Noocube Review: Does it Really Work?

Noocube Review: Does it Really Work?

Noocube Review: Does it Really Work?

Noocube Review: Does it Really Work?Noocube is a brain supplement produced to help users improve their cognitive functions by combining a high-quality formulation natural ingredients and amino acids.

All of the included ingredients have been proven as being helpful for the brain and helping to enhance your focus, mental speed and memory.

This supplement is nootropic and does not contain any caffeine, making it an ideal choice for people who want to boost their brain power but aren’t interested in dealing with any of the problems that go hand in hand with caffeine consumption.

Noocube has been used by more than 124,000 people all over the world who are interested in boosting their memory, function, and comprehension without using synthetic products.

Anyone who is looking for an effective and inexpensive way to boost his or her brain power, harness creativity, and avoid mental fatigue should look into Noocube as a healthy alternative. Not only do professionals benefit from the mental clarify that Noocube offers but students do as well.

School and work projects are both mentally demanding and require a lot of attention and effort; the right supplement makes it much easier to focus on the task at hand. Adults from accountants to creatives use Noocube and love the way it sharpens their focus and improves their recall while providing them with the energy that they need to tackle their days.

Who Makes Noocube?

The manufacturers of Noocube is Wolfson Berg Limited. This Cyprus-based company was started in 2004 and claims to hire some of the best neuroscientists to work on their formulas. They claim to be one of the world leaders in making supplements and sell their product to many different companies.

Getting in touch with them is easy as they have a contact form listed on their website as well as a toll-free number that you can use during their extensive business hours but it is incredibly difficult to find any information about the company, the directors, or the staff.

While they are very up front on their website about some of the studies that they have used to back up their claims and information about their supplements and why they chose the ingredients that they did, the fact that they are not very up front with information about their company and their staff is cause for concern for some people.

How Does it Work?

Because Noocube has been specially formulated by neuroscientists who have between them years of education and research, it is a supplement that has a lot of power and offers amazing results.

The natural ingredients that are included in Noocube have been specifically chosen and combined to ensure that users have improved mental powers and cognition while they are taking this supplement. When you take Noocube, you are harnessing the power of all of these natural substances and using them to improve your cognitive abilities.

Within half an hour of taking Noocube, users find that they are more efficient and productive, have an easier time staying focused and on task, and feel sharp and able to concentrate.

While many nootropics rely on caffeine to help users focus and feel mental sharp, Noocube doesn’t. The neuroscientists who have created this formula combined high-quality ingredients to get the same result without any bad side effects.

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Noocube Review: Does it Really Work?

There are seven ingredients that are listed as being in Noocube. They are Alpha GPC, cat’s claw, oat straw, huperzine A, bacopa monnieri, L-theanine, and L-tyrosine.

Alpha GPC – Multiple studies have shown that Alpha GPC is useful in helping the brain increase how much acetylcholine is present but none show definite proof. As this is a neurotransmitter, it makes it much easier for the brain cells to communicate with each other and it is also involved in improving the cognitive process.

Throughout many areas in the world, Alpha GPC is used to help treat Alzheimer’s disease and the effects of it but it is not so used in the US. A 1991 study published in the Journal of International Medical Research showed dementia patients improving when given Alpha GPC.

Cat’s claw – Cat’s claw is a very powerful antioxidant that helps to protect cells from being damaged. This means that ingesting cat’s claw helps to improve the health of cells all over your body and protect them. It has even been shown to boost the immune system and attack and kill bacteria and viruses. Although there isn’t any proof that it can help with improving cognitive functions or memory, it is powerful enough to benefit the brain cells. A 2013 study published in Neurochemistry International shows that because of its ability to fight free radicals, it may be useful in helping to ward off Parkinson’s disease.

Oat Straw – Oat straw is not generally accepted as being very powerful and useful to fight memory problems but there are some studies that show that it works by decreasing arterial inflammation, which allows more blood to flow to the brain and boost brain waves. While this may seem farfetched, in 2015 a study published in Nutritional Neuroscience showed that taking oat straw helped participants to complete computerized tasks faster and more accurately.

Huperzine A – Huperzine A is an inhibitor that affects the levels of acetylcholine and prevents them from dropping in the brain. Having more acetylcholine in the brain will actually lead to increased mental clarity, better memory, and an ability to focus. This is a highly purified natural substance that is so strong that many consider it to be a drug. It’s incredibly effective in fighting Alzheimer’s disease and seems to work in a way similar to Alpha GPC. In 1999, a study showed that taking huperzine A helped participants with memory performance and improved their learning. This study was published in Acta Pharmacologica Sinica.

Bacopa Monnieri – Bacopa Monnieri is an indian herb which contains compounds called bacosides. These have been shown to promote new nerve growth and help repair damaged nerves when taken regularly. New nerve growth helps improve overall brain function by increasing the communication between neurons. Several studies have been done on Bacopa’s effect on Alzheimer’s and dementia patients with positive effects.

