An illustration of how Aniracetam improves memory

Aniracetam Review: Focus, Mood, What To Expect

Updated January 25, 2021

Racetams are the staple of the nootropic world. They are relatively inexpensive than other neurologically active compounds available on the market, and the fact that they have successfully been in use for decades has also made them extremely popular. Racetam nootropic compounds have been found to be highly beneficial when it comes to their ability to help support the brain.

Different varieties of racetam nootropic compounds have provided different options to the users of nootropic compounds. Each individual has a different preference when it comes to neurologically active compounds.

Some of the most popular racetam nootropic compounds are piracetam and aniracetam. Piracetam is popular for a vast range of benefits like cognitive enhancement, memory boost and much more. But, one racetam nootropic that is preferred above piracetam in recent years is aniracetam. This nootropic is highly concentrated compared to piracetam and provides longer lasting stronger effects to its user.

Studies have shown that among users who have tried both piracetam and aniracetam, almost 80% of them prefer aniracetam over piracetam.
It’s essential to understand what the product can actually do for you. You can’t just purchase a pack of this supplement simply by studying the label. In today’s world of technology, there’s no better way of knowing about the effects of the supplement than by reading other users’ reviews. That’s exactly where we come in. We have listed the effects to let you know what you can expect from this racetam compound, based on reports from users.

An illustration of how Aniracetam improves memory

What to Expect?

Most positive effects of piracetam are repeated in aniracetam, so if you’re already familiar with piracetam, you can expect the benefits you received from piracetam. Also, because aniracetam is highly concentrated, the effects will probably be stronger. It provides plenty of benefits to the user’s cognitive performance and memory.


  • One thing to expect from this supplement is that it’s fast-acting. It won’t take forever for you to feel the effects of this nootropic compound. Some major benefits include mood boost, increased focus, effect of calmness, and anxiety relief. As per user reviews, they seem to work just as advertised.
  • You are sure to feel an increase in your focus and be calm at the same time. You can kiss your anxiety goodbye with this smart drug. Most users have reviewed this product as highly effective in all of the listed benefits. While there are few shortcomings, user preference and tolerance level of individual users are also factors that affect the beneficial effects of any supplement.
    It’s effects on focus and attention span have also made it popular among patients of cognitive impairments like ADHD. While it’s not necessarily prescribed by doctors, and might fail to provide benefits compared to designated treatment drugs like Adderall, it’s still known to be plenty beneficial.
  • Its vast range of benefits can be summed up as fluency in speech, sharp focus, higher concentration, memory boost, and also an increase in cognitive performance. So, you won’t be dulling out and feeling exhausted by the time the clock hits noon.
    Another benefit is that there won’t be cross-tolerance even when pairing this product with other nootropic compounds like piracetam. It’s slightly more expensive than piracetam, but the effects are stronger. Still, considering it beneficial effects, the product cost is more than reasonable.


  • One major con of this supplement is its taste. As per reviews made by users, this supplement is extremely bitter tasting. But then again, its taste is can be compromised for something that works so effectively.
  • It goes without saying that every individual might not experience the best of any neurologically active compound, and the same goes with aniracetam. While most users have commented positively about the supplement, there are a few who claim to experience no effects at all. So, you might want to purchase a small batch of this compound to make sure that it works for you.
  • Despite it having a low tolerance buildup compared to other nootropic compound, some users of this product have complained about this effect. There have been complaints about the lack of the same amount of effectiveness after the first few days. Your personal tolerance level will also affect the time it takes for the effects to kick in and the duration for which the effects last. You might even need to take more than one dose of aniracetam pills or powder for the effects to last an entire day.
  • If piracetam is working fine for you, then opting for aniracetam is not the way to go. It costs slightly more than the aforementioned nootropic compound, however, if you do enjoy the effects of aniracetam, you can use piracetam on regular basis and try aniracetam on random days.

