Neuro Peak Review: Does Zhou Nutrition's Brain Booster Really Work? Are There Any Side Effects?

Neuro Peak Review: Does Zhou Nutrition's Brain Booster Really Work? Are There Any Side Effects?

Updated October 19, 2020
Neuro Peak Review: Does Zhou Nutrition's Brain Booster Really Work? Are There Any Side Effects?

Nootropics are not a recent phenomenon. Despite the current surge in popularity, many of the same exact herbal ingredients have been used for hundreds or even thousands of years for their nootropic properties.
Zhou Nutrition, the company behind Neuro Peak, uses many of these same ingredients in their own popular and powerful nootropics supplement.
Completely natural, scientifically formulated, and almost entirely free of side effects, this brain supplement is designed to boost memory, focus, and mental clarity while also improving the mood and reducing stress.
Our detailed Neuro Peak review outlines everything you need to know about this nootropic supplement.

What Is Neuro Peak?

Neuro Peak is a nootropic supplement created to boost your cognitive abilities.
According to Zhou Nutrition, the company behind this popular product, their supplement is scientifically formulated for the best benefits possible.
They state that each 100% natural ingredient is hand selected by their team for its nootropic qualities. Additional research and testing go into deciding the exact amount of each ingredient to include in the formula.
In addition to a host of cognitive benefits such as improving mental clarity and processing speeds, the supplement is also notable for improving the mood and reducing stress.
A side benefit (and one that’s noted by users, not advertised specifically by the company) is a boost in mental and physical energy throughout the day.
Although these powerful effects are beneficial to almost anyone, Zhou Nutrition focuses most of their marketing and advertising efforts on students and professionals.
Their nootropic supplement is heralded as a study aid or mental focus pill to help you more easily complete strenuous projects on a tight deadline.
It’s important to note, right from the start, that Neuro Peak is a very highly-rated and well-reviewed product on Amazon and other review websites.
In fact, a cursory search of Google leads to few negative reviews across the web – aside from a handful of users that claim no effects were felt.
Additionally, Zhou Nutrition seems to maintain a strong company reputation while simultaneously offering a lot of transparency.
These two factors (positive reviews and strong reputation) already set this particular nootropic supplement out from the pack.

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About Neuro Peak

This nootropic supplement comes to you from the folks at Zhou Nutrition.
Unlike many nootropic companies, this one is well established with a strong reputation and a transparent background.
It’s easy to find information regarding the company, including their founders and history, by simply visiting their website.
In addition, Zhou Nutrition is notable for its wide range of products, including antioxidants, beauty, heart health, sports nutrition, and weight management products in addition to its line of nootropic supplements.
Many of these other products have strong reputations with positive reviews. None have been dubbed scams by the Internet at large.
This strong company background is one of the best things Neuro Peak has going for it.
In such a popular and growing industry, dozens of less than trustworthy companies and products have popped up – so it makes most people feel a lot better to buy from a trusted name like Zhou Nutrition.
Delving deeper into the company’s background, it becomes clear that they are dedicated to creating the best nootropic supplements possible.
And at the same time, Zhou Nutrition remains dedicated to providing natural solutions to help you reach your goals.
The company is headquartered in Utah. They maintain a small team of dedicated members focused on providing not only the best quality products, but the best customer support.
Their professional support team is easy to contact via email at – you can expect a quick and detailed response to your question or concern.
Phone support with a friendly, knowledgeable representative is also available if your questions can’t be answered over email.
Although quality customer support should be a no brainer for any nootropic organization, it’s sadly a rarity in the industry.
By simply offering a stronger-than-normal customer experience, Zhou Nutrition already stands head over heels above most others.
According to the company itself, “No matter where you are in your life’s journey, we’re creating solutions that help you reach your goals and become your greatest self.”

Claimed Benefits

Zhou Nutrition states that this supplement has the ability to improve several cognitive functions.
This is thanks to the ingredients that the formula contains. Many of these ingredients have been studied extensively on their own. Their benefits are well known.
Here are, according to Zhou Nutrition, the top Neuro Peak benefits:

Improves Memory

Zhou Nutrition clearly advertises this nootropic supplement as a memory enhancer.
The memory benefits are clearly touted in their marketing materials, on their website and on the product packaging itself.
The company claims these benefits stem from the supplement’s ability to increase blood flow and oxygenation to the brain.

Increases Concentration

Along with a boost in memory, this supplement purportedly provides an increase in concentration.
Not only does it make it easier to concentrate, but it also makes it easier to focus for longer periods of time.
For this reason, many people use the nootropic as an Adderall replacement to help improve their concentration for school and work projects.

