Adrafinil Review and Stacks (Modafinil Alternative)

Adrafinil Review and Stacks (Modafinil Alternative)

Sometimes people need help focusing and improving their mental clarity and alertness when at work. This can be due to medical conditions or the strain of working different shifts on a rotating basis.

For those who work hard to do their best at work and still feel they lack some focus and ability, there are smart drugs available like Adrafinil that can help them with memory retention, focus and even mood stabilization.

However, there are possible negative effects that come along with the benefits. Before you start using Adrafinil, read our research below to gain an understanding of this drug so you can use it to help with mental processes and not cause health issues as a result.

What is Adrafinil?

Typically used in France, Adrafinil is considered a eurogenic, which is a drug that helps clear up mental processes and improves mood, focuses attention and allows for more vigilance and wakefulness. This agent was tested for use for the elderly. It also has been found beneficial for shift workers and those with narcolepsy that are sleep deprived and unable to perform efficiently at work.

The drug is best taken on an empty stomach and requires up to an hour for the effects to be felt, since it must accumulate in the bloodstream in order to be effective. It was discovered in 1974 by two chemists working for French company Laboratoires Lafon. The intent was to find analgesics but instead discovered the psychostimulant results of this drug. Similar to Modafinil, Adrafinil was used by workers who had night shifts and were looking for better focus during the late hours.

This drug acts as a stimulant and also improves mental clarity. It can be used without a prescription and is legal to use in the United States. The drug also helps with concentration and relieves fatigue from sleep deprivation and even increases motivation and productivity levels.

Adrafinil mimics the fight or flight response the body has naturally, allowing for better clarity and can cause a feeling like a mental high while increasing focus. This drug increases both histamine and dopamine levels in the body. This allows for greater levels of mental clarity and physical energy. Meanwhile, it cuts down on the breakdown of dopamine, which means better moods and less stress.

Certain side effects have been reported with this drug, meaning the consumer must be careful when experiencing headaches, nausea, stomach discomfort and dizziness while taking Adrafinil.

Adrafinil vs Modafinil

Modafinil is actually the active metabolite in Adrafinil, discovered two years after Adrafinil was discovered. Both were studied and released to the public for consumption.

Adrafinil has a much shorter half-life than Modafinil. It takes roughly an hour for the initial half-life of Adrafinil. At that point, the body has broken the drug down to Modafinil. This is done by the liver. The metabolite then has a half-life of 15 hours.

Adrafinil is believed to help with motivation, improving mood, increasing drive and energy levels during the day, as well as alertness. Meanwhile, the drug does not come with many of the annoying side effects of a stimulant, like anxiousness and irritability.

Modafinil, in contrast, requires a prescription despite being considered non-addictive. This drug primarily helps the individual stay awake when necessary. It is used to help treat those with narcolepsy, a serious illness where the individual can fall asleep suddenly and be put in potentially dangerous positions as a result.

Modafinil is equally balanced in the use of its entantiomer’s, which means the drug uses both sides equally like a person who uses both hands to successfully complete a specific task. This is unique, as for many drugs one entantiomer tends to be the dominant and therefore more active one.

Modafinil also stimulates the central system and improves the activity of histamine, which in turn helps neurotransmitters fire more efficiently. This helps with focus, mental clarity and even memory recall.

While similar in chemical structure, these two drugs differ in the fact that they are processed differently. Modafinil is processed in the liver, with mostly enzymatic activity. Adrafinil, in contrast, requires more of the enzyme Cytochrome to break it down into Modafinil. Metabolism of the individual and general liver health are big factors in how long the breakdown of both of these drugs take.

Noopept vs Adrafinil

Noopept is a drug that provides mental acuity with minimal side effects and at a low dosage. This can be a preferable option to Adrafinil, as there are significant potential side effects to Adrafinil.