Tips for Taking Aniracetam

If you’re considering purchasing for the first time, you want to go small. There’s a slight uncertainty that the product might not work for you or you might not like it, so it is not worth spending the big bucks. Also, make sure you only purchase these supplements from a trusted supplier.

While aniracetam is a great compound with a diverse range of effects, you might also want to pair it with other supplements, depending on what your requirements are. For instance, if you want to boost your cognitive performance, it might not be able to offer top results. On the other hand, aniracetam seems to work perfectly fine when it comes to anxiety relief and increase in focus.

Another tip from our side is to start small. Keep your dosage to a minimum and work upward with the dose as you see fit. While there are extremely rare cases of side effects due to this supplement, you wouldn’t want to take any chances with something that affects your brain.
All in all, aniracetam is a highly effective neurologically active compound as long as your requirements and the benefits you receive are on the same page.

Certain situations and employment, educational opportunities and general activities require a higher level of focus and memory retention than people are capable of with no support. With this in mind, research has been done to find chemicals that can help the brain focus, help stabilize mood and enhance memory. A specific group of chemicals, called the racetam family and including Aniracetam, has the capability to do all of these things at once.

What is Aniracetam?

Aniracetam is a nootropic, specifically an ampakine nootropic. This class of drugs is known as cognitive enhancers or more commonly called smart drugs. These drugs are taken with the intention of improving mental processing and focus. They provide additional benefits such as increased capabilities in both memory retention and recall, and they also help re-categorize memories in an appropriate fashion.

Aniracetam belongs to the class of racetam chemicals, which are supposed to help enhance cognitive processes at a greater level. It was developed in the 1970’s by a Swiss pharmaceutical company called Hoffmann-La Roche. This drug has been studied extensively over the years. Recently, it has garnered the most interest from scientists seeking an answer to Alzheimer’s disease.

In the world of the average consumer, however, the extensive benefits when it comes to mood improvement and cognitive boost has created quite a following. Individuals who are pursuing education or who work in fields that require concentration and repeated efforts to solve an issue or look at a problem with intense focus have found this drug to be a great option for increased mental processes with minimal issues related to overall health.

Aniracetam is known by several names, including Draganon, Sarpul, Memodrin, Ampamet and Referan. Its scientific name is N-anisoyl-2-pyrrolidinone. This drug is sold in Europe as a prescription drug. It has been tested mostly on animals. However, it has also been tested and shown promising results for Alzheimer’s patients and has shown benefits to those seeking better cognitive results. Certain studies on patients in homes for the geriatric have shown some promising results in the cognitive effects on patients, showing better socialization and a revitalization of their thinking processes.

This drug is shown to impact the AMPA receptor, which decreases anxiety. The drug breaks down quickly when it is taken orally. This allows for the effects to be felt quickly as well. The drug also has stimulatory effects, although they are not comparable to caffeine and similar stimulants.

Is Aniracetam Legal?

There are a variety of laws and levels of legality when it comes to drugs and supplements. In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration has not set regulations or legal parameters for this drug. Because there is no FDA approval for this drug, it is available without a prescription in nutrition stores and through other vendors.

Supplements that have not been approved by the FDA are simply not studied enough. Therefore, it is a simple matter to find this drug through reputable nutrition stores or online vendor sites that have a good reputation as well. There is no prescription required, which means you can obtain and use the drug without a doctor’s recommendation.

In the United Kingdom, the drug has also not yet received approval by the country’s regulatory board. Meanwhile, in Canada, while it has not yet received approval, it does have a Drug Identification Number. In Australia, it is legal to possess small amounts of the drug for personal use, since it is not considered a level 4 drug nor is it on the list of poisons in the country.

Half Life: How Long Does Aniracetam Last

The half-life of Aniracetam is reported to be two hours. However, the effects of the drug can be noted for as long as four to five hours after taking a dose. Meanwhile, for those who prefer to keep the cognitive effects enhanced during the day, it is a logical progression to take a dose in the afternoon that can help keep your thinking enhanced, creativity levels up and socialization efforts at maximum results from minimal effort. All of these are benefits people have reported from taking Aniracetam.

