truBrain Review: Is This Liquid Nootropic Any Better Than Pills?

truBrain Review: Is This Liquid Nootropic Any Better Than Pills?

Updated May 22, 2018
truBrain Review: Is This Liquid Nootropic Any Better Than Pills?

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Clinically proven ingredients

One of the most popular nootropics

Mixed reviews, some users complain of terrible side effects

This supplement has been designed by the experts at Nootropics to enhance brain function and activity and is legal to buy over the counter, making it perfectly safe to own and to use. While mainly advertised as a way to improve cognitive function and memory, there are a few things that set this supplement apart from its competitors.
The US company that has created truBrain is also named truBrain and works hard to produce products that will improve your mental endurance, help you to focus and avoid distractions, and assist with improving verbal fluency so that you are able to talk freely and off of the top of your head without any problems or delays.
This nootropic supplement is sold both on the company’s website and from other various online retailers. None of the ingredients that are used in truBrain are at all dangerous or cause for concern. Since this product was developed with the assistance of UCLA neuroscientists, users can rest easy that there will likely not be any problem with taking this supplement.

About The Company and Team

The company is based in Santa Monica and has been in business for five years. There are a number of complaints online through the BBB that address issues with subscriptions and people having a lot of trouble getting in touch with the company when they have problems and need assistance.
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The founder and the CEO of truBrain is Chris Thompson. With an MBA from Duke as well as a BA in Economics that he got at Georgetown, he has held many different jobs before setting up truBrain. He works with neuroscientists to ensure that he is offering the highest-quality product to his customers. The lead neuroscientist for truBrain is Dr. Andrew Hill, who has his PhD from UCLA in Cognitive Neuroscience. He has studied attention and the brain and lectures at UCLA on healthy brain aging.
Other neuroscientists on board include Dr. Aida Attar, PhD and Dr. Roya Hashemi Rad. They both work with Dr. Hill on new products as well as studies.
The rest of the truBrain team consists of experts in marketing, product management, analytics and operations, product research and development, finance and strategy, business development, operations, and legal counsel. The fact that truBrain is so up front about their team and their qualifications puts people at ease when buying their products.

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How Does it Work?

All of the ingredients in truBrain work together to help improve memory as well as cognitive functions. This occurs because of the carefully selected ingredients that have been chosen as part of truBrain’s supplement blend.
truBrain Review: Is This Liquid Nootropic Any Better Than Pills?
The antioxidants included in truBrain work to help cells gain more energy by converting the fatty acids into energy and this allows people to enjoy more brain power and ensure that they will be able to focus and devote the memory that they need to a particular task.
Another way that truBrain works is by supplying the brain with neurotransmitters that will help with increasing available memory. While decreasing the rate at which cells deteriorate and making it easier for cells to communicate with each other, truBrain does a great job at promoting cognitive function and ensuring that all of the cells in the brain are working the way that they should.


There are active nootropics as well as nutrients in the truBrain capsules and every ingredient has been specifically chosen to help improve mental clarity and function.
Supplement label of truBrain ingredientss

Piracetam + Citicoline (250 mg):

Piracetam is a nootropic supplement that works to boost the brain’s metabolism, improve circulation in the cerebellum, and help cell membranes stay fluid. Citicoline is added with the piracetam to give the neurons the energy that they need to sustain this improved function. A 1973 study discusses piracetam’s role in brain activity while the University of Utah Brain Institute has studied how citicoline improves the ability for adults to focus and pay attention to the task at hand.

L-Theanine (300 mg):

Found in green tea, L-theanine is celebrated all around the world because it does an amazing job helping to relax the mind and gives the person an amazing sense of calm. A 1999 study published in Trends in Food Science & Technology draws a clear connection between L-theanine and how it causes people to relax.

Oxiracetam (800 mg):

Included in the boost packets for a little extra boost to the day, this more powerful nootropic supplement will improve brain function even more than piracetam does. A paper published in 1982 on the study of chemistry and pharmacology of using nootropics discusses the benefits of oxiracetam.

Magnesium + Tyrosine (450 mg):

Many people are deficient in magnesium but this nutrient is so important that it is included in truBrain to help reduce stress and regulate brain function. Tyrosine is an amino acid that is necessary to produce neurotransmitters. A 2010 Science Daily article discusses studies and research that shows that magnesium helps with memory and learning. Tyrosine was studied in 1974 and a paper was written by Wurtman, Larin, Mostafapour, and Fernstrom about using tyrosine to boost how much dopamine is in the brain.

Carnitine + DHA (200 mg):

Carnitine functions as an antioxidant that helps protect the brain. DHA is imperative to help the brain develop and grow strong and healthy and is sourced from microalgae. A study in Italy was published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that examined the effects of daily carnitine on aging and found that it not only decreases fatigue but improves the cognitive function of the user. DHA was studied by the Easton Center for Alzheimer’s Disease Research, where it was found that higher levels of DHA are linked to larger brains and fewer small strokes.

Main Benefits

There are many benefits that people will see when they use truBrain, especially when they take it regularly and do not miss doses.

