Intelleral Review: Does This "Natural Focus Stimulant" Really Work?

Intelleral Review: Does This "Natural Focus Stimulant" Really Work?

Updated October 19, 2020
Intelleral Review: Does This "Natural Focus Stimulant" Really Work?

Intelleral supplement
Intelleral is just one of many nootropic supplements to hit the market in recent years.
Self-described as a “natural focus stimulant,” it claims to improve your “focus and concentration” for “sustained attention” and to increase your “ability to stay on task.”
These stated benefits are backed up with a professional website, stylish packaging, and the lofty claim of a “double blind clinical study conducted by America’s Top-Rated Hospital.”
Unfortunately, if online customer reviews are anything to go off, this so-called brain booster is little more than a lackluster quality product wrapped up in an attractive package.
Our detailed Intelleral review is meant to educate those on the fence about pulling the trigger. Here’s what you need to know about this nootropic supplement.

What Is Intelleral?

A nootropic is simply a substance that’s used to boost cognitive function. Many natural substances, such as caffeine, have been utilized for their nootropic benefits for hundreds or even thousands of years.
Yet, it’s relatively recently that a new breed of nootropics has hit the market. Often dubbed “smart pills,” these supplements typically contain a variety of natural ingredients aimed at improving your overall brain function.
Intelleral is another one of these nootropic supplements. Like many of its competitors, the product’s claimed list of benefits includes improving concentration, brain processing speed, and memory.
It also claims to provide a substantial burst of energy throughout the day. Although the product is designed for anyone looking for a boost in mental performance, it’s specifically marketed towards students and professionals.
In fact, the company claims, right there on their official website, that their product is a safe, all-natural alternative to Adderall. They go on to suggest that another of its many benefits is to “stop people from taking ADD/ADHD medications illicitly.”
Adderall, in particular, has a long history of non-prescription use as a study and work aid thanks to the boost in energy and cognitive performance it can provide. Intelleral claims that, thanks to its clinically-tested ingredients, it can compete as an over-the-counter solution to Adderall.
Because of the hype surrounding nootropics, as well as this company’s almost “too-good-to-be-true marketing claims,” it’s essential to look at honest, unbiased information to form your own conclusion on its effectiveness.

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About Intelleral

A lot of new nootropic supplements are sold under the company name. In other words, the company name and the product name are one and the same – there’s no distinction between the two.
So, for our purposes here, Intelleral is both the product name as well as the company’s name. Attempting to delve into the company’s background and history is a tall order. Despite the professional website, very little information is provided about the company itself.
In fact, Intelleral gives away almost zero information about their company, focusing instead almost entirely on the product itself. The listed address is for “Premium Distribution” in Scottsdale, Arizona. Taking a closer look, this is the address for a third-party distribution and shipping warehouse services company to help other companies with their “logistics” and “shipping costs.”

Digging around on this nootropic supplement’s official website, as well as searching around elsewhere online, yields little additional company information. It’s all but impossible to find out where the company is headquartered, who owns it or oversees day-to-day operations, or even what year it was founded.

Of course, this lack of company information doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t make a great-quality product, but it certainly makes them less trustworthy. Several other smart pill companies hiding behind a background of secrecy already have an established history of shady business practices – some have been proven outright scams.
Now, we’re not saying that the same goes for Intelleral, just that transparency never hurts. Many of the absolute best nootropic supplements are backed up by a transparent, honest company that almost immediately generates a feeling of trust with customers.

Claimed Benefits

Intelleral, like most nootropic supplements, clearly lists the claimed benefits on both the website and the packaging.
Of course, even taking the company at their word, it’s important to remember that everyone reacts to the included ingredients differently, so the actual benefits might not be the same for everyone.  Here are the claimed benefits of this brain pill:

Sustained Attention

The top claimed benefit is an improved ability to pay attention to a specific task. This is one of the top reasons why this supplement is so popular with college students looking for study aids for tests and exams.
The company also states that their product might improve processing speeds. In other words, it potentially increases the efficiency of your brain to make time spent more productive.

Ability to Stay on Task

Sustained attention is nothing if your mind is wandering all around. Another claimed benefit of this supplement is the ability to stay on task. The company claims you’ll be able to focus on a project, even if it’s difficult and tedious.
They go on to state that this benefit is highlighted by an improvement in memory as well as learning retention, so that you retain the skills and knowledge picked up even when the effects of the brain pill wear off.

Focus and Concentration

Like most nootropic supplements, this one claims to improve focus and concentration. It supposedly increases mental acuity and clarity so you think sharper. This increase in clearness of thinking translates to higher productivity.
It’s even suggested that this improvement in focus and concentration can help you make more difficult connections between subjects while learning new things.

