Not All Salt Is Created Equal: Add Quality Salt For Health

Updated February 26, 2013

This recipe is from I Will (Lisa Hostetter) from the Muscle and Brawn Forum.

Think you should avoid salt? Unless you have a genetic predisposition for high blood pressure, you may want to reconsider.

Yes I know you have heard it all before; salt raises hypertension and promotes weight gain. But here’s something you’ve probably not heard: it all depends on the quality of the salt.

Unadulterated, natural, raw sea salt contains an abundance of important trace elements. These elements work amazing wonders on a variety of health conditions including healthy blood pressure, proper Ph, adrenal fatigue and energy levels.

Not All Salt is Created Equal

Not all salt is created equal. Both table salt and some sea salts are actually toxic for you. These salts are chemically processed and heated over 1200 degrees F.

This process causes an unnatural separation of the sodium from the chloride. Table salts and some sea salts are then bleached and include properties such as talc and aluminum which eases the flow of the salt through your shaker.

Celtic Sea Salt comes from sun-evaporated seawater which contains nearly identical proportions of minerals to what’s in the human body. This includes sodium potassium and magnesium and important trace minerals.

Eating a small amount of high quality raw salt can combat stress and adrenal fatigue. Most people who have high or erratic levels of cortisol are adrenal challenged. The adrenals, when barraged by these constant cortisol triggers due to physical stress and poor nutritional choices, can develop burn-out from adrenal fatigue.

Aches and pains are a sign of dehydration and is usually one of the first symptoms.

As athletes we drink plenty of water. One of the reasons we do so is to avoid becoming dehydrated. If you overload your body with too much water without adding trace minerals or raw salt, you can further drive your adrenals and your energy levels down. We need to replace the substantial amount of sodium and minerals we lose.

The sodium and minerals need to be replaced so that our body will continue to function properly, or it can run the risk of adrenal fatigue. Craving saltier foods is another sign of adrenal fatigue.

Instead of reaching for that big bag of chips, reach for some high quality salt instead. When your adrenals are deficient they are in a weakened state. You may want to avoid eating too many sugary fruits until your adrenals gain some strength.

Add a pinch of raw Celtic or Himalayan salt several times a day to your water. Drink ½ your body weight in ounces daily.

Another excellent time is in your post work shake; this is a perfect time to replenish electrolytes lost during a heavy training session. Over time saltier food cravings will lessen and adrenalin fatigue will diminish, and as a result your energy levels will improve. Then you can start to incorporate some potassium rich fruits back into your diet.

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