Noopept is not a member of the racetam family, as it does not have a 2-oxo-pyrrolidine skeleton. However, it does have a similar impact on mental processes, which causes it to be grouped with the racetam family. If you do take it, make sure you stack it with Choline or use a premade stack like CogniShield, otherwise you will get severe headaches.

Noopept has four mechanisms of action: the first being anti oxidization, which results in protection of neurons from apoptosis. The drug also inhibits glutamate neurotoxicity, similar to the actions of Aniracetam. This keeps cells healthy and alive and decreases the advancement of health issues like Alzheimer’s disease and autism.

The third mechanism of action is an increase in neuronal plasticity. This in turn helps the individual to learn more easily and memorize things at a greater rate. The final mechanism of action is increased expression of endogenous Nootropics like phenylactic acid and prolyglycine.

In contrast, Adrafinil increases hypocretin, a neurotransmitter. This in turn helps increase the individual’s feelings of appetite, wakefulness and even arousal. This is because, like Aniracetam, it increases dopamine levels in the user’s body. It also is thought to possibly activate glutamate pathways and also inhibit pathways that are GABAeric. Both of these are theoretical methods of activity. As of yet, science has not conclusively determined the reasons for effectiveness when taking Adrafinil.

Is Adrafinil Legal?

Adrafinil is legal, compared to Modafinil, its active metabolite, which was banned by the Worldwide Anti-Doping Agency. However, Adrafinil has been taken off the market. It was marketed as Olmifon until 2011, when it was voluntarily recalled and forever pulled from the market.

It is legal in the sense that it is not regulated by the FDA. This means the drug can be purchased for personal use and does not require a prescription. It also means the individual must use his or her own discretion to determine the ideal dosage to provide optimal benefits from this drug with minimal side effects and/or setbacks in terms of health.

Taken for helping individuals to stay awake for their shift at work or helping to improve alertness, Adrafinil is considered a legal supplement or drug. It should not be taken by athletes, as Modafinil is what the body (i.e. the liver) breaks the drug down into in order to utilize it to benefit mental processes. This will show up on a
drug test as a banned substance.

Half Life: How Long Does Adrafinil Last

Studies have shown that the half-life of Adrafinil is one hour. However, that can lead to assumptions that are inaccurate when applied to this drug. For example, the half-life of Adrafinil is only half the story of the impact of the drug. This is because Adrafinil becomes Modafinil when broken down within the body. Therefore, the effects of the drug are felt for far longer than the supposed half-life. This is because the half-life of Modafinil is 15 hours.

Your body is done dealing with Adrafinil in a short amount of time. However, it has broken the drug down into its primary metabolite, which has significant effects and has a notably longer half-life. Therefore, the half-life of Adrafinil is not a comprehensive method of determining the length of time the body has to deal with this drug and its effects.

Can You Overdose?

Reported adverse effects have been evaluated, with no recorded instances of Adrafinil suspected as the cause of the event. Meanwhile, in a case where eight events were recorded, FactMed has two listed as considering the Adrafinil involved as a possible cause and six determined that the drug was unlikely a factor in the situation.

Users have reported minimal effects when taking less than 300 mg of Adrafinil. Therefore, since the drug requires that amount in order to have any beneficial results, it stands to reason that the overdose level would be significantly high and outside the range of normal consumption for an average user.

Those who choose to use Adrafinil in doses that exceed 1,200 mg may deal with more side effects or a reduced level of benefits, as the higher dosages tend to have less effect on the individual’s thought processes. However, an overdose that leads to death or severe physical consequence is unlikely.

Taking a Megadose

When considering a higher dose of Adrafinil, it is important to understand that the consumption of a megadose has not yet been extensively studies. In terms of discussion on the Internet, it has been discovered that typically the highest advisable dose is 600 mg and the most acceptable daily consumption is 1200 mg. This is because some users have reported a certain dose will provide the maximum benefit and anything beyond that has no greater impact, providing a ceiling in terms of effect for this particular drug.