No Crash and No Side Effects

Although Adderall is known for its powerful benefits – it’s also well-known for its extreme side effects. Thanks to its all-natural composition, this smart pill comes with few, if any, side effects.
The only real risk is minor stomach discomfort or restlessness for those highly sensitive to caffeine or green coffee beans. At the same time, it’s notable for the lack of a crash or comedown, which Adderall is known.

Stop People from Taking ADD/ADHD Medications Illicitly

Adderall might be a powerful study aid, but it’s also illegal to take without a prescription. But thousands of people still take it as a study aid or performance enhancer. Intelleral is a safe, all-natural alternative that is 100% legal to use and can be purchased over the counter.
The company states that their supplement has the potential to prevent people from taking Adderall and other ADD/ADHD medications illicitly. It must be noted, however, that this nootropic pill is not an alternative for those using Adderall for its ADD/ADHD benefits.

Clinically Tested Ingredients

A major benefit about this nootropic supplement and most others on the market is the all-natural composition. The ingredients used are widely tested in clinical studies.
It’s simple to find more detailed information about the majority of ingredients online, from reputable scientific studies and similar resources. For Intelleral, the clinical testing focuses primarily on the whole green coffee bean powder used in the supplement.

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List of Intelleral Ingredients

Supplement ingredients
This brain supplement is a little different from most. Unlike the majority of others on the market, this one has just one primary ingredient, instead of a combination of several. With that said, the official Intelleral website doesn’t list any ingredients aside from green coffee bean powder.
However, the actual packaging of the product itself states that it includes “WGCP patented green coffee powder, gotu kola, and brahmi” in a vegetable cellulose. Here are the ingredients used in this supplement:

Whole Green Coffee Powder

Whole green coffee powder is an extract made from green coffee beans.
A green coffee bean is simply an unroasted coffee bean. There is a lot of hype surrounding this ingredient right now. It’s currently extremely popular in a variety of supplements, including weight loss pills.
Green coffee beans contain a large amount of natural caffeine. Countless studies, including this one in Current Neuropharmacology, explore caffeine’s benefits as a cognitive enhancer.
Most of us are also well aware of caffeine’s energy boosting ability, which also often translate to increased mental focus itself. Interestingly, green coffee beans also have a higher level of chlorogenic acid than roasted coffee beans.

A study in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine suggests that chlorogenic acid increases concentration and focus.

According to Intelleral, the inclusion of whole green coffee powder, which they shorten to WGCP, is the key difference between their supplement and others that utilize caffeine.
They claim that the high amount of chlorogenic acid delivers the caffeine much more slowly than normal, preventing a sudden burst of energy, eliminating a crash, and maintaining a prolonged state of alertness. The company goes on to state that they use a “patent-pending process that utilizes all of the acids, fiber, and caffeine.”
Aside from the marketing hype, it’s unclear if there is any real difference in the way in which the caffeine is delivered between unroasted coffee beans and other forms of caffeine.
What is clear, however, is that whole green coffee powder does contain high amounts of caffeine and chlorogenic acid, both of which have been proven to promote energy and concentration.

Gotu Kola

Gotu kola, sometimes called Asiatic pennywort, is a flowering plant native to Asia. It has a long history of use as a medicinal herb.
According to many studies, including this one published in the Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology, gotu kola is used to boost energy, lower stress, and promote memory.


Brahmi, also known as bacopa monnieri, is a plant whose extract has long been used in traditional Indian medicine. It’s now a common ingredient in nootropic supplements.
A study published in Neuropyschopharmacology discusses the benefits of brahmi on overall cognitive function, especially as it pertains to improving concentration, focus, and memory.
We’re disappointed that this company is not clearer about the ingredients used in their proprietary blend. Although they do discuss the whole green coffee powder in detail on their website, there’s no mention of the inclusion of gotu kola or brahmi.
We’d like to see this company, and other nootropic companies, be clearer and more transparent about their included ingredients.

Does Intelleral Really Improve Focus and Concentration?

The primary advertised benefit of this nootropic supplement is its ability to improve focus and concentration.
According to the company’s marketing materials, it’s capable of accomplish this feat primarily through the inclusion of whole green coffee powder.
Not only that, but they go to claim that this ingredient, made from raw green unroasted coffee beans, “undergoes a patented process that makes sure that all the healthy fiber, nutrients, natural acids, and antioxidants remain in the finished product.”
What we can tell you is that caffeine, green coffee beans, and chlorogenic acid are all widely studied substances. These ingredients all have proven scientific benefits. Namely, they improve alertness and reduce fatigue by providing an increase in mental and physical energy.
A variety of cognitive benefits have also been widely studied and proven, including improvements to concentration, focus, learning retention, processing speed, and memory. With that said, it might seem like a no-brainer that Intelleral actually works.
But it’s not so simple as that. Because supplements, especially proprietary blends, don’t need to list the actual amounts used of each ingredient, it’s impossible to gauge this nootropic’s real efficiency. That’s why it’s pivotal to try the brain pill for yourself to see how your mind specifically reacts to the included ingredients.
As far as online customer reviews go, the verdict is mixed, although it certainly seems to lean towards the negative. An overwhelming percentage of users claim that they experienced absolutely no effects after taking this supplement, while a number of others claim that the effects were minimal.
Our takeaway is this: Intelleral markets the product as using whole green coffee powder as the sole ingredient. Although they claim that the powder undergoes a “patented” process to make it more powerful, there’s little chance it’s actually more potent than standard green coffee beans.
And regular old green coffee beans are a staple at most health food stores. So, it’s definitely cheaper, and possibly more effective, to forgo this supplement altogether in favor of the real thing.

