Ridiculous Habits Guys Have in Gyms – Part 1

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When it’s time to go to the gym, some guys feel it’s a time for socializing with beautiful women, looking good, and trying to draw attention. They try to lift ridiculous weights, and get all macho with their other guy friends – chest pumping, and all the other stupid fraternity boy crap.

Coming from working in a college gym as an assistant strength coach as well as being a personal trainer at a commercial gym I’ve ran into a lot of conversations with women.  Most of my clients were women and they would share a lot of their thoughts with me, especially when it came to ridiculous habits that guys have.

I realized that women are much more observant than men when it comes to the gym.  When women see a good looking man working out they will look at him, but then all of a sudden he does a “red flag”. They move onto the next hunk and wait for the next “red flag”.

I know there are a few guys who really don’t give a damn what women think of you in the gym.  I’m one of them. I wear the most raggedy clothes, sometimes a sweat shirt because it takes me sometime to warm-up.  When I’m in the gym, it’s time to train.  I’m focused on what I have to do.  But we all know there are those guys who think going to the gym is a fashion show and a time to pick up chicks.

Looking at yourself in the mirror

We’ve all seen them.  Now I’m not saying looking in the mirror isn’t a bad thing.  Bodybuilders do it all the time, practicing posing a muscle and such.  But there are some of those guys who are recreational lifters who look at themselves more than most females do.

The Spotter

The guy is standing behind the bench press and about to spot his friend.  While he is giving his a friend a lift off he is staring at his arms in the mirror.  Lift off.  Then while his friend is lifting he still staring at himself flexing his traps a little, pulling up his sleeves a little, and tilting his head side to side.  Here’s a thought.  Cut that crap out and be a spotter.  Women like a man who is encouraging and helpful, not a guy who is more worried about what he looks like while he is spotting.  Remember Stafon Johnson from USC and his run in with the bar falling onto his throat? The weight was light for him but crazy things happen. It makes you wonder what the hell his training partner was doing. Flexing his traps in the mirror?

The Shirt Lifter

The guy who lifts his shirt up to see if his abs are coming out.  Yes, the lighting in the gym makes your muscles look better, if you are in average shape the lighting is going to make it look like you have abs.  But here is the kicker.  Women would give a guy a shirt lift once.  After that, its just ridiculous.  If you didn’t see or did see your abs, there is no reason to check back again and again.  Nothing has changed!  Women are going to look at you and think, are you in love with yourself that much?

The Mirror Biceps

I myself have seen this many times but I had one of my clients stop me in the middle of her session and asked me, “What is that guy doing?” The guy was up close to the mirror, turned sideways, and started doing dumbbell bicep curls.  His eyes fixed on himself in the mirror and watching his biceps.  Yes, I know there are going to be guys out there saying they do that because they want to make sure their muscle is working.  Man, if you can’t feel that muscle working what makes you think looking at will make it start working.  What made it worse for the guy, was that after he finished his set he continued flex his arms in the mirror and moving his body in different positions so that the light could hit his beautiful bicep perfectly.  Red flag.  My client then followed with, “He WAS attractive,” and laughed.

The Blatant Looker

Ok, this is the guy I want to slap myself.  He’s not so muscular, he has a bit of a belly from all the beer pong games but yet he feels he is a bodybuilder. We all know that guy who just walks around the gym constantly looking at himself in the mirror. Chest puffed, walking like his lats are huge, constantly rolling up his sleeves, caring more about what he looks like while lifting weights rather than caring about what he is doing.  Women see those guys and will go home telling their friends all about him. Or they will point him out to her friends at the gym and instead of watching their TV show while during cardio they are going to watch that guy. Please don’t be that guy.

Part 1 Final Thoughts

I know to some of us the gym is a time to train, and would careless about what women think or what the mirror says.  But I’m sure you’ve seen it before and probably even have friends who you know that do it.  But for the guys who go to the gym to look good and have women check you out, pay attention to these “red flags”, you go from hero to zero very fast according to the women I’ve trained and know in the gym.

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