Improves Mental Clarity

Zhou Nutrition states that this nootropic will help you think more clearly.
One of the most advertised benefits is that it can help reduce brain fog while simultaneously improving processing speed.
It has the potential to make your thoughts sharper and keener.

Reduces Stress

An interesting side benefit, and one that Zhou Nutrition focuses upon, is this nootropic’s ability to reduce stress.
The stated reason is the inclusion of a few key ingredients, including Rhodiola Rosea, which has long been used as an herbal remedy for anxiety.
Not only does the supplement calm your stress, but it actually reenergizes your mind and body to make focusing on difficult tasks even easier.

Improves Mood

Not many nootropic pills explicitly claim to improve the mood.
Neuro Peak does. Thanks to the stress reduction benefits, as well as the provided boost of energy, this supplement can actually you feel happier throughout the day.
This improvement in mood is largely related to the same natural ingredients that give you that natural burst of extra energy.

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List of Neuro Peak Ingredients

Never buy a nootropic supplement without first studying the list of included ingredients.
Because most of these brain pills have little to no scientific research done on their formulas as a whole, it’s important to understand the potential benefits of each individual ingredients.
Here are the ingredients included in this supplement:

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is essential to the smooth function of several body processes. It’s naturally found in fish, meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy products.
Not only does Vitamin B12 help maintain good brain health, but it also has the potential to strengthen memory, improve the mood, and boost energy, according to the Ontario Health Assessment Series.

Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa Monnieri is a creeping herb plant native to the wetlands of several continents. Its extract has long been used for medicinal purposes around the world.
According to several studies, including this one in Neuropsychopharmacology, bacopa monnieri has a major impact on human memory and overall cognition.


Phosphatidylserine is a naturally occurring fatty substance that helps protect the normal function of your brain.
A regular phosphatidylserine supplement has the potential to keep your mind and memory sharper, states a study in Genetics and Molecular Research.

Ginkgo Balboa

Ginkgo balboa is also known as the maidenhair tree. An extract from the leaves is a common ingredient in nootropic supplements thanks to its cognitive abilities.
A study in Integrative Medicine Insights suggests ginkgo balboa stimulates blood flow and oxygenation in the brain to improve overall brain function, especially concentration and memory.

Rhodiola Rosea Extract

Rhodiola Rosea is a perennial flowering plant. The extract has been used for thousands of years to reduce stress and improve overall wellbeing.
In addition to its stress reduction and mood improvement benefits, Rhodiola Rosea Extract is also notable for its ability to improve brain function and even increase exercise performance, according to BioMed Central Alternative and Complementary Medicine.


DMAE is an organic compound commonly used in nootropic supplements for its to stimulant certain cognitive processes.
A study in Science explores DMAE’s role in “exciting” the brain to increase energy, concentration, memory, learning retention, and other cognitive features.

St John’s Wart

St John’s Wort is a flowering plant. It has a long history of use as a medicinal herb.
Although evidence is still uncertain, the potential nootropic benefits of St John’s Wart include stress reduction, mood improvement, and a boost to cognitive functions like concentration and memory, suggests a study in Pharmacological Research.

Huperzine A

Huperzine A is an organic alkaloid compound found naturally in a certain firmoss species.
According to a study in Neuropharmacology, Huperzine A is a key supplement for memory and learning enhancement.


A derivative of an extract from the periwinkle plant, vinpocetine is an important ingredient in many brain supplements.
A study in the European Journal of Pharmacology highlights its ability to increase blood flow to the brain to improve overall cognitive function as well as to reduce stress.

Does Neuro Peak Really Support Cognition?

Zhou Nutrition, the company behind this brain pill, claims that one of its main benefits is to support cognition.
In fact, the supplement was formulated from the ground up to support healthy cognitive functions such as concentration, memory, and learning retention.
Zhou Nutrition states their product is able to do this thanks to their proprietary blend of natural ingredients, most of which have been scientifically tested and verified for their nootropic benefits.
Rather than take their word to heart, it’s essential to explore and research these claims for yourself.
As mentioned above, the most important step is to look into the included ingredients to see if they even have the potential for cognitive improvement.
The vast majority of them do, especially Bacopa Monnieri, ginkgo balboa, and Huperzine A.
These well-studied ingredients, along with several others, have ample scientific research backing up their concentration, memory, and mental acuity benefits.
Unfortunately, Zhou Nutrition doesn’t make it explicitly clear the exact amount of each ingredient included in their formula.
For this reason, it’s impossible to estimate how strongly a specific ingredient will affect the individual.
In addition, many of these herbal ingredients affect individuals differently, leading to a wide range of intensities of the benefits.
While we typically prefer nootropic pills that clearly list the included amount of each ingredient, we feel comfortable with the fact that Zhou Nutrition is transparent about the specific ingredients included in in this nootropic stack.