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Possible Side Effects: Is Intelleral Safe?

Nootropic supplements are, as a whole, safe and free of major side effects. Sometimes a small portion of users experience minor side effects, but this is typically from a negative reaction to a specific ingredient rather than to the product as a whole.
In Intelleral’s case, the only potential side effects would stem from the whole green coffee powder. The most common among these would be a reaction to the caffeine it contains in the form of restlessness, anxiety, increase heartbeat, and similar side effects.
Despite the potential for side effects caused by the caffeine, most users of this product claim to experience no side effects (but, then again, many users claim to have experienced no positive benefits either).

Customer Complaints About Intelleral

This product has an overwhelming majority of negative reviews on Amazon and other websites.

No Effects

A large group of users state that taking the supplement produced no effects, even after long-term use of up to one month.

Same as Coffee

Other users that did notice an effect claim that they were nothing different than the effects experienced after drinking a strong cup of coffee.
Intelleral Review: Does This "Natural Focus Stimulant" Really Work?

Too Expensive

Although some users did claim to experience the stated benefits, many of these same ones also claimed that the product is too expensive for what it does, especially since green coffee beans can be purchased cheaply from health food stores and even Walmart.
Intelleral Review: Does This "Natural Focus Stimulant" Really Work?

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Intelleral Reviews: What Do Customers Say About It?

In spite of the staggering number of negative customer reviews, this product does have a few mostly positives ones.

Eliminates Brain Fog

A number of online users, particularly those on Amazon, claim that the product eliminated brain fog which, in turn, increased their overall productivity levels.
Intelleral Review: Does This "Natural Focus Stimulant" Really Work?

Improves Focus and Energy

Many users state that this product has the ability to improve your focus and energy roughly the same amount as a few cups of coffee – but over a longer, more sustained duration.
Intelleral Review: Does This "Natural Focus Stimulant" Really Work?

No Crash

Other users state that this nootropic gave them a burst of energy without the crash associated with Adderall and other stimulants.
Intelleral Review: Does This "Natural Focus Stimulant" Really Work?

Comparisons to Other Products

This nootropic supplement is sometimes compared to Adderall.

Intelleral vs Adderall

This supplement is sometimes compared to Adderall. Both products are commonly used as study aids by students and professionals looking for a competitive edge. Like Adderall, this natural nootropic promotes focus, concentration, and memory while providing a boost in energy.
The key difference is that Adderall comes with a major risk of side effects, including mental and physical dependency, for those without a prescription.
Although Intelleral isn’t decided to replace Adderall as an ADD/ADHD medication, it is a potentially viable over-the-counter alternative to use as a cognitive enhancer.

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Does Intelleral Have a Money Back Guarantee?

This company does not currently offer a money back guarantee on their product. Although this is far from a deal breaker, we do prefer to use companies with such a guarantee since it allows you to test out their products without making a commitment.

Final Conclusion

It’s hard to recommend Intelleral for a couple of reasons.
First and foremost, much of the advertising is deceptive or exaggerated. And there is little to no information about the company itself available online. On top of this, the company continually touts a “double blind clinical study conducted by America’s Top-Rated Hospital.”
Although they do state this study was done by Dr. Michael Manos at Cleveland Clinic, it’s difficult to find more information about the study. In fact, nowhere does the company link to the actual study itself or even include citations to back up its claims.
Aside from these drawbacks, it is clear that whole green coffee powder is an effective stimulant at boosting energy while simultaneously increasing focus and concentration. You’ll likely feel a boost from the caffeine this product contains, but we can’t say it will do too much more for you than that.

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Where to Buy Intelleral

You can buy Intelleral on their official website as well as Amazon. However, as of writing this, the product is currently out of stock on Amazon, although it’s supposed to be back in stock soon.
On the official website, the supplement costs $94.95 for one bottle which equates a one-month supply. Note that many users claim the company will bill you monthly after your first order. So, if you’re unhappy with the results of the first bottle you receive, make sure to cancel your order to prevent future charges.

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