Liftmode: Benefits,Uses,Dosage and Its Best Product

Liftmode is a rather new supplement brand that aims to bring high quality products, but still at a cost effective price. We'll be taking a complete look with the Liftmode Review.

Finding quality supplements has become a bit of a minefield.

Either it’s going to cost you a months and a half worth of income, or the experience are so bad they sound like Amber Heard sh*tting the bed bad.

Liftmode is a rather new supplement brand that aims to bring high quality products, but still at a cost effective price.

Many have highly recommended the brand – but do they have any validity?

Not only did we purchase some of their products, we are going to compare the company vs others in the genre. Read on for a complete Liftmode experience.

Our Experience with Liftmode

The obvious one we had to buy from Liftmode was their Phenibut F.A.A. – the one that makes you feel as good as caffeine or alcohol, just without the jitters and ex texting. So we went ahead an purchased Phenibut to get an in depth view on their methods.

The popularity of this product was not the only reason for purchasing this product, but I’ve seen more than one critical experience on the Phenibut powder. To such an extent, some people claim them to be fake experience.

Honestly, it works perfectly fine. Granted the recommended Liftmode dose was a bit light for me, but once you increase it to 1.5 serving size it hits you exactly like you expect it to.

Payment and shipping were both a breeze with absolutely no hassle in the process – top notch!

Overall, as a business, they find themselves snugly in the market. Sure other brands are miles ahead in marketing, but if you simply want a good supplement – they do a pretty damn fine job.

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What Is Liftmode?

Liftmode is not your typical supplement retailer. They aim their product line at customers that are looking for a mental boost of sorts, that being said, they have a pretty wide variety of products.

Based in Chicago, they stock supplements you won’t see at your local pharmacy, but still, maintain exceptional quality. Their products range from mood elevation, and cardio health, to even sexual health.

They’re also pretty big on being scientifically accurate, meaning all of their content is researched and referenced.

Further from just providing quality products and good information, they are also determined to help you get your product without hassle, faster than just a few days!

How Does Liftmode Work?

Liftmode has a massive focus on quality. They want to provide good quality as well as just good customer service! They provide quite a lot of information about the products they stock as well.

liftmode review

Not exactly a public health service, but great customer service nonetheless! They have a pretty big focus on Cognition Enhancement, and not the typical stuff you find in pre workout. They also have some other focus and energy supplements that can really make a difference!

They’re also kind enough to provide a certificate of all their products – I would highly recommend you take a look at those because frankly it is staggering.

Liftmode: Benefits,Uses,Dosage and Its Best Product

Best Liftmode Products

As mentioned before, they have a massive variety of products to suit their customer’s needs. Their best sellers would have to be the Phenibut and Kanna Extract. That being said, let’s take a look at their other supplements:

Liftmode: Benefits,Uses,Dosage and Its Best Product
  • Cognition Enhancement [Huperzine A, Lion’s Mane, etc.]
  • Joint & Connective Tissue Health [MSM, NeuroLift Balance Capsule form, etc.]
  • Calm & Stress Relief [L-Theanine, Baicalin, etc.]
  • Libido Enhancement [D-Aspartic Acid, Yohimbine HCl, etc.]
  • Sleep Quality [Melatonin, GABA, etc.]
  • Energy Boost [Ginseng, ALCAR, etc.]
  • Fitness & Workout [Berberine, L-Citrulline, etc.]
  • Mood Elevation [Kanna, 5-HTP, etc.]
  • Cardiovascular Health [Niacin, Taurine, etc.]
  • Vitality & Gut Health [Milk Thistle, TUDCA, etc.]
  • Immune Support [NACET, Vitamin B6, etc.]
  • Healthy Ageing [Alpha Lipoic Acid, Resveratrol, etc.]
  • Skin & Beauty [Royal Jelly Powder, NMN, etc.]

So, as you can see, they have more than enough natural supplements at a reasonable price to keep you happy. Combine this with the excellent customer service that we at M&B experienced, and they’re a winner in our books. My personal favorite product is:

#1 Best Liftmode Product
Liftmode: Benefits,Uses,Dosage and Its Best Product

Phenibut HCl 300mg Capsules

Phenibut is an exceptional tool we can use to really lower our cortisol and help with recovery from work or training. I have used Phenibut on and off for years, specifically while trying to lose weight.