For those who report feeling a high when taking this medication, that late afternoon dose could have an impact on your sleep patterns. Therefore, caution is advised until you better understand the drug’s effects on you after it has reached its half-life.
Meanwhile, those who tend to see the effects wear off more quickly or even feel they take longer to kick in might be experience the slow buildup of a tolerance to the drug. If this is the case, a slight adjustment to dosage needs to occur. However, it is important not to increase the dosage drastically, as eventually it will cause more issues, like brain fog, than you will see benefits in cognitive processing and memory retention.

Can You Overdose?

As with any drug not clearly outlined by an agency like the FDA, it is a concern that people will take too much while trying to find the best dosage for their body weight, build and tolerance level. In the case of Aniracetam, there have not yet been any reported instances of overdose or fatality due to consumption of this drug.
This means that sticking to the suggested parameters of 600 to 3,000 milligrams taken two to three times per day can provide reasonable assurance that you will not deal with side effects. Also, you will be safe from overdose.
However, it is important to start at the lower dosage and experiment with various doses. This is because some users report issues with some lack of clarity to thought processes when taking higher dosages. Users also report a plateau type effect after taking the drug for a significant period of time. At that time, it becomes wise to seek other alternatives, like a different drug in the racetam family. Meanwhile, you can consider stacking Aniracetam with any of a number of other supplements. This is discussed in detail further on.
The likelihood of overdose is minimal. However, in the case the drug seems to be the cause of discomfort or a side effect that you cannot manage to deal with, it is a good idea to consult your medical doctor and see if they have tips to help you deal with the issue at hand or to resolve the need for more clarity without using a drug like Aniracetam.

Taking a Megadose

It may seem like a drug like Aniracetam can have significant benefits if ingested at larger amounts. However, some users have reported the opposite effect when they attempted to gain more cognitive ability through a higher dose of the drug. One user reported a lack of motivation and emotional emptiness after taking a larger than normal dose of Piracetam. This is the predecessor of Aniracetam. Therefore, it seems unwise to take a so-called megadose of Aniracetam, since it is reported to be up to five times more effective than Piracetam to begin with – and this comparison is done on the advised dosage of the drug.
Another user reported a calm feeling and extended effects from taking a greater dose of Aniracetam. However, the effects were not optimal like they might have been at the normal dose, leading this user to believe that the drug has its own rate-limiting effect.
It is advisable to start with smaller doses and work upward. Most users report significant success with twice daily doses of 750 milligrams. Some report success with a morning dose of this amount and occasional backup doses later in the day when clarity is required at later hours.


Building a tolerance to Aniracetam is a possibility, as with any drug. However, the greater challenge when it comes to the racetam family of drugs is to find the ideal dosage without overdoing it to lose the maximum benefits of the drug.
This drug has a short half-life, so it requires dosages twice or even three times daily. This helps maintain the effects over a longer period but does not lend itself to building tolerance. However, if the drug is taken for extended periods of time, it can lead to a slight tolerance built. In those cases, a minimal adjustment results in the same effects felt previously.
When taking Aniracetam, keep in mind that building a tolerance is a continual issue. Therefore, avoid significant jumps when adjusting the dosage to address a tolerance. If you double the dosage, for example, then it will take significantly less time to reach the plateau effect and result in you not gaining any benefits from this drug in the future.

Dosage: How Much Aniracetam to Take

Aniracetam is not regulated by the FDA. For this reason, there are no specific guidelines for dosage based on age or weight. Generally, users have found great success with a dosage somewhere between 600 mg and 3,000 mg, with most users taking less than 1,000 and finding significant benefit, even when taking the same amount for a significant period of time.

How To Take Aniracetam: What’s The Best Way?

