Ceretropic Review and Best Alternatives (Closed)

When it comes to the most common nootropics, like Piracetam and Noopept, it is easy to find a quality source online. However, for newer nootropics and research compounds, there are fewer trusted vendors.

One such vendor was Ceretropic, who for years was one of the most reliable sources for experimental nootropics. They even offered a variety of administration methods that you will not find elsewhere, with the goal of making dosage, administration, and even effectiveness greater.

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Who Was Ceretropic?

Ceretropic was an online nootropic store with headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona with a good reputation around safe and effective products. They performed both third-party and in-house testing, helping to alleviate concerns regarding low-quality nootropics.

Their products were not the run-of-the-mill nootropics, rather new chemicals, rare drugs, or products designed to deliver nootropics in novel ways. Unlike other companies, Ceretropic was not afraid to take risks for the purpose of increasing the nootropic experience. Instead of simply offering capsules and powders, they sold:

  • Nasal sprays
  • Sublingual tinctures and powders
  • Syringe products

One problem with these uncommon products was that these nootropics were more likely to be seized at the border than traditional nootropics.

Their customer service was reportedly good, with refunds made the few times that mistakes were made, however their return policy was not as generous as some vendors.

Ceretropic was owned by two individuals actively involved in the Reddit nootropic community, one of whom is also the owner of one of the most commonly used nootropic sites, Nootropics Depot.

Popular Nootropics

With roughly 56 products, Ceretropic had a ton of options for neurohackers. These included:

  • DMAA (Geranamine)
  • LGD-4033 (Ligandrol)
  • Noopept
  • Ostarine
  • Peptides
  • Phenibut
  • Semax
  • P21
  • Super Rhodiola

Their website was easy to use, with a sorting option that made finding what you were looking for a breeze. There were even product pages for each product to help neurohackers know what to expect.

Shipping and Return Policy

Ceretropic offered free shipping on most of their supplements within the US.

One downside with their products was that they did not offer refunds for opened products. This put the risk of trying a new chemical or a new delivery method on the shoulders of neurohackers. You will find that some nootropics vendors do offer a 100% money-back guarantee, however with so many novel products, it is logical to not offer this type of guarantee as many customers would be trying something for the first time.


Ceretropic had a great reputation among the online Reddit neurohacker community. When they announced that they were closing, nearly every response was from customers that were sad to see them go.

Even when it came to customer complaints, Ceretropic went out of their way to help resolve them. In this LongeCity thread, a user ordered numerous products from them and was unhappy due to not experiencing much of an effect from any of them. The owner of Ceretropic offered to do additional testing, refund their money so that they could use it towards private testing, and even went into great detail as to the howโ€™s and whyโ€™s of in-house testing.

With great communication on both Reddit and LongeCity, combined with thorough testing of their products, Ceretropic had the reputation as one of the most trustworthy and reputable sources of nootropics online.

Why Did Ceretropic Close?

In their announcement to Reddit neurohackers, Ceretropic explained that they were going to close their doors as of 6/22/2018 in order to clear room for them to pursue a new business, Nutrium Health. Rather than just being focused on nootropics, this business is intended to reach the whole supplement industry. The owner continued to explain that the Ceretropics team will be continuing under Nutrium health.
The responses from Reddit users on this post tended to include both appreciation for Ceretropic and disappointment that a reliable and favorite nootropics vendor was closing its doors. Some users even discussed stocking up on their favorites from the company.

While it is clear that the Ceretropics team is moving onto other things rather than simply closing, the exact reasons for the closure are still a mystery. Did they run into financial trouble or difficulties with government rules and regulations? We will likely never know what happened behind closed doors, however one thread supports the idea that running this company came with some difficulties unique to the nootropics world.

There was one tread on LongeCity in 2017 where Ceretropic discussed issues with both banking and payment processing over the previous year and a half. With their selling some less common nootropics, it is possible that these obstacles to running a business may have been a factor in stepping away from just nootropics and instead to supplements in general.

Ceretropic Alternatives

While there are some products that you will not be able to find elsewhere, you can find many of the nootropics that were available through Ceretropic through other online vendors.

When looking for an alternative vendor to buy nootropics, product quality and overall trustworthiness of a company are the most important. You want to be sure that you can source safe and effective nootropics, all while having access to a quality customer service team to help if you run into any issues.

We have chosen our three favorite nootropics vendors to use a replacement vendor for Ceretropic.

Our Favorite Alternative?

Science.Bio is a phenomenal nootropic vendor with clean third party batch testing that can be viwed

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