Nootrogen Review: Is It The “Ultimate Nootropic” or Just An Average Brain Pill?

Nootrogen Review: Is It The “Ultimate Nootropic” or Just An Average Brain Pill?

Updated May 22, 2018
Nootrogen Review: Is It The “Ultimate Nootropic” or Just An Average Brain Pill?

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Has many essential vitamins and minerals for healthy brain function

Proprietary blend does not reveal exact dosages of nootropic ingredients

What Is Nootrogen?

Nootropic supplements contribute to a person’s overall energy level and well-being. Various nootropic ingredients play numerous roles. Most of the nootropics on the market today, such as Nootrogen, are designed to boost your thinking and protect your brain.
Nootrogen Review: Is It The “Ultimate Nootropic” or Just An Average Brain Pill?
One of the conditions people face when they get older is dementia. However, this form of short-term memory loss need not concern you, especially if you regularly take a nootropic supplement. If you have some problems in this respect, Nootrogen can help.
That is because Nootrogen is both a dietary and brain supplement that is especially designed to maximize the functionality of the brain, enhance the memory, boost concentration and focus, and combat anxiety. The product also improves the processing speed of information in the brain.
Nootrogen allows you to increase your cognitive ability without needing a prescription. What’s more, this product has been clinically evaluated and recommended by professionals in the healthcare field.
The manufacturer says that Nootrogen is completely natural and safe. Therefore, anyone who is seeking a nootropic to enhance his or her mental performance will find that this is a supplement is well worth the review.

About the Company

The company and manufacturer that supplies Nootrogen is Vita Balance Limited, which is based in the UK, or specifically in England and Wales.
However, the company serves both North America and the UK. It features 35+ products in its healthcare line, ranging from dietary support products to products for the hair.
The company is committed to providing natural health products that permit people to invest in their overall health and wellbeing. Their philosophy is “Mother Nature knows best.” This core belief serves as the basis for every product they manufacture and sell.
The products featured by Vita Balance are made in the USA inside facilities that are approved by the FDA. These sites operate in compliance with Good Management Practice (GMP) guidelines. The company follows stringent standards to make sure all its products meet and exceed the expectations of customers.
Researchers at Vita Balance carefully review product formulations to ensure that each product continues to meet customer demands and excels in providing the best in nutrition and health. Therefore, the Vita Balance staff is devoted to offering quality health products that reflect the company’s values and mission. This focus is centered on ethically sourcing ingredients and producing accurate labeling.

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How Does Nootrogen Work?

Nootrogen has been formulated with a mix of ingredients that work together synergistically to improve cognitive functioning and mental performance.
Holding a bottle of Nootrogen the "Ultimate Nootropic"
The product’s ingredients also support energy production. In addition, this nootropic product also increases the blood circulation to all areas of the body. As a result, people remain focused, energized, alert, and motivated when taking the supplement.
Because Nootrogen has been clinically tested and approved, the ingredients in the product have been shown to support mental health and brain development. The nootropic enhances cognitive functioning, thereby increasing the user’s quality of life.
The manufacturer recommends taking two capsules each day with a glass of water. It is best to take one capsule in the middle of the day while taking the other capsule towards evening.
For the product to work, you should carefully follow the directions. By following the label’s instructions, as they are outlined, you will prevent any side effects or complications that can occur as the result of an overdose.
The supplement is top-rated for improving a person’s cognitive abilities and general feeling of well-being.


Supplement label listing the ingredients and dosages in Nootrogen
To fully understand why Nootrogen is considered a premium and effective product, you need to review the ingredient listing. The following ingredients are why the product is a top nootropic for enhancing the memory and thinking.
Bacopa monnieri. This ingredient promotes efficient brain processing and functioning. Bacopa monnieri has shown to be the supplement to use if a person has problems with processing information or cannot remember things. Also known as water hyssop, bacopa monnieri improves brain functioning by reducing stress and anxiety.
L-theanine. L-theanine is an amino acid that acts as an antioxidant, thereby protecting the brain from environmental toxins and cognitive decline. The calming agent also reduces stress and anxiety and enhances the memory.
Vitamin B6. This vitamin boosts the power of the brain by supporting functioning. The vitamin also enhances brain and nerve cell development. You need vitamin B6 for total brain functioning. The vitamin, according to findings by the National Institutes of Health, increases cerebral functioning through neurotransmitter biosynthesis.
Caffeine. Caffeine is a stimulant that allows a person to gain focus and alertness immediately. As a result, mental fatigue is reduced and a person can concentrate for a longer period of time. Because L-theanine is also included in the product, you will not experience the jitters like you do if you consume pure caffeine. You also will not experience the crashes that are experienced when caffeine is regularly consumed.
GABA. This ingredient is an inhibitory neurotransmitter. The nootropic ingredient regulates the nerve pulses and preserves muscle tone. GABA enhances the mental state by increasing a person’s focus and reducing anxiety. In addition, people suffer less from depression when this ingredient is included in a nootropic formulation.
DMAE. Also technically termed as dimethylaminoethanol, DMAE is used in nootropic formulations to boost brain power and improve brain performance. The ingredient also elevates a person’s energy levels and mood. DMAE has been proven to provide good results in the treatment of certain cognitive disorders, such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD. It also assists in preventing lapses of memory.
Glutamic Acid. This nootropic ingredient is helpful in combating neurodegeneration. It also improves a person’s thinking capacity and increases clarity. Glutamic acid improves concentration and focus as well.
Acetylcholine. This ingredient boosts nervous system functioning and is shown to enhance attention, creativity, and focus.
Niacin. Niacin reduces memory loss as well as sleeplessness. Therefore, older people often benefit from taking niacin supplementation.
Vitamin B5. This vitamin regulates the hormones, reducing anxiety, depression, and stress. The vitamin is also known to fight tiredness and boost the metabolism.
Magnesium. Magnesium supports learning and memory.