The easiest method to take Aniracetam seems to be by capsule or pill. However, it is also available in powder form.
Taking 750 mg seems to be the most successful dose for users. Some choose to take the same amount in the morning and late afternoon, while others take it only in the morning. Some have found success in taking 750 mg in the morning and then adding another dose as needed in the afternoon, if they have a big project or other reason to need mental clarity in the latter part of the day.
Many users tend to gravitate toward taking the supplement in pill form. This is easy, since it can be swallowed and have the effects still begin relatively quickly. The drug is absorbed through the stomach or intestine, which means its effects are felt quickly if it is digested quickly.
Meanwhile, in a powder form allows the effects to begin almost immediately. The drug is fat soluble, so the drug should be taken with a lipid like fish oil or with food. This is ideal in the regular consumption of this drug so as to receive the maximum benefits and most clarity in thought processes.

Taking Aniracetam Sublingually

Taking this drug by placing it under your tongue is beneficial because in order to get optimal effects the mucous membrane of the tongue is very helpful for absorption. With certain drugs in the racetam family, like Noopept with 40 milligrams, it can be a slight challenge. Other drugs, like Adrafinil, are acidic and cause pain and discomfort in the mouth. However, Aniracetam may not be easy to find in a form that can easily be administered this way. The drug is easy to find for oral administration but may or may not be easy to find for sublingual use.

Taking It Orally With Food

This tends to be the most popular and most successful method of drug intake. This is because it has a short half-life, requiring more than one dosage per day. Also, the drug is absorbed optimally when taken with food and with a lipid of some sort. The drug is absorbed through the stomach and/or intestines, which means the ideal consumption is with food and orally, rather than via other methods.
This also is a good method so you do not forget to take your one or two daily doses. Pairing it with meals helps with absorption and also helps create a routine that you can maintain because you don’t forget to eat. That way, you also don’t forget to take the supplement.

Insufflation (Snorting It)

Aniracetam is available in a powder form. However, since it is best absorbed through the stomach and/or intestines, the idea to snort this drug will not provide a significant benefit. For most users, snorting a drug is meant to provide a bigger impact on a shorter time scale. However, consuming Aniracetam with food allows the effects to be felt within 30 minutes to one hour. This is the best time frame you can find with this particular drug.
It is not intended to provide effects that are instantaneous. This type of drug is meant to improve cognitive function, not to provide an out-of-body experience or a significant “high” feeling. Some users do report a feeling like this, but it is minimal and typically not a feeling that continues once the user has entered regular usage of this drug.

Aniracetam Review & User Experience

General feedback regarding the use of Aniracetam and its impact on cognitive function for general academic or work situations has been positive. In regard to the use of Aniracetam and alcohol, some conflicting reports were found. However, even in those situations, which are not recommended, there were benefits seen by repeat users.
In the case of benefits of Aniracetam, it is possible to consider this drug a significant boost to the mental acuity of an individual with little to no potential of side effects, an easy to solution when tolerance begins to build and other significant positive repercussions when the drug was used on a regular basis.

Aniracetam and Alcohol

Avoiding alcohol is recommended when taking Aniracetam. This is because the increased blood flow in the brain due to the drug means a more significant impact from the alcohol in a shorter period of time. For some, this is a great feeling and does not lead to significant issues afterward.
For others, this also means an increased hangover once the alcohol wears off. This is not a pleasurable experience and the benefits are far outweighed by the issues. Certain studies have shown that fetuses exposed to ethanol while Aniracetam and other racetam drugs were in the system were actually protected, which leads some people to theorize that racetam drugs actually protect against the effects of alcohol. However, this has not been proven repetitively through study.
This means understandable conflict and confusion on the end understanding of how Aniracetam and Alcohol mix. However, since the results are uncertain, it may be wise to avoid the mix until a better understanding is available. This allows you safety from potential negative consequences and side effects. Avoiding illness, which is a possibility as well, is a desirable goal for which to strive.

Aniracetam Benefits

When it comes to the benefits of Aniracetam, there are differing opinions. One user compared it to a wonder drug, noting the ability to interact with people on an acceptable level while taking this medication, compared to a natural wariness and introverted personality when not using this type of supplement.