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Possible Side Effects: Is Neuro Peak Safe?

It’s very important to consider the overall safety of every nootropic you consume.
Even though most are more than safe, you should still look at all of the potential side effects and adverse reactions.
Fortunately, Neuro Peak is transparent about the ingredients in their supplements, so you will be able to pinpoint any that you know you’ve reacted to poorly in the past.
Although the vast majority of people will not experience any negative side effects, some users claim to experience some ill feelings after ingesting DMAE.
This specific ingredient can cause minor discomfort, including upset stomach and rapid heartbeat, in certain individuals.
Like any new supplement, it’s best to start with a small dosage to see how your body reacts to the ingredients combined together.
You should also talk to your doctor before trying a new supplement for the first time.

Customer Complaints About Neuro Peak

There are a handful of negative customer reviews about this supplement.

Minimal Effect

Many users note that they experience few, if any, effects after taking this supplement.

Some Users Experience Side Effects

Another common customer complaint is that of experiencing minor side effects, such as feeling sick to the stomach.

Amount of Ingredients Not Listed

A handful of users stated their unhappiness that the amount of each ingredient isn’t listed.

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Neuro Peak Reviews: What Do Customers Say About It?

In addition to the handful of negative reviews, there are an overwhelming amount of positive reviews for this supplement.

Quick Benefits

Numerous users, including “K. Sloan,” state that the supplement’s benefits were noticeable within the first few days of use.

Improves Concentration

According to user “Cody Werven,” the supplement greatly increased his “ability to concentrate for long periods of time.”

Reduces Anxiety

Another user, “Leslie Barber,” states that this nootropic pill eliminates her anxiety, giving her the ability to “accomplish so much more in a day.”

Comparisons to Other Products

Neuro Peak is often compared to Neuro Ignite and Alpha Brain.

Neuro Peak vs Neuro Ignite

Not only do these two nootropic supplements share a similar name, but they share many of the same benefits.
Both claim to improve concentration, focus, and memory while providing a substantial energy burst that doesn’t increase anxiety.
Although the benefits are similar, the exact ingredients differ greatly. Each of these two supplements uses different nootropics to accomplish its goals.
The main difference is that Neuro Peak is intended to provide long-term mental clarity benefit while Neuro Ignite provides short-term benefits.
It’s also important to note that Zhou Nutrition has a much better reputation than Havasu, the company behind Neuro Ignite.

Neuro Peak vs Alpha Brain

Alpha Brain is one of the most popular nootropic supplements on the market today.
It has a proven track record, a stellar company reputation, and thousands of happy customers that swear by it.
With that said, the claimed benefits of Neuro Peak and Alpha Brain are very similar. They both claim to boost overall cognitive performance and brain health.
The difference is the type of ingredients included. Each supplement utilizes a different set of natural ingredients to accomplish its goals.
Although both companies maintain strong reputations, Alpha Brain is slightly more positively reviewed as a whole.

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Does Neuro Peak Have a Money Back Guarantee?

This nootropic supplement does come with a money back guarantee.
The company currently offers a 60-day money-back guarantee on all orders of its products.
Remember that this offer is only available through certain channels.
If you buy the supplement from a third-party provider, you might not qualify for this money-back guarantee.
That’s why we recommend always buying through an official retailer like the company’s official website or official Amazon page.

Final Conclusion

Neuro Peak is a well-reviewed nootropic supplement from a reputable company.
Zhou Nutrition, the company behind the supplement, is a professional organization that offers excellent customer support and a solid money-back guarantee.
Not only that, but many users of this nootropic supplement claim it goes above and beyond the stated benefits.
And the ingredients included in the supplement back up these customer claims. Several have been extensively studied for their cognitive enhancement benefits.
Although there’s nothing in particular that sticks out about this brain pill, it’s still well worth a try depending on your needs and preferences.

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Where to Buy Neuro Peak?

You have a handful of online options to buy Neuro Peak.
The first is on the Zhou Nutrition website. It’s also available for sale on Amazon.
Both of these retailers provide a 60-day money-back guarantee on the product in case it doesn’t work for you personally.
The supplement is currently going for $19.99 on Amazon and $21.04 on Zhou Nutrition.
Each of these containers comes with 30 capsules. Taking the recommended one capsule per day into account, this equates to a monthly supply.

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