Main Benefits

You will realize a number of benefits when using this nootropic supplement. Users report the following advantages:

  • Better memory functionality
  • Increased focus and concentration
  • Better clarity of thought
  • Better processing of information
  • Low toxicity
  • Reduced anxiety and nervousness
  • Better learning experience because of better memory retention and responses
  • A reduction in brain fog

Therefore, this product’s overall benefits can be easily tied into the advantages offered by each ingredient. To learn more about the advantages, you should go over the ingredient listing and review the attributes associated with each nutrient and nootropic offered in the product. This way you can easily see how Nootrogen can increase your attention span and improve your memory.
To fully realize the benefits as well, you have to ask yourself what you want to achieve by taking the product. What are your expectations? Do you want to use the product to perform better in school? Are you interested in making quicker and better decisions on the job? Maybe you are a senior who wants to enjoy a better memory?
Whatever your brain-boosting goal, you will find out, when you review the benefits, that Nootrogen can deliver on its promises.

Side Effects

Any side effects from taking the product have to do with under-dosing or overdosing. For instance, if you are overly sensitive to caffeine, you may find that you will experience nausea or a headache.
Therefore, you may want to take one capsule first before increasing the dose. If you still experience a headache or stomach ache, you may want to find a nootropic brain booster that is caffeine-free.
Because the product has all-natural ingredients, you usually will not experience any negative side effects unless you do not follow the label instructions. Therefore, it is important to follow the directions on the packaging.
In addition, you should also always consult with your physician whenever taking any kind of supplement. Some supplements may be contraindicated to a medication you are taking. It is also important to seek advice if you are pregnant or nursing. Never take a supplement if you suffer from a health condition or are taking medications without seeking medical advice first.

Customer Complaints

Again, any customer complaints were tied into taking too much or too little of the product. You need to read the directions to make sure you fully understand how to best use the product.

Reviews: What Customers Say About It

Most customers who used Nootrogen were well-pleased with the product. Following are some of the comments that were made:

  • “[The product] seems to be a good addition to my multi-vitamin and protein shake. I have noted increased levels of attention, focus, and cognition. I would recommend this product.”
  • “It is a quality product. I feel I can concentrate for longer periods [of time]. I am happy to recommend this product.”
  • “While it has only been a couple weeks, I seem to be more focused, [and have] been able to [get to] sleep at a reasonable time. About to reorder, so obviously happy with the results.”
  • “One thing I have found is that I have less distractions and I do not find myself scrolling Facebook for hours at work.”
  • “Nootrogen is one of my favorite nootropics.”

Money Back Guarantee

You do receive a money-back guarantee when you buy this product. Just make sure, when ordering on the manufacturer’s website, that you confirm this guarantee.
When you place an order, it is also just a one-time purchase. You are not placed on a subscription plan or recurring billing model. The company is confident that you will reorder the product and will not need this type of incentive.

Final Conclusion

If you wish to buy a supplement that will give you a brain boost and more energy, you will not be disappointed when you purchase Nootrogen. The company advertises its product as the ultimate nootropic with good reason.
This brain enhancement pill assists in improving memory recall, increases focus, and promotes feelings of relaxation. It is a smart drug that should be included in anyone’s medicine cabinet who wishes to perform better at work, during sporting events, or in school.
When you review the benefits, they are tied into the list of ingredients – nootropics and nutrients that synergistically work together to support optimum brain functioning. The Nootrogen formula supports optimal brain health by improving the efficiency of the memory.
It also increases the brain’s capacity to perform a process that is referred to as synaptic plasticity. Synaptic plasticity is the brain’s ability to preserve neural pathways while enabling new neural pathways to develop. As a result, people are able to learn and retain information with more ease.
Tests also confirm that Nootrogen improves focus and concentration. Therefore, you do not have to resort to prescription medicines to think more clearly.
You can rely on a nootropic substance—one that is natural—to improve your mental capacity. Ingredients such as Bacopa extract also help you remain awake and alert. This added awareness also supports better mental clarity – a means to increase daily productivity.
The product is also known to increase the processing of information in the brain. Again, the bacopa extract in the product contributes to this benefit.
One research study of people over 65 years old showed that Bacopa extract enhanced cognitive functioning. The study revealed that the participants had better memory recall and showed fewer indications of anxiety or stress.
The L-theanine in Nootrogen lessens feelings of anxiety and promotes relaxation, which makes anyone using Nootrogen feel less wired or tense. If you are working in any high-stress situation where you wish to feel active and alert, you can depend on this supplement to help you stay in zone without feelings of nervousness.
To fully appreciate this product, again, you need to review the major ingredients and review the research studies on the manufacturer’s website.
This is a nootropic product that is a premium performer. Therefore, it deserves your undivided attention. If you take the product, you will, not doubt, give it your full attention and use it regularly.

Where to Buy

Nootrogen is available on the company’s secured website. Simply visit Nootrogen’s official website here to place an order.

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