Mind Lab Pro by Opti-Nutra Review

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If you’ve shopped the online nootropic market before, you’ve likely seen sites that offer a range of products. Each one has a specialized focus, but unless you have an incredible amount of disposable income, it’s not feasible to buy every one you want.

But what if there were one nootropic supplement that did just about everything you’d want a nootropic to do?

A supplement that improved your focus and brain performance on every level? Mind Lab Pro, a stimulant-free nootropic, promises to do just that. But is it all it claims to be? Here, we’ll look into the science and function behind this all-in-one brain booster.

Quick Info Pros and Cons

  • Pros
    • All ingredients are backed by research.
  • It supports multiple brain pathways to maximize focus and motivation.
  • While it supports cognitive function, it reduces stress at the same time, making it easier to think creatively and solve problem.
  • Since it’s free of traditional stimulants, it’s unlikely to cause anxiety.
  • All ingredients are included in effective doses, which isn’t always the case with nootropics.
  • If you’re dissatisfied, the manufacturer offers a money-back guarantee.
  • It’s somewhat expensive, especially considering the ingredients.
  • While the company does its own quality control, it doesn’t offer transparency when it comes to the analysis of the finished product.

What is Mind Lab Pro?

Mind Lab Pro is a nootropic supplement that’s advertised as a “universal nootropic.” It’s manufactured by the UK-based Opti-Nutra Advanced Nutraceuticals. It combines research-backed nootropic compounds, many of which are vitamins and herbs. Each ingredient is included at an effective dose.

Somewhat surprisingly, it doesn’t include more stimulating nootropic compounds like adrafinil or members of the racetam family. However, for someone who is stimulant-sensitive or prefers a more relaxed focus, this type of formulation is ideal.

What are the Active Ingredients? How Do They Work?

One benefit of Mind Lab Pro is that it clearly lists all active ingredients, which have all been shown to have nootropic effects. We’ll go through the list and introduce you to each one.

1. Citicoline (as Cognizin)–250 mg

Mind Lab Pro by Opti-Nutra Review

This is the primary ingredient in Mind Lab Pro. And if you guessed that this ingredient has something to do with acetylcholine based on its name, you’re correct–Cognizin (this particular formation of citicoline) supports a healthy level of acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is necessary for optimal cognitive function.

Cognizin also acts as a brain protectant. Acetylcholine works to prevent your neurons from being damaged from free radicals, so taking Cognizin regularly is likely to protect memory and general brain function. And lastly, it also stimulates the function of mitochondria. Mitochondria produce adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is the molecule that powers cellular energy. Thus, you’ll be able to stay focused and maintain mental and physical energy throughout the day.

2. Phosphatidylserine (as Sharp PS)–100 mg

Mind Lab Pro by Opti-Nutra Review

This unusual-sounding ingredient is a phospholipid. When found naturally in the body, it forms a protective coating over brain cells. It also has been shown in studies to increase the efficiency of synapses. A synapse is the transfer of information between brain cells. This explains why several other studies have shown that this supplement supports memory and concentration. Phosphatidylserine has been researched to see if it could be used to treat Alzheimer’s disease, but there currently isn’t enough information to say that it’s helpful in treatment.


3. Bacopa Monnieri–150 mg

This herb has been used for centuries to improve memory and cognition. It achieves this effect largely by reducing anxiety. Bacopa monnieri (which is often called water hyssop) is part of Ayurveda, or Indian traditional medicine. And while not all traditional herbs have been shown to work in clinical trials, Bacopa monnieri has a surprising amount of evidence behind it. In particular, studies indicate that it consistently improves memory. It also consistently decreases anxiety, but this decrease isn’t pronounced.

4. Organic Lion’s Mane Mushroom–500 mg

Mind Lab Pro by Opti-Nutra Review

This mushroom (also known as Yamabushitake) is often taken in extract form to support cognitive function. To date, there has only been one human study using it.

This study indicated that lion’s mane may reduce cognitive decline and decrease depression and anxiety. However, this study gave participants a total of 3,000 mg daily. It’s possible that lion’s mane works at lower doses, but there hasn’t been enough research to confirm this.