Other users noted an agreement with the original post, which stated the drug tends to clear up and improve the level of awareness, allowing for better conversation skills and ability to flatter, as well as the initially mentioned improved interactions with people on a social level.
Mood stabilization was also listed as a benefit of this medication, reducing anxiety issues and generally calming the individual who added it to their routine.

Aniracetam for Creativity

As mentioned in the benefits above, the influence on creativity is more a clarity of thought than a boost to the actual creative effort. However, some users do see a significant impact on their creativity and ability to just see things from a new perspective, based solely on their daily intake of Aniracetam.

These individuals noted an ability to think more clearly and see a different potential solution to a problem, which can be considered thinking outside the box or having a creative boost. However, it is simply the benefit of seeing other possibilities since the oxygen pathways in the brain are opened and increased oxygen allows for clarity of thought and focus, which then makes the prospective solutions seem readily apparent when they were otherwise out of reach.

Finding solutions to a challenging problem or creating a new opportunity may seem like the individual’s creativity has been improved as well. However, these are simply side benefits of more clarity in thinking, the success of connection between previous memories and current ones that are more completely retained due to the effects of Aniracetam and other improvements to mental acuity thanks to the drug.

Side Effects: Is Aniracetam Safe?

Drugs come with the warning of potential side effects. This is a known consequence. For some people, the side effects are minimal or not even worth mentioning. For others, the side effects far outweigh the benefits of the drug. In the case of Aniracetam, some common household medications that are used on a regular basis cause significantly higher instances of side effects than this drug aimed at helping you think more clearly and have an improved mood.

It is important to note that the most commonly reported side effect is a headache. This is usually related to taking a higher dosage than necessary, which leads to headache. Below are other reported side effects. Their level of impact differs depending on the user reporting the issue and other factors.


Users report an inability to sleep when taking Aniracetam, despite claims the drug is meant to help with this issue. Scientists believe this is possibly because the drug has a stimulatory effect intended to help you think more clearly and stay awake and focused when you need to be awake. However, if that effect carries over to the point when you hoped to be asleep, insomnia is a logical consequence.

Luckily, Aniracetam has a short half-life and therefore should not cause extended issues with insomnia. If this is occurring, you may be taking a higher dosage than necessary that leads to longer effects on your body. Consider cutting back the dosage and see if your mental clarity improves and your insomnia ceases. Another option is to avoid taking the drug later in the day, as this can be the reason it is impacting your efforts to sleep on a regular schedule.


Fatigue is a common symptom of Aniracetam. This causes the individual to want to sleep during the day, despite the intended benefits of improved mental clarity and also stimulation to stay awake when you need to be focused on a particular project or situation.

Some users claim that taking Choline with Aniracetam, which is recommended to optimize the effects and avoid getting a headache from becoming too focused, is the reason you feel tired when taking this drug. Therefore, the short answer is to cut out the Choline. However, for some users that is simply not an option. Therefore, taking a 150-200 mg dose of caffeine with your dose of Aniracetam is a method some users find helps alleviate the tired feeling caused by this drug.

Meanwhile, others who take the drug seem to find the desire to sleep a temporary feeling. Waiting it out usually allows the benefits of Aniracetam to kick in and the user to feel energized and focused.


Aniracetam is said to be a mood stabilizer. This is because it increases the release of dopamine and serotonin while decreasing the breakdown of dopamine. This provides the user a feeling that is sometimes described as a “high.” This feeling is comparable to completing an exhilarating obstacle course or accomplishing a goal you have been working long and hard to reach.

These activities and others cause the body to release dopamine, which is helpful to improve mood and help an individual avoid feeling depressed or sad. Therefore, a negative mood is unlikely with this drug. If a person is experiencing depression or sadness while taking this drug, a different dosage is probably the answer. Try gradually increasing your dosage or adding a second dosage later in the day if you are only taking it once per day and in the morning.


