CILTEP Review: Does It Really Help Induce Long Term Potentiation, Or Is It Just A Marketing Claim?

CILTEP Review: Does It Really Help Induce Long Term Potentiation, Or Is It Just A Marketing Claim?

Updated May 22, 2018
CILTEP Review: Does It Really Help Induce Long Term Potentiation, Or Is It Just A Marketing Claim?

CILTEP is a brain supplement designed to help improve memory and strengthen the processing of the brain. The company claims it works by strengthening the synapses in the brain and relies on the connection between synapsis and memory to boost cognition, focus, and memory.
But does it really work? In this review we’ll take a look at the ingredients and how they effect certain neurotransmitters to help improve overall cognition.

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Mixed reviews, some users complain of terrible side effects

What Does CILTEP Stand For?

CILTEP is an acronym for “Chemically Induced Long-Term Potentiation.” It’s recommended for anyone who wants to naturally boost his or her memory, including college students, professional scientists and executives, CEOs, and anyone who works in a creative field.
Because it is marketed to everyone instead of to a select group of people, the company has fostered an inclusive feeling around this supplement and they rely on this inclusion to encourage all kinds of people to accept and try the supplement.
Additionally, this company has done a great job ensuring that the marketing of CILTEP focuses on the natural products used, which makes it appeal to users who have concerns about synthetically improving their memory or their focus. While a little more expensive than some of its competitor products, buying bottles in bulk is a great way to save money and ensure that you always have a supply on hand.

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About Natural Stacks

CILTEP Review: Does It Really Help Induce Long Term Potentiation, Or Is It Just A Marketing Claim?
In 2012, Abelard Lindsay turned from professional software development and focused his attention on alternative medicine and how to enhance the performance and learning potential of the brain.
This interest in the brain and encouraging brain function and memory led him to become a leader in nootropics. He is considered a master of creating nootropic recipes and leads product development for the company that created CILTEP, Natural Stacks.
The two co-founders of Natural Stacks are Roy Krebs, who is the head of product, and Ben Hebert, who is in charge of business development. They have assembled a large team of professionals who work together to focus on ecommerce, customer support, a podcast, and more.
Ben Hebert has a degree in business management and marketing from University of Baltimore, making him ideal in his position at Natural Stacks. Roy Krebs studied economics at Colorado College and even studied in Sweden at the Jonkoping International Business School.
Together, the team at Natural Stacks draws on their education and past experience to improve the company and ensure its success and competitive edge in the world of supplements.

How Does it Work?

CILTEP relies on the very unique combination of ingredients to help boost brain power. It does this by fueling production and growth of the neurotransmitters that you need in your brain. Dopamine, for example, is affected by CILTEP and users who take this supplement will produce more of it.
This ensures that you have an easier time remembering things and will actually help to slow the signs of aging and protect the brain from the unfortunate signs of aging.
Users experience increased alertness and better concentration and focus, allowing them to spend more time working on a task as well as feeling more alert and as though they are able to better understand what they are supposed to be doing.
CILTEP Review: Does It Really Help Induce Long Term Potentiation, Or Is It Just A Marketing Claim?
CILTEP works by blocking PDE4 enzymes. This means that your brain will be protected from these dangerous enzymes, which actually work to break down and ruin pathways in your brain. When this occurs, people have a much more difficult time focusing and concentrating so it’s important to protect these pathways however you can.
Broken-down pathways will also lead to difficulty processing thoughts and a worse memory. When you inhibit these enzymes, you actually take steps not only to protect your brain but also those important pathways that allow cognitive function to occur.

What Are The Ingredients?

Supplement label of CILTEP listing the ingredients
Natural Stacks lists five ingredients on their website that are responsible for the effectiveness of CILTEP and allow it to improve and protect brain function.

Artichoke Extract – Artichoke extract is included because it natural inhibits the enzyme PDE4. The luteolin in the artichoke extract is responsible for blocking PDE4, which makes it difficult for signals to fire in your brain.

By blocking these enzymes, CILTEP allows the users to enjoy better memory due to signals being able to fire and be present in the brain. A study at the Italian University of Genoa showed that mice and rats had enhanced memory and concentration when they were treated with artichoke extract. Even low doses had a positive impact.
Acetyl-L-Carnitine, otherwise known as ALCAR, is an amino acid that can cross the blood barrier into the brain. It’s been known for a while that it is able to help improve cognitive function, lower mental fatigue, and protect the health of neurons in the brain.
A study by Cavallini, Caracciolo, et. al, showed that this amino acid is useful in fighting off memory loss in men. Other studies have shown similar results in rats and in both female and male elderly patients.
L-Phenylalanine is a building block that is necessary for dopamine. This amino acid can be found naturally in some foods high in protein and is essential in increasing motivation and bettering mood as well as helping the user focus and concentrate at the task at hand.
Proven to play a huge role in the production of dopamine and melanin, Michigan Medicine at the University of Michigan has proven through multiple studies that L-Phenylalanine is useful in treating mental disorders as well as improving focus and clarity.
Forskolin is included in this supplement because of its ability to increase a molecule known as cAMP, cyclic adenosine monophosophate. cAMP has been associated with better long-term memory and an increased ability to focus. It’s also believed that this molecule helps to mediate memories and allow the brain to form more memories.
It is also used to help people lose weight and while this effect has been studied in humans, the ability to improved mental clarity, boost mood, and make learning easier has only been studied in rats. That being said, a study published in the International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences in 2015 discusses findings that suggest that forskolin will help with memory.
Vitamin B6 is a vitamin and is included in CILTEP because it helps with neurotransmitter production. It supports this production, allowing the body to form more memories and to speed up thought processing. The Boston Normative Aging Study showed that men who took vitamin B6 scored better on memory tests.

