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Muscle and Brawn Basic Powerlifting Cycle

Many people who make the conversion from regular gym-goer to amateur powerlifter quickly realise that without a specific program they’re not going to shine in this sport.

Powerlifting requires you to be in peak physical fitness on … Read more

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Smolov Powerlifting Cycle

The Smolov¬†powerlifting cycle is an extremely demanding system of training that is known for getting results. If you run Smolov for squats, do not deadlift of perform any other posterior chain movements (good mornings, Romanian deadlifts,… Read more

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Demon Training: The Trevor L. Smith Manifesto

Beyond Failure Training by Trevor L. Smith

It seems every day someone comes along with a new and improved system of weight training scientifically designed to stimulate the muscle fibers unlike any other program ever could. I am so amazed that… Read more

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Strength Training

10 Surefire Ways to Help You Squat Big

I watched the guys squatting over in the corner of the gym and knew immediately the subject of my next article for T-mag. After a few warm-up sets and some instruction from the trainer, these guys began to perform some of the most interesting “squatting”… Read more

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Powerlifting Workouts

Beginner Powerlifting Program

Beginner Powerlifting Program.

Max Effort Squat:
1) Max Effort Movement: (Squat or Deadlift Variation:1-3rm, followed by rep work; ex.2×3@80%)
2) Supplemental: Some sort of pull (deadlifts, straight leg deadlifts, Romanian deadlifts,… Read more

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Marzia Prince Gallery

Marzia Prince Gallery

(Click on an image to see a larger view)

Marzia Prince is a fitness model, fitness trainer, and a model for Gaspari Nutrition. She has appeared in numerous magazines including Natural Muscle, Ironman Magazine and Fitness… Read more

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Specific questions regarding training and diet should be asked by emailing us or submitting a comment in… Read more

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