’ve been able to pile more weight onto every work out since I started K-Otic, maxed out almost every training station, then started adding extra wieghts on top, it’s giving me a years worth of progress in a few weeks and I haven’t felt like I was going to hurt myself, just strong smooth power, no shaking

    I suspect this is what steroids feels like but I researched every ingredient and did not find anything bad for you, matter of fact, most was good for you and the Kre-Alkalyn raised the IQ of most people that used it, so WTF, give it a try.

    I’m not affiliated, I just got some free samples from a
    Max Muscle “meet the body builder’s day” and could not believe the difference so wanting to share with others.

  • Burt May 14,2011 at 4:34 am

    Wasn’t a fan. This product smelled like p*ss.

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