Provasil Review: Does Their Patented Blend Of Nootropic Ingredients Really Improve Cognitive Performance and Memory?

Provasil Review: Does Their Patented Blend Of Nootropic Ingredients Really Improve Cognitive Performance and Memory?

Updated September 13, 2018
Provasil Review: Does Their Patented Blend Of Nootropic Ingredients Really Improve Cognitive Performance and Memory?

Provasil Review: Does Their Patented Blend Of Nootropic Ingredients Really Improve Cognitive Performance and Memory?
Do you feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day? Between work, family, and other obligations, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.
Over the past few years, new supplements designed to provide a mental edge have become extremely popular among everyone from investment bankers to stay at home moms.
But, how can you cut through the hype and find a supplement that’s going to provide you with the cognitive edge you need?
Today, we’re going to cover everything you need to know about one of the most popular nootropic supplement options in our Provasil review.

What Is Provasil?

Provasil is a nootropic supplement that aims to provide a cognitive boost and mental edge in your day to day life. This product provides a patented blend of nootropic ingredients that are believed to improve information recall and memory while also boosting focus and cognitive function.

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About Provasil

This proprietary supplement is manufactured exclusively by Cognetix Labs, Inc. In addition to this popular nootropic, Cognetix Labs focuses on discovering and developing medicines for the treatment of intractable pain. Their drugs have also been used in the treatment of epilepsy, heart disease, MS, and more.
The lab was founded by a group of doctors in 1996, and they currently have offices in Salt Lake City, Utah, and Connecticut.

Claimed Benefits

According to the manufacturer, this supplement provides a litany of powerful benefits that should be able to help you get an edge mentally. Some of the most notable benefits include the following:

  • Improves mental focus
  • Boosts memory
  • Increases mental performance
  • Boosts levels of important neurotransmitters
  • Corrects minor vitamin deficiencies
  • Improves cognitive function
  • Improves sensory perception

Provasil Review: Does Their Patented Blend Of Nootropic Ingredients Really Improve Cognitive Performance and Memory?

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List of Provasil Ingredients

How exactly does the brain supplement Provasil accomplish that impressive list of claimed benefits? The manufacturers of this nootropic use a patented blend of key ingredients. Here’s what goes into making this supplement.

Folic Acid

Folic acid is a synthetic version of folate, which is a naturally occurring compound that’s believed to have a positive effect on memory and cognition. Folic acid is a key component in overall brain function and neurotransmitter management. It’s particularly important for women who are pregnant or may become pregnant.

Vitamin B12

B12 is a particularly critical vitamin to supplement because it’s one that your body cannot produce on its own. Studies focusing on B12 have shown that this vitamin plays a key roll in overall mood, brain function, energy, and cognitive ability.
A vitamin B12 deficiency can also help to predict cognitive decline in older individuals, as well.

Vitamin C

Beyond helping with the common cold, Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that has some neuroprotective properties. Research suggests that vitamin C helps to stave off the effects of degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Choline Bitartrate

With this ingredient, Choline is bonded with tartaric acid, which increases its bioavailability inside the body. Choline is a key building block in the development of the critically important neurotransmitter ACh, which helps the brain maintain clear communication with your body.
Choline also has a positive effect on balance, mobility, memory, and cognition. Beyond those benefits, Choline also helps the brain to generate new cells and repair damaged ones.


L-Tyrosine helps to maintain healthy brain chemistry and protein synthesis. It also provides your body with the building blocks it needs to produce dopamine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine. These three neurotransmitters have a significant effect on your mood, cognition and energy levels.
Perhaps most notably, L-Tyrosine helps to reduce cognitive decline in the face of stress, which may make it easier to concentrate and function when the pressure is on.


While it’s most commonly known for its role in the development of healthy skin and nails, biotin also has a lesser known but equally as important role inside the body.
Biotin is a critical component in the development of the myelin sheath which surrounds our nerves. The myelin sheath is a fatty layer which covers our nerves. This layer helps to improve the formation of new memories, and it may be able to help treat autoimmune diseases, like multiple sclerosis.

N-Acetyl L-Carnitine

Commonly known as ALCAR, this ingredient is a synthetic version of the naturally occurring substance L-Carnitine. Unlike L-Carnitine, ALCAR can pass the blood-brain barrier more easily, which naturally occurring L-Carnitine is unable to do.
ALCAR helps to boost energy metabolism, allows for optimal neurotransmitter function and also aids in neuroprotection, thanks to its antioxidant properties.

Ginkgo Leaf

Ginkgo leaf is derived from the ginkgo tree, which is believed to be one of the oldest living things on earth. Ginkgo has long been prized for a myriad of different health benefits, and research suggests that there may be some notable nootropic benefits, as well. These benefits include increased energy and cognitive ability and an improvement in mood.


More commonly known as PS, phosphatidylserine is present in every cell inside your brain, and many believe it to be the most useful nootropic component on the market. This substance plays a vital role in the flow of neurotransmitters, it helps to keep brain cells optimized, and it helps to improve neuroplasticity, which is critical to the brain’s ability to function at a high level.
In addition to these powerful nootropic effects, PS also may be a useful supplement for fitness enthusiasts, as studies suggest it provides a significant decrease in exhaustion during strenuous activity.

Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa monnieri is a powerful nootropic derived from the extract of the bacopa monnieri plant, which is common throughout India, Asia, and the southern United States. With effects similar to piracetam, provides a natural alternative for nootropic enthusiasts who are looking to avoid chemically derived compounds in favor of natural ones.
According to research, this powerful plant extract can help to improve cognitive ability while enhancing memory. It may also have a positive impact on stress and anxiety, as well.

Panax Ginseng Root

Panax ginseng has long been one of the most accepted western supplements, and it has been prized in Asian cultures for a litany of health benefits for centuries. As one of the most heavily researched natural supplements in the world, Panax ginseng has repeatedly shown to improve cognition and memory while reducing stress.
Beyond the beneficial nootropic properties, there are many other health benefits of Panax ginseng, and it’s a good addition to any nootropic supplement.


L-Glutamine is an amino acid that plays a vital role in the production of neurotransmitters like glutamate and GABA. While it’s long been popular as a workout supplement thanks to it’s well-researched ties to human growth hormone production, we’re beginning to understand the nootropic benefits of this amino acid, as well.
L-Glutamine is critical to the development of the neurotransmitters that affect focus, memory, and cognition. It also has antioxidant properties which help reduce brain inflammation.


Resveratrol has made headlines recently for the impressive results it’s shown in studies related to reversing cognitive decline and combating brain cell aging. It also helps to prevent against oxidative stress, and it may increase blood flow in the brain. Initial research has shown that resveratrol may also increase the amount of BDNF proteins in the brain.
High levels of BDNF proteins may be a sign of high intelligence, and they can help improve mood and cognitive performance, as well.

Docosahexaenoic Acid

More commonly known as DHA, docosahexaenoic acid is an omega-III fatty acid can influence your brain’s signaling systems, focus, learning, memory, and attention. Preliminary research has suggested that DHA has an impressive preventative effect with regards to autoimmune diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia.
DHA also may help increase BDNF proteins, and improve neuroplasticity.

Does Provasil Really Improve Cognitive Function & Memory?

The golden question on everyone’s mind right now is “does Provasil work? Or is Provasil a scam?” This can be a difficult question to answer since everyone’s brain, and body is different, and we all react differently to different supplements.
One thing is for certain: there is an abundance of research that suggests that all of the active ingredients contained in Provasil do possess some degree of benefit about cognitive function, improved memory, focus, attention, and overall brain function.
Some of these ingredients, such as DHA, resveratrol, and phosphatidylserine have been lauded by the nootropic community for years thanks to their ability to increase mental function and brain plasticity.
Other ingredients, such as ginkgo biloba and Panax ginseng have centuries of research backing claims of cognitive benefits.
While the ingredients themselves have been heavily researched, there haven’t been any studies on the effectiveness of Provasil as a whole. Individually, we can confidently say that the ingredients found in Provasil do have scientifically researched benefits from a nootropic perspective.

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Possible Provasil Side Effects: Is it Safe?

When it comes to safety and side effects, Provasil isn’t a supplement you need to worry about. All of the ingredients contained in Provasil are toxicologically safe, and they present no cause for concern about side effects or your long-term health.
This supplement is developed per the FDA’s DSHEA regulations for the production of dietary supplements, and you can feel confident that what you’re taking isn’t going to harm you.
As mentioned earlier, each person is different and reacts differently to drugs and supplements. While there haven’t been any reported side effects for this supplement, it’s important that you immediately stop use if you’re experiencing any unwanted side effects that you can attribute to this supplement.

Customer Complaints About Provasil

When it comes to this supplement, the main complaint from people who have tried it is that they just aren’t sure that they’re reaping any of the advertised benefits. While Provasil offers plenty of bold claims, some people have been taking the supplement for several months and are unsure if they’re actually benefiting at all.
Some experienced nootropic users have noted that while the ingredients present in this supplement are proven nootropics, there just aren’t enough of these ingredients in each dose to make these pills effective.
Gordon in Ohio has been taking this formulation for ten months now, and can’t say one way or the other if there’s been any sort of benefit he’s receiving.
Provasil Review: Does Their Patented Blend Of Nootropic Ingredients Really Improve Cognitive Performance and Memory?
Some reviewers, like Laura in Boston, claim flat out that this supplement just doesn’t work.
Provasil Review: Does Their Patented Blend Of Nootropic Ingredients Really Improve Cognitive Performance and Memory?
Others, like Mary in Washington, encourages those who suffer from colitis, IBS or similar issues to steer clear, as she believes some of the ingredients are exasperating her condition.
Provasil Review: Does Their Patented Blend Of Nootropic Ingredients Really Improve Cognitive Performance and Memory?

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Provasil Reviews: What Do Customers Say About It?