L-Theanine – L-theanine is found in black and green tea and is an amino acid that helps to work as a neurotransmitter. While there haven’t been a lot of studies done on the effects of L-theanine on memory and attention, one in 2011 sticks out as it shows that participants greatly improved their mental cognition after taking this amino acid for just 16 weeks. Published in the Journal of Medicinal Food, this study helped to catapult L-theanine into the spotlight.

L-tyrosine – Yet another amino acid, L-tyrosine works instead to improve production of noradrenaline and dopamine, which act as neurotransmitters that help with feeling alert and being able to focus. This ensures that users are able to work on the task at hand no matter how stressful it is. It also allows the brain to more easily switch between thinking about various subjects, as proven by a 2015 study in Neuropsychologia.

Main Benefits

There are many benefits to taking Noocube. Not only will you quickly boost your concentration and ability to focus for a period of time but you will feel more alert and find that you are able to work harder on the task at hand.

Additionally, Noocube makes it much easier to learn new information and then to recall it in the future. It helps to relieve stress and will slow down how quickly the brain ages. This ensures that users experience more productivity during their lifetimes.

There are both short- and long-term effects that you will enjoy with Noocube. Others include increasing the response time of the brain and an overall better performance.

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Side Effects

So far, it is very difficult to find reviews online that mention side effects but it is easy to see what problems may occur simply by examining the ingredients in Noocube.

As long as it is used in the recommended amount and the person does not use more than four capsules in a day, then the chance of side effects are extremely low. Since it does not have caffeine, there is not going to be a problem with it interacting with the heart or causing jitters but there are other issues that may occur.

Noocube has ingredients that, if taken in excess, may cause high blood pressure, problems with digestion, and even insomnia. In addition, it’s possible to experience blurred vision, confusion, and fatigue. Of course, this is likely to only occur if you take too much of this supplement so normal doses should be fine.

Since the normal dose is just two capsules, taking four is extreme. And remember that taking Noocube on a full stomach is a great way to ensure that you don’t suffer any stomach upset with the capsules. Before taking Noocube, make sure to ask your doctor if you are on prescription medication or currently use any other stimulants.

Customer Complaints

Noocube Review: Does it Really Work?

One customer complaint was that within an hour of taking two capsules with breakfast, she began to feel very nauseous and had a splitting headache along with dizziness. The symptoms continued throughout the day until late in the evening and she did not try any more of the supplement.

While there are few customer complaints listed online, there are a few areas of concern to note, most importantly that you are not able to find information about how much of each ingredient is in each dose of Noocube. In addition, a lack of customer complaints makes it seem almost curated.

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Reviews: What Customers Say About it

There are rave reviews for Noocube on their website, although it is difficult to find reviews from actual users elsewhere online.

A PR consultant, Emma, said that instead of feeling stressed out about speaking in public, Noocube has given her confidence and the ability to find the words that she was looking for. She states that “getting my point across is much easier” whether she is dealing in person with someone or over email.

Zara B loves that she can “multi-task so well” and uses Noocube to help her in her job. Having the ability to work double without any additional stress is beneficial.

Mark B has felt positive benefits right away, saying that “there’s nothing else quite like it.”

One review posted elsewhere than on the company’s website is from user Anya and while she has only been using Noocube for just a few days, it states that she is very happy with her results so far.

She says that while other supplements have made her jittery with the caffeine contained in them, Noocube doesn’t have this affect and she can “definitely tell how focused it makes me feel.”

Money-Back Guarantee

Noocube Review: Does it Really Work?

The company states that there is a 100% money-back guarantee that includes shipping and handling but does not provide any information about the time frame in which you have to act in order to get this refund or what stipulations there are. The website simply directs users to send an email to the support team to get the refund started.

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Final Conclusion

While Noocube is packed full of great ingredients that have been shown to help with cognitive thinking, memory, and focus, the fact that they are not up front about how much of each ingredient is in each capsule is a little concerning.

While there are rave reviews online, consider that it is very difficult to get in touch with the company and that they don’t offer up very much information about themselves. If you are interested in trying Noocube but worried about how to get your money back if you aren’t happy, then you may want to send them an email before buying the product to make sure that you understand all of the rules regarding returns.

Where To Buy NooCube

You can buy Noocube directly from their official website here. No matter how many bottles you order, you will enjoy free shipping that they claim is very fast. One bottle of Noocube contains 60 capsules, which is 30 servings, and costs $39.99. This makes each capsule $0.67 and each serving $1.33.

If you buy two bottles, you will get one free for a cost of $79.99, making each capsule $0.44 and each serving $0.88. The best deal is to buy three bottles and get three free. The total cost of this is $119.99, which comes to $0.33 a capsule and just $0.66 a serving. This makes Noocube one of the most affordable brain-boosting supplements available on the market today.

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