Smart Caffeine Review: Can Natural Stacks Simple 2-Ingredient Formula Give You Energy Without The Anxiety?

Smart Caffeine Review: Can Natural Stacks Simple 2-Ingredient Formula Give You Energy Without The Anxiety?

Updated April 24, 2018
Smart Caffeine Review: Can Natural Stacks Simple 2-Ingredient Formula Give You Energy Without The Anxiety?

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Helps you feel alert without the jitters, anxiety or crash

Very simple formula with no side effects at recommended dose

Overdosing led to some experiencing negative side effects

It’s possible to make this stack yourself if you have a scale

What Is Smart Caffeine?

Smart Caffeine by Natural Stacks is a popular and powerful brain focus pill. The two main ingredients in Smart Caffeine, caffeine and L-Theanine, allow you to feel alert without feeling jittery, as is the case when you consume pure caffeine.

About Natural Stacks

Smart Caffeine Review: Can Natural Stacks Simple 2-Ingredient Formula Give You Energy Without The Anxiety?
Natural Stacks is the company that produces Smart Caffeine. It is located in Seattle, WA, a place that is known for its love of coffee. The company produces a wide range of products that are designed to increase focus, improve the mood, help people sleep, and increase vitality.
The company also offers products that increase physical stamina and bundles for enhancing the mood, promoting sleep, and increasing mental performance. A gym stack is featured for workout enthusiasts. Smart Caffeine is marketed under the products that are featured for enhancing focus and concentration.
Natural Stacks claims that its innovatively formulated products are different than others because the ingredients are both bioavailable and supported by clinical research studies. Because the company features open-source labeling, product users receive exactly what the label states.
The company stands behind its mission to allow everyone the opportunity to optimize their overall daily performance by having access to high-quality dietary supplements. They do not believe people should have to compromise in this respect. That is why Smart Caffeine and the other products in the Natural Stacks line are manufactured in a GMP or Good Management Practice lab. That way, everything is done to assure the quality and purity of the product line.
Smart Caffeine is designed for people of all ages and occupations. Whether you are a 25-year-old stay-at-home mom or a high-level executive, you will find that the product will meet your needs with respect to concentration and mental energy.

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How Does Smart Caffeine Work?

Smart Caffeine increases people’s focus and enhances alertness because of its two main ingredients. These ingredients are caffeine and L-theanine. While caffeine gives you the energy you need to pursue mental activities, L-theanine smooths out any side effects that are produced by the caffeine. Therefore, you can stay focused and alert without feeling jittery or experiencing a crash.


The ingredient listing in Smart Caffeine is pretty basic. It contains 100 milligrams of natural caffeine (from coffee beans) and 200 milligrams of L-theanine. The capsule is made up of cellulose, vegetable stearate, and silica.
Smart Caffeine ingredients label


Caffeine is a substance that can be found in over 60 plants in nature. Besides being extracted from coffee beans, caffeine is also found in tea leaves, kola nuts (used to flavor colas), and cacao pods (which are used to make chocolate).
Most people receive caffeine in their drinks. While the amounts can differ, an eight-ounce cup of coffee normally has about 95 to 200 milligrams of caffeine. Compare that with the same sized cup of tea, which contains about 14 to 60 milligrams. A can of cola in a 12-ounce size contains about 35 to 45 milligrams of caffeine, while an energy drink many contain from 70 to 100 milligrams of the stimulant. Typically, it is safe for most people to consume as much as 400 milligrams of caffeine daily.
Caffeine is considered a stimulant of the central nervous system (CNS), as it makes a person feel instantly awake and enhances his or her level of energy. The substance is also considered a diuretic. Therefore, its consumption permits you to get rid of additional water and salt. The intake of too much caffeine may interfere with calcium absorption. The product is known to increase the blood pressure as well.


While most people are familiar with caffeine, L-theanine is not an ingredient that is so familiar – unless, of course you have acquainted yourself with nootropic ingredients or supplements. L-theanine is an amino acid, or a building block for protein. It naturally occurs in the leaves of green tea. While it promotes relaxation, it does not have a sedative effect.
L-theanine is similar in its chemical structure to another amino acid – glutamate. Glutamate assists in the transmission of cerebral nerve impulses. This ingredient and supplement is often suggested for people who suffer from memory conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.
However, it has also been shown that a person with a healthy brain can benefit substantially from L-theanine effects. The substance is unique, as it can easily cross over the blood-brain barrier. This means the ingredient takes a direct path to the brain.
Because of its calming effect, L-theanine lessens stress, as it increases the levels of serotonin and dopamine in the brain. These two chemicals give people a sense of euphoria. Therefore, they are often labeled as feel-good substances. As a result, teas, such as green tea or oolong tea, are known for their relaxing effects.
When L-theanine is combined with caffeine, you receive the best of both ingredients. L-theanine is highly recommended for stacking with caffeine because both ingredients, when working together, notably enhance cognitive performance. This synergistic effect supports an increased attention span and better focus.
Stacking caffeine with L-theanine is a popular brain-boosting choice, as it benefits anyone seeking mental benefits that are both affordable and easy to obtain.

