ADDTabz Review: Does This Adderall Alternative Really Work? And Is It Safe?

ADDTabz Review: Does This Adderall Alternative Really Work? And Is It Safe?

ADDTabz Review: Does This Adderall Alternative Really Work? And Is It Safe?

AddTabz has been compared to the prescription medication Adderall for its ability to improve concentration, enhance focus, boost learning and increase energy levels, even though the formula doesn’t require a prescription.
It’s an advanced nutritional supplement that was designed for people 18 and older to enhance mental performance.
Although Adderall is intended for people with ADD or ADHD, ADDTabz can be used by anyone. It is not recommended that people with ADHD or diagnosed mental disorders stop using their current prescriptions without the supervision of a doctor.
However, people with attention disorders or trouble focusing may find it helpful for improving mental clarity.

About ADDTabz

ADDTabz is manufactured by Lexium International, a company based out of the U.S. and the UK. Formerly known as Gentech Pharmaceuticals, the organization was founded in 2011.
Lexium International is dedicated to developing a proprietary line of non-prescription, science-based supplements that aim to improve the health and wellbeing of its customers. Its core values are efficacy, quality, safety and value.
The company takes the therapeutic benefits of effective medications and reformulates them to remove as many side effects as possible, transforming them into what the company claims are the safest products available.

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Claimed Benefits

Lexium International says that ADDTabz helps you think, study, focus and comprehend. People who are trying to manage several tasks, learn information more efficiently and perform better in an environment that relies on cognitive function may benefit from using this supplement.
Some of the specific benefits that this product claims to deliver include:

  • Improved mental performance in adults
  • Enhanced learning and problem solving
  • Better mood
  • Boosted energy
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Improved brain function

List Of ADDTabz Ingredients

ADDTabz Review: Does This Adderall Alternative Really Work? And Is It Safe?
The manufacturer is transparent about the ingredients that are used in these pills. However, there is some confusion across the internet about what ADDTabz actually contains.
Some reviewers say that this supplement uses DMAA (1,3-dimethylamylamine). As far as we can tell, while the formula may have contained DMAA at one time, it doesn’t anymore.
DMAA is prohibited from use in products that claim to be dietary supplements because it is linked with side effects such as cardiovascular issues, seizures and neurological problems.


The active pharmaceutical ingredient in this supplement is Ampheta-CDP. It’s not an herbal supplement; this compound was developed in a laboratory and is considered to be a designer drug. Although the compound mimics some of the cognitive benefits of amphetamines, Ampheta-CDP doesn’t cause the side effects that are associated with using amphetamines such as Adderall.
There is no scientific literature available for Ampheta-CDP because the unique formulation was invented by Lexium International. Dietary supplements are not regulated by the FDA, and it’s up to the product’s manufacturer to conduct and report on safety testing.
Ampheta-CDP is banned by the Anti-Doping agency because it is considered to provide an unfair advantage when it comes to physical energy and focus. It is legal to use without a prescription if you’re not bound by the guidelines issued to athletes, however.

Cytidine Diphosphate-Choline Sodium Salt

This ingredient is responsible for the “CDP” in the proprietary Ampheta-CDP compound. Cytidine diphosphate-choline is also referred to as citicoline or CDP-choline. According to, this nootropic, or brain-enhancing supplement, may prevent or treat the memory impairments that occur with aging. However, it’s also used to improve recall in young people, although all of the studies have been geared toward adults.
Although many studies of supplementation for cognitive enhancement are limited to the aging population, some researchers have looked into citicoline supplementation in healthy females between the ages of 40 and 60. They found that 28 days of daily citicoline administration boosted attentional performance. Another study found that citicoline supplementation improved verbal memory in elderly volunteers.

Folic Acid

This product contains 1,000 mcg (250% Daily Value) of folic acid per 1-tablet serving. Folic acid has been extensively studied for its ability to improve brain function.
A 2016 study involved giving individuals with mild cognitive impairment 400 mcg of folic acid daily. Participants were tested for neuropsychological indications of improved mental function, such as IQ and memory span. Those who took the folic acid supplements did better on those tests than the control group.
Folic acid deficiency has also been associated with depression. Maintaining a healthy nervous system, especially as you age, can be aided by supplementing your diet with folic acid.

Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine anhydrous is a concentrated powder that is made by extracting and dehydrating caffeine from the seeds and leaves of the coffee plant. When you consume it, it imitates adenosine, a chemical that’s produced naturally in your body. However, adenosine can slow you down and make you sleepy. Caffeine binds to the same receptors as adenosine, taking its place and heightening your energy instead.
By reducing fatigue and increasing your get-up-and-go, caffeine may help you get the mental edge that you need to study for a test or get ready for your next presentation.

