Neurogum Review: Is This Brain Boosting Gum Worth Your Money? See The Ingredients, Side Effects, and Complaints Before You Buy

Among nootropic supplements, Neurogum has distinguished itself as a unique brain-boosting supplement. Instead of taking capsules each day, the gum delivers brain and mood-elevating support through an aspartame-free and mint-flavored gum. Instead of getting your brain fix from a cup of coffee or encapsulated supplement, you can chew gum for better mental health.

Our Rating:

Gives a quick energy and alertness boost

Doesn’t taste bitter like normal caffeine

Easy to consume and bring with you on the go

Slightly expensive for gum, but there is nothing like it

What Is Neurogum?

According to the company, Neuro Gum has been clinically proven to increase a person’s concentration and focus while reducing stress.
In addition, the product makes it possible for people to remain alert or to recall things without difficulty. You can enjoy better brain health without feeling jittery, as you do with pure caffeine.
Neurogum Review: Is This Brain Boosting Gum Worth Your Money? See The Ingredients, Side Effects, and Complaints Before You Buy
Because nootropic products are popular, the creators of Neurogum decided to supply nootropic benefits by delivering them differently. Therefore, this is one product to try, as it is as convenient as it is beneficial.

The gum contains caffeine, L-theanine (to smooth out any jittery feelings from the caffeine), vitamin B6, and vitamin B12. The company says that the ingredients are cold-compressed in the gum.

However, this term does not really apply to the manufacture of gum. However, cold pressing is a bona-fide term, which would apply in this instance. Therefore, you might assume that cold compressed and cold-pressed, in this case, are one and the same.

About the Company

The company that produces Neurogum is Neuro Gum LLC, and is located in Los Angeles, CA – the ideal location for a nootropic company that thinks outside the box.
Neurogum Review: Is This Brain Boosting Gum Worth Your Money? See The Ingredients, Side Effects, and Complaints Before You Buy
The company was founded by two ambitious entrepreneurs who took the concept of a nootropic gum to fellow entrepreneurs, students, parents, and brain surgeons.

They followed the idea with research and development activities. What they ended up creating was a clinically-backed energy gum that costs less than a cup of coffee and works almost immediately.

The people who use Neurogum are usually hikers or people who are quite active. Students also like the energy and brain boost they experience when chewing the gum. People who use the gum take it along with them when they are cycling or participating in sports, or when they are studying for exams.

This gum is ideal for anyone on-the-go. The company packages the gum in blister packs to make it easy to carry. Users usually carry the gum in their pocket or purse.

custom multivitamin pack

How Does it Work?

According to the manufacturer of Neurogum, it is much easier for a person to absorb the nootropic ingredients in gum than in a beverage. In fact, the company’s research shows that absorption is five times faster when a gum is chewed.

Also, even if you are caffeine sensitive, the amount of caffeine in Neurogum is quite low when compared to a cup of coffee. Therefore, you can experience alertness without feeling nervous.

The L-theanine in the gum produces a calming effect that supports the use of the caffeine. If you want to freshen your mind and breath at the same time, this is the gum you want to chew.


Neurogum features nootropic ingredients that have proven to be as effective as they are safe. Following is an overview of each of the ingredients in the gum itself.

  • Caffeine (40 mg). The caffeine in Neurogum is provided in a low quantity. Therefore, the chewer enjoys a number of benefits health-wise. Not only does the stimulant increase alertness, it also protects people against certain diseases, such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. People who ingest caffeine also feel less depressed.


  • L-theanine (60 mg). L-theanine is found in green tea leaves and has been advocated for use in the treatment of high blood pressure. Health experts also suggest that the ingredient be used in the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease. L-theanine is used in cancer drugs to increase their efficacy. The ingredient has a chemical structure that is similar to glutamate – an amino acid that assists in the transmission of nerve impulses to the brain.


  • Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12. Both these essential B vitamins are helpful in improving brain health and performance. Vitamin B6 plays a number of roles in supporting a health body and brain. B6 is needed for producing neurotransmitters, such as GABA, serotonin, and dopamine – all which improve a person’s mood.