When you are too stressed and your cortisol is too high, you’ll release a lot of glucocorticoids which can actually bring glycogen from the liver into the blood, and then your body will be more prone to use that as energy as opposed to free fatty acids. A simple method to stop this is to relax a bit.

Ordering and Shipping

Right off the bat – the US gets free shipping options, at least when your total is more than $49. For those of you over the pond, sorry but you’ll have to pay.

You can also expect fast shipping, your order will be packaged and shipped within 1 day of you placing the order. They offer the following payment services:

  • USPS First Class: 5 – 15 business days
  • USPS Priority Mail: 2 – 4 business days
  • USPS Priority Mail Express: 24 – 48 business hours
  • UPS: Delivery time varies
  • UPS SurePost: 3-8 business days

* they do offer International shipping as well

There are also the following payment options available:

  • Credit Card (Authorize.Net CIM)
  • BTC Payment – BTCPay Server
  • Credit Card (USA ePay)

So, while they may provide some of the ‘highest quality supplements’, personally I believe they could make a better effort to improve their payment options. Other customers on Reddit agree with me.

Customer Feedback

The same questions should pop into your mind whenever deciding on a brand. Price, quality, and then customer feedback. When it comes to the average Liftmode customer feedback, it ranges quite a bit.

They do offer Trustpilot experience on their website, but to get any real information you’re going to hop to Reddit. There have been some people claiming the product quality isn’t up to par, whilst other reviews state their products are perfect.

Contrary to popular belief, this is really helpful! This means that their experience are probably not faked and that their customer base is honest.

Reddit username 4mgOfMommyIssues said:

“Works the same as it always has for me, I get the vibe this is something similar to people who think they’re brand of benzos just went bunk one day, it’s probably tolerance.”

Reddit username SpidersRKewl said:

“Yea, I just recieved an order of powder from them. I was worried at first due to the negative posts, but it works perfectly fine. In fact, it seems to be more effective than the stock of phenibut I have.”

When looking at the experience, most people are eager to say it’s a great product, but you build up a tolerance for it rather quickly. That is not an indication of poor quality. Most say their products have worked wonders.

Alternatives to Liftmode

Liftmode vs Bulk Supplements

When it comes to focus supplements, I think Liftmode has the edge here. While I do not think Bulk Supplements has ever produced a bad batch of anything, they have a much wider and helpful range of products. That being said, if you want to have the best of something, go to the people that specialize in it. There are useful amounts of focus and mind supplements with Bulk, but f you are only interested in focus driven supps. Lifmode is the place to be.

Liftmode vs Pure Rawz

Pure Rawz is going in a completely different direction as Liftmode. They stock other products that could have adverse effects, but again, if you’re only looking for high quality products in line with mind clarity and focus – Liftmode is the way to go.

Liftmode vs Nootropics Depot

This is really a big challenge for Liftmode. Nootropics Depot Experience is incredibly established in this market, and has great communication with their clientele about what their needs are – they listen. Every single experience from Nootropics Depot I’ve seen is glowing or good at least. As a service, Nootropics edges Liftmode. Their range of products is so vast, and their site is frankly so full you get overwhelmed. But the site looks nice so it’s not so bad.

Is LiftMode trustworthy?

Yes. Liftmode is a legit brand that is maybe not as popular as others but that does not take away from how good they are. They offer a great product and are extremely helpful in trying to increase the knowledge of their customers as well. I can highly recommend Liftmode.

Is LiftMode a Clean Brand?

My last purchase certainly shows this. There are some people who have claimed their products aren’t what they used to be, but for the most part, all the experience are 5 stars all around. As a business they are doing pretty well, and your purchase is perfectly clean.

Is Liftmode Legit or Not?

Absolutely. They have a pretty big customer base, and while some say the “stuff doesn’t wok” other customers are eager to point out that you build op tolerance!

Don’t have anxiety about your products not working – rather have an assessment within yourself to see if you haven’t built up some sort of tolerance.

The business is extremely focused on the customer and their needs. They respond quickly when you email them with queries, and most of the customer experience are good if not great.

Still Have Questions?

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