Synaptol Review: Does HelloLife's Homeopathic ADHD Formula Work?

Synaptol Review: Does HelloLife’s Homeopathic ADHD Formula Work?

Synaptol Review: Does HelloLife's Homeopathic ADHD Formula Work?

Synaptol is a supplement from the Homeopathic Medicine company Hellolife. It is used to help people dealing with ADHD and hyperactivity. The manufacturer of the product recommends this supplement if you struggle with anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed.

When you struggle with anxiety and inability to focus, it leads to a clouded thought process. Eventually, some people get so frustrated that they feel like they’ll never have the elusive mental clarity they’ve been seeking.

That’s where Synaptol comes in.

Synaptol is marketed as safe and effective for people of all ages. According to Hellolife, every ingredient in the supplement contains a formula specifically created to help with attention and hyperactivity.

While this all sounds great in theory, we needed to find out for ourselves if Synaptol could deliver on its lofty promises. Here’s what we learned.

About Synaptol

Hellolife is the manufacturer and creator of Synaptol. The goal of the company is to create supplements that help to improve quality of life and allow people who are struggling to regain control and focus.

The company claims that none of their supplements interact negatively with any medicine you could already be taking, so it is easy for anyone to integrate Synaptol into their daily regimen. We would still suggest that you check with your doctor before beginning any new supplement regardless of company claims.

We first aimed to find out if there was any negative discussion online about Hellolife. There wasn’t much, so we’re off to a good start.
Supplements are still not FDA regulated, so it is vital to do your research on both the supplement and the company to decide whether or not it is safe to take daily.

We did find that in 2013, the National Advertising Division pushed Hellolife to stop advertising that Synaptol could reduce or eliminate symptoms of ADHD because there wasn’t enough evidence to substantiate those claims. There have also been several recalls over the past ten years.

HelloLife is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and is under the holding company Ionx Holdings Inc. There is very little information about the background of the owners or how they test and regulate their product. As with most supplements, you are proceeding at your own risk.

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Claimed Benefits

The company provides a wide array of benefits when taking this supplement on a daily basis. It comes in liquid form with a drop bottle or melt-away tablets. The formula is designed to help those who struggle with all of the following:

  • Difficulty concentrating,
  • Listening,
  • Impulsiveness,
  • Organizational problems,
  • Inattention,
  • Memory issues,
  • Hyperactivity,
  • Fidgeting,
  • Difficulty reading,
  • Difficulty writing.

Each point on this list has a specific homeopathic ingredient specifically made to treat that issue.

One of the main focuses of Synaptol is that the supplement works with your body and not against it. It is geared to help limit anxious or overwhelming feelings due to a job, life occurrence or any other high-stress situation.

Overall, our Synaptol review reveals this cocktail of ingredients seems like a perfect, naturally-made substance to help alleviate the many difficult symptoms of ADHD.

List of Synaptol Ingredients

A major misconception that many people have is that this is a typical nootropic supplement. Synaptol does not have the same classification as a stimulant formula, which means you are more likely to feel groggy or tired when taking it versus a regular Nootropic.

Many natural supplements have one primary ingredient that serves as its base, and everything else is built around it to create the desired effect. This supplement is slightly different from similar products because each ingredient works uniquely on its own.

Once we dove into the ingredients and found out more information about each on its own, we were slightly alarmed by our findings.

Aconitum Ferox

This plant is native to India and gets made by the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States. When products get prepared according to these guidelines, it means they were cut with water a few times to make them more diluted.According to WebMD this plant is dangerous and may even be poisonous if consumed orally.

Aconitum Ferox has been used to treat heart failure and inflammation, but there are no consistent findings to suggest it is effective.


Adrenalium is a common, but potentially dangerous ingredient in the homeopathic community. The blend is created using excretions from the adrenal gland and is found most frequently to treat allergies and congestion.

The main issue is that adrenalium constricts the veins, leading to higher blood pressure and increased heart rate. There are even some cases of it causing Grave’s Disease or Addison’s Disease.

This ingredient is found most frequently in EpiPen’s and is commonly known as Epinephrine.