  • Vitamin B6 supports the functions of the brain and nervous system. If you do not receive enough of B12, it can lead to problems with remembering as well as fatigue and depression.
  • Caffeine and L-theanine Synthesis – One of the most popular nootropic stacks is the fusion of caffeine with L-theanine. The combination improves a person’s cognitive performance and mood without any side effects, such as nervousness or crashing.

Main Benefits

Convenience. Neurogum is associated with a number of benefits, one of which is its convenience. You can chew the gum at any time and instantly increase your brain power. Compare this with consuming an energy supplement or a can of an energy drink. It is also easier than waiting in line at the drive-through to buy a Starbucks beverage.

Dietary Friendly. The gum is completely gluten-free and vegan. Therefore, its ingredients are not derived from soy, eggs, milk, or gluten. If you are on a restricted diet, you can chew this gum.

Free of Harmful Artificial Sweeteners and Sugar. The gum also does not contain aspartame and is sugar-free. Aspartame is an artificial sweetener that is used as a sugar substitute. Most all of the energy drinks contain this sweetener. The Center for Science has revealed that the sweetener can cause cancer. This revelation was discovered when the aspartame was tested on lab animals. The sweetener has been linked to several blood cancers.

An Easy Way to Feel Alert and Focused. Because of the product’s design, you can feel alert and focused while pursuing just about any activity. The more you chew the gum, the better you will feel both mentally and physically.

Revives You Mentally and Physically After Exercise. Just by chewing Neurogum, you can feel easily regenerated after exercise.
The Gum Helps You Sustain Your Attention Span When Performing Difficult Tasks. By chewing the gum, you can continue on a task without distraction.

The Combination of the Caffeine and L-theanine Keeps You Alert without the Jitters. Because L-theanine smooths out the effects of caffeine, you can enjoy the brain-stimulating benefits of caffeine without feeling jittery or crashing.
Basically, when you narrow down the benefits, you reach the following conclusions:

  • You enjoy increased focus and energy.
  • The patented cold-compressed product optimizes bioavailability and delivery, which produces results five times faster than drinking an energy drink.
  • You do not experience jitters or a crash. You can get to the zone without feeling nervous or experiencing a crash.
  • The gum is free of aspartame, sugar, gluten, and genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Side Effects

Typically, you will not experience any side effect when chewing this product. The caffeine in the gum is not substantial. Therefore, you would have to chew a lot of gum if you are sensitive to caffeine.

Customer Complaints

When customers complained about the gum, they primarily focused on the gum’s taste, its caffeine content, or the fact it contained sorbitol.
Neurogum Review: Is This Brain Boosting Gum Worth Your Money? See The Ingredients, Side Effects, and Complaints Before You Buy
The manufacturers of the gum add sorbitol instead of aspartame, as aspartame has been shown to cause cancer. However, some of the users said sorbitol causes diarrhea. However, you would have to chew a lot of gum to receive this type of effect.

Also, some users complained that the gum did not have a fresh and minty flavor. While they state that the flavor was not bad, it was not what they were expecting with mint-flavored gum. The gum is offered in flavors that are marketed as EnlightenMint and CinnaMental.
The amount of caffeine in the gum is 40 milligrams. Therefore, some users felt that the gum did not contain enough of the stimulant.

Reviews: What Customers Say About It

Most of the customers who bought Neurogum enjoyed the product. Many said they liked the fact that the gum sharpened their thinking and freshened their breath at the same time. Here are some of the comments that were made about the product:


“As I chew [Neurogum), I get my breath fresh and at the same time, get a nice dose of focus compounds running through my body. Highly recommend this gum to anyone wanting an edge on focus.”