Synephrine Hydrochloride

Synephrine is a compound that occurs naturally in some plants, including bitter orange. It’s a stimulant that has been used for alertness and anxiety. Bitter orange has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries.

Choline Bitartrate

Some animal studies have found correlations between supplementation with choline bitartrate and memory performance and learning. Research on humans has found that this compound may improve verbal and visual memory in people with cognitive dysfunction. However, people with healthy mental function may not experience acute effects from taking this supplement.

Octopamine Hydrochloride

This metabolite of synephrine is a stimulant that is used for cognitive function and brain health, according to It’s also a neurotransmitter that’s important for mobilizing the nervous system for action. As humans age, their natural levels of octopamine decline. Although octopamine has not been studied in humans for its effects on brain function, it has been shown to improve physical performance.

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Does ADDTabz Really Help You Think And Process Information Better?

You might be wondering, “Do ADDTabz work?” According to Lexium International, ADDTabz improves memory, analytical processing, critical thinking and problem solving. Some of the compounds, such as folic acid, choline and citicoline have been proven to help with brain function.
Although some have only been studied in people with cognitive dysfunction, most people experience some sort of mental decline as they get older. Many consumers have been surprised and impressed by the positive effects of ADDTabz.
The unique blend of ingredients in ADDTabz can also give you the energy that you need to get motivated for studying, researching and learning. Scientific American says that many Americans consume caffeine before tasks in which they’re required to be mentally alert. The caffeine and other stimulants in this supplement can optimize your ability to think clearly and remember information.
You don’t even have to take the product before a complicated task to get results. One study found that consuming caffeine after studying enhances memory consolidation. The manufacturer recommends that to get the best results, you should take the supplement on an empty stomach about 30 minutes before a morning or mid-day meal. Taking it too close to bedtime could interfere with your sleep, and we know how important sleep is for cognitive performance.
The makers of these pills also say that the product helps improve mood. CDP-choline has been found to increase dopamine levels, which is one of the mechanisms that amphetamines use to make you feel joyful. Decreased dopamine levels are linked with depression. This may be one of the reasons that this supplement helps improve your sense of well-being.
Dopamine also regulates motivation. When you get a spike in dopamine, you might also be more driven to attack a task that you’ve been putting off.

Possible Side Effects: Is ADDTabz Safe?

Most of the ingredients in ADDTabz are generally recognized as safe. However, some side effects are associated with certain ingredients in the pills.
The amphetamines used in the pills are not the same as those found in Adderall. The ADDTabz website claims that because its products don’t contain the benzene ring that makes up part of the structure of d-amphetamine and methamphetamine, they have fewer side effects. This is particularly of concern when it comes to cardiac-related effects from amphetamines.
However, some people may experience dramatic changes in heart rate or blood pressure from the stimulants in this supplement. These effects may increase when stimulants such as caffeine and Synephrine Hydrochloride are combined.
People with anxiety may experience enhanced physical and mental stress when using this supplement. In some cases, profuse sweating, rapid heart rate and nervousness may occur.
The company claims that some other side effects include sleeplessness and dry mouth. Taking the product earlier in the day can help you maintain your regular sleep schedule. Staying hydrated or drinking more water than you normally consume can help with dry mouth.
When they consume the recommended dosage of ADDTabz, which is 200 to 400 mg a day, most users shouldn’t experience significant side effects.

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Customer Complaints About ADDTabz

Because everyone’s body is different, you may experience different results than someone else who uses this supplement. Depending on your health and medical history, you may have side effects.
In an ABC News report that claimed that using some Adderall alternatives could be dangerous, Dr. Stan Headley, Director of Medicine at Lexium International, said that it’s impossible to create an equivalent comparison of amphetamines and the active ingredient in these pills. To his knowledge, only one or two percent of people who have used the product have complained.
As for the customers who have had negative comments about the product, most of them are concerned about the high price or mild side effects.
Amanda Franklin, who commented on Lexium International’s ADDTabz Review Page, said that the pills gave her headaches initially. She also recommended that people start with small doses and adjust them as needed:
ADDTabz Review: Does This Adderall Alternative Really Work? And Is It Safe?
Another user complained that the company’s website seemed a little vague and illegitimate. (On the recommendation from a friend, this customer ended up trying ADDTabz, however, and found them to significantly improve mood):
ADDTabz Review: Does This Adderall Alternative Really Work? And Is It Safe?
Sometimes, certain supplements don’t produce results. On, Elizabeth commented that ADDTabz made her feel similar to the way that she feels after drinking a cup of coffee:
ADDTabz Review: Does This Adderall Alternative Really Work? And Is It Safe?
Another commenter on the same website mentioned that it took a few days to feel the effects. This consumer also said that the product increased his cravings for cigarettes, which is a known side effect of many stimulants:
ADDTabz Review: Does This Adderall Alternative Really Work? And Is It Safe?