5. Maritime Pine Bark Extract–75 mg

This supplement, which is also known as Pycnogenol, has been shown in multiple studies to increase the production of nitric oxide (NO). Nitric oxide is a molecule that dilates blood vessels and improves blood flow. Because blood flow is increased, supplementing with maritime pine bark extract helps to oxygenate the brain, which can improve cognitive performance.

This supplement also improves blood sugar control, which helps support a more level mood.

6. L-Tyrosine (as N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine)–175 mg

This is an amino acid that is used by the body to produce catecholamines like dopamine and adrenaline. And while you might think that supplementing with it will result in a direct increase in one or both neurotransmitters, the research behind it doesn’t show that this is the case.

However, research into L-Tyrosine has shown that supplementing it seems to prolong some of the effects of catecholamines–namely, stress reduction. Some research also suggests that L-Tyrosine may improve memory. And while it may not be as hard-hitting as a more powerful stimulant, L-Tyrosine does have a stimulant effect. This, provided with its anti-stress properties, makes it ideal for taking before exercise or before performing stressful tasks.

7. L-Theanine (as Suntheanine)–100 mg

You may not have heard of L-Theanine. But if you’ve ever had a cup of green tea, you’ve taken it before. L-Theanine is an amino acid, and it’s been shown to produce GABA and glutamate (two important neurotransmitters) when ingested. This is one of its nootropic effects, but its main nootropic effect is that it relaxes you without making you feel sleepy. If you’re someone who often has trouble focusing due to anxiety (but who becomes drowsy on traditional anti-anxiety supplements), this is an especially valuable ingredient.

8. Rhodiola Rosea–50 mg

Prolonged stress is likely to cause fatigue and ultimately reduce focus. But Rhodiola rosea, an adaptogenic herb, can help you deal with stress and fatigue. Eight separate human studies have confirmed its ability to noticeably decrease fatigue, especially if you take this supplement in small doses over time. And in cases where this herb reduces fatigue, it improves cognition.

Since both of these effects will help you perform better on tasks requiring focus and persistence, Rhodiola is a great addition to a nootropic supplement.

9-11. Vitamins B6, B9, and B12

The last three ingredients in Mind Lab Pro are three B-vitamins in a highly bioavailable form. They’re formulated just as they appear in nature, and they’re also combined with cofactors. Cofactors are enzymes that make it easier for your body to absorb vitamins and some other supplements.

B-vitamins have several benefits, and energy support is among them. However, when it comes to brain-specific benefits, these vitamins aid in the synthesis of important brain chemicals and increase brain oxygenation.

Mind Lab Pro Ingredients Explained

Mind Lab Pro Full Ingredients List

Mind lab pro review

How Do These Ingredients Work Together?

The above ingredient list explored this supplement’s effects in-depth. But before we move on, let’s look at how these ingredients work together as a whole to optimize your brain function:

  • They have a positive impact on brain chemistry, which helps you process information, focus, and stay motivated.
  • They support mental energy and help you power through fatigue.
  • They help repair and nourish brain cells to preserve neuroplasticity.
  • They increase circulation and oxygen delivery to your brain.
  • They work against free radicals and brain degradation to preserve cognitive function.
  • They support alpha brain waves to keep you alert yet calm.

Is it Safe to Take?

None of the ingredients in Mind Lab Pro have been shown to have any significant side effects. The one possible exception is L-Tyrosine, which has some stimulant effects and can cause elevated heartbeat and blood pressure when taken in high doses.

However, the amount in Mind Lab Pro won’t cause these issues if you’re otherwise healthy. However, since each person is different, it may be wise to start with a smaller dose to make sure you tolerate it well.

Mind Lab Pro by Opti-Nutra Review

Who is Mind Lab Pro Made For?