Many homeopathic experts and websites do not recommend using this for an extended period because it could cause long-term side effects.

Apis Mellifica

This ingredient comes from trapping and crushing honey bees while diluting them with alcohol. There is no scientific or even homeopathic evidence to back this up, but some sites claim that consuming crushed honey bees works to reduce crying and whining in small babies.

Of course, with bee population issues rising over the years, this has become slightly problematic and we were surprised to find this ingredient still being included in the formula.

Scleranthus annuus

This plant is native to Europe and as far south as North Africa. Upon researching, we couldn’t find a single bit of information linking this plant to any health benefits at all, but the company claims it to be the main ingredient to help with impulsiveness and erratic behavior. Color us skeptical.

Avena Sativa

This ingredient is the most widely recognized one of the lists because it is ordinary oat straw which is in a lot of herbal supplements. It is known to help with sexual health, heart issues, and nervous system issues. In some cases, the ingredient has been used to help people suffering from addictions.

Scutellaria lateriflora

This supplement also goes by its more popular name: “Skullcap.” This plant is known to help with insomnia, anxiety, and stroke. The main issue with it is that there are many knock-offs to the authentic plant that become laced with chemicals due to the area of the world where they grow.

There is little information available regarding whether or not Skullcap is safe to ingest, but it does appear to have interesting potential benefits for people struggling with anxiety or nervousness.

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Does Synaptol Really Help with Attention and Focus?

On the Hellolife website, the company claims this is the ultimate supplement to help with every issue surrounding focus and attention. After taking Synaptol, you should be able to live a more organized and high-performing lifestyle at your home and place of work.

Hellolife claims Synaptol should help with memory loss or general memory issues like remembering people’s names or tasks you have to complete throughout the day.

The company even goes so far as to say it can help with some schizophrenia symptoms like hearing noises or voices. This is quite a claim, and we’re not sure we’re buying it.

Upon reading into Synaptol and seeing many reviews from other users, we discovered that none of the ingredients are intended to help with most of these issues, and most reviewers see it as nothing more than a fancy placebo.

For adults who tested Synaptol on their children, several said it did nothing at all or even made the child’s ADHD worse. These tests were conducted primarily on children who were already on ADHD medication and were looking for a healthier alternative.

Based on the ingredients included and the lack of hard proof we do not believe this supplement is for people with real symptoms of ADHD or hyperactivity. Like many homeopathic formulas, they are most effective when used on people who are already healthy.
If you do not have any symptoms but are looking to help ease slight anxiety or insomnia, this may provide some relief.

Possible Side Effects: Is Synaptol Safe?

One of the most popular ingredients in Synaptol is Adrenalium and is more frequently known as Epinephrine. This is the main ingredient used in EpiPen to treat life-threatening allergic reactions.

Some people are highly sensitive to this formula, so you want to take it with many precautions. Extended use of Epinephrine can cause dizziness, nausea, vomiting, heart complications, adrenal gland failure, Grave’s Disease, and Addison’s disease.

Another one of the main ingredients used to help with attention and focus is Aconitum Ferox which has no proven medicinal value but when taken in high doses is poisonous. According to WebMD the ingredient Aconite is unsafe when consumed orally and should only be used in creams or lotions.

When taken by mouth the root contains a fast-acting poison that quickly causes nausea, vomiting, paralysis and breathing problems. When used on the skin the toxin can even be absorbed into the skin.

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Customer Complaints About Synaptol

We quickly discovered that many people believe this supplement only works for those that don’t have actual attention disorders. This may be ideal for someone who has not been clinically diagnosed but wants to slightly lower their anxiety and improve their focus on a smaller scale.

When used in children with more severe ADHD it made the problems worse resulting in decreased decision-making skills and reduced empathy. Some users claim this supplement caused children to act and behave differently than they ever have in some cases.

Some people even think that the droplets are placebo and contain nothing more than water. It is tough when very few of the ingredients have even any homeopathic evidence of solving anything.

This supplement is not a substitute for actual drugs like Adderall that are known to improve symptoms of ADHD. Most people interested in taking this are looking for something similar, but it does not live up to the hype.

Synaptol Reviews: What Do Customers Say About It?

