Smart Training And Strong Philosophy

Ever stopped to think about how philosophy and training go hand in hand?

What’s your philosophy when it comes to training? Do you actually know what it means to be consistent and have a solid training philosophy?

Ask yourself, Are you the person that picks up a magazine and say “well the guy/girl in the ad is pretty shredded or in pretty good shape? So I’ll do what he/she is doing.” Must work huh? Think again, and trust me the time vested in their appearance far supersedes your idea of being “in pretty good shape”. Even the model in the ad has a philosophy and a certain amount of consistency.

Now, getting back to the topic what is your philosophy? Do you follow your training and philosophy despite setbacks? Do you follow it even when you are feeling on top of your game or low in the valley?

This is called smart training and that should be your philosophy. Everything else is BS!!! Knowing when to call quits even if your buds are egging “1 more rep” or “10 more lbs.”, now before you call BS on me hear me out. (As if you have a choice in the matter anyways)

Serious Question Time…

Who knows your body better than you?

Nobody, but you and if you have a shred of common sense you know when you body is at its limit. You know when your body can tackle one more rep, and when it’s completely shuts down…or at least you should. Though we all have been a victim to injury and later said “I should have listened to my body.”

Does that make your philosophy stupid? No, because you used your common sense to stop, analyze, and regroup. Now you are apt-minded if you did not learn anything from your previous short-coming, and your philosophy undoubtly needs revamping.( Remind me to never train with you this sort of absurdity will undoubtedly get you hurt and if there are others under your tutelage they are doomed as well.)

A strong philosophy and smart training go together like PB and J, (Gabe’s note: PB&J sandwiches are great for gaining mass and are Freaking Awesome!!!!) Injuries will come, but you can adversely limit the number of them by listening to your philosophy and training smart.

If your philosophy sucks, then now is a great time to get another one. Don’t know where to start? BFS Athletics of Texas, Gorilla Pit, The Crucible, BIG Dawgz United, EliteFTS, DeFranco’s Gym, Louie Simmons, anywhere…well not just anywhere…just get yourself some good, solid principles and take your training to another level.