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Review of IDS Waximaize

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I came across waximaize by looking at other people’s training logs and many have mentioned they supplement with waximaize.  Some said it’s a waste of time and it didn’t work for them and others said they used it with great success.  My understanding of waximaize before I looked further into it was that it was just a bunch of carbohydrates.  I remember thinking to myself, but I want be on low carbs to get shredded. But then little did I know.

I’m always an avid follower of ELITEFTS, and I enjoy reading their articles.  When I came across Dave Tate’s training log and he mentioned taking waximaize, my curiosity increased even more.  Dave was taking this supplement but at the same time losing weight and getting shredded.  But I thought I shouldn’t be taking in so much carbs? So I researched the effects of waximaize.

IDS gives a quick explanation on what waximaize does:

Waximaize is a modified starch, a very unique complex carbohydrate capable of changing your physique! Waximaize is absorbed lightning fast into the bloodstream by “bypassing” digestion in the stomach. Once in the bloodstream Waximaize actually makes you look leaner by pulling subcutaneous water (water from just under the skin!) into the blood, increasing blood volume! This results in paper thin skin with thick veins popping out and full throttle blood flow to fully carb loaded muscle peaks! Training with Waximaize brings new meaning to the word “pump”. With overloaded glycogen stores and amplified blood volume, Waximaize will overtake you in minutes!

It sounded really interesting to me.  Loading my glycogen levels for more energy to work my muscles even harder and longer with the chances of looking leaner and thicker? I thought to myself maybe that’s what I’m missing from my supplement gym bag.   I figured what the hell, might as well give it a try.  You can’t say something doesn’t work unless you’ve tried it yourself.  There are many people out there that knock on supplements and say, “Oh it doesn’t work” “It’s a waste of money” “I’m just sticking to real food”.  In my honest opinion, people just need to worry about themselves.  You do what you do, and i’ll do what I do.  If it doesn’t work for one person it doesn’t mean it won’t work for someone else.  We are all individuals.

What Waximaize Should I Buy?

I was on a really tight budget and still am.  I had to search for a waximaize that I could afford at that time.  I really care about my training so if that means I have to buy something to sacrifice a couple of other things then so be it.  It’s what I love doing.  I came across IDS Waximaize, on Muscle and Strength, and it was surprisingly on sale for a low price compared to other waximaize, plus it’s a 5lb tub. I tried the Fruit Punch flavor, and loved the taste.  The directions mentioned to take pre,intra, and post to supply and restore your muscle glycogen.

When I first opened the tub I was amazed on how fine the powder was.  It reminded me somewhat of Corn Starch hence the name maize.  Adding the powder to my shaker was interesting.  The powder really stuck to my hands then when I poured the powder into my shaker it came all out in one clump, hit the bottom of my shaker, and POOF! Powder all up into my face. If someone walked in and saw me they would have thought I was coke addict or something.  Adding the water was simple and the powder dissolved after shaking making it very easy to drink.


I took waximaize religiously for my workouts.  As the time went on I began to notice that my muscles were looking fuller and thicker.  I was actually seeing some veins popping out.  I’m not a vascular person , so when I saw my biceps veins I was stoked! Never seen those before.  My training partner who wasn’t taking waximaize noticed how I was able to push hard throughout the whole workout while he began to tire midway.  My weights were increasing as well as my bodyweight.  I looked leaner and bigger, and was always ready to attack each exercise, set after set.

When I got to the end of my tub, I was bummed that my experience with my waximaize came to an end because I was seeing great results from it.  I wanted to continue but like I said, money was/is tight.  But, there will be another day when me and my waximaize will reunite. Until then, it will sit in my wish-list of supplements.

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