Vinpocetine: Uses , Benefits , Effects

Vinpocetine, a potent nootropic is known to increase cerebral blood flow and possess anti-inflammatory properties. Recent studies suggest that it can enhance memory, cognition, and also treat wide array of disorders. Read through the end to find out more about Vinpocetine!

Looking at our surroundings, we will realize how every other person around us is striving for success and achieving goals throughout their lives.

For them, gaining validation and favorable outcomes is becoming more important. And with all this, it’s our health that is left behind. 

With that being said, our nervous system is the one that takes the strongest hit.

Thus, we need to be able to maintain a healthy brain to help us in the long run.

Doctors would suggest the intake of a healthy diet as one of the few potential ways to have a thriving and fit body. 

While they’re not wrong, we need to realize that even a completely balanced diet does not contain all the essential nutrients important for our body, especially our brain. 

This is how supplements enter our diet.

With the right supplements and additions to our diet, we can improve our brain health, consequently resulting in increased productivity and efficiency in our work. 

Nootropics are one such class of smart drugs used to augment our brain performance.

One such nootropic that is becoming increasingly liked among the audience is Vinpocetine. 

Read ahead and know everything regarding Vinpocetine and how the supplementation with this smart drug can do wonders to your body. 

What is Vinpocetine?

Vinpocetine, a potent nootropic, is biochemically known as ethyl-apovincamine-22-oate. The drug is a synthetic derivative of a chemical compound known as Vincamine, extracted either from Voacanga Africana or Periwinkle. 

The drug was first developed in Hungary during the early 1980s, and since then, for approximately forty years, it has been sold as a potent nootropic throughout Europe under a commercial drug called Cavinton. 

Vinpocetine, a potent smart drug, is notable for its incomparable role in enhancing cerebral blood flow and neuroprotective functions. Naruto Hackers also report improved memory and reduced brain fog and anxiety when supplemented with Vinpocetine. 

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How Does it Work?

Vinpocetine, a smart drug, works through different mechanisms of action, leading to positive results directed toward our brain. 

However, two of these mechanisms stand out the most and thus, play an important role in changing the dynamics of our brain health. 

Increasing cerebral blood flow

Vinpocetine is widely known for its function in increasing blood flow to our brain. Even though our brain doesn’t weigh much, it uses up to 20% of blood oxygen when it comes to oxygen utilization.

So how does Vinpocetine do that exactly?

Research states that Vinpocetine inhibits an enzyme called PDE1(phosphodiesterase type1) and decreases calcium levels in neurons. These factors help vasoconstriction of blood vessels and thus decrease the level of blood flow to the brain. 

Clinical studies even show how injecting with Vinpocetine post-chronic-ischemic stroke improved blood flow to CNS. 

Anti-inflammatory effects of Vinpocetine

NFκB, a protein by nature, plays an important role in our body’s inflammatory response by increasing gene transcription and the production of cytokines. TNF-α, a pro-inflammatory mediator, upregulates NFκB. Vinpocetine downregulates both of these steps. 

Scientists are further investigating whether the role of Vinpocetine is beneficial in playing a neuroprotective function in the case of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Benefits and Uses

As mentioned above, Vinpocetine works by a specific mechanism of action, thereby benefiting our cognitive function and overall brain performance. Let’s look individually at each one of them. 


Vinpocetine, although initially used to increase blood flow to major functional areas of our brain, it is, however, being said that memory might also be one of the aspects that are influenced by the Vinpocetine supplement.

A double-blind, randomized crossover trial concluded an improvement in short-term memory following a three-day regimen of Vinpocetine with a 40 mg dosage. (1)  

It was found that with 40 mg/day of Vinpocetine, there was an increased chance of significant performance. Improved reaction time suggests an increase in memory acquisition and working memory.

Memory benefits have also been found in clinical trials and human studies for those with dementia and epilepsy. (2,6,7)

Focus and ADHD

In a study examining the effects of oral supplementation in patients with chronic brain ischemia, it was found that Vinpocetine increased both attention and concentration. (2)

By boosting the health and resources available to the brain, attention and focus are likely enhanced. 

Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is one of the most common disorders associated with children. As a result, clinical researchers have tried to investigate potential drugs that could essentially reverse the condition. 

One such clinical study suggested that using Vinpocetine as a PDE1 inhibitor restored the locomotor hyperactivity and cAMP levels to normal in children who had ADHD due to Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). 

Although more studies are needed to confirm, these benefits may extend to the healthy population. 

Anxiety, Depression, and Mood

Nootropics play a significant role in improving cognitive function. However, most of them also aid in improving depressive episodes and anxiety by regulating mood and overall behavior. 