According to its manufacturer, Mind Lab Pro is a nootropic for everyone who wants to boost brainpower. In particular, it’s suggested for the following groups:

  • Professionals–When it comes to navigating a stressful career, this type of relaxing, creativity-promoting supplement may be very helpful.
  • Competitors–Whether it’s mental or physical, competition can be taxing. But a supplement like this one can support quick, clear thinking and energy.
  • Older People–Thanks to its several brain-protecting ingredients, Mind Lab Pro may help support clearer cognition even as you age.
  • Athletes–Mind Lab Pro’s ability to support focus and motivation can help fuel competitive and recreational athletes alike.
  • Students–Demanding programs of study can cause concentration-ruining fatigue, but many ingredients in this supplement bolster your stress resistance while helping you think clearly.

How Does Mind Lab Pro Conduct Quality Control?

Mind Lab Pro by Opti-Nutra Review

Contrary to what many might think, the FDA doesn’t evaluate the effectiveness of supplements when regulating them–it simply evaluates safety. And in a world where most supplement buyers want to be careful about what they put into their bodies, in-house, transparent quality control is quickly becoming a must for most manufacturers.

Mind Lab Pro tests for quality at two points during production. The first is when ingredients arrive at the manufacturing facility. While Mind Lab Pro only sources from reputable manufacturers, they still test for purity and potency before they begin working with raw materials. You can see a full review of quality on their website.

Once manufacturing is complete, each individual batch is then re-tested to make sure optimal levels of each ingredient are present. At this stage, capsules are also tested to make sure that they will break down efficiently after you take them.

However, it’s worth noting that Mind Lab Pro doesn’t offer to send buyers a COA (certificate of analysis, which shows the exact tested composition of the final product). This doesn’t necessarily mean there’s any deception or inaccuracy on the company’s part, but many supplement manufacturers do offer this to customers upon request.

How Expensive is it Compared to Other Nootropics?

No reputable nootropic manufacturer has inventory offered at rock-bottom prices. That said, Mind Lab Pro is more expensive than most nootropic supplements. You can, however, save money by purchasing more than one month’s supply at a time.

Mind Lab Pro has a satisfaction guarantee, if it doesn’t help you – You get 100% of your money back.

None of the ingredients in Mind Lab Pro are especially expensive on their own, which might make some potential buyers balk at the price. However, if you wanted to take every separately, sourcing, purchasing, and getting the right daily dose would be simply impractical. Mind Lab Pro is incredibly convenient, and the fact that it combines proven ingredients in effective doses might be enough to justify the price.

Mind Lab Pro Review

Is Shipping Expensive? Is it Fast?

Mind Lab Pro will ship your order anywhere in the world, and it does ship fast–orders are shipped either the day you make your purchase of the following day (excluding weekends and holidays).

Shipping is free anywhere in the world if you spend more than $195 at one time. If you purchase less than this, your shipping costs will depend on your location.

Our Final Thoughts

Though it’s somewhat expensive, Mind Lab Pro is a nootropic worth exploring, especially for those who are new to the nootropic world. Its focus on total brain health and performance makes it suitable for just about anyone, and it’s lack of side effects makes it safe to try.

Some users may find they want to move onto more powerful focus boosters. But for those who are just after a relaxed focus and better brain health, Mind Lab Pro may be just right.

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Mind Lab Pro by Opti-Nutra ReviewMind Lab Pro by Opti-Nutra ReviewMind Lab Pro by Opti-Nutra ReviewMind Lab Pro by Opti-Nutra ReviewMind Lab Pro by Opti-Nutra Review
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Mind Lab Pro by Opti-Nutra ReviewMind Lab Pro by Opti-Nutra ReviewMind Lab Pro by Opti-Nutra ReviewMind Lab Pro by Opti-Nutra ReviewMind Lab Pro by Opti-Nutra Review
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Mind Lab Pro by Opti-Nutra ReviewMind Lab Pro by Opti-Nutra ReviewMind Lab Pro by Opti-Nutra ReviewMind Lab Pro by Opti-Nutra ReviewMind Lab Pro by Opti-Nutra Review
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Alpha BRAIN® supports key cognitive functions which include memory, mental speed, and focus.

Caffeine Free
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