The theory behind a megadose is providing yourself with significantly higher benefits and greater cognitive abilities thanks to the drug. With a drug like Adrafinil, this does not occur. This means you are simply exposing yourself to greater risk for side effect and discomfort, while potentially decreasing the positive effects by having them overshadowed by side effects. This is counter-productive to all possible efforts to gain from taking Adrafinil, which is why recommended dosage is 600 mg for a single dose and 1200 mg for a daily dose maximum.


Building a tolerance to Adrafinil is not common. As mentioned above, however, there is a certain ceiling effect to this particular drug. Therefore, it is wise to consider taking Modafinil, which allows you to take lower amounts and put less strain on the liver.

When taking Adrafinil, it is also important to consider cycling the drug. This prevents building a tolerance too quickly, in addition to its primary focus of protecting the liver from any permanent damage from taking the drug for an extended period of time.

Tolerance is requiring greater amounts of a drug in order to see comparable effects. This occurs because people take a drug on a regular basis, resulting in a buildup of the drug in the individual’s system. Then, it requires a greater amount to create an effect. This can be very dangerous with a drug like Adrafinil, as the buildup will have a very dangerous impact on the liver and potentially other systems of the body.

Dosage: How Much Adrafinil to Take

When taking Adrafinil, it is important to understand that it requires a higher dosage in order to feel any effect. Therefore, a dose of less than 100 mg or even as much as 150 mg typically will have no effect for an adult hoping to see benefits from taking this drug.

It is a good idea to plan on taking a minimum of 300 mg in order to see significant benefits. However, that means a strain on your liver and a longer period until you see the effects. It can take up to 90 minutes to find your mental processes seem sharper. However, there are benefits to taking Adrafinil, like the fact that there is no sudden onset of the benefits and likewise no crash when the drug ceases to have an effect. That smooth transition is in itself an appeal to take this particular drug to help with your mental processes.

Some individuals who have issues like mental disorders can also gain benefits from taking a drug like Adrafinil. It can even be helpful to the elderly who are struggling with mental conditions that are onset with age.

How To Take Adrafinil: What’s The Best Way?

Recommendations are for Adrafinil to be taken on an empty stomach. Consider taking it with milk, as having fat with it can increase the rate of absorption. Since it takes an hour or more for the effects to kick in, it is advised to take it at minimum an hour before you need it to work. Taking it in the morning is a good idea. However, if you need to experience the benefits at a certain time, it may be worthwhile to set an alarm, take the drug and go back to bed in order to get more sleep and still experience the benefits of the drug as early as possible in your day.

The recommendation is to take doses of 100 to 300 mg, with a maximum of 600 mg daily. However, users have noted minimal to no effect taking less than 300 mg, so it is up to the user whether they begin with 100 mg or a higher dosage.

Adrafinil can be taken daily. However, taking it for longer than two weeks straight can be an issue for your body. That is because it puts significant strain on your liver to turn Adrafinil into Modafinil, which is where the significant benefit comes from in terms of cognition.

Therefore, it is advisable to cycle the drug, or take it for a two week period, then take a break for a week or more, than take the drug again for no more than two weeks. This allows the liver to recover from the effects of the drug and minimizes health risks that could be long-term in nature.

Taking Adrafinil Sublingually

In certain cases, taking drugs sublingually can be a vast improvement over taking it orally and giving it time to be digested and absorbed through the stomach or intestine. When it comes to adrafinil, this is highly recommended because the drug then crosses the blood-brain barrier faster. This means no waiting from one to three hours for the effects, thereby missing opportunity to be effective and have heightened thought processes and energy levels.

It is important to understand that sublingual use is not recommended for a daily undertaking. Instead, it should be done in cases where you are in need of a boost for an upcoming event, like a test or the completion of a project that requires intense focus and you are feeling fatigue and not at your best. With a drug like Adrafinil, it is a good idea to not put that additional strain on your body on a regular basis.