Taking the drug extensively over a period of time can build a tolerance. However, anecdotal evidence from users has shown minimal to no reports of withdrawal. Most users tend to use more than one drug in the racetam family, which may be the reason that withdrawal is not an issue even when they forgo a ritual with Aniracetam.

Still, it is worthwhile to recognize that a drug such as this, which provides increased clarity and sharpened mental processes would logically have some type of withdrawal scenario. The fact that a headache may or may not be a symptom when you cease taking the drug but is the only possibility in terms of withdrawal makes this drug appealing to those in academia who need a boost with minimal negative impact later.

Long Term Use

Over time, this drug can cause a tolerance to build, similar to other supplements and drugs that help with pain. However, a small increase to the dosage can help address that tolerance and keep the user feeling positive benefits from the drug.

Users who have used the drug for up to two years have reported no ill effects other than a slight tolerance that was addressed easily by adjusting the dosage.

Aniracetam Stacks

This family of drugs works well together, which is known as stacking the drugs. In order to find optimal stacking technique, however, it is important to have some flexibility. It will require you to have a few off days in order to find the best combined dosages for mental clarity and optimal mood stabilization. If you don’t want to mess around with your own stacks, I would recommend taking a proven stack like CogniShield which has a balanced blend of 4 nootropics that work very well together.

Aniracetam Oxiracetam Stack

Aniracetam enhances memory and improves mood, while Oxiracetam improves the individual’s ability to think related to specific functions, like mathematical equations and logical processes. With these two combined, an individual can benefit greatly.

The common effort is to stack two racetam family drugs together to optimize each drug’s effects and provide even more mental clarity and abilities to the user. This can be done when each drug is considered carefully and knowledge of half-life and effects is in the user’s possession in order to get the dosage correct.

Aniracetam and Piracetam

Piracetam is the predecessor to Aniracetam and is less effective, by as much as 30 times in some cases. With this in mind, some people may consider combining the two in a stack to provide better cognitive functioning and improve chances of socializing at a higher rate and also allowing for a better mood.

Users who have combined the two in a stack have found they experience more peace of mind and less stress, as well as improved thought processes and memory. This is because Piracetam has been found to act as a boost to other drugs in the racetam family. This leads to more open oxygen pathways in the brain and a correlating improvement in the effects of Aniracetam.

Aniracetam and Choline

This combination is commonly used by those who hope to improve cognitive abilities and memory with the use of Aniracetam. This stack in particular provides improved benefits and decreased risk of side effects. It is important to note, however, that a combination with Choline may be the cause of fatigue and a sleepy feeling, if you happen to be one of the percentage of users who experience this side effect.

When considering a stack of Aniracetam and Choline, there are three viable options for Choline. Those are: Alpha GPC Choline, CDP Choline, also known as Citicoline, and Centrophenoxine. Each of these supplements are said to provide different benefits.

Alpha GPC Choline increases the amount of acetylcholine produced in the brain, which helps with memory and cognitive function, as does Aniracetam. CDP Choline, meanwhile, becomes both Choline and cytidine when ingested. The cytidine becomes Uridine, which promotes cognitive abilities. Finally, Centrophenoxine supplies Choline to the body and allows for better memory processes and cognitive functioning boosts.

Aniracetam Noopept Stack

Combining these two may seem ideal since both have the impact of increased cognitive function and help in focus and socialization. However, users have reported that both together seem to cause a fog and inability to form coherent sentences. Therefore, while Noopept is said to work at a significantly lower dosage than Aniracetam, it is not ideal to combine the two as a stack. Instead, take one or the other in order to optimize cognitive function and improve mood.

Users have found that their cognitive abilities were not improved at all when combining these two in a stack. Instead, taking each drug separately had much greater results than attempting to take the two in a stack together. Add Choline or another supplement in order to optimize these benefits by combining supplements.


Certain drugs have comparable effects to the use of Aniracetam. However, those drugs may have more potential side effects or may even be illegal for purchase and use in the United States or other countries worldwide. For this reason, it is a good idea to understand the use of different drugs in the racetam family or other drugs that compare in general effects.

