NeuroFuse Review: Does This Nootropic Supplement Started By Mysterious Company Actually Work?

NeuroFuse Review: Does This Nootropic Supplement Started By Mysterious Company Actually Work?

NeuroFuse Review: Does This Nootropic Supplement Started By Mysterious Company Actually Work?

NeuroFuse is an exciting nootropic supplement with a growing following.

Designed as a “clean” study or work aid, many people see the product as an over-the-counter alternative to Adderall that provides many of the same benefits without any of the risks.

In fact, the company itself states that with their supplement you will “unlock your brain’s potential” by improving your energy, focus, and mental performance.

They go on to suggest that “you can’t get more hours in the day, but you can get more out of those hours” with the help of their product. Rather than take the company for their word, we took a deep look into this nootropic ourselves, particularly the included ingredients and their scientific benefits.

Here’s our detailed NeuroFuse review to help you decide which nootropic supplements are best for you.

What is NeuroFuse?

As a nootropic supplement, the primary goal of this product is to increase cognitive function.
More specifically, it’s designed to increase overall mental performance, especially concentration and focus, while simultaneously giving you a prolonged burst of energy.

Not only that, but the company goes on to claim that the unique blend of natural ingredients actually helps boost the mood and reduce stress at the same time.

NeuroFuse claims to accomplish this by utilizing a finely-tuned blend of scientifically-researched ingredients, many with a long history of effective nootropic use.

In fact, this study and work aid claims to have many of the same effects as Adderall without any of the negative side effects. Most importantly, there is no potential for abuse, addiction, or dependency.

Furthermore, this herbal supplement is available over-the-counter. It doesn’t require a prescription.

Because of the blossoming popularity of nootropics and the industry surrounding it, this particular product has already experienced widespread use despite its short lifespan.

It’s already garnered its fair share of both positive and negative reviews. To cut down to the marrow of the matter, we focused in on its proven scientific ingredients to avoid all the hype.

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About NeuroFuse

NeuroFuse is based out of Tampa, Florida.

Although the company maintains a clean, professional website that’s easy to navigate, they provide little information about the company itself.

Sure, they go into detail about their nootropic supplement, citing many studies into specific ingredients from numerous scientific journals, but they never discuss the company background.

In fact, obtaining this information is all but impossible. Like many of the newest companies in the nootropic industry, NeuroFuse has a mysterious background.

While this isn’t always a problem in and of itself, it typically makes us wary.

Nootropic supplements won’t break the bank, but they do cost a reasonable amount of money. It always feels better to invest this money in a company with a strong reputation and a willingness to be transparent with its customers.

Fortunately, the company behind this nootropic supplement does maintain a solid customer support system.

Phone support is available from 9am to 7pm EST from Monday to Friday. Email support is also available.

Despite the lack of transparency related to the company itself, the professional website doesn’t scream scam as many others in the industry do, creating a sense of trust in itself.

Claimed Benefits

NeuroFuse claims several powerful nootropic benefits.

These are clearly stated on the product’s minimal packaging. They are explored in more detail on the company website.
According to the company, this brain supplement’s main benefits are:

Boost Energy

The company claims that this supplement will give you a boost of energy.

Not only is this a short-term increase in energy, but it’s also a long-term increase in energy over the course of several hours, with a minimal crash afterwards.

The increase in energy actually goes hand in hand with the alertness benefits.

Improve Mental Focus

Another claimed benefit is the ability to improve focus.

This is perhaps the single most popular reason why people turn to nootropic study aids like NeuroFuse in the first place.

The company states that their mental focus pill helps you concentrate on difficult tasks much more easily.

Elevate Memory

Those looking to improve their memory, or more specifically their learning retention, often turn to nootropic supplements.
This particular one claims to elevate your memory thanks to the inclusion of several natural ingredients that naturally improve cognitive function.

Improved memory and learning retention are vital to those using this brain pill for studying.

Sharpen Mental Clarity

A sharp, clear mind will help you get much more done – and take advantage of every hour of the day.
At least that’s what the company says. And they go on to state that this nootropic has the ability to sharpen mental clarity and increase processing speeds.

In other words, your brain will work more quickly and effectively so that you can better utilize your study, work, or training time.

Reduce Stress

A common “side benefit” of nootropic supplements is stress reduction. This is because many of the same ingredients that improve cognitive function also improve mood and help minimize perceived stress.

This reduction in stress is also pivotal to more effectively concentrating and focusing on the task at hand.