Taking It Orally With Food

It is not advisable to take Adrafinil with food. This is because it takes an extended period of time to digest the drug and allow it to pass the blood-brain barrier. If you choose to consume a meal while you are taking this drug, it can take that much longer to fully digest the drug and gain the benefits of its consumption.

Meanwhile, those who take the drug on an empty stomach and wait up to an hour after taking Adrafinil to have a meal have reported experiencing the benefits of that drug on cognitive ability, energy and alertness that much sooner.

It is reported that certain hardcore academic individuals, or nerds, in Silicon Valley set an alarm for three hours before they want to be up for the day, get up to take the supplement and then return to bed for three more hours of sleep before they get up and begin immediately upon wake up to feel the benefits of Adrafinil.

Insufflation (Snorting It)

Adrafinil has to pass through the liver in order to be changed into Modafinil and receive the benefits of the drug. Since snorting the drug will not allow it to pass through the liver, you are wasting your time and not receiving any benefits by attempting this type of consumption.

Certain users note that this type of consumption is effective with Modafinil, but that is because the original breakdown is bypassed when you take Modafinil instead of Adrafinil. In the discussion, however, it is noted that this would be an unwise effort regardless of its level of effectiveness. The users agree that it is not worth the potential benefits and the conversation was not pursued further.

Drugs like this may be assumed to have a quicker impact when snorted because the nasal passages are thin and close to the brain, providing a shorter pathway. However, that is not necessarily the case for this drug. It is also just not advisable to be snorting drugs and supplements, as you have no idea how it could impact you specifically.

Adrafinil Reviews & User Experiences

Most Adrafinil reviews are not favorable. However, certain users who have done their research, understand the potential issues from taking Adrafinil and who take sufficient precautions, report satisfactory results and a great benefit from taking this drug.

Adrafinil and Alcohol

Users have experienced some significant negative effects from consuming alcohol while taking Adrafinil. One user reported a blackout, while others supported that statement, noting they had consumed a similar amount of alcohol on other occasions without Adrafinil and had not had any type of comparable reaction.

Theories regarding the blackout included liver damage, which was noted would not be that immediate, and that it was simply the combined effects of not eating and taking Adrafinil with alcohol consumption. Either way, the corresponding hangover the next day was reported to be significantly worse than the user would ordinarily experience with alcohol. This lends itself to the recommendation to avoid alcohol consumption while taking Adrafinil.

Adrafinil Benefits

While determining the benefits of taking Adrafinil, certain aspects are obvious. Those include cognitive enhancement, the ability to stay awake and alert even if you have not slept in a significant period of time and also it provides benefits similar to methamphetamines but does not give the user anything comparable to the side effects experienced with the meth. This is not to mention the illegal nature of meth.

Reaction time improves for users of Adrafinil, as well as the ability to retain certain types of information and other general abilities in the cognitive arena. Motivation and energy levels are increased, and users find themselves more capable of greater stamina as well.

Adrafinil for ADHD

Using Adrafinil for ADHD is an option. However, it is included in a stack that is considered the most severe in terms of effects and potential for side effects. Therefore, there are alternatives they may advise a patient to try first.

If the case is considered severe enough for Adrafinil, then the stack is as follows:

  • Adrafinil or Modafinil
  • Choline
  • Acetyl-L-Tyrosine

These work together to increase the individual’s ability to pay attention, an area that is always a struggle for the ADHD sufferer.

Side Effects: Is Adrafinil Safe?

Taking a drug that provides a stimulant effect can cause concern in those who are using it regularly. It is important to understand the potential side effects of this drug and also the reasons these can occur.

For people who take Adrafinil on a cycle, there is minimal concern that long-term health concerns can result. Therefore, it can have some significant benefits, as mentioned above, and have minimal side effects, including those as follow. Pay particular attention to the issues that can occur if prolonged use of Adrafinil is engaged in.