While some reviewers have taken issue with Provasil because they question whether or not it’s helpful for them, others are quick to chime in with positives, claiming that this supplement delivers on all it’s claims and provides a healthy, non-habit forming way for you to get an edge in your day to day activities.
This reviewer noted that it took some time for the different ingredients to build up in her system, but after taking this supplement for about a month, she’s a believer.
Provasil Review: Does Their Patented Blend Of Nootropic Ingredients Really Improve Cognitive Performance and Memory?
Dan here is in his 60’s and noted that Provasil blows the other supplements he’s tried in the past for memory and cognition out of the water. This review may be particularly interesting if you’re older and are looking for a supplement that can help slow the pace of cognitive aging that everyone goes through.
Provasil Review: Does Their Patented Blend Of Nootropic Ingredients Really Improve Cognitive Performance and Memory?
Dan’s sentiments were echoed by another reviewer, Joan is in her 80s and she finds that this supplement improves her energy levels and sleep quality.
Provasil Review: Does Their Patented Blend Of Nootropic Ingredients Really Improve Cognitive Performance and Memory?

How it Compares to the Competition

If you’ve spent any time researching different nootropics, you’re already aware of the dizzying amount of competitors there are. Regardless of the brand, each supplement claims to provide incredible results that no other supplement can come close to. But, is that really the case? Let’s take a closer look at how this supplement stacks up to the competition.

Provasil vs. Lumonol

Lumonol claims to provide unrivaled brain-boosting power thanks to a proprietary blend which includes many of the same ingredients as Provasil. With both supplements, you’ll find B12, ginseng, PS, choline, and ALCAR.
But, that’s where these supplements diverge. Lumonol also includes trusted nootropic ingredients like Noopept, hordenine, and guarana.
While this is a relatively new supplement, Lumonol has garnered more than a few glowing reviews, so it may be worth checking out if you’re looking for an alternative.

Provasil vs. Prevagen

Prevagen was developed in 2007 by Quincy BioSciences as one of the first nootropic supplements on the market. Unlike Provasil which uses a variety of different ingredients to achieve its intended results, Prevagen contains one ingredient called apoaequorin, which is a synthesized protein that binds to calcium and allows your body to use more of its calcium supplies for other purposes, such as improved brain function.
While the makers of Prevagen have commissioned a few studies which claim to confirm the benefits of this supplement, the connection between Prevagen and improved brain function seems dubious at best, and the makers of Prevagen have found themselves in some hot water with the FDA, FTC and New York Attorney General in the past regarding their bold claims.
In short, this may be one supplement you should steer clear of.

Memotenz vs. Provasil

When it comes to nootropics, manufacturers who are transparent about their ingredients are signaling consumers that they stand behind the product they sell, and they’re willing to disclose all of the ingredients if it helps you, the consumer, make an informed decision.
While Memotenz contains some similar nootropic ingredients as Provasil, such as phosphatidylserine and Bacopa monnieri, it, unfortunately, doesn’t disclose the amounts of any of their ingredients. So, it’s difficult to discern whether or not there’s any therapeutic benefit to be had from this supplement.
Most nootropic users are quick to point out that while the ingredients on Memotenz may provide nootropic benefits, their proprietary 727mg blend isn’t enough to provide any powerful nootropic benefits.

Provasil vs. Neuroflexyn

Neuroflexyn is another popular nootropic with similar ingredients to Provasil. Unfortunately, the dosages of all of the key ingredients in this product are hidden behind a proprietary blend, so it’s very difficult to say with certainty how this product compares to Provasil.
Beyond the proprietary blend, there are a few ingredients in Neuroflexyn which may cause side effects in some people. While it may turn out to work for you, you can also find more trusted nootropics on the market that deliver results without cloaking their ingredients behind a supposed “proprietary blend.”

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Does Provasil Have a Money Back Guarantee?

The makers of Provasil do stand behind their product with a money back guarantee. According to, if you’re unhappy with the results you’re getting from Provasil, just return the unused portion of the bottle within 60 days of purchase for a full no questions asked refund.

Final Verdict

Overall, this is a supplement that has a lot going for it, and our Provasil review is a positive one. Unlike many of its competitors, Cogenix Labs doesn’t hide their ingredients behind a “proprietary blend,” which signals that they’re more equitable than a good portion of their competition.
As for the supplement itself, there’s no doubt that the ingredients in Provasil have nootropic benefits. These ingredients are well studied, and they are present in some of the most popular nootropic supplements on the market.
That said, there is some question as to whether or not Provasil contains enough of certain ingredients for there to be a significant effect. If you look at reviews of Provasil, it seems that about 60% of reviewers are thrilled with the product while the other 40% vary somewhere between skepticism and outright denial.
As always, the best way to decide if Provasil or any other nootropic is to try the supplement yourself for a few weeks, so you can decide if it’s right for you.

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Where to Buy

If you’re ready to try it, you can buy Provasil throughout the US, Canada, and Australia on Amazon, as well as the manufacturer’s website. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Provasil at Walmart or other popular retailers like Walgreens or GNC. However, the product is on Amazon, or on the Provasil website.

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