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List of NeuroFuse Ingredients

neurofuse ingredients
This supplement immediately gets on our good side by being transparent about the included ingredients.
These ingredients are easy to find on their website or product packaging. Unfortunately, like many nootropic companies, they don’t list the specific amount of each ingredient.
We’d really like to see more nootropic supplements with a clear list of ingredients and the amount of each used since this can tell you a lot about the effectiveness of the product.
Here are the ingredients in this brain supplement:


Synthetically derived from an extract of the periwinkle plant, vinpocetine has experienced a number of medicinal uses throughout time.
It’s commonly included in nootropic stacks for its cognitive benefits. Specifically, it’s able to increase blood flow and oxygenation in the brain to enhance overall cognitive function, according to Pharmacological Reports.


L-theanine is an organic compound found in many plants, including green and black tea leaves.
It’s notable for its ability to reduce stress and promote relaxation. A study in Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that supplementing l-theanine can also boost concentration and alertness.

Huperzine A

Huperzine A is a naturally occurring alkaloid compound. It’s most commonly found in a species of firmoss plant.
According to a study in the Shanghai Archives of Psychiatry, the compound enhances memory, improves learning retention, and boosts alertness.

Bacopa Monnieri

An extract from Bacopa Monnieri, a creeping herb plant, has long been popular as a “brain tonic.”
Studies, including one in Rejuvenation Research, highlight the compound’s ability to improve memory, concentration, and overall cognitive function.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is an essential water-soluble vitamin. Although it occurs naturally in some foods, it’s beneficial to supplement.
Numerous studies, including this one in the Annals of Indian Academy of Neurology, point to vitamin B12 to improve memory and other cognitive abilities.


As the most widely used nervous system stimulant in the world, most people already know that caffeine is widely used to promote alertness.
Countless studies, such as one in Current Neuropharmacology, back up caffeine’s claims to improve energy, alertness, and concentration.


DMAE, short for dimethylethanolamine, is an organic compound with a variety of uses, including to prevent sagging skin.
The reason that it’s often included in nootropic supplements, however, is because of its key role in essential brain functions like learning and memory. A study in Science states that it helps speed up the production of crucial neurotransmitters.


Choline is a natural essential nutrient found in many plants. Supplementing choline is known to improve cognitive function by helping the brain produce a certain neurotransmitter vital for concentration and focus, suggests a study in the Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha lipoic acid is a common ingredient in nootropic supplements because of its energy boosting benefits.
In addition to its ability to improve energy and alertness, alpha lipoic acid is also important as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound, according to the Journal of Research in Medical Sciences.
Not only do these ingredients have their own powerful benefits, but many of them actually combine together to lead to additional benefits.

Does NeuroFuse Really Increase Mental Performance?

NeuroFuse doesn’t highlight one specific benefit. They claim that their supplement improves concentration, focus, alertness, mental clarity, and a variety of other cognitive functions. All of the individual claimed benefits combine together into a major increase in overall mental performance.

But does it actually provide this boost in mental performance as advertised? Unfortunately, many nootropic supplements, despite their substantial claims, simply don’t live up to the hype. Rather than trust their marketing materials on their word, we were curious how NeuroFuse actually works in the real world.

According to the ingredient list, the supplement should increase mental performance. It contains countless ingredients scientifically known for their cognitive benefits. However, this particular brain supplement falls into the same trap that so many others do. In short, it’s made from a proprietary blend.

The issue with this is that supplements with a proprietary blend aren’t required to disclose the actual amount of each ingredient that they use. So, while this supplement is transparent about the actual ingredients it uses, there is nowhere to find out how much of each is used.
This makes us much less likely to trust the claimed benefits. Despite the inclusion of numerous powerful ingredients, there’s no telling if there’s enough of each for any real-world effect. Because of this, it’s necessary to trust the reviews of other users. Or, to simply buy the product and try it out for yourself.

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Possible Side Effects: Is NeuroFuse Safe?

The risk of side effects while using this nootropic supplement is very low. Simply put, all of the ingredients included are 100% natural, so they come with a minimal level of risk. With that said, certain people might experience negative reactions to certain ingredients.
You might be allergic to one of the ingredients or just plain old sensitive. That’s why it’s so important to review the nutritional label to ensure that this brain pill doesn’t include any ingredients you’ve had a negative experience with in that past.

Beyond this, the majority of customer reviews from previous users claim that the pill didn’t cause any side effects. However, a small handful of past users do claim they felt minor side effects such as nausea and racing heartbeat. Fortunately, the small dosage in this supplement all but eliminates the potential for any dangerous side effects.

You certainly aren’t at risk for any serious side effects like those caused by Adderall such as abuse or addiction. Like always, talk to your doctor before trying any new supplement, including NeuroFuse.