Increased Focus

The neuroscientists who developed truBrain claim that taking it makes it much easier to ignore distractions and to remain focused on the task at hand. This saves the user both time and frustration when working on a project.

Better Mental Performance

In addition, because truBrain improves mental performance, people find that using truBrain makes it very easy to work on harder projects. Instead of becoming frustrated by the project that you are working on, when you use truBrain you will have the fortitude to keep working until you find a solution.

Fluid Thinking

Additionally, truBrain prevents you from suffering from mental blocks. Instead of struggling with coming up with a new idea or finding the right word to use in a situation, you will feel much more fluid and in control of your thoughts.

Increased Alertness

Users also report that they feel more alert while they are working. Increased motivation to improve and better awareness of a situation and your own mental abilities are also benefits.

Side Effects

truBrain Review: Is This Liquid Nootropic Any Better Than Pills?
While there is a raving fan base for truBrain, there are some problems that many users experience when they take this nootropic supplement so it’s important to be aware of possible side effects and keep an eye out for them.


Many people complain of severe headaches that are almost debilitating and only end when they stop taking truBrain.

Upset Stomach

Another problem that some people complain of when they take truBrain is that they suffer from upset stomachs. One way to deal with this issue and to decrease the likelihood of it occurring is to take the supplement with a meal as the food will provide a buffer in the stomach during digestion and is likely to help decrease irritation and discomfort. This may also be because truBrain has caffeine in it.
As with any supplements that you are going to take, it’s advisable to speak to a doctor before taking any supplements if you are pregnant or nursing so you can be sure that you won’t have any side effects to deal with.

Customer Complaints

There are a number of customer complaints about the company and most revolve around the difficulty of getting information when the customer has a question or problems with orders.
It’s important any time you set up automatic orders that you know how to cancel them as many people have had problems with this and gotten very frustrated with the company.
Other complaints are that there are many pills to take each day in order to see the benefits of the product and due to the price, this is very expensive.
When people who are on a budget are given the option of a less-expensive product, it can be very difficult for them to justify the cost of truBrain because it tends to be so much more expensive.
Caffeine in the products makes it a little dangerous for some users to take truBrain. While it has been shown to work in conjunction with other ingredients in this supplement, there are plenty of nootropic choices on the market that do not contain caffeine or added sugar the way that truBrain does.

Reviews: What Customers Say About it

Just as there are some poor reviews online about truBrain, there are a number of fans who leave glowing reviews about this product and the way it has helped improved their mental clarity and function.
An anonymous Amazon reviewer stated that this is a great option for anyone who is looking to be more productive and to get help with focusing on work or projects. They say that they “feel sharper and more productive” and call the drinks “amazing.”
User “JC828” said that they were “seriously amazed” by truBrain and that it doesn’t affect their sleeping so they can use it at any time during the day without worrying about getting rest at night. Being able to read and write faster makes it easier to complete school work.
“Booticus” finally took the plunge and bought truBrain after researching nootropics for months. After finishing five days, they decided that they could write an unbiased review about the benefits that they enjoyed with this product. They said that they’d “highly recommend these products” and that when they don’t use the product, they feel the lack of focus.

Money-Back Guarantee

The only way to return products is if you are willing to pay to ship the items back to the fulfillment center. The products have to have been delivered in the past seven days, be unopened, and be in their original shrink-wrap or they are not eligible for a refund. Also, return shipping and handling is not included in any refund.

Final Conclusion

While it won’t make you smarter, it will help you focus and will improve the way that your brain works, making it ideal for experts who are in a time crunch, need to get the job done, or have a large project that they are working on. While students and younger adults can also use this product to help with school and studying, it’s advisable to speak to a doctor first to ensure that there won’t be any issues with the ingredients.
While it’s very impressive that truBrain has neuroscientists on their team working to develop their products, the amount of sugar that is in their items is a little concerning and something that you should take into consideration if you are on any kind of diet.
While it’s refreshing to have a supplement company so open about their board and who is working for them, it’s important to make sure that their products will work for you before you buy as their items are shipped on an automatically renewing subscription basis, making it a small annoyance to cancel shipments.
truBrain is more expensive than other nootropic supplement options that are available so if you are on a budget, you may want to choose a different supplement to try. Otherwise, it’s smart to sign up for the trial to see if the products work for you before committing to a full subscription.

Where to Buy

The best place to buy truBrain is directly from the company so you don’t have to worry about dealing with return hassles from outside dealers. There is free shipping everywhere in the US and this increases to $10 in Canada and $25 throughout the rest of the world.
Twenty days worth of pills is $125, making each day cost $6.25 to take truBrain capsules as there are only 20 doses included in each box. There is a pack of pills for the morning and a pack in the evening; users skip the weekends.
If you are willing to commit to a subscription, then you can save some money with three months costing $112 a month and 12 months costing just $83 a month. This saves you 10% and 32%, respectively. Doing this means that the cost per day will drop to either $5.60 or $4.15, depending on what kind of subscription you sign up for.

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