Then, you can choose the right drug or combination of drugs for your optimal mental processes and even anti-oxidants to help prevent aging of healthy brain cells. Information and understanding the potential impact can go a long way toward finding the right dosage and right drug from the racetam family or other nootropic that can help you succeed in mental processes you otherwise might not handle efficiently.

Oxiracetam vs Aniracetam

When it comes to a boost in mental productivity and a mood stabilizer, both Oxiracetam and
Aniracetam are options. Both are considered more effective options than Piracetam. However, Aniracetam is the next generation of Piracetam and is considered five times more effective than its predecessor.

Oxiracetam, when compared to Aniracetam, is said to have the ability to optimize the mental processes of the individual taking it. This drug is considered especially beneficial if you are handling mathematical equations or logic problems. The drug also helps improve two of the five senses: hearing and sight. This means it can be beneficial to more than the academic set, although they will find considerable benefit from its use since it helps with mathematical processes.

Oxiracetam seems to affect the activity of two specific neurotransmitters, Acetylcholine and Glutamate. However, it does not significantly influence the dopamine and serotonin. Mental energy and productivity are both boosted by Oxiracetam, which are predominantly beneficial in academic settings.

Meanwhile, Aniracetam is not considered to have the same effects and does have an impact on the activity of dopamine and serotonin. It provides a smooth boost to all mental processes and a smooth transition from anxiety or a depressed mood to an improved state. This can be beneficial in an academic setting, a work setting or numerous other scenarios. In an academic setting, people have had more mental clarity and also better recall, sometimes remembering specifics of an article that was read when feeling the effects of Aniracetam.

Therefore, the two work in a similar manner in some instances, making them equally useful. In other situations, like as a mood stabilizer or for enhancement when handling mathematical processes, one may be more influential than the other.

Another great benefit of Aniracetam is stress relief. This benefit does not seem to come with choosing to take Oxiracetam, despite the fact that both drugs are part of the racetam family and are related to Piracetam, as noted above.

Some users choose to stack Aniracetam and Oxiracetam, receiving the benefits of both of these drugs and optimizing both. This has been a popular option when users are hoping to gain benefits from both but aren’t sure which they would prefer more. Stacking the racetam family is a typical undertaking, with users reporting great successes and minimal issues with the plan. Therefore, that is a worthwhile possibility to consider with these two particular drugs.

Noopept vs Aniracetam

Noopept and Aniracetam both improve memory, cognitive functioning and concentration. This means both have great benefits when you need to focus to study for an important test or other situation that requires intense focus and strong retention of the material. One great and notable benefit of Noopept, however, is that the dosage needed to receive the same benefits as Aniracetam is significantly less.

Noopept helps with both long and short-term memory, because it helps the brain not only retrieve memories but consolidate them in an appropriate manner. Motivation, drive and even linguistic abilities are improved by this drug. The dosage is between 10 and 40 mg, compared to around 750 mg as an average dose for Aniracetam.

One downside of Noopept is the potential side effects. These include digestion problems, irritability and the potential for increased blood pressure and even an allergic reaction in some consumers. Headache, fatigue, lower libido, loss of appetite, dizziness and restlessness are all potential issues with taking Noopept.

Aniracetam provides similar cognitive benefits when taken at a greater dosage. It also can have similar side effects in some people.
Both drugs tend to be good at reducing anxiety, providing a benefit that cannot be ignored when they are taking at times of high stress, like tests or projects that require intense focus.

However, it is important to note that both of these drugs can cause hallucination, skin dryness and nerve problems in periods of excessive use. Care should be taken when taking either of these two drugs, both of which are part of the Racetam family.

Also, it is good to understand while providing similar effects the two drugs impact different neurotransmitter receptors. This can be a slight or significant difference, depending on the consumer.