Customer Complaints About NeuroFuse

Despite mostly positive reviews, this product still has a handful of negative ones from previous customers.

No Effects

A handful of previous users claim that they didn’t experience any effects after taking this supplement.
NeuroFuse Review: Does This Nootropic Supplement Started By Mysterious Company Actually Work?

Minimal Improvement

Another common customer complaint is of minimal benefits. These users do note an actual effect, but claim it wasn’t as great as they were led to believe.
NeuroFuse Review: Does This Nootropic Supplement Started By Mysterious Company Actually Work?


A handful of users claim that the product was more expensive than they were expecting for the amount of capsules (/dosages) they received.
NeuroFuse Review: Does This Nootropic Supplement Started By Mysterious Company Actually Work?

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NeuroFuse Reviews: What Do Customers Say About It?

There are hundreds of positive reviews from users that have taken this nootropic supplement before in the past.

Clear and Focused

One past user, “Melissa Lipp,” claims that this nootropic pills gave her “the most focused and clear minded results.”
NeuroFuse Review: Does This Nootropic Supplement Started By Mysterious Company Actually Work?

Improves Memory

Another user, “Mark Norton,” states that his “memory and focus have improved dramatically” after taking this smart pill.
NeuroFuse Review: Does This Nootropic Supplement Started By Mysterious Company Actually Work?

Boosts Energy

“Rafael,” a user of this supplement, claims that it makes him “calm, focused, and energized” throughout the day.
NeuroFuse Review: Does This Nootropic Supplement Started By Mysterious Company Actually Work?

Comparisons to Other Products

The most common products that this supplement is compared to are Adderall and OptiMind.

NeuroFuse vs Adderall

Almost all nootropic supplements, especially those that claim to increase focus, are at some point compared to Adderall. Adderall has long been a go-to work and study aid for that that demand a little extra mental performance and energy.

The catch is that it has some serious side effects, most notably a high risk for abuse and addiction. Adderall also requires a prescription for legal use.

NeuroFuse is a top-quality alternative because it’s created with 100% natural ingredients to minimize any negative side effects. It’s also easy to purchase legally online. It’s available over-the-counter and doesn’t require a prescription.

NeuroFuse vs OptiMind

OptiMind is a very popular nootropic supplement that NeuroFuse is often compared. Both brain pills claim to increase concentration, focus, and energy without any negative side effects.

The main difference between the two is the specific ingredients included. Each uses slightly different ingredients to promote their stated benefits.

These two supplements are very close in terms of overall quality. However, OptiMind has a slightly larger customer fanbase which equates to more positive reviews. Fortunately, each of these companies has a solid reputation as well as excellent customer service.

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Does NeuroFuse Have a Money Back Guarantee?

According to their official website, there is currently a 30-day money-back guarantee on NeuroFuse. Remember that this product is only offered if you buy the product from their official website or the company Amazon page.

Many customer reviews claim that the return process is easy and simple. In fact, several have stated that they were told to keep the supplement even though a refund was issued.

A nootropic supplement company that honors their money-back guarantee and does so without any fuss is a big positive in our books. A money-back guarantee like this one is a great way to test out a project without a major commitment.

Final Conclusion

The majority of those that have used NeuroFuse in the past stand by the company and its products. They claim that they experienced the claimed benefits and were able to more productively accomplish tasks throughout the day.

Although there’s a lack of scientific studies into this product itself, there are countless studies into the individual ingredients that back up the claims of past users.

On top of this, the company maintains a solid reputation. They have a history of honoring their money-back guarantee and a solid track record of excellent customer service.

One area we’d like to see improvement is with the ingredients list. We wish more nootropics companies would list the actual amounts and dosages of each ingredient in an effort for greater transparency.

However, this isn’t something we specifically hold against this company, since it’s prevalent across the industry as a whole. If you’re looking for a nootropic supplement to enhance your mental performance and maintain good brain health, this one is potentially worth your time.

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Where to Buy NeuroFuse

There are a lot of reliable retailers of NeuroFuse online. Chief among them is the company itself. They maintain a professional and intuitive website with a built-in online store.

The nootropic pill is also currently for sale on Amazon. It’s supplied for sale here directly through the company. The price is currently $26.71 on Amazon for 30 capsules.

It’s essential to point out that most nootropic supplements have a daily recommended dosing of one capsule per day. This particular supplement, on the other hand, recommends that you take three or even four capsules per day.

So, while 30 capsules is traditionally a full month’s supply, that just might not be the actual case with NeuroFuse. Right now, the company is currently offering a free 14-day trial on their website.

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