Best Nootropic Stack: Top 3 Smart Drugs Combination

Best Nootropic Stack: Top 3 Smart Drugs Combination

Updated June 13, 2016
Best Nootropic Stack: Top 3 Smart Drugs Combination

Nootropics are the cognitive enhancers available on the market as smart drugs. They possess vast amount of benefits. They work on different parts of the brain and affect the neurotransmitters to create effects such as increase in focus and attention, memory boost, cognition boost, anxiety relief, calmness, energy boost, increase in motivation and much more.
Different nootropics work as vasodilators and helps to increase the oxygen flow to the brain. There are other ways in which these stimulating agents react in our body to improve our minds. A drug can only be considered a nootropic as long as it provides long-lasting beneficial effects on the health and mind.
There are different types of nootropics on the market such as noopept, piracetam, pramiracetam, phenylpiracetam, adrafinil, sulbutiamine, Alpha GPC, and many more. All these nootropic compounds are packed with beneficial chemicals that help our brain in various ways. Although benefits of these compounds might be similar, there is no guarantee that all products will work on everyone. Individual results of these nootropics might vary from one individual to another depending on their sensitivity, tolerance level and other factors.
In the recent years, there have been experiments going on about mixing multiple compounds to gain maximum benefits. There are brain booster packs available on the market today that have attempted to mix different nootropics. It all comes down to what your requirements are. You can even attempt to mix different nootropic compounds together. It doesn’t mean that you have to compile separate supplement pills into one. Simply taking them together will do the job. However, this doesn’t mean that you simply stack up a random bunch of pills one by one. It’s about combining the right supplements to achieve the desired results. For instance, combining a racetam with a thiamine nootropic will provide you all the benefits of a racetam without the headaches.
Combining compatible nootropic compounds cancels out the negative effects or inabilities of the pills, thus providing you with maximum benefits. We do not recommend experimenting with different smart drugs on yourself, which is why we have prepared a list of the top 3 smart drugs combination.

Piracetam and Choline

The combination of piracetam and choline is the most popular nootropic stack in the world. Some popular sources of choline are citcoline and alpha GPC. Piracetam is known for its benefits like increase in memory, heightened focus, improvement in learning and other racetam benefits, but one con of using racetam is the headaches. And, studies have shown that mixing choline with piracetam helps to take care of the headaches. Along with that, choline also individually boosts cognitive performance and memory.

Noopept, Alpha GPC and Piracetam

There have been plenty of reviews about the benefits of taking noopept and piracetam together. The combination brings out the best in both of them. On the part of noopept, the effects include protecting or reversing any cognitive damage to your brain. And in the case of piracetam, you should be able to experience improvement in cognitive performance, including other racetam benefits. Alpha GPC is the choline source in the combination, which helps to reduce or take care of headaches caused as a result of racetam. Also, alpha GPC is known to be helpful in improvement of learning and memory.

Caffeine and L-Theanine

It’s a mild nootropic stack that’s widely popular around the globe. Caffeine is known for its effects like energy boost and stimulating power, while L-theanine is known for benefits involving focus and mood enhancing power. Another benefit of combining these two together is that benefits of L-theanine can help to reduce or eliminate the undesirable effects of caffeine such as jitters and nausea. The combination of the two can also be found naturally in green tea.
Other combinations
Needless to say, these aren’t the only three combinations of smart drugs out there.
You can even combine two racetam stacks such as aniracetam and oxiracetam which enhances the benefits. The combination is known to amplify the cognitive benefits of each other. Also, the combination combines benefits like elevation of mood caused by aniracetam and memory boost caused by oxiracetam. However, keep in mind that the combination is only for experienced nootropic users.
There are plenty of other combinations, such as pramiracetam and alpha GPC, oxiracetam, Bacopa monnieri, and citicoline. The whole point of combinations is to amplify the benefits of different compounds. So, if you feel that a combination isn’t working for you, you should immediately drop it and try something new. Also, even though experts suggest making your own stack, if you’re a beginner, it’s best to purchase the stacks online. That way, you don’t have to bear the hassle of putting in the hard work and simply enjoy the benefits. One of the very best nootropic stacks on the market at present is the brain booster pack from Absorb Health.

Nootropic All-Star Pack from Absorb Health

The nootropic stack from Absorb Health consists of adrafinil (30), sulbutiamine, alpha GPC, and noopept. The combination is said to be one of the most powerful cognitive enhancers out there. These compounds are highly beneficial even when taken individually, but combining them into a stack really makes the difference as all benefits are amplified. Another stack to look at is CogniShield, which also contains Noopept, L-Theanine, Choline, and Phenylpiracetam.

  • Adrafinil: Adrafinil is digested to be metabolized into modafinil by our liver. Modafinil is a powerful supplement which boosts attention and is even prescribed for the treatment of cognitive impairments.
  • Sulbutiamine: This supplement is renowned for its memory boosting and mood elevating capabilities.
  • Noopept: It’s one of the most powerful members of the nootropic family. This cognitive enhancer can pass through the blood-brain barrier and provides long-term effects improving brain health.
  • Alpha GPC: It’s a source of choline and helps to reduce the side effects caused by other nootropic compounds. Also, it’s individually capable of cognitive enhancement.

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