Main Benefits

CILTEP Review: Does It Really Help Induce Long Term Potentiation, Or Is It Just A Marketing Claim?
One benefit of buying CILTEP is that since it has a money-back guarantee, you don’t have to worry about whether or not you will be wasting your money if the product does not work for you. Additionally, CILTEP may work to improve your concentration and focus, allowing you to work harder and better understand the material that you are working on.
The ingredient Vitamin B has been proven time and time again to be very helpful in improving brain health so even if the rest of the claims are not true about this supplement, you will be helping your brain by taking CILTEP.
Users who take CILTEP will also experience an improvement in their motivation and their mood. This means that they will be more optimistic about doing their work and more inclined to push through even when things are difficult or frustrating.
The capsules used are vegetarian and so people who follow vegetarian or vegan lifestyles don’t have to worry about negative side effects when taking CILTEP. In addition, CILTEP does not contain any artificial colors, preservatives, gluten or GMO products, making it a natural choice to boost brain health.

Side Effects

While most people do not experience any side effects when taking CILTEP, there are some people who had problems on this supplement. The main complaint is feeling nauseated after using the supplement; this may occur because of the PDE-4 inhibitors.
While they help with brain development and function, when taken in higher doses, they can cause nausea. One option is to cut back on the number of capsules that you take each day as this is a great way to limit the number of PDE-4 inhibitors you are consuming.
One other side effect that is commonly talked about is that CILTEP can actually cause insomnia when it is taken at the same time as coffee. The best way to avoid this problem is to take the supplement in the morning on its own and before you have had any coffee to drink. Taking CILTEP in the afternoon or when you drink a lot of caffeine can cause this problem.

Customer Complaints

Of course, no matter what product you are talking about, there are going to be some people who complain about it not working. This is true with CILTEP, with most people complaining that after using the supplement for a month or more, they didn’t notice any improvement in their memory or cognitive function.
While this could be because the supplement simply didn’t work for them, there is a chance that they did not take it for long enough and their bodies didn’t have a chance to get used to the benefits.
Another complaint centers around how the users felt after taking CILTEP. Not only did they not experience the mental sharpness and clarity that they desired but they actually had heart palpitations and dizziness. These symptoms stopped when the users stopped taking the supplement.

Reviews: What Are Others Saying About It?

CILTEP reviews show an increase in mental performance and motivation
User Dan Garon noticed that after he upped his daily dose from two capsules to three, he noticed “a significant improvement in my mental performance and motivation.”
He also notes that CILTEP had a positive effect on his ability and confidence to converse with other people, probably because his brain was able to keep up with the conversation.
Jon has been using CILTEP for a while and loves the way that it helps him focus and keeps him “in the zone.” When stacked with Natural Stacks’s dopamine, he has noticed that his performance and attitude get taken into “a really positive and productive place” and he loves thinking “with laser focus.”
User wonderlunder likes to use CILTEP as well as Smart Caffeine from Natural Stack to help them focus and work. They have found that they are “actually really engaged in the content” that they are working on and aren’t distracted by websites or other outside stimuli.
Additionally, they love taking CILTEP before a presentation as it helps them stay focused on what they are supposed to be talking about and keeps them from using “um”s and forgetting where they are in their presentation.
Nikki has used CILTEP off and on in the past and notices a major difference when she is using this supplement. She says that it “makes a difference for me in terms of mental clarity and focus” and that she noticed a difference almost immediately when she started taking it.

Money-Back Guarantee

If you buy your product through the company’s website, then they do offer a 100% money-back guarantee. Any products bought elsewhere have to be returned to that company and may not have the same guarantee.
Before you can return your purchase, you have to call and speak to a customer service representative to have it approved. This has to occur before 30 days have passed since your purchase. After 30 days, there is no money-back guarantee offered.
To be eligible for return, the supplement must be in its original packaging and the refund only applies to the first CILTEP purchase. Any other opened CILTEP is not eligible for return and refund. Return shipping is paid by the customer and not refunded.

Final Conclusion

Because Natural Stacks uses only natural products in their supplements, there is no harm in trying CILTEP if you are interested in improving your mental clarity and focus. It’s important, however, if you are pregnant, nursing, or have a history of caffeine-related problems to talk to your doctor before taking any kind of supplement to ensure that you won’t have any issues.

Where To Buy

While it’s best to buy from the company’s official website rather than third-party sellers due to their return policy, it is also possible to purchase CILTEP on Amazon. When buying from Natural Stacks, you can purchase a bottle with 60 capsules for $42.95, making each capsule $0.71. They offer the ability to buy in bulk.
Purchasing three bottles at a time drops the price of each to $39 a bottle and $0.65 a capsule and buying six bottles makes it even less expensive. The price for 6 bottles is $36 a bottle and just $0.60 a capsule. Take advantage of their subscribe and save program to save an additional 10%.
When buying from Amazon, each bottle will be $42.95, making each capsule $0.71. They do often run promotions and offer coupons as well, which will lower the price even more.
Since most people use two or three capsules a serving, the price per serving is greater than the cost per capsule. This will range from $1.20 to $1.42 for two capsules or $1.80 to $2.13 for three.

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