Since Adrafinil is a stimulant, users who are new to the drug may experience a kind of high roughly an hour or more after taking the drug. This is because the drug increases your attention and also helps with your alertness. This novel experience can seem similar to a “high” that people experience with illegal narcotics. It is simply a change in perception and the focus of attention from several areas to one specific area, which then allows you to pay more attention to current feelings and experiences.

This is not a typical reaction, not one that happens to the majority of users and not even something that can be expected on a regular basis. Most users enjoy taking Adrafinil compared to other drugs that have similar effects because this drug does not have a notable point when the effects take hold and no crash when the drug wears off. Therefore, a high is a possibility but far from a likely effect of the drug.


While rare, headaches can occur when taking Adrafinil. This can be a result of taking more than the recommended dosage of Adrafinil (roughly 300 mg). Nausea and dizziness can also occur, which make the headache more of a hassle than it might be otherwise.

In order to avoid headaches and other minor symptoms related to taking Adrafinil, it is advised to stick to doses between three and 900 mg of the drug. This allows the body to handle it and use it to maximal effect without causing health issues.

The onset of a headache in relation to the consumption of Adrafinil can occur if you take too much or if you have a sensitivity to the drug. Otherwise, the headache is a rare side effect and is not likely to occur when you simply feel the enhanced alertness and improved awareness that are the desired results of the drug.


The general consensus is that while taking Adrafinil, it is possible to sleep. This is at least possible immediately after taking the drug, as the effects take anywhere from one hour to three hours to kick in. However, it may also be possible to sleep on your regular schedule when
you take the drug upon waking in the morning.

Certain people have said that upon taking the drug, they are awake for as long as 24 hours and still have issues getting to sleep. However, this seems to be a rare occurrence rather than a typical one for people who choose to gain productivity and alertness via doses of this drug.


A decrease in libido is a possible side effect of Adrafinil. However, there are also reports of a greater desire and an increasing difficulty in reaching orgasm. Therefore, this can be a very different impact depending on the user. Many users also reported no difference in their sexual drive or ability to orgasm while taking Adrafinil.

For some people, the change in libido either for the positive or the negative are not worth noting and not something that would deter them from taking Adrafinil. This is because many people taking this drug already have a very limited sex life or do not prioritize said sex life over their goals that resulted in desiring to take the drug in the first place.


Due to the significant effort required by the liver to make Adrafinil into Modafinil and gain the benefits associated with the drug, there is danger that using this drug for extended periods can damage the liver.

Therefore, it is wise to take Adrafinil in moderation, cycle it so as to give your liver time to recuperate or generally plan for other alternatives so as to not end up with long-term, irreparable liver damage simply to improve cognitive processes.

Weight Loss

The discussion of weight loss when taking Adrafinil is a common one for those who like to get multiple benefits from a drug they are taking for a specific issue. In the instance of this particular drug, it is true that the drug is a stimulant that has an apparent side effect of appetite suppression.

Therefore, those who are taking it to have a better level of productivity find they are eating less and losing weight. This is probably partially because they are engaging in more activity as they are increasing their productivity level. However, it is also partially because they are not eating the same amount of calories they were prior to taking the Adrafinil.

Long Term Use

The continual use of this drug can lead to a strain on the heart and permanent liver damage that cannot be fixed. For that reason, cycling this drug is recommended. That way, you can get the benefits for as long as two weeks. Then, you simply take a break to allow your liver to recover from the extensive time and effort required to change Adrafinil to Modafinil.

At a later time, you can also opt to take Adrafinil again. This is something that must be undertaken with care. Special attention must be paid to the schedule, in order for the benefits to greatly outweigh the significant potential for long-term damage to the body.

Some resources on the Internet claim that adverse effects only take hold after taking the drug for years continually. However, with a drug that has an impact on the liver, it pays to be cautious rather than simply assume that you can take it for a year, or even for months, before you have to start worrying about an organ that is very important to your daily health and well-being.