One such study supports the role of Vinpocetine in positive mood regulation. In a study on patients with chronic brain ischemia, daily supplementation improved mood and related activities. (2)

The increase in cerebral blood flow paired with the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties can also explain positive effects for those suffering from anxiety and depression. Overall, Vinpocetine uplifts mood and outlook on life.

Brain Fog

Many people around us suffer from a persistent feeling of brain fog characterized by a lack of energy and clarity of thought. In one animal study, Vinpocetine enhanced alertness in rats without impacting sleep (9), however, human trials are required to gain more knowledge. 

Brain fog is thought to be the outcome of numerous chemical processes simultaneously at the expense of ATP. Decreased ATP might be one way of concluding how Brain fog results. 

Vinpocetine improves cellular metabolism and thus your cell’s ability to make ATP. This increased ‘brain fuel’ may also help to improve mental clarity.

Additionally, increased cerebral blood flow and antioxidant activities may also play a role.

Inflammatory Diseases

Most systemic diseases are characterized by chronic inflammation. These include arthritis, cancer, Crohn’s disease, chronic pain and fatigue, and cardiovascular disease. Traditional medicines are largely ineffective and come with many detrimental side effects.

In vitro and in vivo evidence suggests that Vinpocetine inhibits inflammation through numerous pathways. (3) This wide-reaching anti-inflammatory action may be beneficial as a therapy for these conditions.


Vinpocetine infusions boost cerebral blood flow without systematically altering pressure. This effect is hypothesized to reduce headache frequency.

Extracts of Vincamine (a major part of Vinpocetine) have demonstrated efficacy in treating headaches. (6)

Is Vinpocetine Legal

Vinpocetine, a nootropic supplement, poses some hesitancy when it comes to the legality of the drug. It affects our nervous system and, thus, might pose a threat of addiction or intoxication.

Thus the legal status of Vinpocetine varies from one country to another. 

Vinpocetine is not legal and thus banned in Australia and Canada. Besides that, it is considered a controlled drug and henceforth needs a prescription in Japan and European countries. 

As far as the USA is concerned, Vinpocetine can not be sold as a dietary supplement. However, it is still legal and available through limited online vendors.


Vinpocetine has a short half-life of just less than 1.5 hours, with no detectable increase in plasma levels of its metabolite after four hours of ingestion. (8) Because of this short half-life, dividing your dose throughout the day is recommended.

The recommended dose is between 15-60 mg/day for neuroprotective purposes, split into three doses. It should be taken with food to enhance absorption, particularly with high-quality fat like coconut or olive oil. 

All in all, It is generally recommended to take a total of 30 mg/day of Vinpocetine. One might think increasing the dosage of the drug may result in greater benefits; however, this might not be true in the case of Vinpocetine. 

A lower dosage is advised if you add to a nootropic stack. 

Side Effects

Vinpocetine is considered safe and well-tolerated. No significant side effects of oral use have been reported by users or found in clinical trials. 

Nevertheless, long-term use of Vinpocetine can indeed lead to dangerous falls in blood pressure and heart rate as the drug acts majorly by increasing blood flow to our brain associated with systemic blood flow at a certain point. Topical applications have also caused rashes and skin allergies. 

Some of the side effects reported include:

  • Sleep problems
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Gastrointestinal trouble

You may experience a mild stimulatory effect that declines the longer you take this nootropic.

Because of the blood flow effects of this drug, it may not be safe for those with bleeding disorders or those who are about to undergo surgery. It may interfere with blood clotting.

Safety and Interactions 

Generally speaking, it is safe for a person to dose up to 60 mg of Vinpocetine per day. However, unpleasant side effects such as dizziness and sleep problems might result, especially with long-term supplementation with Vinpocetine. 

Vinpocetine is strictly contraindicated in people with hemophilia, heart problems, or hypertensive patients. 

Besides this, like most other drugs, there are certain contraindications because of certain pharmaceutical interactions with other medications. 

Vinpocetine can potentially interact with drugs that are classified as antiplatelets or anticoagulants. Together with Vinpocetine, blood clotting may get slowed and thus result in an increased risk of bleeding or bruising.

Vinpocetine is especially recognized for its interaction with Warfarin/Coumadin. 

Thus, you need to discuss the safety factor and your complete medical history with your physician before starting with Vinpocetine. 

Vinpocetine Reddit Experiences

One of the best ways of knowing about the authenticity of Vinpocetine or as a matter of fact about any other drug or supplement, customer experiences should be the first choice. 

