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Smash F’ing Weights: How to get Ready for One Rep Max Lift

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Smash F’ing Weights

When going to attempt a 1 rep max lift, there are several things you must consider before doing so:

  • Did I sleep well enough this week?
  • Did I eat enough food today?
  • Am I still feel really sore…did I train too hard last workout?
  • Am I feeling comfortable and focused?
  • Wow, the bar feels really heavy is my central nervous system shot?

These are just a few of many questions a lifter should ask themselves before deciding to stimulate their central nervous system, and put their body through hell and back. Or, in simple terms, before going for a one rep max.

Here are a few tips, tricks and suggestions in getting ready for a meet, to break a record, to set a new one rep max.

Be Realistic

  • In order to lift heavy, you have to have a basic understanding of your body and its limitations.
  • Don’t except to put 50lbs on a lift out of nowhere. It takes hard work and time to add lbs to your total. Instead, try to up your max no more then 20lbs at a time.
  • Don’t rely on one rep max calculators. They are only guidelines and are typically inaccurate, especially out of the triple and double range.
  • Don’t try to set a one rep max without proper training and planning.
  • Don’t think you can lift 80% + of your max all the time. Trust me, you can’t; you will end up overtraining and setting yourself back.

Proper Preparation

Plan ahead. Give yourself time to set your goals. Typically 6-8 weeks of good training is enough time to allow your body to get used to the weight and build confidence. Also, don’t be afraid to rest a week and let your body recover before you go all out. (Stay tuned for my upcoming articles on how to plan effective training cycles for your goal)

Rest. This one is so important and can’t be stressed enough. Every time you lift you are doing damage to you body. Heavy lifting taxes more then just your muscle. It taxes the whole body, the CNS, joints, ligaments, and your mind. You will feel weaker if you’re not resting enough. Try to get at least 8 hours  of sleep a night on average. When you are resting, you are recovering. Never forget or neglect that fact. Along with rest, you should be aware of proper nutrition.

Nutrition. Heavy lifting is taxing on your body and often causes a depletion of nutrients which is counter productive to you goals. A few ways to avoid this is:

  • Eat 3-8 meals a day accustomed to your body’s needs.
  • Typically eat double your body-weight in protein and carbs.
  • Order up some supplements.
  • Creatine, Taurine, Caffeine are all your friends when getting ready to lift big.

If you’re gearing to lift heavy, you need energy and fuel to lift heavy and recover properly. Don’t risk missing your lift because you were afraid you would get fat. This leads me to the importance of having a…

Strong Mentality

First step is, PUT YOUR EGO AWAY. If you concerned about your looks so much that you would sacrifice a successful lift, then this isn’t for you. Don’t worry what everyone else is lifting. Drop the ego and do your own thing, because you step into this cage and you will be eaten out alive. Vanity has no place in breaking one rep maxes.

I don’t care if you’re a powerlifter, figure model, strongman, Olympic-lifter, bombshell, bodybuilder or gym rat all alike; when under heavy weight, you’re as ugly as the expression on your face. Lifting heavy is dangerous and there is a chance for injury or worse. Don’t take this for granted. You can cut, diet, do whatever the hell you want for your looks after you hit you max. Don’t risk passing out, tearing something, or having a heart attack because your head is in the wrong place.

If you’re not going to be humble with your lifting, you will be in for a rude awakening if you ever cross paths with someone who is. If you’re not a competitor, don’t brag about your lifts either. No one who is strong will take you seriously about how much you benched in the gym without a spot, or anyone around without the proof. Basically, have respect for the guys who do this for a living, because this is a lifestyle. And it’s never a good idea to tread on people’s beliefs.

Second step is to be master of your domain, and create your own environment. You can’t always train in a dungeon and have the best atmosphere to lift. Training environment is of no concern to me. I yell, grunt, scream, and amp myself up before I lift and go berserk. That is how I set personal records. Maybe you’re different and don’t like getting pumped up before a big lift. If this is the case, figure out how to stay focused.

Staying Focused.

  • Don’t lose sight of your goals.
  • Tune out everything irrelevant to your lift.
  • Play some music that that will keep you calm or amp you up.
  • Turn off that cell phone.
  • Center yourself, use positive talk, and tell yourself you’re going to do this.
  • Hype yourself up however the hell you can, whatever works.
  • Put a towel or hood over your head.
  • Stare down at the bar or stone and see get a visual of how this is going to go down. Don’t let any obstacles get in your way…it’s do or die. Get it done.

COMMIT TO YOUR ATTEMPT!!! Don’t drop the bar or give up, you’ve come too far to lose now. DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO GET THAT WEIGHT UP!

DO WHATEVER IT TAKES to keep motivated. And if all else fails, seek professional help. Seriously, look for lifters who do what you want to do and cherish their advice!

*I accredit my favorite saying “SMASH F’ing WEIGHTS” to Vincent Dizenzo.*


After one month of neglecting my bench press in pursuit of a bigger overhead, my powerlifting buddy Ehubbs – as I call him – suggested I go to a bench press seminar hosted by Vincent Dizenzo, and the very strong and infamous Matt Rhodes. Vincent Dizenzo has both a big overhead and big bench press, 600+ raw, 800+ shirted. Both men instantly put 20lbs on my raw bench in one day, just by stressing my technique and teaching me how to bench properly. So sometimes you’re just in need of proper instruction. It goes a long way. Best couple of bucks I have spent. Thanks to all you guys over there who helped me out.


There you have it…some of my tips and tricks when getting ready to *S.F.W!

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