Main Benefits

Smart Caffeine Review: Can Natural Stacks Simple 2-Ingredient Formula Give You Energy Without The Anxiety?
Because Smart Caffeine is a highly efficient blend of caffeine and L-theanine, it provides lasting energy throughout the day without the jitters associated with caffeine. Users of Smart Caffeine comment that they enjoy the following advantages:

  • Easier concentration or the ability to more easily ignore distractions
  • Enhanced alertness and focus
  • Improved cognitive functioning
  • Better short-term memory retention
  • No effects from over-stimulation

The “smart” combination of caffeine and L-theanine makes Smart Caffeine the ideal product to take for anyone who wants to perform at his or her level best, whether on the job or working around the house.
The supplement makes it possible for you to enjoy all the benefits of a cup of coffee without some of the unsettling side effects. In addition, the open source labeling on the product ensures that you will receive exactly what the label states.

Side Effects

If you took caffeine alone, you may be subject to the following side effects, provided you consumed too much:

  • Shakiness or restlessness
  • Anxiety
  • Headache
  • Insomnia
  • Abnormal or rapid heart beat
  • Dizziness

Some people develop a dependency on caffeine if they consume too much. However, caffeine is combined with L-theanine in Smart Caffeine to protect the user from feeling jittery or out of sorts. Nevertheless, if you are especially sensitive to caffeine, you may need to cut down on the dose you take.
The manufacturer of Smart Caffeine suggests users take one to two capsules whenever they require more focus and energy. The company also recommends that the user avoid taking the product in the evening. Doing so can lead to sleep problems. Users of the product should not take any more than six capsules per day.
While the company says the product can be taken on a daily basis, it suggests refraining from taking the supplement one or two days per week, such as over the weekend.

Customer Complaints

If customers have complained about any problems with Smart Caffeine, it has to do with some of the side effects experienced when a person over-consumes caffeine.
These side effects include:

  • jitters
  • dizziness
  • problems with sleeping
  • headache
  • abnormal heart beat
  • problems with sleeping

However, the website of the manufacturer does provide tips on its blog and in its newsletter to prevent these issues from occurring.
If you are highly sensitive to caffeine, you may need to adjust your dosage if you feel dizzy or anxious. Otherwise, it may be better to seek a non-caffeine product if you are having any problems with the caffeine.
If you find this to be the case, you may want to consider Ciltep, which is another brain booster offered by Natural Stacks. Natural Stacks also features two other products that do not contain caffeine – Acetylcholine Brain Food and Dopamine Brain Food.

Customer Reviews

Most customers report that they love taking Smart Caffeine to sharpen their focus and to get things done. For example, verified buyers have provided the following testimonials.
One customer who was over 55 years old, said that he loved Smart Caffeine. The former coffee drinker elaborated on the point further. He said, “With Smart Caffeine I maintain focus and mental energy with no jitters or crash.” He said he only took one capsule per day.
Another customer, aged 25 to 34 years old, said that Smart Caffeine was an exceptional product. He commented as follows, “These guys are the tried and true kings of the supplement industry. Never been disappointed. . . .”
One customer, aged 35 to 44 years old, said the product was awesome. She added the following, “I was up to four 16 ounce cups of coffee a day. I take three capsules (two in the morning and one in the afternoon). I am alert and ready to face the day.”
Yet another customer commented that Smart Caffeine was his new morning coffee. He said, “[Smart Caffeine] helps me get up in the morning and stay focused throughout the day.”

Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with Smart Caffeine for any reason, you can return the product within 30 days for a complete refund. To ensure you are happy with the supplement, the manufacturer features tips on its blog and newsletter to optimize your performance with any of its products.

The Bottom Line

If you are used to drinking coffee or do not drink coffee but want a mental energy boost without the jitters, you will be happy with Smart Caffeine. As long as you are not very sensitive to caffeine, you will find that this product will help you meet your brain-boost requirements.
Smart Caffeine Review: Can Natural Stacks Simple 2-Ingredient Formula Give You Energy Without The Anxiety?
You can credit the L-theanine in the product for smoothing out any of the side effects that caffeine users normally experience.
These effects can include headache, shakiness, or even heartburn. L-theanine is found in the leaves of green tea and is known for its calming effect. Therefore, when you combine L-theanine with caffeine, you can work without distraction and feel calm at the same time.
Most of the users of this product have raved about it, saying that it keeps them both focused and alert. You do not have to worry if you are not pleased with the product either, as the company offers a 30-day money back guarantee.
Smart Caffeine is free of gluten and is an endorsed Paleo diet and vegan product. Therefore, you can be assured of its purity.

Simple & Affordable

You really cannot find a simpler energy and brain booster on the market. By combining L-theanine and caffeine, you can enhance your level of productivity and stay focused for a longer period of time.
Besides containing quality ingredients, Smart Caffeine provides a full label disclosure. While it sounds like a product featuring a proprietary blend is special, the ingredients and amounts have not been fully disclosed. Smart Caffeine is different as its label shows the exact quantity of each ingredient.
Therefore, all the ingredients are Open Source, meaning all the herbal extracts and standardization percentages are given. In addition, Natural Stacks uses an independent third party lab to test its products. No product is released for sale until it has been tested.


Third party lab tests are used to show the precise amount of each ingredient. Also, standardized identity assessments ensure the authenticity of each ingredient. This type of testing shows that each ingredient is natural and has not been compromised.
In summation, Smart Caffeine is a safe and natural energy product that provides a healthy option to drinking coffee. The L-theanine in the product, which is a natural amino acid, prevents the jitters or crashes. Users experience enhanced mental performance throughout the day when taking the supplement.

Where to Buy

The best place to buy Smart Caffeine by Natural Stacks is on the official website of the manufacturer, which you can access by clicking on this link.
The product is available in a single bottle, or you can buy two-pack, three-pack, or six-pack supplies. You can also enroll in a subscription plan. By signing up for the plan, the product is regularly delivered to your door. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

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