Adrafinil Stacks

Adrafinil and Noopept

Stacking Adrafinil with Noopept is a great combination because the Adrafinil helps you stay awake and provides a significant amount of cognitive energy. Meanwhile, the boost to thought processes and the ability to process and store data at an improved rate comes from combining Adrafinil with a drug in the racetam family (or one that is related, which is what Noopept is considered).

Learning capabilities and the reduction of memory fog are both attributed to Noopept, allowing the individual a better chance of having an extended period where they are awake, aware and retaining all the information they seek to retain during an extended period. That would be thanks to taking both Adrafinil and Noopept together.

One great benefit of Noopept is the fact that very small doses can have a significant and desired impact on the user. This allows the individual to carefully take both Adrafinil and Noopept at the same time, adjusting dosage and consumption schedule as necessary.

Adrafinil and Caffeine

Combining Adrafinil and Caffeine in a stack can cause some notable and undesirable side effects, including heart palpitations or high blood pressure. It pays to be careful with this combination, depending on the issues your body may already face and the biology that provides certain strengths and weaknesses in your body already.

This is because the two combined have a multiplying effect, which means the effect of each on its own is one thing, but combined the two multiply the effects of the other exponentially. Either one of these supplements can provide a temporary energy boost of a certain level. Meanwhile, when you combine the two, you get a much larger energy boost that happens to last for a significantly longer period.

Some people simply find they are slightly more alert if they choose to combine Adrafinil and Caffeine. That does not seem like a significant enough benefit to risk health issues like increased blood pressure. There is also the potential for nausea and disorientation, reported by some users who chose to stack these two supplements. However, for some, priorities are different, making this a very subjective decision.

It pays to do research before unwittingly combining elements, as this boost in energy can be a very big shock if you have not planned on the combination of the two elements. Also, it is a good idea to be prepared for all positive effects, since once you have two elements combined in your system, you have to deal with the results of the combination until they wear off. This is regardless of their positive or negative effects on the body.

Adrafinil and L-Theanine

Individuals looking to improve focus, motivation and memory are directed to a stack that includes these two drugs, as well as several others. This stack is reported to be the best combination to increase your mental abilities, as per a user who shared personal experience.

The stack includes Adrafinil in a dose of 300 mg twice daily and l-theanine at 200 mg in the morning and again late in the day. This, according to this particular user, helped improve the effects of the Adrafinil and allow him to be highly successful in his efforts to complete a significant amount of work.

Meanwhile, other users responded with queries as to whether this would continue to work when attempted on a regular basis. Some said that taking L-Theanine with Modafinil made them sluggish and tired. Meanwhile, they shared that taking it with caffeine, as noted above, was the magic combination for them. This truly shows that a certain combination can be ideal for one user and completely ineffective for another.

Adrafinil is a nootropic compound, which works as a brain stimulant and also produces a variety of cognitive benefits.
Some of the major benefits of this stimulating agent include:

  • an increase in wakefulness and alertness
  • uplifting mood
  • boosting energy levels and motivation
  • increase in reaction time.

This supplement is also considered to be one of the smart drugs because of its highly influential effects in the cognitive functions of the brain.

This compound is also known to increase the attention span of the user, which is why it’s also used as an alternative drug for Adderall. Another added benefit over Adderall is the lack of negative side effects like addiction and withdrawal. Additionally, this drug doesn’t cause the risk of dependency and your sleeping patterns won’t be affected.

Purchasing Online

Adrafinil isn’t controlled by FDA in the United States, so you can easily purchase this pharmaceutical agent without a doctor’s prescription, unlike similar drugs like modafinil. Make sure you are well aware about the possible side effects of this drug.

One of the most popular means of purchasing adrafinil is to get it online. You’ll be astonished at the number of possibilities you have when it comes to purchasing the drug over the internet. Different companies manufacturing this product have their own website, a sales platform.
If you’re in front of your computer as a first-time buyer, you’ll easily get lost in the vast world of competitive online marketing. Luckily for you, we have done extensive amount of research to locate the best online platform for you to buy adrafinil supplements.

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