Pure Nootropics Review: Is it a Legit Vendor?


Pure Nootropics is a trusted online nootropics retailer that started out in 2013 selling capsules of a variety of racetam nootropics.
Now, five years later, they have expanded their offerings to encompass most of the nootropics that neurohackers are looking for.
They offer powders, capsules, and liquid tinctures, with products under 6 different categories:

  • Racetams
  • Cholinergics
  • General Nootropics
  • Medicinal Mushrooms
  • Natural Nootropics
  • Bundles

In this article we will help you understand what to expect when purchasing nootropics from Pure Nootropics. We will provide an overview of product quality, community reviews, and more to help you decide if they are the right nootropics vendor for you.

Product Quality and Testing

On their website, Pure Nootropics states that their philosophy is “to provide only the highest quality nootropic products.” In order to do so, they thoroughly vet suppliers and have third party labs verify the purity for most of the supplements that they sell.

In order to ensure the highest quality products, they have limited the variety of nootropics that they sell. Their goal is to only sell products for which they are able to provide better options than what is currently available on the market. For this reason, you will not find some common nootropics, such as Piracetam, available on their site.

They do not conduct in-house testing, which limits the scope of product testing that they do. That said, very few vendors do both third party and in-house testing, and Pure Nootropics has a reputation for high quality products amongst the nootropics community.

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Refund Policy

Pure Nootropics has one of the best refund policies around, with a 30 day money back guarantee as long as you return half or more of the supplement purchased. You will have to pay return shipping, and certain fees are not applicable for a refund (shipping, customs charges, etc).
This kind of money back guarantee can help you test out a new nootropic with less financial risk.

Shipping Policy

You can find their complete shipping policy on their FAQ page.

They offer free first class shipping in the US with any order, with an estimated arrival time of between 3 and 6 business days. They offer expedited shipping for an additional fee.

They do ship internationally to most countries, including the UK, Australia, and Canada. They have a list of countries that they are unable to ship to thanks to issues with shipping to these countries in the past.

Be aware that shipping time and customs fees can vary greatly depending on where you live. You will want to be sure to do your homework and only purchase items that you know are legal in your country.

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Customer Support

Pure Nootropics is one of the few online nootropics vendors to offer both a customer service phone number and an email on their website.
Many reviews on their site include customers raving about the quality of their customer service. On the majority of the very few negative reviews, Pure Nootropics customer service reaches out to offer help to those who are unhappy with the product that they received. Overall, their customer service appears to be accessible and helpful.

Customer Reviews

Pure Nootropics allows reviews on the products that they sell on their site. Most of the reviews are 4-5 stars, however there are some products or individual reviews that are lower. Many reviewers comment positively on shipping time, price, customer service, and experiences with the nootropics that they purchase.

When there is a negative review that could benefit from a response, their customer service team responds to try and assist the customer. Most of the reviews that were 2 or fewer stars reported not feeling anything from the nootropic that they purchased.

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Third Party Reviews

Third party reviews on Longecity and Reddit tend to be positive. Even on this Reddit thread where one user was not experiencing much of an effect with Phenylpiracetam purchased from Pure Nootropics, the company commented with both advice as well as an offer of a refund if the user was not satisfied.

Best Selling Nootropics

Pure Nootropics is one of the few retailers that does not include a category for most popular nootropics on their website.
Based on number of user reviews, their best selling nootropics include:

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Final Conclusion

Pure Nootropics is a trustworthy nootropics retailer with mostly positive reviews on their site and on forums such as Longecity and Reddit. They offer a 30 day money back guarantee, free domestic shipping, and third party testing on most of their nootropics. If you are looking for a vendor with a good reputation, Pure Nootropics is a solid option.

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