CareOf Vitamins Review

Care/Of Vitamins Review

CareOf Vitamins Review

Care/Of is a vitamin company that offers personalized vitamin recommendations based off of a detailed quiz. Their products consist of vitamins, minerals, and powder alternatives. They also have fitness supplements like protein powder.

These supplement and vitamin recommendations stem from the quiz that you take beforehand, with an extremely complex algorithm that takes almost everything into account and then feeds you a list of supplements that might benefit you.

Care/Of are one of the first players in the custom vitamin pack world, here we’ll break down their quiz, order process, products, and shipping process.

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Best Overall
Persona Vitamins

Persona Nutrition is another brand similar to the ones above. They give you customized vitamin packs intending to solve your individual needs.

FDA Compliant
Backed by Professionals
Personal Assessment
Ingredient Transparency
Key Nutrients

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Best Turnaround Time

Vitamins and supplements sold by Care/of come in the form of a monthly subscription pack which contains 2 – 14 different ingredients. These ingredients consist of key vitamins, minerals, herbs, probiotics, and specialty supplements that support all major areas of health.

Personal Assessment
Premium Ingredients
Backed by Professionals
Individual Vitamins Available
2-14 Ingredient

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Best Vegan Options

Routine’s custom vitamin packs take into account your DNA, blood levels, and lifestyle habits to make sure you’re only the vitamins you need.

Provides Key Nutrients
Optional Subscription
Developed by Medical Professionals
Best for Nutrient Deficiencies
Baze Nutrition

All supplements offered by Baze fall under the categories of essential or specialty supplements. Essential supplements are recommended based on individual blood test results whereas specialty supplements are based on how customers respond to specific questions on their questionnaire.

Blood Test-Based
Vegan Options Available
Free of Major Allergens
Dietitian Approved
Essential and Specialty Options

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Care Of Pros and Cons

  • Quick personalized assessment for a customized diagnosis

  • Natural fresh ingredients sustainably sourced from around the globe

  • Complex nutrients mimic food for a naturally slow-digestion

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  • Not as personalized as some DNA tested supplement companies

  • Can recommend too many pills (my pack had 10 per day!)


The Care/Of Quiz

The questionnaire consists of roughly 35 questions about your health, lifestyle, understanding of supplements, habits, diet, and more.

After asking your name and knowledge of supplements, their test is split into 4 parts: basics, goals, lifestyle, values.

This test mostly consists of multiple choice. Overall, it took me maybe 10 minutes to complete.

Each question gives Care/Of a bit more of an understanding toward what you need on a regular basis.

For example, I was given 7 vitamin suggestions based on where I live, my want for a stronger immune system, low energy, trouble sleeping, etc..

I was also offered a “Quick Stick”. This is a powder packet for on the go supplementation designed to melt in your mouth. The stick that they recommended for me was Extra Batteries, made to boost your energy throughout the day and especially helps workouts.

Every person’s recommendation will be different depending on these questions. Each supplement also has a reason for their suggestion, like “You told us you’re interested in hair health… we recommend” while showing me the details of a B Complex.

Keeping users informed about each supplement is probably my favorite feature. Care/Of doesn’t just throw products in your face, they show you options while explaining exactly why they recommend a certain nutrient for your wants and needs.

It’s also worth noting that the whole quiz is very ergonomic and positive, the slides and automated comments in response to your answers are filled with personality and keep the entire process very engaging.

This process is leagues better than the generic vitamins that use fillers and slap a “multivitamin” label on a bottle.

What is in Care/Of Supplements?

Supplement options consist of multiple categories:


Care/Of vitamins are fermented for complexity. These complex vitamins are slowly digested by our stomachs, resembling actual food.


Aside from being featured on the periodic table, minerals are very beneficial to our mind and body. Care/Of has different minerals for certain benefits like energy, sleep, immunity, etc…


Care/Of sources their plants from sustainably grown places and cultivates them to maximize the potency and benefits for supplements. A total of 10 herbal pills range from offering therapeutic properties to more immediate physical benefits.


Between the two probiotic supplements, both positive bacteria pills are designed to assist with stomach health.


As kind of a miscellaneous category, specialty supplements offer a ton of different kinds of benefits and purposes.

Whey Protein

Whey protein is made from dairy and helps with muscle recovery.

Plant Protein

As a vegan alternative to whey, Care/Of plant proteins consist of all 9 amino acids.


As an additional nutrition kick, Care/Of offers 4 different dissolvable powders.

Quick Sticks

5 easy-to-use packets can be taken anywhere for the multiple benefits of each.

Care/Of recommends these supplements depending on your quiz answers, but you can also order them individually from the site’s catalog.

Each of the ingredients is sustainably sourced from around the world and Care/Of even tells you where.


Care/Of Prenatal

Care/Of offers different recommendations whether you’re trying to get pregnant, are pregnant, or are currently breastfeeding.

These supplements are made from the highest quality ingredients and are shipped in individual daily packets.

Is Care/Of Safe to Take?

Absolutely, here’s why:

Few companies test their product as much as Care/Of. Before your order gets to your door it is tested 3 times.

The first time is when the raw ingredients come into the US factory, second during manufacturing, and lastly, once the product is finished.

The amount of tests they regularly do is nearing unnecessary, but the more the better, right?

The nutrients themselves are sourced from the freshest locations as well. This company has searched the globe for each ingredient, only selecting quality sustainable locations.

Care/Of Order Process and Shipping

Because your order will consist of different supplements, there is no set price per month.

Instead, Care/Of charges by each supplement and the rates of each depend on the cost to produce the pill/powder. Mine came out to $70 for 7 supplements, plus the Extra Batteries Quick Boost which would be $1 each.

A subscription of multivitamins consists of 30 packs for every day use.

Care/Of currently ships to the US and most recently Canada.


History of Care/Of

Co-founded by Akash Shah and Craig Albert, Care/Of is proudly based out of New York City.

Before Care/Of, there was actually a fake company named Beets Vitamins to test how users would interact with a customized vitamin quiz.

After learning what people liked and didn’t, the founders got $3 million in funding and set up their warehouse to launch Care/Of.

As mentioned before, they source all of the ingredients from their respected sustainable sources. This proved to be one of the most difficult aspects to keep up with after a massive influx of customers.

Between corporate and the supply chain hands, they currently employ over 100 people.


Care/Of uses a plethora of charming systems to personalize your supplement order. Transparency at every step answers any questions you might have about why they’d recommend a certain supplement.

Even vitamin skeptics will leave happy and informed.

When it comes to nutrients, skip the guesswork and Take Care/Of yourself!


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