According to the Better Business Bureau, Lexium International has been criticized for misrepresenting information about one of its other supplements. The president of the company has been accused of making deceptive and unsupported health claims about a product that was marketed to cancer patients.
Although this was a completely different product than ADDTabz, it has caused some consumers to question the credibility of the company. However, Lexium International is not the first company to have been penalized for what the government claims is false advertising.
For example, a class action lawsuit was brought against energy drink company Red Bull in 2014, stating that the drink doesn’t enhance alertness any more than a cup of coffee. Health supplement companies must be extremely careful about the claims that they make on their labeling and marketing materials to avoid disciplinary action.

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ADDTabz Reviews: What Do Customers Say About It?

One user gave an opinion of ADDTabz on a Reddit forum. That consumer was diagnosed with ADHD at age 11 and has developed a tolerance to Adderall and other stimulants, including caffeine. Therefore, he or she wasn’t expecting to feel the effects of the ADDTabz. It was a pleasant surprise when the subtle effects of the pills kicked in. Now, that user claims to be able to make it through the day at the office without any side effects:
“[They are] NOTHING like addys [Adderall], way more subtle, but these definitely do enough for me to recommend them.”
This goes along with Lexium International’s claim that this supplement doesn’t deliver the stark, jittery feeling that Adderall and other stimulants can produce. As for the claim that ADDTabz is an equivalent replacement for prescription ADHD medications, that may depend on whether an individual has been diagnosed with an attention disorder as well as his or her tolerance to stimulants.
Another Reddit user said that ADDTabz are “definitely nowhere near as good as the real thing, but it’s not completely ineffective.”
Again, Adderall probably has more dramatic effects than ADDTabz for most users. However, the milder benefits of ADDTabz might be preferable for some people.
A user who purchased ADDTabz on eBay did complain that the pills are expensive and cause jitteriness. However, he or she said that taking only half delivers enough pep to assist with tasks that require hard work.

Does ADDTabz Have a Money Back Guarantee?

There is no indication on the ADDTabz or Lexium International, LLC, website that ADDTabz comes with a money-back guarantee.

Comparisons To Other Products

AddieUP vs. ADDTabz

AddieUP is a product that is similar to ADDTabz in that it claims to improve focus, energy and memory. It isn’t just marketed to people who want to improve their attention; the website reports that it can increase your productivity. However, it also contains ingredients that have been shown to improve mental performance.
Like ADDTabz, Addieup contains octopamine and synephrine. However, the other ingredients are different.
One of the biggest differences lies in the type of nootropic used. Noopept is a highly researched smart drug that has been found to restore memory, enhance learning and even repair brain cells and protect the brain from further damage. Alpha-GPC is a natural choline compound that has similar effects as the cytidine diphosphate-choline found in ADDTabz.
Like ADDTabz, AddieUP doesn’t contain DMAA. It also contains caffeine. Both of these pills may have similar effects on the body. The differences in the way you react depend on your own mental and physical variables.

ADDTabz vs. AdderRx

AdderRx is another supplement that has been compared to Adderall. The manufacturer says that it may serve as a replacement for the ADHD drug, and it enhances mental endurance and energy while helping you stay alert and focus.
It’s similar to ADDTabz in that it contains caffeine, synephrine and cytidine diphosphocholine. It differs in that it contains DMAE, a different type of choline than the one found in ADDTabz. The nootropic found in AdderRx is Vinpocetine, a natural agent found in the periwinkle plant.
Vinpocetine is made in a lab, but it is not meant to mimic an amphetamine. It increases blood flow to the brain, which might help treat conditions that interfere with memory and cognition.
Therefore, it may produce more subtle effects than ADDTabz. However, it might be ideal for people who feel too jittery or anxious when they take ADDTabz.

Final Conclusion

Is ADDTabz a miracle study pill? There are no miracle pills. ADDTabz contains ingredients that have been proven to help people with attention, memory and processing information.
Some of the research on those ingredients has only been conducted on people who already have memory problems, however, making the effects of those compounds questionable in healthy adults. We would like to point out that as they age, most people do tend to experience some type of cognitive dysfunction, even if it’s mild.
We don’t love the fact that the manufacturers consider this to be an alternative to Adderall. That may be true for some people, but you might want to leave the medical claims and prescription recommendations to your doctor. That said, because the ingredients in ADDTabz are generally safe, we would say that it might be a nootropic supplement that’s worth trying if you’ve been struggling with fogginess or trouble concentrating.

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Where To Buy ADDTabz

Although you don’t need a prescription for this product, you can’t buy ADDTabz at CVS, Amazon or other retail stores. You can only buy ADDTabz online on the company’s website or in select physicians’ offices. ADDTabz is available on the ADDTabz website. A 30-tablet bottle costs $69, and a 60-tablet supply costs $128.


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