Neurogum Review: Is This Brain Boosting Gum Worth Your Money? See The Ingredients, Side Effects, and Complaints Before You BuyNeurogum Review: Is This Brain Boosting Gum Worth Your Money? See The Ingredients, Side Effects, and Complaints Before You BuyNeurogum Review: Is This Brain Boosting Gum Worth Your Money? See The Ingredients, Side Effects, and Complaints Before You Buy

“I normally drink a cup of coffee before I work out in the morning, but found Neurogum to be a quicker and cheaper alternative.”

Neurogum Review: Is This Brain Boosting Gum Worth Your Money? See The Ingredients, Side Effects, and Complaints Before You BuyNeurogum Review: Is This Brain Boosting Gum Worth Your Money? See The Ingredients, Side Effects, and Complaints Before You BuyNeurogum Review: Is This Brain Boosting Gum Worth Your Money? See The Ingredients, Side Effects, and Complaints Before You Buy

“Love this gum. Gives me just a bit of energy when I need it. The taste is great and the texture is smooth and soft, and does not turn . . . rubbery after chewing [it] for a while. Highly recommended!”

Money Back Guarantee

You can get a full refund for the product if you find that it does not meet your expectations.

Final Conclusion

Neurogum is an aspartame and sugar-free nootropic alternative to taking capsules for a brain boost and energy. Several nootropic ingredients are included in the gum for cognitive functioning. You might say that Neurogum is a trailblazer, as it is the first gum to include natural ingredients and nootropics to enhance mental functioning.

Neurogum unlocks the potential of the brain by improving alertness, memory, and concentration. This is done through an accessible form – gum. Because the product is gum, the ingredients are absorbed through the mouth, and not the abdomen, such as a beverage or pill. As a result, delivery and absorption is five times faster than when a user takes capsules or drinks.

The major nootropic ingredients in this product are L-theanine and caffeine, which enhances the product’ desirability. Both L-theanine and caffeine are popular nootropic stacks and have been studied in-depth and at great lengths.

L-theanine, when combined with caffeine, enables a person to remain alert without distraction. It also makes it possible for a person to consume caffeine without feeling the jitters. The ratio of the two ingredients ensures the user that he or she will receive a sufficient dose of caffeine while feeling less stress and anxiety.

Neurogum is a good choice for people who like the efficacy of caffeine, but do not like consuming it in coffee or energy drinks. Because of its accessibility, Neurogum is an ideal product to use before working out or when you feel an afternoon slump.

When looking at the benefits and drawbacks of the product, you can see that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. For example, the gum is fast-acting and provides clean energy without brain fog. You also do not experience the crash you do when consuming pure caffeine.
While the product keeps you focused and alert, it does not have a significant impact on the memory – not like an encapsulated nootropic product. Also, some of the users do not like the taste, especially the mint variety. Users have not stated any problems with the cinnamon-flavored gum.

Where to Buy

Neurogum Review: Is This Brain Boosting Gum Worth Your Money? See The Ingredients, Side Effects, and Complaints Before You Buy
We researched prices from different vendors, and the best place to buy Neurogum for the best price is through this link on the official website.
When you break down an overall review, the gum ranks fairly high in providing the user with the following:

  • Increased energy
  • Low levels of anxiety
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Increased productivity
  • Elevated mood
  • Excellent value and convenience for the money

The only area that does not rank high is the gum’s potency with respect to memory enhancement. Again, you can more easily realize this type of benefit with an encapsulated nootropic product.

While using a gum to deliver nootropic health benefits is a novel idea, Neurogum is not a product that provides major nootropic results. To obtain this type of response, you need to buy a nootropic product that you use daily long-term.

However, Neurogum will give you a short-term boost, similar to drinking an espresso coffee. While the L-theanine in the product is known to be a brain-booster, it still cannot compare with the amount of the substance included in a nootropic encapsulated supplement.

Nevertheless, if you want to conveniently get an energy boost, mentally and physically, you can do so conveniently with Neurogum. No one has noted any bad side effects from the product.

Therefore, if you are going to chew a gum, this is the product to chew. If you want to get into the flow or have an edge without feeling jittery, this is the product for you.

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