Aniracetam vs Pramiracetam

Initially, you may consider these two drugs to be the same. They both provide comparable benefits and both belong to the racetam family. Both provide significantly higher benefits than Piracetam. However, that is where the differences can be noted.

Pramiracetam provides as much as 10 times more potency than Aniracetam. Mental and cognitive processes can be felt as they are improved. This is also true of emotional stability, as users have reported being able to take note of when the mood changed.

Pramiracetam takes cognitive processing in a very specific direction. It is said to drastically improve creativity and thinking outside the box. This is due to increased blood flow to the brain, which is something that Aniracetam also provides. However, this comes without the additional mood stabilization offered by Aniracetam. Still, the drastic improvement over both Piracetam and Aniracetam are noteworthy.
Pramiracetam has a longer half-life than Aniracetam, making it advisable to take a dosage between 100 and 1,000 milligrams, compared to Aniracetam’s recommended 600 to 3,000 milligrams.

Both of these drugs are fat soluble and absorbed through the intestinal tract. They provide significant benefits not found in water soluble drugs that provide similar benefits.

One great feature of Aniracetam, however, that Pramiracetam does not is that Aniracetam provides an anti-oxidant that keeps healthy brain cells from aging. This is a benefit to overall health and cognitive processing.

Modafinil vs Aniracetam

Modafinil was introduced in the early 1970’s, providing improved alertness for people who suffered from sleep disorders or sleep apnea. This drug then showed a benefit when given to people with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. When compared to Piracetam, the predecessor of Aniracetam, it is considered to be a eugeroic, which stimulates the levels of histamine and thereby promoting neural activity in the brain. This helps improve alertness, wakes the individual to a greater degree and also increases concentration of dopamine and thereby helps with cognitive processes. These last two are benefits of Piracetam and Aniracetam as well.

Modafinil has some downsides, however. In terms of side effects, the list is long and troublesome. Side effects include back pain, nausea, irregular heart rate, possible allergic reaction and trouble sleeping. Meanwhile, the drug can also cause a severe skin reaction known as Stevens – Johnson syndrome that can be fatal.

Modafinil is currently listed as a banned substance by the World Anti-Doping Agency. This makes for significant appeal for Aniracetam and other drugs in the racetam family.

Aniracetam is similar to Piracetam. Side effects are minimal and the benefits of Aniracetam are significantly greater than Piracetam, which makes them greater than Modafinil as well. These are improvement for cognitive function, mood stabilization and also better health for the brain cells due to anti-oxidants.

Motion sickness, sleep disorders and Alzheimer’s disease are also potentially handled by taking regular doses of Aniracetam. Depression and cognitive impairment can be addressed through regulated usage of this drug. Also, this drug has minimal side effects and a short half life, which allows for two to three regular doses taken throughout the day.

Therefore, the smarter option of these two is Aniracetam and the benefits provided by the racetam family, rather than potentially dangerous and illegal effects from Modafinil, which also happens to have a significant list of proven side effects that detract from the benefits of taking this drug.

Where to Buy Aniracetam

This drug is not FDA regulated and therefore can be purchased for consumer use in nutrition stores or other locations. It can also be purchased online and mailed to your home.


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Aniracetam Review: Focus, Mood, What To ExpectAniracetam Review: Focus, Mood, What To ExpectAniracetam Review: Focus, Mood, What To ExpectAniracetam Review: Focus, Mood, What To ExpectAniracetam Review: Focus, Mood, What To Expect
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Aniracetam Review: Focus, Mood, What To ExpectAniracetam Review: Focus, Mood, What To ExpectAniracetam Review: Focus, Mood, What To ExpectAniracetam Review: Focus, Mood, What To ExpectAniracetam Review: Focus, Mood, What To Expect
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Aniracetam Review: Focus, Mood, What To ExpectAniracetam Review: Focus, Mood, What To ExpectAniracetam Review: Focus, Mood, What To ExpectAniracetam Review: Focus, Mood, What To ExpectAniracetam Review: Focus, Mood, What To Expect
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