With user experiences you can make sure that the drug you’re choosing to start supplementing with does not pose any side effects or health issues that you’re not currently aware of. Let’s head over to a few of the user experiences and know about Vinpocetine. 

One such user says that; 

“It offers increased clarity and focus, as well as improved working memory, problem-solving, and insight (this was the big one for me)” 

Another one adds to it; 

“I just started taking this stuff about a week ago at doses of 10mg 1-2 times a day with a meal. It seems pretty effective for increasing reflexes/coordination which is what I wanted.” 

This one influenced user says that; 

“Never paid any attention to vinpocetine before, although I knew about this thing and its possible use as a nootropic. But just recently tried vinpocetine, and was surprised how stimulating this thing is. It’s now one of my favorites along with phenylpiracetam and bemitil (it’s also dirt-cheap, unlike these two drugs)”.

Best Vinpocetine Stacks 

Vinpocetine functions amazingly well as part of a stack. This impeccable stacking ability is because of its safety profile and ability to increase mental energy, clarity, memory, and cellular metabolism.

Vinpocetine and Ginkgo Biloba

Both Ginkgo Biloba and Vinpocetine are natural nootropic supplements used to improve memory and cognitive health.

Ginkgo Biloba is one of the most common supplements used worldwide for all the good reasons. It has played an important role in Chinese herbal medicine and is one of the most thoroughly-researched natural herbal supplements.

Ginkgo Biloba and Vinpocetine both increase cerebral blood flow and act as antioxidants. Both have decreased blood viscosity, with Ginkgo strengthening the blood vein walls and Vinpocetine slightly dilating brain blood vessels.

When it comes to differences between these two compounds, Vinpocetine helps to boost mental energy and clarity due to enhanced cellular metabolism through increased ATP production. Ginkgo Biloba offers benefits as an anxiolytic. Its advantages in anxiety disorders have been confirmed in human studies. (11)

Another difference is the impact on neurotransmitters. Vinpocetine helps to protect from damage caused by excess dopamine and glutamate. Ginkgo Biloba leads to an increase in dopamine, which can be helpful with conditions such as anxiety and ADHD.

Ginkgo Biloba may be the best option if you pick just one of these supplements, thanks to extensive research into its mechanisms and efficacy.

But as a nootropic geek, why would you need to pick just one?

Each of these natural supplements offers nootropic benefits, as validated by research and user experiences. However, using them together is even more effective.

In one study of a compound containing both of these nootropics, it was found that together they demonstrated an ability to increase the speed of short-term working memory in healthy adults. (12)

 Vinpocetine and Adderall

While both of these drugs increase blood flow to the brain, the way that Vinpocetine does so is unique. Unlike Adderall, which increases systemic blood flow through vasodilation, this drug boosts blood flow specifically to the brain.

This is beneficial when it comes to blood pressure – you may experience increased blood pressure with Adderall, but not Vinpocetine.

While Vinpocetine doesn’t offer the stimulation of Adderall, you may find similar benefits by combining Vinpocetine and caffeine.

Where to Buy Online?

While you may not find Vinpocetine at local pharmacies, it becomes a difficult decision for some people to buy Vinpocetine. 

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Vinpocetine: Uses , Benefits , Effects

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Is Vinpocetine Legit?

After everything that has been discussed above, it would be foolish to consider Vinpocetine as not legit. With its extensive mechanism of action, the drug results in a diverse range of benefits, leading to healthy nerve functioning. 

The potential role of Vinpocetine in increased cerebral blood flow and its anti-inflammatory properties together can also improve our overall cognitive functioning. 

If taken under the recommended dosage, Vinpocetine is safe to ingest drug with fewer to no side effects. 

Notable, the combination of Vinpocetine with Ginkgo Biloba can prove to be completely magical for people looking for a way to sharpen their memory and mental clarity. 

Does Vinpocetine raise blood pressure? 

Vinpocetine suppresses blood pressure because of its vasodilatory effect by inhibiting the PDE1 enzyme on smooth muscles. 

What is Ginkgo Biloba with Vinpocetine? 

Vinpocetine and Ginkgo Biloba can be used as a potential blend of supplements to enhance cognitive function. 

Is vinpocetine banned? 

Vinpocetine is banned in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. 

Does Vinpocetine cross the blood-brain barrier? 

Yes, Vinpocetine crosses the blood-brain barrier after intravenous or oral therapy. 

Can you take Vinpocetine with Adderall? 

Studies suggest no interaction between the two; however, consult your doctor before starting the supplementation. 

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Vinpocetine by Pure Rawz 

Vinpocetine by Pure Rawz

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