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Squats Hurt: Shut Up And Squat

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We all know that the squat is without a doubt the “best” exercise for huge legs and for guys a good way to increase testosterone production. So why is this exercise avoided completely? Why are so many guys walking around with a pair of chicken legs?

Good question and to my knowledge the best answer I can give you with an ounce of educated gumption is that “they hurt”. Sad case, but alot of guys will honestly tell there is no need to squat because of the leg press sled.

Let’s get this clear: IN NO WAY IS THE LEG PRESS AND SQUAT THE SAME EXERCISE. Sorry fells, your 1000 pound leg press doesn’t impress me.

I have seen guys leg press well over 1000lbs, but can’t squat there own bodyweight let alone 135lbs. A Squat is a full body exercise that requires the entire body to function together. As a benefit, you will grow! Yep, your whole body will grow if you suck it up and squat.

So why is it overlooked?

90% of the time squats are performed wrong. Quarter squatting is usually the result of crappy form, rounded backs, hurt knees, and a bucket of BS excuses to boot.

Then to add insult to injury, the quarter-squatter will often tell the guy who squats with good form that it’s bad for their knees or going parallel or full depth isn’t necessary. (parallel squat: when the hip lines up with the crease of the knee. Full squat: below parallel squat.)

Proper squatting is much safer on the lumbar and knees as it relieves the pressure associated with quarter squatting. Actually there has been debate about whether squatting parallel/full depth is bad for you…WRONG! Quarter squatting place pressure on the lumbar, hip, and patellar tendon, thereby asking for an injury.

To perform the squat correctly, the bar should rest on your traps, not your neck. Squeeze the shoulder blades together whilst keeping an arch in your back. Point your toes out slightly, as your knees should point in the same direction. Never should your knees travel over your toes, so this means you should sit “back” into your squat and not “drop down”.

Practice this before you decide to load the bar with weight. Form trumps idiocy everytime, so use this to your advantage. There are tons of reputable source on how to perform a proper squat, so do your homework.

Do squats and reap the benefits, don’t be the chicken-legged pansy wearing sweatpants at the beach because your legs are e mbarrassing…pansy.

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