Although there are many negative reviews, some people have said the supplement helped incredibly improve their lives. The amount of positive to negative reviews we found is about 50/50.

This concerned parent had her son on Adderall which resulted in a lot of the common behavioral issues and weight loss. He was doing poorly in school, did not want to participate in things and was falling behind. After taking Synaptol, he made a complete turnaround and started enjoying life more and performing better academically.

This reviewer has always struggled with ADD and has taken all the standard medications for it with similar side effects. He takes it throughout the day and has seemed incredible improvement that is comparable or even better than Adderall without the side effects.

This mother is excited that Synaptol has helped her so to improve his ability to spell because of enhanced focus throughout the day. She is seeing consistent results and plans to make the supplement a long-term solution.

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Comparison to Other Products

There are many other natural supplements to compare this one to, so let’s take a look at how it stacks up against other homeopathic solutions and prescription-based ones.

Synaptol vs. Adderall

This supplement claims to reduce all of the symptoms of ADHD just like Adderall does, but there are mixed reviews about whether or not it lives up to the claim.

Adderall is highly effective at improving focus and lowering anxiety but with that guarantee comes a ton of side effects like mood swings, sleep issues, and weight loss.

Synaptol does not have any definitive side effects, but it can cause dizziness and nausea in some users.

Adderall is also highly addictive and known to create a strong dependency when used for extended periods. Synaptol does not create dependence, and you could easily wean yourself off it even if it does work for you.

Synaptol vs. Memotenz

Memotenz is a highly-recommended nootropic used to improve mental stamina and performance when used long term. The supplement benefits the brain chemically and psychologically because the ingredients are proven in clinical trials to strengthen neural pathways.

Many of the ingredients you find in this supplement are recognizable such as Ginkgo Biloba, St. John’s Wort, and Bacopa Monnieri. Because we understand these ingredients to reduce anxiety and improve attention, we tend to trust this blend more.

The ingredients in Synaptol are challenging to find information on and understand. They also are listed under less-popular names, so you do not realize what the actual name of the ingredient is. There are also a lot more trials and tests done on the ingredients in Memotenz.

Does Synaptol Have a Money Back Guarantee?

Luckily, you can try Synaptol for up to 60 days risk-free because they have a complete money back guarantee. The product comes in a 30- or 60-day supply. There are highly mixed reviews about the effectiveness of the product, so we imagine they issue a lot of refunds.

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Final Conclusion

There’s just not enough evidence out there for us to make definitive statements one way or another regarding the effectiveness of this supplement. It appears that it does work for some children dealing with ADHD and some adults as well, but it is unclear as to why some users have had success while others have not. Placebo effect? Maybe.

Many of the ingredients in the supplement are hard to identify, and some are even risky and dangerous to consume but none of the reviews we checked speak of any major problems. After reading into it, most reports say either it worked great, or it didn’t work at all. There wasn’t a whole lot of grey area.

The supplement seemed to improve performance for some children in school be enabling them to think more clearly.

When taken by adults the supplement appears to improve the ability to focus on one task for a more extended period without becoming distracted. There is virtually no adverse effect when used in adults, but you may need to increase the dosage to get the same desired result.
There is a split consensus on whether or not the product tastes bad. Some reviewers state that the taste is so bad it had to be disguised by other flavors, and some people indicate that they think it’s only water because it has no taste.


  • Likely to improve focus and concentration in children
  • May improve focus in adults
  • Improves behavior in children


  • Does not work for everyone
  • Could make symptoms worse

Synaptol reviews are about 50/50. We’d suggest giving it a try at a low dose to see if it works for you. The side effects are not significant or pronounced enough to have to avoid the supplement entirely. If it doesn’t work, you can get your money back as long as you are within the 60-day trial period.

Where to Buy Synaptol?

There are a variety of different options for buying Synaptol online.

We recommend purchasing the product directly from the Synaptol website because you are guaranteed to receive the 60-day money back trial. There are also multiple options on the website to get the liquid drops or melt-away tablets.

Synaptol is also available on Amazon but appears to be costlier there, and there are often customer issues when it comes to receiving non-genuine products through third-party sellers.

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